GH Update Friday 7/1/16

General Hospital Update Friday 7/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco goes to visit his incarcerated mother, Heather Webber again. He sounds reluctant to talk to her and hear her reflect that maybe he's looking to her for “motherly advice”. She asks if his previous goal to commit to Nina and make Heather a grandma is in motion. He replies there are no such plans. He and Nina are no longer together and he has no interest, whatsoever in having a child. He admits it's not simply due to his mother, it's his own DNA that he does not want to pass on to a child and he informs Heather the reason he is there to ask her what she thinks about Elizabeth Weber. Heather then inquires to her son if the reason he and Nina have broken up is not because he does not want a baby but because he's having an affair with Elizabeth, as she reminds him that Elizabeth is Stephen Lars' sister. He clarifies that he and Elizabeth are not “together”. Yet Heather tells him even if that is not the case now, it's obvious they both want it.

At the hospital, right when Elizabeth notices and inquires about a “strange unseen person with her back turned to her”, dressed in hospital scrubs, who happens to be Hayden, although Elizabeth cannot see her. Dr. Mayes instructs Elizabeth to help with a procedure and do it immediately. At that point, she realizes she has no way to find out who the “strange person is” nor can she see that it's Hayden. Obviously, Hayden knows she has lucked out with perfect timing regarding this. Shortly thereafter, Mayes is with Elizabeth remarking how he does not believe it makes any sense for patients to be kept alive if it's not “cost-effective” for the hospital. Yet as soon as Elizabeth is free, she notices Hayden “wandering around the hospital”, in her street clothes and goes to find her and demand to know what she is up to. Hayden asks her why that's any of her business and why can't Elizabeth leave her alone. Elizabeth clarifies that she'd like to know, specifically, just what Hayden was doing talking to Dr. Finn and staying overnight, not long ago, in his hotel room.

Anna goes to see Alexis and talk alone to her at the house, stating to her that if all else has failed, the best way to bring Julian to justice is for Alexis to wear a wire. Although Alexis argues that he won't buy anything she says regarding loving or wanting to get back with him, now that she's made it obvious that is not true. Yet Anna protests she knows that with as egotistical as Julian is, he will want to believe that, and may very well buy it all, take the bait and fall right into their hands with a taped confession that can get him convicted. She reflects to Alexis that when Carlos was dying, she wanted so bad for him to confess that Julian orders the hit he put on Duke and she could see that Carlos was ready to admit it before he so conveniently died and let Julian get away with murder yet again.. She reminds Alexis that he's now doing his evil deeds at her expense. At that point, Alexis tells Anna she owes her an apology, regarding the night Anna was shot and Julian denied having anything to do with it. She admits that she wanted to believe he did not do it, as she wanted all this while she wanted to believe that Julian had changed and she refused to see the signs. She knew she married aflawed man but honestly admits to Anna she had no idea that Julian was a sociopath. Had she known who he really was, she believes she would have made different choices. Anna then tells her it's not too late to make it right and clear her own conscious for anything regarding that. She can do that by wearing a wire.

Julian is alone on the phone to his private contact at The Metro Court. Nina finds him and asks him about the verdict of what's going on with him and Alexis and the murder charges of Carlos. Knowing that Alexis is having Julian's baby, she talks about how it's entirely possible they could reconcile. Yet she can clearly see that neither he nor Alexis trust the other regardless, just as she knows having a baby did not bring her and Franco closer together, the way she mistakenly assumed that is how things work. She assesses that she has given a lot of thought to his situation with Alexis and how his wife is probably classified as “high risk”, to which Julian comments that it's very obvious. They observe Curtis and Valerie together having a romantic dinner and she reminds him those two are going to have sex, asking Julian if he remembers what that was like, as she also remembers, having once been with the love of one's life and then suddenly being alone. He gets an call from Alexis. Nina leaves and Alexis tells her husband she'd like him to come by soon so they can talk and hopefully find some sort of resolution given all that has happened. She clarifies to Julian she does not want him coming by today. She's exhausted. But tomorrow, she will be rested. He agrees to text her in the morning. She gets off the phone and asks Anna if she sounded convincing.

