GH Update Thursday 7/7/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Nathan goes and finds that his ex wife Claudette is in town and plans to work with Maxie at Crimson. Maxie goes to find her fiancÚ and has no clue that “CJ” whom she just hired to work with her is the same as Claudette. While Maxie is silent and discontented, Claudette protests that she saw an opportunity to find the perfect job, work side by side with Nathan's new fiancÚ and be able to have “closure”. Nathan argues and tells her he knows she has some sort of negative agenda. Maxie, directly asks her just want type of “closure” she has in mind. Claudette replies it is not herself that needs closure. It's Nathan. Maxie angrily demands to know why she is there reminding her she knows that she married Nathan for a green card, used, betrayed and cheated upon him so she does not trust her. Claudette clarifies that when she just met her only hours ago, Maxie liked her, to which Maxie clarifies she like “CJ” but she does not like Claudette. Nathan reminds Claudette that, due to the issues and manipulation she put him through, she pushed him to do something he could never imagine doing and he won't be “pushed” that far ever again. Hearing that, she reminds Nathan she knows they both made many “mistakes” but the mistake he made was of a very different nature and irreversible.

Kristina is with her new boyfriend Aaron watching the 4th of July fireworks. They are happy to be together and kiss. They plan on what they will do together later and she admits to him that every year her father makes anonymous donations to charity events. He asks her why it's anonymous. At that point, she admits to him that he clearly does not know much about Sonny Corinthos, as she informs him that her father is a mobster. She concludes to him that when she meets people she likes, she wants to make sure that they have no false pretenses and know what they are getting themselves into. He clarifies to her that he's not so interested or concerned about her father's history. He wants to know about her. He knows that whenever they are together, they have a good time and he tells her he can see that she has something on her mind. She tells him that she wonders and questions whether this cute, funny sexy guy who can cook is really “into” her. He kisses her and asks if that answers her question. She replies yes and asks if they could go back to his place because she'd really like to see his bedroom.

Not far away, Curtis finds Nina and tells her that he needs to understand how it is that she wants to “turn the tables” on men who use women to be models, and make them feel uncomfortable and like objects. He seems to realize that she may have good reason to do what she is doing but wonders why on earth she would want Julian Jerome, of all people to be on the cover as the “model man”. She tells him that with all the terrible things Julian has done, he is the most deserving man of the “degradation” she wants to exercise upon a man in order to turn the tables. He then asks her if there's “any chance” she'd reconsider and have him on the cover instead of Julian. He tells her he would not trust Julian knowing that he wants to sabotage her magazine and also the photo shoot. She informs him that Julian's wife, Alexis, has been charged with the murder of Carlos. He tells her he heard that the cops somehow believe she did it. Nina admits to Curtis that she was Julian's “alibi” the night in question. She saw him at Crimson and did not question anything when she informed the cops that he was there when he said he was. She did not lie and would not do that nor obstruct Julian for anyone, she tells him. He warns her not to mess with Julian.

While Alexis is wired and invites Julian over to get a confession out of him, he admits he killed Carlos. Yet she is worried. She wants him to believe that she is in “no mood” for doing what he wants to do because she's nauseous. He feels her face and comments that usually when people are nauseous, they feel chilly and clammy yet she does not. Anna and Paul are listening attentively from inside the van. Jordan returns to them and informs them she cannot currently get a hold of the judge.

Alexis is taking more time while she attempts to stall and distract Julian. He tells her he thinks she needs to stop because she's getting herself all excited. he reaches for a secret envelope that she cannot see. Anna listens to the conversation and asks the others if that does not sound like a threat. They are worried that Alexis can only spend so much time attempting to stall Julian. When he's out of earshot, she gets on the phone to tell them she has given them everything they need. She rushes out the door telling them she has to go. Julian catches her, grabs a hold of her and covers her mouth. The three of them, in the van cannot hear anything when Julian finds the wire and smashes it on the floor. He tells Alexis she ahs betrayed her for the last time as he tackles and knocks her to the ground. At that point, Anna knows she needs to take drastic action because it's clear Alexis is in danger.

Kristina and Aaron return to his home and she asks if he would be angry if she “changed her mind and bailed”. He admits that although he would not mind going to the next level, he does not want to pressure her. She assures him she does not feel pressured. They kiss again, as it gets heavier, they take their clothes off and sleep together.

