GH Update Thursday 6/30/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/30/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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At Sonny's home, he discusses with Anna what their options are regarding the fact that Julian is getting away with murdering Duke as well as Carlos, letting Alexis get framed for murder, she's living with a psychopath and there's nothing anyone can do about that. He tells her he's worried that anything could go wrong and believes he may need to take matters into his own hands in order to save his daughter's mother from a man who is likely willing to kill her.

When Alexis has informed Julian she is pregnant and will have her baby without him, he tells her he will agree to do what she wants under one condition, as he pulls out a home pregnancy test and tells her she needs to first prove she is pregnant. He asks her what the big deal is about doing this if she is not lying to him about this. He reminds her that it's not like she's never lied to him before, remembering that she promised to burn a shirt for him and secretly hid it without telling him. She concludes to him if he believes they need to both rebuild the trust that was damaged, then maybe he should go first. What he can do, if he is committed to her as he says, is to clear her name by admitting to the police that he killed Carlos instead of her. She goes off privately with the pregnancy test kit.

While Sonny and Anna are discussing what Julian is capable of, we see Alexis looking at the test results and appearing sullen and horrified. Sonny tells Anna about his skillful “chess playing” and she listens attentively realizing that maybe she should let him put his skills to use, as he confirms to her that all Julian cares about is saving his own ass. Anything regarding the well-being or best interest of his wife or child is a moot point and means nothing to Julian, he tells her.

While Julian is alone in the room waiting for Alexis to return, he gets on the phone to urge someone to know he may need their help. She returns with the test kit yet says nothing. He asks her if she's pregnant or not. She shows him the results and he concludes it appears she is pregnant. They are going to have another baby, he concludes. Yet she tells him she, alone, is going to have a baby, as she asks him if he thinks this pregnancy is going to fix things after all he's done to her, reminding him that she will have to have her baby in prison because of him. Hearing that, he tells her he “won't let her go to prison”. Yet, hearing that, she knows he is not ready to confess and admit he set her up. He tells her that this could “totally work to her advantage” given that her trial is weeks away. Diane is excellent and juries are sympathetic to pregnant women. He tells her they must realize that their baby was conceived in love and her pregnancy is a sign that they are still connected and will always be. He leaves, advising her to get some rest. She lies down alone in the couch.

Carly goes to the park to find Kiki after she's just witnessed her kissing Dillon after Morgan has assured his mom that Kiki has committed to him and is done with Dillon. She angrily confronts Kiki who asks if she was spying upon her. In response to that, Carly tells her that she is not going to hesitate to address what she has just seen that indicates Kiki is cheating on Carly's son and lying about it. Carly does not buy Kiki's explanation that she is not cheating upon Morgan just because she was seen kissing Dillon and demands to know how she could do this to Morgan after he's been to hell and back. She informs Kiki that Morgan just informed her that he and Kiki have gotten back together. In response to that, Kiki protests that is true. She will always be there for Morgan. In response to that, Carly reminds Kiki that “being there” and “being together” are two different things. She needs to be clear on what she can and cannot offer Morgan. Is she really committed, she's having Morgan believe? Or is she just leading him on to break his heart when she really wants to be with Dillon. Kiki then admits that when she almost died from the shooting and Morgan was in the facility, she was really messed up. She was afraid to go outside. She had nobody there for her. Yet Dillon was her friend and helped her get through it. Carly listens and assures Kiki that she understands and does not judge but would like to know exactly how far it went, how far it may go and what both Kiki and Dillon may want with each other. She tells Kiki she respects and understands her needs but she cannot allow Kiki to string her son along. She tells her she has to make a decision and be honest with herself as to what and whom she wants in her life and all that is involved in that.

When Morgan finds Dillon at The Metro Court and tells him he needs to realize that Kiki has chosen Morgan and is unavailable to Dillon, Dillon tells him he cannot speak for Kiki. He clarifies if she wants that, he will accept it but he won't be prevented from being friends with Kiki just because that is what Morgan wants. Morgan then assesses he can see that Dillon wants more than friendship with Kiki, as he concedes he knows and is ok with the fact that the two of them dated while he was away. He realizes Dillon helped Kiki and he's grateful for that but he tells Dillon he and Kiki have a past and a future together and Dillon has neither with her. Yet Dillon protests that he knows all of the things that Morgan has put Kiki through from day one and he needs to wake up and understand some realities. He tells Morgan if he really cared about Kiki and wanted what is best for her, he'd be willing to step aside. He tells Morgan that he hears him say he's “concerned” about Dillon possibly confusing or distracting Kiki. Yet, Dillon informs him, they both know that is not the real concern Morgan has. What he's really worried about is that Kiki will choose Dillon over Morgan.

