GH Update Tuesday 7/12/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu meets with her mom at The Metro Court. She informs her she is not drinking because she is hopeful that she will soon have a baby with her in vitro fertility treatments. She talks all about hers' and Dante's plans to have another baby. She reflects that she is accepting that her brother is gone and ready to honor his memory by naming the baby Nicole if it's a girl. Right then, Laura stops her daughter and informs her that Nikolas is alive. Hearing that, Lulu is happy and does not ask any questions. Yet Laura informs her daughter that it's not as positive as it appears because Nikolas has staged his death. Hearing that, Laura is shocked when she finds out how their mom found that out her brother did this and the fact that he's put Spencer up to lying for him. She then admits that she would like to strangle her brother. If he wants to escape for personal or financial reasons, that is one thing. But it's not ok to do what he's done. Laura asks her daughter if she should wait until Spencer gets another call from Nikolas and ambush her own son or should she go to the authorities right now?. Right then, Dante enters, overhears and asks what she's asking whether they should go to the authorities for. Laura then talks to Dante about how she'd like his help with Nikolas. She is careful not to “consciously” reveal to her son in law that she knows where her son is. He admits to her that he can't “break the law” and refuse to do his job just because she asks. And he detects that Laura has lied to him by stating that she does not, currently know where Nikolas is right now. Laura urges Dante to just give her 3 days to find her son and convince him to return home on his own. In response to that, Dante assesses to Laura he loves and respects her and understands she is a mother who is concerned about her son. But, he reminds her, Nikolas has a laundry list of crimes he's committed. Jason Morgan is on the run for a murder that did not even happen. She admits she's not entirely certain exactly where her son is but wants the three of them to go and look for him.

At the house in Greece, Ava discovers the diamonds that Nikolas is hiding. She tells him it's in his best interest to start trusting her, as she reminds him he will need her if he plans to get back to Port Charles. He reminds her that he has no obligation to tell her any of his secrets. Yet she reminds him she still has not found out the reason why he's faked his own death and is on the run in the first place, and she asks him if it has anything to do with those diamonds. Nikolas then informs Ava that he has had a “custody battle” with Hayden over the diamonds. She assesses that he's given up everything, including his home, his wealth, his life and his family and has left everyone to grieve for him and falsely believe he's died, all because of a sack of diamonds. She further concludes she knows there must be more to it than that and asks Nikolas what he's not telling anyone. He then informs Ava that his “wife” has something on him and he's worried if she knows where to find him, she could get him sent to prison. Right then, Ava listens attentively and concludes she “knew it”.

In the other room, Jason and Sam find a guy who admits to them that he is “working for someone”. Jason asks if he could help them by getting them back to the main land when the storm is over. He seems suspicious of them and asks them a lot of questions. She assures him that she knows this whole situation may not be easy for him, assessing that it's clear he has noticed “those two captives” in the other room. Right then, he finds out for the first time, that Nikolas Cassadine is right there and he is very surprised, revealing he must have heard otherwise. At that point, Sam asks the guy if he knows Nikolas personally. Has he ever met him? The guy replies that he met Nikolas only once when he was a teenager yet he did not recognize him now. He further informs Sam and Jason that he heard in a news reporter that Nikolas was killed. Jason then reveals that he can see that there was a specific reason why this guy appeared in this house. He didn't just accidentally end up there in the storm. He was clearly looking for Nikolas, Jason assesses. And he asks the guy if he'd mind telling him and Sam the reason why.

She talks, emotionally, to him, about how one tries to cover their tracks and believes they've been as careful as they need to be but finds out there was one little slip. Just one little mistake. She reflects how, at first, things are “silly”. But then, they snowball and you try to escape. Yet it becomes exhausting and you cannot escape. He listens attentively while she assesses to him that “they” are not so different. Yet, right then, they are interrupted by the guy whom Jason and Sam have caught who wants to see and talk to Nikolas.

At the hospital, Amy talks on the phone on a personal call when Finn instructs her to hang up. She informs him it's a surprise to see him since she thought he was suspended. He tells her she needs to find an urgent file that was in his possession before he got suspended. He needs it urently he tells her because it has all of his research in it. He reminds her that he can clearly see that she “knows” all of the gossip and can tell him who might have taken his research from him. She informs him it must be Dr. Obrecht. Right then, Griffin enters. Finn informs him he found out somebody removed all of his research and needs Griffin's help in finding it. Griffin assures him it's unlikely that anyone has found any incriminating information about him. Yet he remarks he can see that Finn is “not ok”. Finn leaves Griffin alone with Amy and they discuss how Finn frequently appears stressed, moody and may be ill. She comments that Finn is a “loner” but for some reason, patients adore him.

