GH Update Friday 7/8/16

General Hospital Update Friday 7/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer is in a hospital bed after it appears he's entered a hot dog eating contest. Laura and Kevin are with him while he tells them he will sue the place for food poisoning while he talks casually about dying,. Yet they tell him they heard it's merely a stomach ache form overeating and he will live. They go outside the room and Kevin remarks that her grandson is “quite a ham”. They are both mortified that a little boy talks so flippantly about death right after losing his father. She also remarks that Spencer has “pretended” to be upset yet has made it clear he's keeping a secret which they need to find out. Right inside the room, Spencer is on the phone calling his dad. He gets off the phone when Kevin goes inside the room and tells Spencer they need to talk about his grandmother as he states he's concerned how Laura has been affected by the loss of Spencer's dad. He indicates to Spencer that he would like to help but he may be incapable of doing any good for her. He believes that Spencer might be the only person to help her feel better. Yet, he “indicates” to Spencer that he realizes he may not care or want to discuss this further. At that point, Spencer is motivated to listen and asks Kevin what he believes could be done in order to help his grandmother. Kevin replies he thinks she will “feel better” if Spencer shares his phone with her.

At the house in Greece, Sam and Jason join Nikolas and Ava while there's a storm and they are awaiting a boat to get off of the compound.

Sonny is with Carly at The Metro Court. He informs her he found Teresa Adams whom she remembers as the nurse who assisted in Josslyn's kidney transplant. Sonny informs her he found out that Teresa left town, changed her name and is now living in luxury. They both wonder why that is yet she assesses to Sonny that they need to know the medical history of Josslyn's donor. He tells her he bets the donor is named Ramona Danforth. Ramona enters. Sonny tells Carly he has to leave after he's heard there's a lead about Julian. Alone with Ramona Carly tells her she knows she has been supervising kidney transplants including Josslyn's and she knows that Ramona is keeping secrets from her. Ramona protests that she has never been involved in any illegal kidney transfers. Yet Carly reminds her she is not a cop, is not wearing a wire nor recording this conversation. She further informs Ramona she will stop at nothing in order to protect her child by getting to the bottom of this unsolved mystery and so, she suggests, Ramona needs to change her attitude. In response to that, Ramona protests she did a lot of good and saved many lives by helping people get new kidneys. Yet Carly asks her if she did not exploit donors. Hearing that, Ramona tells her she was not told anything about the circumstances of donors. Carly asks but she says she was never told who exactly delivered the organs, explaining she simply asked no questions and did her job and got paid good money. She admits that right about the time that Josslyn had her transplant surgery she noticed that the same guy she dealt with in transactions, up until then, was no longer there. He was replaced by a woman. She informs Carly she distinctly remembered the woman she met at that point, who scared her to death. Carly asks to describe the woman, to which Ramona identifies her as blond, older, very rich. She informs Carly how the woman threatened her to ever tell anyone about Josslyn's kidney. Carly shows her a phone picture of Helena Cassadine and asks if this is the woman in question. Ramona confirms yes and protests she did not get any further information. She swears she is not lying to her about anything and urges Carly to know that the one person whom she should talk to about this in order to find out what is needed is Helena. She urges Carly not to use her name, yet Carly assures her she need not worry because Helena is dead.

Kristina and Aaron awaken after sleeping together. She finally concludes to him that she needs to be honest wit him and reveal what is really going on. She assures him that he has done nothing wrong. Yet she has not had the greatest track record for finding the right people whom she can trust. She remarks that is something she and her mom have in common. He asks her if the fact that Parker did not return her feelings is the reason why she took a break from school. She replies “kind of”. He assesses that everybody “has their thing” and at least this thing with Parker is now over. When she does not confirm that, he asks if she's trying to tell him that she "still has feelings for him," reminding her he assumes Parker is male.

While Alexis and Julian are not found, Anna Jordan and Paul are inside the empty house frantically making calls to prevent Julian from escaping. Anna is very worried that he is homicidal and will lash out at Alexis. Paul gets off the phone and tells them according to the state police, they will have to “cast a wider net” in order to find Julian. Molly enters and asks what is going on and where is her mom. They obviously hesitate to answer that.

When Kristina is with Aaron, she gets an urgent call from her sister telling her she has to return home right now. Their mom is in trouble.

At he house, Kristina and Molly angrily demand to know why the three law enforcement officials put their mom up to wearing a wire in order to catch Julian. She's not an undercover cop and they had no right to endanger her. Paul protests that Alexis chose to wear the wire and Anna protests they will find Alexis soon, before it's too late. While they are alone in the house waiting and not knowing what happened to Alexis, Kristina assures a distraught and worried Molly that their mom will be ok. They will find her and Julian will not be able to hurt her. Molly concludes she should call her dad who used to be the DA, has connections on the police force and might be able to figure out what is going on. When Kristina is alone in the house, Aaron attempts to enter while uniform cops restrain him. She informs them it's fine to let this guy in. She then confides in Aaron that her mom's psycho husband has taken her hostage and that was one thing she hesitated to tell him. However, she is glad he's there for her.

