GH Update Thursday 7/14/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Maxie is ready to find out what she needs to know about Claudette by inviting her to have lunch with her and Nathan and sends Claudette a text from his phone. Yet he informs Maxie maybe she should go to lunch alone with Claudette and not involve him. She asks if he's “afraid” of something. Right then, when Claudette returns to her hotel room, she sees an incoming text from Nathan and “smiles” in satisfaction. At the hospital, with Nathan, Maxie goes over her “ideas” about how to get Claudette to believe they are on good terms with her, trust her and get her to trust them. He asks her again why “this” is so important to her, to which she replies with the answer where she shows Nathan something she just discovered. It's a Metro Court key card she has in her hand. She assures him it's not Claudette's key card. Yet she does not answer, evades the issue and tells him she has to go off somewhere.

Claudette attempts to enter her hotel room yet appears she cannot find her key. She informs the attendant she cannot find her room key. Shortly thereafter, she sits at the restaurant bar, waiting and appears to be “smirking” about something.

Maxie reveals that she has, in fact, taken Claudette's' room key, as she enters the room and looks around. She observes that Claudette still keeps a picture of herself and Nathan together when they were married. Right then, Curtis enters the room, using his own “key”. Each needs to know why the other is there and he makes it clear that Nina has “hired” him in order to find out what Claudette has up her sleeve, why she is in town and what she might intend to do to Nina's baby brother. Hearing that, Maxie encourages Curtis to “join” her in getting what they need. They both look around the room, go through Claudette's things and brainstorm. He assesses that Nina tried to fire Claudette but Maxie wanted her to stay. Is this a case of keeping her “enemies closer”, he asks? She admits it's “something like that”, to which he asks her why. Are she and Nathan not quite solid? Is she afraid he will leave her for Claudette? She replies by telling him that it's not so much a case of that. She is worried that Claudette could “use something” against Nathan, to which Curtis is very interested and wants to know more about.

Nathan sits at a table alone with Claudette, doing what Maxie has asked, by sounding gracious to his ex and telling her he wants them to get along and put the past behind them. She faces him, appearing very “happy” to hear that and reveals to him that she is probably not over him. She reflects about, when they first met, years ago, she knew that Nathan had a dream to be a cop because of his sister. They both remember when Nina was put in the coma. She admits to Nathan that his sister did not think too much of her when they first met the other day and she almost fired Claudette until Maxie talked her out of it. She, again, sounds “gracious” to Nathan, attempting to convince him that she's “so happy” for him and Maxie. Yet it's clear she is not over Nathan. It appears like she wants to invite him into her hotel room yet he wants to “stall and distract her” by reminiscing about the times they spent together (while he knows what Maxie is doing). She assesses that she loved him and she wrecked it. She was a selfish brat, she confesses to him. She realized he was so busy working and wanted to find out what happened to his sister. Yet she was unaware, and could not accept the lack of attention he was giving her and so she got it from another man.

Kristina brings Aaron to meet with her dad and introduces him to Carly for the first time. Sonny informs his daughter that he went to see her mom, Alexis and wants to make sure she is ok. Kristina assesses to her father, Carly and Aaron that her mom is ok and they all now know that Julian is a murderer, liar and their lives will all be better when he is locked up.

Jordan is on the phone at The Metro Court talking to Andre about seeing each other tonight. Curtis enters and remarks that he can see she is “happy” about something and she knows it has nothing to do with him. She reminds him that in regard to his asking her to help him get reinstated as a cop, her decision has not changed. Yet he reflects to her, when he attended the most recent police academy graduation ceremony with Valerie, he was really encouraged for her and would like the opportunity to do what he used to do. He further informs her he's decided to go out on his own as a PI. He asks her what may have transpired in the most recent conversation they had regarding her “secret”. In response to that, she informs him that TJ overheard their conversation and does not trust her after finding out that she lied about Shawn being his father and her son has cut her out of his life again.

Molly and TJ go to join Kristina, Aaron, Sonny and Carly and they all launch the most recent business plan called Perks.

Not far away, Curtis asks Jordan why she does not realize that it was her own actions that are responsible for TJ distrusting her. She chose to cheat on her husband, Curtis' brother and lied to TJ. He informs her that “opportunity knocks” and leaves.

While with Molly, TJ gets an incoming text from Curtis asking him to “get past it and let it go”. Yet he protests that his mom lied to him throughout his entire life about who his real father is. She remarks to him that she thinks Curtis is a wise man to encourage him to forgive his mom. She reflects to him that up until days ago, she had good reason to distrust and disown her mom for choosing to back Julian. Yet she is now grateful her mom is ok, is very willing to give her another chance and realizes how she would regret not forgiving her mom if she had died, which almost happened days ago.

