GH Update Wednesday 7/13/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone at the house, Alexis awakens and sits at the coffee table, still wearing her robe. She observes her wedding and engagement ring and removes them from her finger. She hears a knock on the door. It's Sonny. He asks if he can come in. She remarks he usually does not ask. He admits that he's been known to make exceptions and knows she's had a bad night. She lets him in and asks if she got a chance to thank him for his intervention saving her life last night. He tells her he's just glad she's ok. Yet she questions if she really is. She admits to Sonny there was a time when he was ready to leave the mob and commit to her. And, she further comments, it was a “great 5 minutes”. Sonny remarks to her that Julian is a psycho but assures Alexis he did not come there to gloat. He came there because he's her friend and does not want to see her in so much pain. He asks what her status is with the police and DA, to which she informs Sonny they assured her they've cleared her of all charges Hearing that, he reminds her they better at least do that for her after she risked her life by wearing a wire in order to do their job for them. She reflects to Sonny that she has had 3 children from 3 of her favorite men and is obviously confused. He assures her that as soon as Julian gets out of the hospital, he will go to prison. Alexis admits to him that she did not have the right hindsight. Yet he assures her there's no need for worry, protesting that she cannot blame herself. She needs to blame Julian. She needs to realize she got the goods on him and all the cops need in order to send Julian's ass to prison. She admits she faked the pregnancy and Sonny wants to know how she pulled it off, to which Alexis informs him that Anna had an idea. She reflects to Sonny about all Anna has gone through since Duke was killed, with grieving over him and she finally found a way to take Julian down for killing him. Sonny reminds Alexis that Anna would not have been able to do that without her help. He tells her, for what it's worth, he thinks it's brave and he is proud of her. He affirms he does not want anything to happen to her and it' snot just because she's the mother of his child and assures her that he has her back. He admits he's a bit disappointed that Julian is not dead. She tells him she believes it's better he's not and it's not because she has one ounce of affection for him. It's because she wants him to spend the rest of his life in prison and face what he did. He leaves after confirming she is already and assures her he's there if she needs him. As soon as he's out of her house, he gets on his phone to “confirm” that somebody is going to do something he's secretly planned and that it's “all set”. Alexis gets ready to meet with Diane.

At The Metro Court, Hayden meets with Tracy discussing how they find and ship Dr. Finn's drug to him. She tells Tracy she wants to help her but she's worried that it could get her in legal trouble and jeopardize her own freedom. Tracy then concludes to Hayden she will go on the mission by herself but Hayden will need to tell Finn.

Finn is alone in his hotel room, desperately searching for “something” indicating that something was lost or stolen from his hotel room. He goes through all of his stuff, flips over everything in the room, including furniture. He discovers an empty bottle in his kitbag. He looks everywhere but cannot find what he is looking for. He notices Roxie in her cage (terrarium?) and tells her she better not judge him, arguing with her just as if she were his child or spouse. He urges her to know that he has “just a few more doses” somewhere and he has to find them. The two women go to see him and find it hard to believe that he's “looking for a contact lens”. Tracy reminds him she's already promised that she can acquire the drugs he needs “unlike some people”. In response to that, Hayden admits the feds are after her and she cannot risk legal consequences. Tracy tells him all she needs is directions as to where to go and what to find. He thanks them both for their courtesy but reiterates he will not let either of them get his drugs for him, reminding Tracy that her body is still recovering after the surgery and the condition that could have killed her and so she is in no condition to travel to where she needs to go in order to find the drug. She argues and reminds him if she does not, then his only solution is Hayden, who reminds them of the legal charges she will face if she travels and smuggles drugs. He then concludes that he will not let either of them put themselves at risk in order to find the drug needed to save his life. Right when Tracy puts plans into motion in order to hire someone to travel and find his drug for her, he reveals he's finally found the last dosage of his drug and does not need her help. He dismisses them both. Inside the room, Fin reveals that he has his drug in a secret locked shelf, gets out his needle and is ready to use it.

The two women go to have lunch at the Metro Court. Tracy argues that if Finn has taken an oath to protect his patients' safety, then why can't he do the same for himself? Hayden reveals that when they were just in Finn's room, she managed to find an important document to enable them to find what they need.

At the hospital, Franco goes to talk to Elizabeth and she shows him the email confirmation that he enrolled Jake in an art camp without asking her. She demands to know why he did that, reminding him she is a single mom living on a nurse's salary and does not have the money to afford it Yet he reminds her that there is a grant that can foot the bill. She reminds Franco she also has two other sons who also have needs for summer programs and other things that would cost her. She tells him she refuses to beg for camp money and asks what she's supposed to be telling Cameron and Aiden after choosing to spend it all on Jake. That their brother can go to camp but they cannot? She tells Franco she would prefer he'd checked with her first.