While Curtis is happily with Valerie at the Metro Court, TJ is outside in the hallway and goes to find his mom, informing her that he has overheard, for the first time, her admitting to Curtis that Shawn is his father instead of her deceased husband. He deadheads to know why his mom has lied to him. She rationalizes that she “did not have the right moment” to tell him. Yet he angrily reminds her she's had his entire life. He is now a grown ass man and there are no more excuses or justification for her to keep that secret from him any longer, he tells her. She protests that the situation was “so complicated” and she asks him what exactly he overheard her and Curtis say, to which he asks her how much more there is to the story that she does not want him to know. He reminds her that she sent him away to live with Shawn, first having him believing it was because he was “out of control”. Then she tells him the reason was because she was dealing drugs and getting herself in trouble. Now he knows that did not happen and she was working as an undercover narcotics agent without telling him. Now, he accidentally overhears that she cheated on his father (or, he clarifies “her husband”) with his brother and lied to him about who his real father was. She then tells her son she's his mother and deserves respect, protesting everything she did she did in order to give him a better life and she will not apologize for that. She protests she wanted him to grow up happy and secure and not have to deal with everything that went wrong, including the circumstances of Thomas' death. Hearing that, he reminds her just in case she's missed it, he is now in college, driving, having sex and is an adult. She then assesses to her son that one day he will be a parent and will understand the need to protect one's children at any cost in order to keep them safe. She admits she is not proud of what she did and is “sad”. In response to that, he angrily tells her she should have thought about that a long time ago, as he walks out the door. She calls to her son but he does not respond and continues to walk away from her.

Franco informs his mother that he had no intention of being more than friends with Elizabeth and never wanted to admit otherwise until Nina told him how obvious it is. Yet he realizes now that he does have an attraction to Elizabeth. They work together, have gotten to know each other, talk about a lot of things and enjoy each other's company. Also, he's developed a relationship with her son. Hearing that, Heather reflects what she remembers about Elizabeth's late father. He wants to know about her mother however, to which Heather admits she does not know much. He admits that he no longer has any money even though not long ago he was living off of Nina's wealth. Yet Heather assesses that now that he's working again, she bets his paintings will sell although she can see he has his doubts about that. She reminds him that although she has money, she has no access to it, and it's of no use to her while she's in this place. And, so, she tells him, she'd be honored to give it to her son. She completely shocks Franco by admitting that she has $5 million. He demands to know how or where she got that kind of money, to which she indicates she “did a little favor for someone” in order to obtain it. She tells him she wants her son to channel his energy in a productive manner. IN response to that, Franco tells her he thinks he may have found a way to do just that.

At the hospital, Hayden admits to Elizabeth that she is there due to something important she has to do. She gets on the elevator, urgently needing to get “somewhere”.

Finn is passed out and terribly sick on the floor in the jail cell. He cries and appears desperately in need of help from someone. Right then Hayden rushes in, realizing it's taken her a while to do what she needed to do but promises she is there for him now. She informs him she's found the drug, has the needle and manages to inject him. Yet he screams in pain revealing he's had a bad reaction. Yet shortly thereafter, the drug takes effect and he's better. Hayden admits he scared her. He assesses that she has saved his life. She then asks if that means they are now even after her father robbed him blind. He tells her she has been heroic and she admits that's the first time anyone has ever said that to her. She tells him she will be back tomorrow as early as she can with his next dose but will leave the drug with him now. They realize that the only way she can get away with her secret visit and drug smuggling for him is if she gets there at 4 am the following morning.

Dr. Mayes goes into a dying patient's room, while he remarks to Elizabeth that he wants to handle this alone. She wonders just what his secret is regarding a life that he would prefer to end and not want to save.

When Jordan is alone in her office after her falling out with TJ, she calls a leaves a message for her son, telling him he has every right to be angry with her right now. Yet she cries and emotionally tells him she just does not want him to let the anger get to him, cause him to lash out or do something he might regret. She urges him to just text her, tell her he's with Molly or one of his campus friends or anyone. He tells him she loves him and ends the call.

When Curtis is happily with Valerie at the Metro Court, TJ finds his uncle and angrily tells him he knows he's lied to him. He tells him he does not know his mom nor his uncle. Also, he now realizes that since his dad is not his dad, his brother is not his uncle. Curtis then admits to TJ has has good reason to be angry and never want to speak to him again. However, he tells him, he needs to realize his mom does not deserve to be shunned and he needs to talk to her. He assesses to TJ now that he's a man, some day he's going to have to get over his anger and forgive his mother. He needs to sit down and talk to her and listen to the whole story. He at least owes her that, Curtis tells him. TJ gets on the elevator without further discussion.

Alone at the hospital, after seeing Dr. Mayes wanting “privacy” with a dying patient, Elizabeth goes inside the room and sees something that shocks her. At that point, she calls for help seeing what she sees. Later, we see her struggling to save the patient Mayes was just with, who appears to be dying, when Franco walks in and sees her trying to save the patient.

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