GH Update Tuesday 7/5/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Hayden goes to see Finn while he's still in jail and is ready to help him with his fatal illness, illegally, when nobody is there. She has his needle and he grabs it ready to administer it himself. Right then, Tracy appears, seems surprised to see Hayden there and happily informs Finn there may be “good news” involving the death of Dr. Mayes. It happened the exact same way using the exact same drug that was used to attempt to kill Lucas. She clarifies that obviously the doctor's family may not be happy that he died. However, she encourages Finn to realize, the fact that he was locked up in there while this happened, clears him of the suspicions that got him suspending from the hospital staff. He reminds her the reason he is in jail is completely unrelated to that. Yet she tells him she can find a lawyer and get him out of there and acquitted of charges very quickly. Tracy leaves and when Hayden is alone with Finn, she asks him what he plans to do regarding needing someone to supply his drugs for him. He assures her that he will not ask her to get involved in that knowing how dangerous that is.

After Dr. Mayes has died, it's been ruled a homicide. He was found to have been injected with the same drug that was used to attempt to kill Lucas Jones. And so Nathan is having to investigate and ask questions of all medical staff who were on the floor the night in question. He meets with Elizabeth alone in a room because she was the one who found the body. He asks if she can describe any suspicious circumstances. She replies she was assisting a patient and went back to check on him when she found Mayes on the floor. And she tried and failed to save his life. He confirms that she was alone when this happened. Until Franco showed up.

Not far away, Dr. Obrecht and Franco wait outside in the hallway and she furiously rants about how Finn has killed patients and is in jail yet now they are all under suspicion. He sounds much calmer, telling her is not surprised that this is happening. Right then, Griffin appears and Franco asks him if he is not worried that a murderer is still on the loose. Griffin replies that the motive is pretty obvious.

Nathan goes to call Franco into the office to find out what, if any alibis he may have for the night in question.

Elizabeth returns to the nurse's station. After Franco is done talking to Nathan, she asks how it went, to which he does not reply and appears discontented.

Dr. Obrecht goes in to talk to Nathan alone in the room and assures him that because he's her son, she will be there for him.

Laura and Kevin go to The Metro Court with Spencer while he wears his 4th of July hat and seems very happy and contented although everyone believes that his father is dead and he has not heard otherwise. They find a way to distract the boy and go off together to talk alone. She thanks him for tagging along with her and Spencer, telling him she realizes this is “kind of unorthodox”. They reveal that this is his way of “shrinking” Spencer as his patient without letting him know that.

Nikolas takes Ava to a compound in Greece where he assures her nobody will find them or know they are there. They call it The Main Villa.. Ever since his grandma has died, there's been nobody there. Yet she has her doubts about how “secure” the place is. He shows her all of their family heirlooms and she hears all about the diabolical evil people he's known growing up. In response to that, she asks how he turned out to be so “unlike” the others (not evil.). In response to that, he admits to her that he has staged his own murdered and has skipped town having everybody in his life believing that he's dead. Although she reminds him that he has been the “good guy” for a long time, he realizes that may have changed. Yet she remarks he still appears to have a streak of decency, unlike herself, and what she remembers as a little girl. It seems they may be growing closer. When he goes off alone in a room, she can see that he is keeping a secret

When Spencer is alone in the restaurant, he gets an incoming call from his dad. Nikolas tells his son he is calling to tell him he loves him and reveals he has plans and asks his son to pack just one back and then people will “send for him. Hearing that, Spencer happily agrees Right then, Laura and Kevin return and she demands to know if her grandson was just now talking to his father.

Sam finds Jason at the restaurant after she's gone back to Port Charles in order to help her mom. She informs hi that everything appears to be ok and she has returned in order to help him with what they need. He tells her that although they've right now lost Nikolas, Ava and Huxley, he's not about to give up. They are both suspecting that it's very likely that Spencer knows his dad is alive and is communicating with him right now as they speak.