Meanwhile, Hayden informs Tracy that Finn is dying whether he wants anyone to know it or not. She tells her that Finn has run out of the drugs he needs and without them, he will die. At first, Tracy does not believe her, but listens attentive while Hayden tells her she has to help him, cannot do it alone and needs the help of someone influential who has money. She reminds Tracy she realizes not long ago, she could have arranged for her own private jet to fly in Dr. Finn's drugs for him but she no longer has the kind of clout. Tracy reminds Hayden that she is definitely invested in this because Finn saved her life. She has every intention of repaying him.

Right then, Finn rushes back to his hotel room and frantically attempts to make a call yet nobody answers the phone and he grows infuriated and agitated. Right then, Tracy and Hayden find him and tell him they are not going anywhere until he lets them help him. Tracy asks what the drug is that he needs and where she can find it. He reminds her the drug is illegal in this country. Yet she tells him that does not matter. She will find him what he needs to save his life because he's saved her life.

Julian is recovering in his hospital bed when Dante tells him about all the charges he is facing. He lets Griffin talk alone to him. Griffin grimly informs Julian his surgery was a success and Julian will alive. He does not sound happy to be able to tell him that. Right then, Anna walks in and angrily tells him she wants him locked up for the rest of his life. She angrily tells him that saving the life of a dishonorable homicidal coward like him is a waste. She asks if he's ever thought about how justice has failed her with having lost the man she loves and knowing that he will get away with murdering Duke and live. Yet she assures him he will go down this time. Nobody will be there to save him. Not even his wife. Although he protests that Alexis will not turn on him, Anna reminds him she heard the conversation from the wire and knows that he does not love Alexis or anyone else on this planet. She reminds him that when Sonny went down for murder, at least he did not sell his wife down the river. He accepted the prison sentence because he would not let the woman he loved go to prison for covering for him. Julian, on the other hand, does not love Alexis. He's willing to get her framed for a murder she did not commit and she is done with him. She reiterates to Julian that he is a vile despicable cowardly excuse for a human being and a fraud. He sold himself to Alexis and to his family as someone who was reformed and not a criminal like Sonny. But now they know better. He was going to let Alexis take the fall for a murder he committed. When that did not work, he tried to kill her. Now Alexis and his children know who he really is and they despise him. Hearing that, he reminds her that she committed murder, or at least she has every reason to believe she did and covered it up and believed she should never have to answer for it. She admits she did that but she has learned from her mistakes. He has not and never will, she tells him. She angrily assesses she is so done with him. She is leaving town to be with her daughter and granddaughter. He tells her good. She tells him she can live with herself and be complete because she never threw her life away. She tells him she hates him, storms out the door and cries. Right then, Griffin finds her outside Julian's room and comforts her. He tells her how much he will miss her but acknowledges that she deserves a break. He asks her how it went in that room, to which she admits it was awful to look at that hideous man and know that he's still breathing while Griffin's father died. She admits to Griffin that she has been holding on to vengeance and thought that was power. Yet she knows that vengeance is a weight that she has to let go of. Now that she has, she feels lighter, she tells him. He comments she has liberated her spirit. She tells him she can now see Julian has lost everything he cares about and only has himself to blame. He then admits to her that he's “wavered” in his life although he does not reveal to Anna what, specifically, he means. He asks her if Duke were here and met him, would he accept him?, to which Anna graciously assures him his father would love and praise him and want more than anything to get to know Griffin and have him in his life. He comments he does not feel he's lost his father forever since he's met her. She promises she will come back and visit the people she loves because Port Charles is her home.

At the house in Greece, Jason and Sam return with Nikolas' and Ava's shoes. Ava asks them to what they owe this “generosity”. Jason replies he and Sam thought it'd be best they all stay together in the same room so that he can keep an eye on them. The strange man assumes that Ava is Nikolas' wife and comments that she's very beautiful. Nikolas clarifies that she's not his wife and asks the guy if he worked for Helena, to which he replies no. He informs Nikolas he met him briefly when Nikolas was a teenager and informs him that he was the fisherman's son. Nikolas asks him just what brings him to this house tonight. He explains to Nikolas commenting that he already explained it to his “friend over there” as he points at Jason. In response to that, Nikolas comments he can assure him that “that man” is not his friend.

Right when Laura informs Lulu and Dante that she believes the first place to look for Nikolas is Cassadine Island, Tracy and Hayden come to the table to talk to them. Tracy offers condolences for their loss. They leave and Lulu assesses to her mom and husband there's no way they can involve Hayden in this. Dante assesses that he does not want his wife and mother in law to go and find Nikolas alone and be fugitives. He believes they should all go there as a family and find Nikolas together.

While Dante and Lulu are talking alone, Laura goes off and leaves a phone message for Kevin informing him that she and her family are going out of town but she needs him to know how much his friendship has meant to her.

While Jason and Sam are alone, he informs her that it's not Nikolas and Ava that are the ones he's worried about. Right then, we see the strange man with his “tell tale” tattoo as he goes through a mysterious book that might point to many things.

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