GH Update Wednesday 6/29/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Griffin is stressed and lost in thought (reliving what is causing him to keep a big secret) while alone in a hospital exam room when Alexis finds him. She remarks that he looks troubled and asks if he'd like to be able to talk to someone about what is going on with him. Hearing that, he asks her if she is really still his friend realizing how upset she was that he granted Carlos his last rights, preventing him from confessing that he killed Duke. She admits she was not happy with that as she also reflects it happened right after finding out, for the first time that he was a Catholic priest and hid it from everyone. Yet, she assures him, she respects the fact that he has some different values about some things than she does and she declares she still wants them to remain friends. She does want to know why he decided to become a priest and would like to know if he's willing to talk about it. He then asks her how long she knows Nathan West. In response to that, she replies that Nathan is a friend of hers', one of the best detectives at the PCPD and she knows that Mac and Felicia are thrilled that he is marrying their daughter. Yet she wonders why Griffin would ask, specifically and out of the blue, about Nathan, also realizing he has yet to answer her question about why he became a priest. He answers that he met a woman who told him her husband was cold and distant. He tried to provide support. And, he explains, in the process, he allowed himself to be seduced. He admits that he chose to break his vows and he realizes now it ended horribly. In response to that, Anna asks, regarding this woman, did she get the help she needed? He answers that things went wrong with that. The husband was not the man they hoped. And everybody paid a terrible price, he tells her. He then informs her he heard that Julian Jerome's wife got framed for the murder of Carlos. She tells him that has happened however, she knows she is a good investigator and will make sure that Julian pays for what he did. He, again, encourages her to know that his father would want her to move on, enjoy her life without him and not mourn him. She tells him she has to get to the Metro Court and take care of some business. As soon as Griffin is alone in the room, he relives himself wearing the priest's collar and having a secret sexual encounter with a woman. We don't see her face nor know exactly who she is but she is wearing a distinct ring on her finger.

Maxie is with Nathan after he's found a way to get the afternoon off to be with her. Yet she is concerned that she's had to order her wedding dress from a foreign source and brought it home to see what it looked like. It looked perfect, she tells him yet she somehow believes it is now “cursed”. At the apartment, Maxie assesses to Nathan that luck has not worked for them so far in planning their wedding. He apologizes realizing he's put her through one thing after another and promises if her heart was set on the one dress, he will find a way to make it up to her. She then concludes that maybe that dress was not so perfect after all. This may be a way of the universe telling her something. She then tells him she will find the right dress, the right wedding venue and she will marry him. She tells him that she does not want to tempt fate. When he realizes he should have never kept the secret about Claudette from her, she tells him she could go the rest of her life without ever hearing that name again. She tells him regarding their engagement, the two of them are the only thing that matters. At that point, he concludes they need to set a wedding date.

A tablet picture is visible of the two of them announcing they are getting married. We notice an unidentified woman's hand with the same ring as the one worn by Griffin's “ married partner”, accessing, enlarging the picture and staring closely at it.

Morgan returns to the house and surprises his mom with flowers when she least expects it. She asks if there is a reason, to which he tells her they are for her with no ulterior motive. He tells her they are for her being the best mom she could ever be. She is grateful to hear that but asks him what the “other reason” is, to which he admits it's Kiki. He is in a good mood because he's now discovered that he has not lost her. With that said, he asks his mom if she has concerns that maybe his “good mood” is due to his skipping his meds, yet she clarifies to her son she knows the difference between being in a really good mood and being manic, and she encourages her son to share the happy news with her and tell the whole story. Morgan then explains to his mom that he thought he and Kiki were through. He also admits to Carly that the last time Kiki went to visit him at Freedman, he did something “really stupid”, to which she tells him she needs to know “just how stupid” and exactly what he did. He admits he does not want to get into the “specific reason” although he informs her he told Kiki she needed to stay away from him and he was no good for her. Hearing that, Carly needs to know why he'd do that, to which Morgan replies he was an idiot. However, he assures her, she and his dad helped him to realize what he really wants in his life, which he now knows is Kiki. Hearing that, although she encourages him, she warns him that he needs to be careful and not pin his recovery upon another person, stressing it's not fair to either Kiki or himself. Yet Morgan states to her that he and Kiki have this bond just like his parents have and he informs his mom that Kiki went to find him and declared she would give him another chance. He also adds that he's very grateful given the “perfect timing” of that. Hearing that, Carly asks exactly what he means, to which Morgan informs her that Kiki was “getting interested in another guy”. Carly asks what other guy. Morgan replies Dillon Quartermaine. He explains how, the night of the Nurse's Ball, when he got his pass out of Freedman, he walked in on the two of them kissing. Carly concludes that was why he wanted to return to Freedman that night. Yet, they both conclude, Kiki has chosen him over Dillon. Carly is happy for her son but reminds him he is her baby boy and she will always worry and protect him like a mother of a bear cub. Morgan tells his mom that is great. However, he is going to go and see Kiki right now.