Jordan goes to find her son at The Metro Court, telling him she realizes she may be the last person he wants to see right now. However, she would like a chance to explain. Hearing that, he tells her he would really like an explanation as to why she cheated on the man she as married to and had him falsely believing his entire life that her husband was TJ's father when he was not. She informs him that his uncle Curtis convinced her to lie to TJ because he believed it would be best for their family. Yet he reminds her that their entire family was based on a lie. She protests that even if she lied about his real father, she could not take TJ away from Thomas. He was a good man and loved the boy he believed was his son. She further informs TJ that it broke Thomas' heart when he found out about her and Shawn. Hearing that, TJ admits to his mom he understands the reasons she had when he was a child and when she was married to Thomas. However, now that Thomas is gone and TJ is grown, why has she not told him the truth now? He assesses that throughout all those years, he thought that Thomas was his father and he had no clue that Shawn did what he did because he and Shawn were very close. She assures him that Shawn loves him and loved Thomas and that is why he kept the secret. She protests that Shawn is still a good man and wanted to do the right thing by him. She affirms that at the time, she thought she was doing the right thing, at the time. And, again, she asks TJ if he thinks he will be able to forgive her. She cries as she vows she apologizes and wants to make it up to her son. He also cries and admits he'd like to do that and he also informs his mom that Curtis has been encouraging him to reconcile with his mom and so has Molly.

Carly and Sonny are at another table and she informs him that Nina is ready to find out who might have donated Josslyn's kidney. He asks her just what the chances are that a Crimson story will help them find the real donor. She reminds him that when she spoke to Ramona, she did not find out anything except that Helena had something to do with it and she still has no clue whose kidney was given to Josslyn. She needs to find that out. Right then, Carly notices, on her phone, that someone has sent a message explaining that they have the same blood type as Josslyn, which Carly realizes a stranger would not know, off hand. And the person believes they must have donated their kidney to Josslyn 5 years ago. She sends a text back to the person informing them she'd like to talk further.

Kristina returns to Aaron in the coffee shop and confirms to him that she has decided to put Parker behind her and move on with him instead. She leaves and Sonny finds Aaron, informing him he'd like to do business with him and “affirming” that he does everything he does for his children. Kristina joins Molly at a table and Molly notices that when school resumes for Kristina in the fall, there will be a very important press conference and she notices whom the keynote speaker is. She can see Kristina is still very “emotionally invested” in Parker.

Valerie goes to meet with Griffin at the hospital and they introduce themselves. When he finds out her last name is Spencer, he asks her if she's related to Lulu Spencer or Lucas Jones, to which she replies they are her cousins. He informs her that he went to med school with Lucas.

Elizabeth gets on the hospital elevator with Franco and suspects nothing. Yet he appears to be exhibiting his “dark side” as he presses the elevator button that makes it stop and not move. She tells him if he does not get this elevator to move within seconds, she will scream. He tells her they need to talk and he needs to know if she is afraid of him. He asks her if he was mistaken to believe that she was willing to be his friend, reflecting and reminding him all about his “transformation” and how he never thought he'd be able to become friends with someone like her nor that he could prove himself to her. Yet it appears he won her over and it inspired him to believe in himself. She awkwardly hesitates to answer but tells him he cannot make her the “reason” for him to believe in himself.

Griffin shares with Valerie, his “findings” about the tumor of Franco's that was removed, a few years back, which everyone believed was responsible for Franco's “evil ways”.

In the elevator, Elizabeth protests to Franco that yes, she was “disenchanted” by his signing Jake up for camp without letting her know. She admits that she does not “trust herself” after believing all the while that he's a monster, sadist and psycho. Then, all of a sudden, she lets him into her life, starts trust and have feelings for him. She explains that she's made some very costly mistakes trusting the wrong men in her life and so she does not trust her feelings for him. She affirms that she's not “afraid of him”. But she is afraid of her “feelings for him”. And so, she concludes to him, for that reason, she is ending her friendship with him. He then assesses that he feels very relieved and happy to hear that she admits that she does, in fact, have feelings for him, even though she has a reasons to question that. He admits he cannot stop thinking about her and kissing her. She listens attentively, smiles and sounds gratified and admits that she cares about him, maybe a little too much. Yet she needs “time” she assesses. She smiles and reveals that she is ok with him. He asks if she will please not avoid him and she agrees she will not change her shifts. He admits he kind of “needs to know she is alive” as he presses the elevator button and they both smile and reveal they have mutual liking and affection for each other.

While Valerie is talking in the hospital room to Griffin about Franco's “state of mind”, she gets notification that Franco is stuck in an elevator with a nurse and he has made it stop so that she is entrapped in the elevator with him. Shortly thereafter, the cops and hospital security are ready to put Franco away. Yet Elizabeth convinces them the elevator merely got stuck. Franco did not endanger her. He was there for her, helped to calm her down and she asks them not to falsely accuse Franco of doing anything wrong.

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