Nathan announces to Maxie that she now sees the “real Claudette” who is dishonest and not somebody she wants to work with or have anything to do with. Claudette “counters” to Maxie that she can see the “real Nathan” who is dangerous and reckless. At that point, Maxie appears angry and tells them she needs to go. She also surprises them by telling Claudette she will see her at work tomorrow.

Curtis assesses to Nina that since he's been in town things are working ok for him. He has gotten re-united with his nephew, TJ. He has a relationship with a great woman. However, he admits, the “job department” kind of sucks for him. Assessing that it looks clear that she will not offer him an “opportunity”, he gets up to leave. However, Nina asks him to please wait. She then informs him she was so consumed by her work that she could not understand some very obvious things. Now, however, she has the perfect answer. She no longer has to take orders from Julian and knows how to get what she wants. Where he comes in, she tells him, is that she believes that he is really good at talking to people and finding out answers. He does not understand what she is trying to tell him and sounds discouraged, informing her it's of no interest to her when all he needs is a job. She tells him what it means is she wants to hire him. She shows him her offer and he remarks that it looks like a very generous and attractive offer. Yet he wants to know more about this job and exactly what she wants him to do. She replies that if he comes to her office the following morning, everything will be revealed.

Nathan follows Maxie out the door and urges Claudette to do herself and everybody around her a favor and leave. Yet she sits contentedly in her hotel room, kicks off her shoes and makes it clear she has no such plans.

Nathan follows Maxie into the park and demands to know why she wants to trust and work with Claudette. He protests he will accept her being angry with him and postponing their wedding or doing anything she wants but she cannot trust Claudette. In response to that, she reveals she has a plan for that very reason, as she affirms to him she “knows” women like Claudette, all too well. She informs him when she was younger she did something very stupid. She had an affair with Lulu's brother Lucky when he was married to Elizabeth. She found herself being very competitive with needing to “win” Lucky over. So, tonight when she heard Claudette's “desperation” in telling Nathan that “they both made mistakes” and what she was implying when she said that to him, she (Maxie) could clearly see Claudette was threatening Nathan. She knows if she messes with Claudette at this point, given that he shot her extra-marital partner (not knowing what happened to him?), she could go straight to the police and ruin their lives. They both know Claudette wants to do that, she tells him. And so, she concludes, they are not going to give her that power. She asks Nathan what it is that he really believes Claudette wants if it is not to threaten to get him in trouble for shooting her lover. If it's not that, then what is it that she wants?

Claudette taking out the wedding photo of herself and Nathan while she lies on the bed and presses it up against her chest.

While it appears Kristina is sleeping peacefully, Aaron gets up out of the bed but then returns to her. He admits to her that he wondered why it was when she drifted off to sleep after being with him, she called him Parker. He assesses that she told him, previously that she concluded she and Parker did not have a future. Yet, he can clearly see that maybe she is not over “this Parker dude”. She wants to assure him that she is over Parker. Yet he tells her that he can clearly see there is much more to this Parker thing than she is letting on. He assesses to her that he really likes her but needs to know what is really going on. She then reflects to him that every relationship she's been in, throughout her life, has been very complicated, to which he asks if that includes Parker. She replies yes. She makes it clear she wants to “move on” and be with him. Yet it may be easier said than done, whether she wants it that way or not.

Anna, Jordan and Paul all go to the house with their guns and uniform cops follow behind them. Yet Julian and Alexis are both gone. In that time, he's taken her to the docks and tells her that he suspected she was wearing a wire. So, he explains, he called his people and they tracked the surveillance van and proved that for him. He tells her she has destroyed what they had. He professes he would have saved her from that prison because he loved her. He was going to remove the evidence and risk his own interests because she's his wife and he loves her. And what did she do? She went behind his back and betrayed him with a wire. He tells her he loved hear and she betrayed him and so now she is going to die. He reminds her that he told her to get rid of the knife that Helena used to kill her mother. Yet she did not. She trusts the cops over her husband, he assesses. He tells her he's sorry for what he now has to do.

Anna and Paul find the evidence bag which used to contain the dagger that Julian used to kill Carlos (which Helena used to kill Alexis' mother) and they conclude Julian will use it to kill Alexis.

On the docks, Alexis sobs and asks Julian what he will tell their daughter, Sam, if he kills her. He tells her he knows what to tell Sam. She need not be concerned about that. And if she just did what she promised in their wedding vows, they would all be free. Yet because she did not love him enough, they have to take the next step because she leaves him with no other choice. She then reminds him if he kills her, he will kill their baby. Does he really want to kill his own child?

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