Meanwhile, Kiki is in the park with Dillon after he's sent her a text informing her he needs to meet and tell her something ASAP. She asks what that is, to which he replies he cannot give her up without a fight. When she does not say anything, he states he “won't”. He follows her explaining how he was “mistakenly thinking” he was doing the right thing to be bowing out gracefully. Although she raises objections wanting to explain to him her decision to be with Morgan, he tells her he realizes she and Morgan have been through more drama in a short than most royal European couples experience in a lifetime, but that does not mean they should be together. He concludes that maybe it's left them both unable to see the harm it's causing them both. When she tells him nobody has harmed anyone, Dillon reminds her one of them was shot and the other wound up in a mental ward. He further protests he cares about her, loving seeing her smile and laugh and have fun together and he does not want to throw away his chances. He tells her she deserves to be happy and with someone who makes her happy. He believes he's the right person. Yet she asks what if Morgan is that person. Yet he reminds her that she's already been through everything with Morgan and he thinks she should have a chance to be with somebody new who might be able to offer her things that she cannot miss out on having in her life. She admits to him that she believes he's a great guy and means something to her however, she firmly tells him she “cannot” be with him instead of with Morgan. Hearing that, he asks her if she “can't” or “won't”

When Sonny finds Julian at The Metro Court and informs him that Alexis is pregnant, Julian tells him he believes he's lying knowing that makes no sense. Yet Sonny tells him he may “have it his way”. He firmly tells Sonny that cannot be. Yet he remembers not long ago when they had their passionate encounter against both of their better judgment and realizes he cannot rule that out. Sonny talks about how Alexis has good reason to be done with him and reflects to Julian he may have made a serious mistake informing him about this and maybe should have just let Alexis have her baby in peace while they find a way to let him live out the rest of his days behind bars. Hearing that, Julian tells Sonny to go to hell but leaves to go and see Alexis.

Alexis sits at home in the house, looking at album photos of her wedding but tearfully tells herself she can “do this”. Shortly thereafter, Julian returns and demands to know why she did not tell him that she is pregnant when he's the father of her baby. In response to that, she angrily reminds him he has framed her for a murder she did not commit. Yet he protests that Diane will probably get her acquitted and the problem will be “solved”. Yet she angrily reminds him that she wants nothing to do with him and is not about to make any plans having anything to do with him, regarding her pregnancy. He asks her if she plans to get rid of the baby because she's angry with him. Hearing that, she clarifies she is not “angry” with him, as if he failed to take out the trash. He betrayed her and their entire marriage was based on false pretenses. She tells him she intends to fight him in court and make sure that he will never have visitation much less custody of this baby. She further tells him he better hope she gets killed in prison because that's the only way he's going to have any rights to the baby. He asks if they cannot just talk about that but she furiously fights him, telling him that she may have no control over what he does but she can promise that he will never go anywhere near this child. Hearing that, he assesses to her that when she's having his baby all she can think of is keeping him away from his own child. She reminds him that he is the reason she has to have the baby in prison. Can't he get that through his head? Yet he continues to tell her they are not done there, reminding her that the baby changes everything and it means they have to change to re-think what they are doing from this moment on. She asks just how he thinks they can change the things “he did”, and asks him to clarify. He then tells her that he now believes she should not have to go to trial ,further stating, if she would just allow him to be in her life and love her, he will be willing to reconsider his position. Hearing that, she asks if he is saying that he now will not let her stand trial for what he did.

In the park, Dillon tells Kiki that he knows it will be hard for her to “get over” Morgan, realizing she may be drawn to the “chaos” involved in being with him. Yet, he urges her to consider an alternative. Which might be better for her, which will not involve all the drama. And she might be happy for a change, he tells her. He kisses her and she does not stop him, while Carly walks by and sees them together. She stares very intently at them together not looking contented at what she sees. They do not see her however. When Dillon is done talking to Kiki on the park bench, he concludes he has to get back to work. He urges her, however, to at least think about what he says, reiterating that he does not want her to deny herself the opportunity that he believes they both want. When she is alone, Carly walks up to her and angrily demands to know what she thinks she is doing to Carly's son.

Morgan goes to the Metro Court, sees his dad and tells him that he's now out of the hospital, planning on getting back with Kiki, with his old job and getting his life back on track. Sonny tells him that's great although he expresses to his son he does not want him making Kiki the primary person in his life. Yet Morgan affirms that he loves every member of his family but Kiki is the most important person in his life. Sonny informs Morgan that one of the major things to be aware of, regarding bipolar is that one has to think before acting. Morgan assures his dad that he knows not to make Kiki his whole world. However, he admits, the relationship is very important to him and he is happy. Sonny then tells his son if they do, in fact, get back together, they need to take it slow. Hearing that, Morgan assures his dad he is aware of that. He goes off, notices Dillon walk in and he firmly and confidently declares that Kiki is spoken for and not available.

When Sonny is alone at the Metro Court, Anna finds him and informs him that Alexis has just informed her that Julian has “taken the bait”.

Julian declares to Alexis he will "do what she wants." However, there is one condition, he tells her as he pulls out a pregnancy test and asks her to prove that she is really pregnant. In response to that, she states to him he needs to first admit that he killed Carlos. And then she will take the test.

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