GH Update Wednesday 7/6/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan goes to answer what he's been told is a police call at The Metro Court. When he enters the room where an anonymous woman needs to talk to him, he discovers it's the woman whom Maxie and Dillon have just hired at Crimson, who is called CJ. And he reveals she is his ex wife, Claudette.

Julian meets privately with a contact and friend and looks like he's engaged in an exchange of money for services, as he informs the guy that he and Alexis will soon be parents. The guy congratulates him.

Anna, Jordan and Paul are inside a vehicle with computers and monitoring devices to assist Alexis while she wears a wire while waiting for Julian, in order to talk to and hopefully catch him making statement that will get him arrested and get her exonerated. She is very worried that the plan will not work and may backfire although Anna assures her they will do everything they can in order to keep her safe. They inform her they are in a van only a block down the street although she tells them that is too far. Yet they assure her they are “on this”

Sonny and Carly are happily together in their home with baby Avery ready to joyously spend the holiday. They remark that all of their older kids are out and they have the whole place to themselves and the baby. Yet Carly notices that Sonny might have something on his mind and asks if it has anything to do with Julian or what he just privately discussed with Anna. He informs her that Anna has a plan to get Julian to admit that he killed Carlos and she told him she thought the best way to do that is to have Alexis wear a wire and invite him over.

Julian arrives at the door with flowers for Alexis. He acts gracious but she reveals that she is very ill at ease, discontented and tells him they need to discuss some very serious and important things.

Sam and Jason arrive at the empty house in Greece right behind Nikolas and Ava although they have not yet found or confirmed they are there and both wonder if Nikolas is nearby hiding or not. Meanwhile, in the basement, Nikolas and Ava are confident that nobody will find them while he gets ready to show her his favorite wines. Right then, she notices a rat on the ground, trips and lets out a loud shriek. At that point, Sam and Jason are easily able to hear and confirm that “somebody” is right down inside the cellar. She admits she's somewhat afraid of what might happen when he meets and confronts Nikolas. Jason then assures Sam he does not “hate” her cousin and realizes he is a father and so his life and safety matters.

Downstairs, Ava admits she's very afraid of certain things but Nikolas holds her and assures her he won't let anything happen to her.

At The Metro Court, Claudette (aka CJ) informs Nathan that she has had to move and expand her job search. She met his fiancÚ after finding out that Maxie is part of a prestigious fashion magazine. She tells her ex husband that things will be good and he need not suspect anything while she works with the woman he now intends to marry. Yet Nathan firmly tells her he does not “buy” what she is telling him and knows she is up to no good. She protests that even if he is a law enforcement detective, he cannot run her out of Port Charles. She needs a job as her finances are shaky. Yet he does not want to hear it, reminding her that he worked hard, without getting paid much and supported her while they were married. She reminds him he came from a rich family and does not need to work as much as she does. She assesses they both made mistakes and both had their flaws but both have their good points, as she remembers when they first met and started dating when he just graduated from the police academy. She tells him she would like to have a chance to work and use her skills, asking him if she is not a talented graphic designer. Hearing that, he agrees that she is talented and he remembered the positive things about their relationship. Right then, she steps out on the deck to see the fireworks and reminds Nathan about their time together. Yet he continues to remind her that he does not want to go down memory lane with her and asks her why she is not in Canada. When she give him an inadequate answer, he tells her he knows she thrives on chaos and he bets the reason she's there is to cause him trouble.

While Ava is with Nikolas in the cellar of the house in Greece, they are ready to drink Bordeaux. They argue a bit and agree it's best to go upstairs and not be stuck down there. They enter the living room and he talks about how Helena has intermingled with his father and himself in business and other things throughout his childhood and adulthood. She listens attentively and they drink and toast, suspecting nothing until they see Sam and Jason come through the door. At that point, they are shocked and Ava drops and shatters her wine glass. Jason confronts Nikolas telling him he hasn’t a clue what his little stunt is all about and it may be none of his business. But he's going to take him back to Port Charles. Sam tells the two of them she agrees and believes both Nikolas and Ava will answer to some legal charges. Ava responds by telling her if they report her and Nikolas to the cops, the first person to be arrested will be Jason. She asks if Jason has not been charged with Nikolas' murder and is he not a fugitive, running from the law? Hearing that, Sam laughs, assessing that since Nikolas is now proven to be alive and well, that's not going to happen. Yet Ava talks about how she can make it happen. Jason assesses to Nikolas that he's on to him and Nikolas better realize he's lost as he shows him a newspaper article and reveals that he knows some things about the scam Nikolas is right now involved in.. Right then, Jason takes pictures of him to send to the PCPD. Nikolas asks if he thinks they will drop the charges just because of a bunch of photos, to which Jason comments this is “just the beginning”.