Carly returns home to Sonny and Anna leaves. Observing that, she asks him if she “wants to know what just happened”. He assures her that one way or another, this thing with Julian is going to end. Yet she admits she's worried about Morgan. Right when Carly informs Sonny about what she saw between Kiki and Dillon as well as Kiki's explanation, he assesses their son has to get his life back on track with or without Kiki.

Kiki goes to The Metro Court to see Morgan and Dillon having their “discussion”. Morgan overhears her telling Dillon that she and Morgan want to get things back on track and so, although she's sorry, she tells Dillon, she does not presently have the time for him. Morgan overhears yet realizes there may be some truth that she has been endangered and impeded by him. After Dillon is gone, he tells her he just wants what is best for her. In response to that, she “sullenly” confirms that she has chosen to be with him and not Dillon..

Elizabeth goes to work at the hospital, runs into Franco and they discuss “what happened last night”. Nina overhears the whole thing and it sounds to her, exactly like they had sex. When Elizabeth tells Franco she has to get back to work and leaves, Nina appears and confronts Franco. He coldly asks her what she's doing there, to which she replies she overheard the conversation and it's obvious what he and Elizabeth have been doing. He assures Nina that he has not had sex with Elizabeth. The reason he did not answer Nina's text asking him what his decision would be is because he wanted to tell her in person. She wants to know what he has decided and he pauses, revealing he's uncertain of their future together. She gets up to leave, firmly telling Franco if he does not want her, she can accept that but she cannot be left hanging believing there is still a chance for them. He urges her to know that he just needs time. Yet she tells him she can see he has not given her the answer because he only knows what it is. He wants to be with Elizabeth. The new and nosy nurse, Amy finds Elizabeth, reveals she's overheard the whole thing and knows what Elizabeth might be getting herself into. Nina assesses to Franco that she knows he took Elizabeth to The Nutcracker Gala and believes he's merely helping Elizabeth out with her son. Yet there's a lot of questions as to whether it's Jake whom Franco wants to help or if it's really Elizabeth. She also tells him she realizes his telling her he does not want “a” baby really means he does not want to have a baby with her. He wants to be a father to Elizabeth's son, Jake. Although Franco protests he realizes Jake already has a father, she reminds him Jake has a father whom Franco hates and wants to “defeat”. That's what is all about, she concludes as she decides it's his prerogative to do whatever he wants. She won't stand in the way and he may knock himself out. With that, she leaves to get on the elevator. Yet Franco protests she's “wrong” that Elizabeth has anything to do with the failure of their relationship. He assesses that he and Nina do not work. They do not connect they way they used to, he says, to which she tells him she may have her issues but she is thinking clearly and, with that, she declares to him, that she has outgrown him. He protests to Nina that Elizabeth has some challenges as a single mom and all but she is not “needy” as Nina tells him. Yet she angrily tells him she's so sick and tired of his lies and excuses and angrily tells him she hopes he gets exactly what he's looking for. She leaves and Elizabeth finds him, admitting that it appears Nina has “gotten the wrong idea” about him and she asks if he explained things to Nina. IN response to that, Franco tells her no. Nina laid down the law to him.

Hayden goes to the jail to visit Finn (after he's gotten arrested for “illegally” saving baby Teddy's life) although she cannot see him inside the cell while he hides out of sight. We see him shaking and huddled behind a table not wanting to be seen. She goes in and asks what is going on with him. If he's sick then why hasn't he taken his meds? He tells her he ran out and she continues to demand to know the reason why nobody is allowing him to get proper medical care. He then reveals to her that the drugs he needs are illegal, to which she demands to know how that is. Are the drugs heroine or crack? He replies they are not yet approved by the FDA. He reveals to her that a “research program has lost it's funding” and she knows the reason is because of her father. He confirms that is exactly what happened to it. She asks if he may have a “dealer”. He tells her he'd rather not use that term. He calls them pharmaceutical providers. Yet he does not tell her what is going on nor appear like he wants to help himself. She is very worried what might be happening to him and calls to the guard.

Not far away, Elizabeth learns, for the first time from Nurse Amy that the cops have just dragged Finn out and arrested him. He's in serious trouble for illegally treating a patient after he's lost his medical privileges. Not far away, Hayden rushes into the hospital trying to remain unseen as she overhears, and makes an attempt to help Finn, knowing he's terribly sick and suffering alone in the jail cell. She finally finds a way to sneak into the linen room and take some medical scrubs for herself to wear and appear like she's a hospital staff member. Right when Finn is fatally ill and hoping he will be alright without his drug. Hayden goes through the hospital mail wearing her surgical uniform, hoping to find the drug Finn needs. Elizabeth notices her, although her back is turned and Elizabeth cannot presently see who she is. Elizabeth asks the “strange person” with her back turned, just what she is doing.

When Alexis is alone in her house, Anna comes by to surprise her hoping to talk privately after Julian has left. Alexis tells her that their “plan” might not work as well as they want. Anna then comes up with an idea that she thinks will work better which is Alexis wearing a wire.

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