GH Update Monday 7/11/16

General Hospital Update Monday 7/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Metro Court, Nina enters and sits beside Carly at the bar. She orders her usual meal. She remarks that she needed to take a break from work. She notices that Carly is also still there and wonders why. Carly reveals that she is trying to solve a mystery. Hearing that, Nina is interested, informing Carly she understands since she is right in the middle of The Crimson cover dilemma. In response to that, Carly asks her what is going on with the magazine and with Julian. Nina replies that since Julian has been recently stabbed, they are kind of in limbo. She asks Carly exactly what the mystery is that is keeping her from resting, to which Carly replies it's her daughter. After hearing about Josslyn needing a kidney years ago, finding out and mistakenly blending it came from Jake after mistakenly believing he died, Nina is “intrigued”. She becomes emotional, revealing to Carly she cannot have children as she informs Carly about what she's been through regarding that. Carly admits she may never get the answers to the unsolved mystery regarding Josslyn's kidney. But she has to try, she tells Nina. Hearing that, Nina assesses that she knows they have had this interaction for a reason. She informs Carly maybe she can write a feature story about the mystery of Josslyn's kidney and maybe if they go public, they can get some answers. At first, Carly is not certain she wants to do that but then concludes that they need to do this.

Finn is alone on the phone in his hotel room, urgently demanding that he gets a referral or information needed that someone refuses to give him and hangs up on him. He is extremely upset, stressed and agitated indicating he has “urgency” with something. Right then, Hayden enters and needs to know what is going on whether he wants to tell her or not. He indicates that he is in urgent need of the medication which he has since run out of. She protests she realizes he might need an illegal dealer in order to obtain his drug. She assures him she is not judging him, reminding him she has had and still has connections, through her father, to many resources on the black market. Yet he does not want to further discuss that, rely on her or have her privy to his business. He angrily tells her she is, once again, making a “cause” to make herself feel better because her old man robbed people blind. In response to that, she protests she wonders if he could ever imagine that she might have genuine concern for him. Yet he demands she stay away and not get involved in this big mess. Right then, Tracy comes by to see him. Hayden wants to stay but he dismisses her. Alone with Finn, Tracy reminds him that the walls in this building are not conducive to private conversation. He asks her why she is there, to which she informs him that she just met with Monica and the hospital board and helped them see the error of their ways. And so, she happily announces to him that he is reinstated to the hospital staff with full privileges. Right then, she gives him something he desperately needs. He remarks that she's “gone above and beyond”. Yet she tells him it's the least she can do after he saved hers' and baby Teddy's life. He is gracious but as soon as he's alone in the hotel room, he reveals he may be very worried about something or physically sick. He rushes out the door

At the hospital, Michael sits with Sabrina while they are getting tests and medial care for her baby. Tracy finds them and affirms that the baby will probably be alright they need not worry and must know that Dr. Finn saved Sabrina's baby's life. She leaves them alone to talk and Sabrina tells Michael it's fine with her if he wants to take a break since he's been there with her the entire night. Yet he assures her he wants to be there for her and baby Teddy. Michael tells Sabrina that he does not intend to pressure her into anything and realizes they all need to take their time in order to figure out what they all want. She then assesses to him her first priority is to make sure her baby is happy and healthy. He asks her what she wants after that, to which she hesitates to answer. Yet she informs Michael she wants to be a nurse again. He is interested to hear that and informs her that he might be able to get his grandmother, the chief of staff, to give her a second chance, realizing what a good nurse she was and how much she wants to have that chance. At first, she tells Michael she does not want to ask him for that but when he tells her he wants her to fulfill her dream and deserves this, she thanks him and they kiss. When they get up to leave together, she notices Finn as he gets off the elevator. She wants to graciously praise and thank him for saving her baby's life. Yet he hastily tells her he “does not have time” and has more “secret urgency”.

While Spencer is in a private hospital room and Laura has found out her grandson has been making secret calls form a phone he's been hiding, she tells him she needs to know what is going on. Kevin is with them while she reminds her grandson that she can clearly see he's been making and receiving calls from one specific number. She demands he tells her the truth yet he tells his grandma that she cannot “handle” hearing the truth. Kevin assesses to Spencer that he can clearly see the boy is hiding something from his grandma. Spencer replies that it's none of his business because Kevin is not family. Laura then, firmly instructs her grandson not to talk to Dr. Collins that way, as she takes the phone out of his hand and calls the number on his call log.