At the house, Carly assesses to Sonny that she wonders how it will go with Alexis having the cops putting her up to “entrapping” Julian to get a confession out of him. She reminds Sonny that even if Alexis is angry at her husband, he is the father of her baby and she's loved him. Also, will Julian be gullible enough not to catch on and suspect what she is doing? Sonny replies that Julian may be easier to “work with” than they previously thought because he made sure to inform him that Alexis is pregnant. Even if he does not care about her or the baby, he knows how he will be disgraced if she has his baby in prison. Carly is very impressed with that very credible insight. They happily go out on the patio with Avery, watch the fire works, confirm that everything is good in their lives and with their kids and that life is beautiful, as they pull together and kiss.

While the three cops sit in the van, monitoring and listening to Alexis and Julian, she gravely reminds him that he has betrayed her. She cannot trust him anymore. She is tired and needs to figure out what to do now and especially given that she's pregnant. Now that she's been falsely accused of murder and is ready to go to prison, she has to rely on Diane. Yet he tells her that may not be necessary. He may be able to come up with a better idea. Hearing that, she asks what that would be. Does he plan to confess? He does not come out and admit that but he tells her he will make sure she does not have to go to prison. She then asks him, point blank, if he framed her for a murder that he committed. When he hesitates to answer as the 3 of them listen in suspense, Alexis demands to know if he knew how to make it appear as though her DNA was on the knife that killed Carlos. He does not admit that is true but affirms to Alexis he won't let anything happen to her or the baby because he loves her. Right then, he says “the words” that he did, in fact, kill Carlos, in order to “protect his future with the woman he loves”. Right then, Anna is elated to finally hear and be able to prove that, once and for all.

Claudette assesses to Nathan that he attempted to kill the man with whom she cheated on him. She admits to him that all three of them were wrong, involving that. He asks her if she is in town in order to blackmail him with threats to turn him in for the shooting. She denies that and protests she knows she was manipulative and did bad things but now wants to make peace with everything. In response to that, Nathan asks her just what she is in town for, to which she replies she wants to work with Maxie. He tells her he wants to move on and get her out of his life. Yet she tells him the job at Crimson was the perfect fit and she thought it would be great if she and he could just make peace. In response to that, he tells her it won't work. He does not accept what she is saying. He intends to get her out of Port Charles. She may go wherever she wants but she's not going to stay there. At that point, suddenly, Maxie walks in and is stunned to see her new “employee” alone with her fiancÚ, as Claudette looks smugly at her.

Carly tells Sonny how Lulu has been given her updates regarding how she and Dante were able to find their perfect dream house. It seems very odd, she remarks, given that other buyers prevented them from having it. And then, out of nowhere, the other buyers “back out”. She concludes to Sonny she knows he had to step in and manage his son and daughter-in-law's lives for them. She smiles and assesses to Sonny he's a raging control freak. Although he protests, she assures him she loves him for that as she kisses him, telling him that she's grateful for all he has done.

At the house in Greece, Ava informs Sam and Jason, for the first time, that Sam's dad and Ava's brother is going to be a daddy again. Hearing that, Sam is shocked to hear that her mother is pregnant. She wants to call out and get a hold of people in Port Charles yet Nikolas informs them there is no service there. Jason declares that he knows how to get a boat to find them yet Nikolas confidently tells him he would not count on that. Sam then assesses to Nikolas that while they are waiting for the boat, she'd like to know just what caused him to want to stage his own death and have everyone including his own mother mourning his death. Ava argues but Nikolas concludes that he has to do the right thing. He cannot run like a coward. He needs to return to Port Charles and face the consequences of his actions.

In response to Julian affirming that he did, in fact, kill Carlos “for Alexis”, she tells him she finds that very hard to believe, revealing to him that she is still furious with him and not willing to give him any reason to trust her.

From the van, Jordan announces she is going to go and make this arrest and gets out to go and do so.

Julian tells Alexis if she wants them to raise their child together, she has to “understand”, to which she assures him she does understand, although she has her reservations. He takes her hand and tells her he promises her they are going to be alright, to which she responds absolutely. Yet she pulls away from him when he reaches for her, knowing he will soon find out she is wearing a wire.

Carly tells Sonny he needs to find out from Anna what the status is with Julian. Once they find out, for sure, that he is going down for murder, then they can get on with their lives and live in peace. At that point, he gets on his phone.

While Paul and Anna are alone in the van after Jordan has left to go and arrest Julian, they are able to hear him informing Alexis that he knows she is “up to something”. At that point, they admit they are afraid that something will go tragically wrong.

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