Maxie goes to have lunch with Dillon at The Metro Court to discuss hiring another fashion liaison for Crimson. Yet she can see he is completely distracted to what she is saying and can see he clearly has something on his mind. She tells him she can see he has “woe is me girl trouble”. He admits she is correct with that. He dos not want to discuss that however and talks about meeting with their new graphic designer. Right then, they see the new woman as she appears and meets with them and introduces herself as CJ. He informs Maxie he has business to attend to and will be right back. Right then, Maxie cordially invites CJ to join her at the table and they go over her experience and qualifications. CJ notices that Maxie is engaged when she sees her ring. Maxie happily confirms yes, to the most patient and wonderful man she's ever known. Suspecting nothing, she shows CJ a pictures of Nathan, asking (and boasting) if he is not handsome. She asks CJ if she is married or in a relationship or not, to which CJ admit she's single. Maxie asks CJ what she should change. Dillon sits beside them while CJ talks about the ideas she has for revamping some of the pages. It appears that CJ knows (or has been “researching” all of Maxie's ideas). Right then, Maxie and Dillon hire CJ on to be part of Crimson. Maxie suspects nothing and invites CJ to spend the 4th of July with her and Nathan. Yet CJ declines the invitation, informing Maxie she needs to get to work and make a good impression upon Ms. Reeves. She gets up to leave. Both Maxie and Dillon remark they are impressed by her and she wants to discuss with him what she can tell is on his mind which she knows is regarding Kiki.

Kiki goes with Morgan on a picnic to see the fireworks, alone and remembers she wore her 4th of July bikini while with him only a year ago. However, she remembers she has a scar and is not confident to be seen with it. He affirms that the reason the scar is there is because of him. Yet she continues to tell him that is not the case and does not want to hear him say that. They talk about how things should be great for them to be together. She asks him to put sunscreen on her back and removes her jacket. He affirms today is a great day and informs her he can't think of anyone else he'd rather be there with. While she hears that, she remembers being alone with Dillon kissing. He informs her that things will be “different” from now on. He admits that he cannot party or do many of the things that most guys his age can do. And so, for that reason, he needs to make it clear and not mislead her so she knows what she is getting herself into. In response to that, she assures him all is well. Yet she may not be 100% on board with her decision to be with Morgan.

At the jail cell, Tracy is able to successfully get Finn sprung and free to go. She acknowledges that although she does not trust Hayden, she can see that he somehow believes she is a good person and so she will respect that. She leaves and informs them what she is not content with simply getting him out of jail this one time. She wants to clear his name of all charges and get him reinstated as GH staff.

Nathan interviews Griffin as his final suspect. Griffin clearly has a secret which he is not revealing to Nathan. In the conversation, Nathan finds out that Griffin was from a perish that he and his (Nathan's) ex wife used to go to. Before they can continue the conversation, an attendant informs Nathan he's gotten an urgent call from an unidentified woman at the Metro Court who needs him for “police business”. He finds it odd but heads off

Outside in the hallway, Franco asks Elizabeth if she believes he's likely to have killed that guy. She assures him she does not suspect him.

Tracy gets off the elevator and asks the attendant if they might have seen Monica. The young woman says she has not. Dr. Obrecht finds Tracy, informing her Monica is not there but she can help Tracy. Tracy angrily tells her that there's no way she can pin this murder on Finn because he has an alibi. And, she happily and “sarcastically” adds to Obrecht, she has her to thank for the very reason why Finn has an alibi. She further informs Obrecht that Finn has been released from jail and will be reinstated. Yet Obrecht informs Tracy that won’t happen. Finn's practice is over. Tracy right away concludes she knows that Obrecht has framed Finn. She reminds Obrecht that she has illegally searched Finn's locker and belongings and she firmly and confidently tells her she will get Finn reinstated.

Finn and Hayden go to the Metro Court and he admits that since his arrest, he's had a problem with customs and obtaining his medication.

Spencer tells Laura and Kevin they have to get to the celebration. Alone with Laura, Kevin tells her that when children are mourning the loss of a loved one, it's “normal” in some cases for them to do things like get on the phone and “pretend” to connect. Yet she believes that Spencer may very well be talking to his dad who is alive.

At the secret place where they are staying in Greece, Ava sadly reflect that she's been so caught up in the mission they are on that she forgot all about the holiday. Yet he assures her she may relax because there is no way anyone can find them there. He takes her to his wine cellar. Right then, Jason enters the room alone not far behind them. Sam is waiting for him.

While Nathan goes to the Metro Court to find the “anonymous woman”, he walks into a private guest room, notices the woman known as CJ and declares that she is Claudette.

Franco finds Elizabeth at the 4th of July fireworks and invites her to join him. She is happy to be with him.

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