In the abandoned house in Greece, Nikolas is with Ava. In another room, Jason is with Sam. They all know there is something going on that nobody is aware of and a mystery they have yet to solve. Right then, we see an unidentified person watching them from outside wearing black gloves. They wonder what it is that caused Nikolas to get hit over the head. Sam tells Jason she would not be surprised if Helena is still alive and out there not far away. She bets that Nikolas could very well be in cahoots with her and it might not be a bad idea prevent both Nikolas and Ava from leaving the house because they cannot be trusted, as she reminds him they now know, for a fact, that Nikolas has faked his own death.

Jason tells the others that he has locked them inside the house so they cannot escape. He and Sam go into the other room leaving Ava and Nikolas alone in the room, where Nikolas admits he was desperate to find a way to get Sam and Jason out of earshot before Spencer calls him and they find out his secret. Right then, his phone rings. Instantly, Jason comes through the door, revealing he can hear it and asks Nikolas if he wants to give him the phone or if he should take it from Nikolas. Laura gets on the phone when Jason takes the call yet neither can hear the other and the connection is breaking up from the storm and the call drops. Spencer clearly wants his grandma to believe his “stories” although she tells him she will keep his phone. He argues but she tells him she will take this phone to his uncle, the police detective if he does not come clean with what he is doing. The choice is his, she tells him. Either the police can answer the question or he can. At that point, Spencer admits he “was” calling his father and that Nikolas is, in fact, alive.

Hearing that, for the first time, she urges her grandson to tell them further details. He then informs them the night of the Nurse’s Ball, his dad told him “something” will happen. He informed Spencer that “others” will believe he's gone but he assured his son he will be just fine while he's “on the lamb”. When Laura assesses that her son has been using bad judgment for a long time, to which Kevin is surprised realizing that is “not like Nikolas”, Spencer protests they should not blame his dad. He's been doing this for a good reason, he tells them. When Laura finds out, from Spencer that his dad wanted everyone to believe he died, she asks what Nikolas' plans might be regarding him. Who did he want to have guardianship of Spencer? Or did he have other plans? Spencer is a bit uncomfortable answering that, knowing he's been “put in the middle” of this. He protests to his grandma that he is “sorry”, to which she tells him he's “not as sorry” as his father is going to be when she finds him. When they are alone, outside Spencer's hospital room, Kevin asks Laura if she's ok, to which she admits she's not really certain. She realizes she should be happy and relieved that her son is alive. But she cannot believe that he could do what he has done. He informs her that she can trust him with “sensitive” issues involving the situation with her son. She assesses that Nikolas could be up on criminal charges if he comes back to Port Charles. Yet she does not want to see an innocent man get charged with murder, now realizing that Jason Morgan has been accused of Nikolas' murder when Nikolas is alive. Kevin then asks her what she plans to do. She replies the first thing she intends to do is get Spencer back.

After Jason has been unsuccessful in finding who is attempting to call Nikolas, he tells both Nikolas and Ava they need to take off their shoes so they cannot go anywhere. They grudgingly do so. Not far away, we see............ Jason and Sam take the shoes from the two of them, close the door behind them and go into the other room. Sam walks down the stairs with Jason assessing that locking them up was a good start although they still have not unraveled their mystery. Right then, she can clearly see that “somebody” has been inside the house walking around.

Ava lies down in a bed when Nikolas informs her that is the very bed his grandmother, Helena Cassadine died in. At that point, she gets up from the bed, no longer “comfortable”. Right then, she notices a journal with information and dates noted and written by Helena. He does not want Ava to have access to that but she reads that Helena talks about how her family is there to escort her away from this place into the next life. Helena further writes she knows someone from her staff has been poisoning her. She declares she will die but will not go quietly. Right there, she reveals the involvement that her grandson has had in this. Discovering that, Ava remarks to Nikolas she never thought he “had it in him”. She asks if he does not see that they may be “kindred spirits” given their adventure together. She admits that she is in a similar boat as he is, regarding her daughter who may never forgive her for the things she's done. They both admit that they are not certain what they should be to each other. She admits maybe she had to find out what was ultimately in store for the two of them. Right then, she kisses him. He does not stop her and it gets heavier. However, at that point, she reveals that she has been “playing” him while she takes a little pouch out of his pocket and opens it to find the hidden diamonds.

When Jason and Sam are alone in the other room, he discovers a male “spy” in the room, dressed in black and he physically overpowers him to get him to admit who he is and why he's there. He sounds desperate, afraid, pleading and protesting as he informs them that “someone” has threatened and put him up to something. When the man is alone, we see a “noteworthy” tattoo that may reveal who he really is or who he is affiliated with.

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