At Crimson, Claudette meets with Nina to discuss her creative ideas and qualifications. Nina calls her CJ and indicates she may not know who she really is. Maxie reveals to Nina that this woman is Claudette, ex wife of Nathan. Claudette confirms if they did not hire her solely based on her merits, to which they both confirm yes. She assures Nina she does not expect any “special treatment”. In response to that, Nina tells her that's good. She will not get any special treatment, Nina tells her. She is fired. She leaves Nina and Maxie alone and Nina cannot understand why Maxie would want the woman who hurt Nina's baby brother and Maxie's fiancÚ to work there. Maxie protests that they need to keep her there and Nina demands to know why, to which Maxie replies she does not trust Claudette and so having her there will enable them to keep an eye on her and know what her next move will be. They invite Claudette back in . Nina informs her she's reconsidered firing her and she has Maxie to thank for that. She informs Claudette that Maxie convinced her to realize that they need to put their personal differences toward her aside. She tells Claudette she's agreed to reinstate her for the greater good of producing a top notch magazine. Nina goes into the other room to talk privately with Curtis while Maxie shows Claudette around. Alone in the room, she vents to him about how that “smarmy Green-card vixen” is going to regret what she did to Nina's baby brother. Yet, she realizes she has to “stick to business” and talks to him about how people have suffered injuries and permanent disfigurement from plastic surgery. She gives him a list of the “reputable” plastic surgeons in the area. And his mission, she tells him, if he chooses, is to investigate them. In response to that, Curtis tells her he may know how to investigate but he is not a journalist. Yet, he concludes to Nina if she pays him, he will do what she wants, including investigating the crooked plastic surgeons along with the “smarmy Green-card vixen” for her. Hearing that, Nina is very satisfied. He assures her he is certain he can find all the information she needs in order to get the goods on “home girl”. Nina provides for him Claudette's real name and he confirms that Claudette got the job under false pretenses. Nina confirms the whole reason she came to town and to Crimson is in order to blackmail and intimidate Nina's baby brother. Curtis admonishes Nina not to let anger consume her. She thanks him for his concern and affirms that when he finds out what they need, she will calmly get rid of Claudette.

In the other room, Claudette acts gracious to Maxie, assuring her she has “completely moved on” with her previous relationship with Nathan and has no ill intent. Maxie tells Claudette she is aware that what Claudette had with Nathan is over. And, as for the working relationship between herself and Claudette, she tells her, they need to take it one day at a time.

Nathan goes to find Griffin at the hospital. He assures him he's been cleared of charges in the murder investigation of Dr. Mayes. He then goes to talk to Epiphany and assures her that the cops will bring the killer to justice. Right then Maxie goes to find Nathan and tells him she “needs a favor”. She has an idea regarding the two of them “graciously” engaging with Claudette and taking her to lunch. At Crimson, Nina graciously takes Claudette aside to have her sign something, while she secretly informs Curtis what she wants him to do in order to get what they need on her. When Griffin is alone, Finn finds him and confronts him about “something”.

Franco protests to Elizabeth that he wants to do the right thing by her family but she needs to know that he is “just now learning” how to be considerate. In response to that, she assesses that he was with her and her sons on the 4th of July, he's been helpful to them all, as well as a friend to her and she appreciates what he's done. Yet, she tells him, she believes it's time to set some boundaries. IN response to that, he asks just what she means. Does she no longer want to speak to him? Does she not want him around Jake? She tells him in the future, if he has an “idea” like the camp for Jake, he needs to discuss it with her first. Later, when it appears Franco is out of earshot, Elizabeth finds Epiphany and they discuss whether she has “feelings” for Franco which she denies and which Epiphany questions if she's entirely truthful about that. Elizabeth concludes that she thinks it would be best if she is assigned for work that will keep her away from Franco at the hospital. Not far away, he observes and overhears their conversation. After Elizabeth goes off, Franco goes and talks to Epiphany telling her that he's tried “too hard to be nice”, realizes it's not worth it anymore and asks her if she understands just what he is talking about.

Hayden reveals to Tracy she knows of “one person” who might be able to help them with finding what they need, although, unfortunately, there are issues with that.

After Franco has revealed to Epiphany that it's “not worth it to be nice” after overhearing that Elizabeth wants to avoid him, Elizabeth gets on the elevator with him suspecting nothing. Yet his expression is cold and sullen as he presses the button the elevator to get it to stop so they are stuck there together.

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