While they are on the docks, Julian asks Alexis why she “left him no choice”. She remarks if he kills her, he will kill their baby and she asks him if that is what he wants. He tells her he knows she is not pregnant and has lied so that she could catch him off guard although she protests that he saw the test results from the test kit he provided. He emotionally reminds her that she saved him and made him the best man he could ever be. Now she has destroyed him, he tells her. His trust and his reason to live will be over soon he says, and she will also be gone soon. Hearing that, she whimpers afraid. She angrily tells him if he kills her, he will pay and have to face their daughter and all the people he knows and his life will be ruined. Suddenly, Sonny appears with a gun and orders Julian not to move. Julian continues to hold the knife against Alexis and does not listen until Sonny grabs a hold of him and overpowers him. While the two men engage in a struggle, Alexis watches as Julian is ready to stab Sonny but Sonny overpowers him, puts the knife in his back and Julian falls to the ground while Alexis sobs. They hear sirens. Sonny takes Alexis aside, assures her everything will be ok although he tells her when the cops arrive, she needs to say nothing and let him talk. Anna Jordan and Paul arrive with uniform officers behind them. Alexis cries and informs Anna that Julian was ready to slit her throat with the knife. Sonny informs them that he noticed Julian ready to kill Alexis. Julian threatened him with a knife until he grabbed it from Julian and stabbed him.

Nikolas tells Jason he needs to drop this. Jason cannot take him back to Port Charles. Helena will not let him. Hearing that, Sam smirks, reminding Nikolas that Helena is dead. Yet Nikolas reminds them that his grandmother did not leave this world without making sure that Jason will not have the power to do things like this.

Right when Kevin is alone talking to Spencer about sharing his phone with his grandma, Laura enters and they discover that Spencer has two different phones. There's the one that he lets his grandma have access to and the other one that he is hiding.

Nikolas is passed out on the floor of the cellar when Jason makes sure he's not dead, his pulse is good and he need not worry about anything, for the time being. He brings him upstairs and Ava is worried that Jason may have hurt Nikolas. He comes to and assures Ava that he has a plan to beat Jason at his own game that makes it “well worth it”, as he shows her his phone.

Right when Laura and Kevin discover Spencer “secret phone”, she asks him if that might be the one he uses to call his father. In response to that, he tells his grandma he has a “spiritual connection” to his deceased father. Yet she looks at the call log and informs her grandson she can see he calls out and receives calls from the same number which she can easily access.

Julian gets hauled to the hospital after getting stabbed and they assess that he is non-responsive.

Jordan accompanies Alexis to the hospital and Sonny attentively listens as the police commissioner tells her they need to get a statement from her. He asks Jordan if that is necessary and can it not wait after Alexis has had a chance to go home and rest after what has happened to her? She leaves them alone to talk and Alexis thanks Sonny for his help yet knows he might want to lie to the cops.

At the house, Molly gets off the phone and informs Kristina that she's heard that Sonny has gone to the docks and has hopefully saved their mom form Julian. They get ready for their mom to come home and, for the first time, joke about their mom coming back and interfering in their lives. Alexis comes through the door. They rush to her and hug her, relieved that she's ok. Aaron leaves. Both daughters ask their mom what happened regarding Julian kidnapping her. Alexis assures her two daughters that she is fine. They ask about Julian, to which she replies; “He won't be a problem anymore”.

Julian is in his hospital bed opening his eyes and stating to Alexis that “they are not done, here”.

Sonny calls Carly and informs her that Julian is under arrest and asks what happened with Ramona. She replies she knows it points back to Helena yet she has no clue how Josslyn got her kidney

Not far away, Ramona talks on the phone to her contact, revealing that she told Mrs. Corinthos a story.

Carly tells Sonny that the only person besides Helena who might really know where Josslyn got her kidney is Nikolas who is now dead (so they believe)

When Spencer refuses to tell his grandma who is on the other end of the phone call, she tells him she can press re-dial and find her for herself.

While outside the house, not knowing if there might be “ghosts” or secrets, Sam asks Jason if he thinks it's possible Helena is still alive and hiding somewhere. He tells her he knows how much Helena has messed up his life yet he can be relieved that she is now dead. Sam tells him she just needs to be assured and cannot assume anything, given all they've been through, the secret about Nikolas and all her mom has gone through. Not far away, we see an unidentified person observing and spying upon them from outside.

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