GH Update Tuesday 6/28/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Kristina is alone in the park on the phone leaving messages for “someone” not responding to her. She admits that she has some things going on involving her mom being arrested and wishes that Parker would call her back. This appears not to be the first unanswered message she's left. Aaron enters, sees her and can see she has something or someone on her mind. He asks her just who is Parker. She does not answer that question but informs him that her mom has been arrested for murder. It's a lot to take. She's certain her stepfather set her mom up but does not know how to prove it, what to believe, what really happened or what to do. Yet Aaron still needs to know who Parker is. He can tell she was not just leaving a message for a random friend. It appears Parker is her boyfriend, he tells her. She faces him and firmly tells her he may “trust her” that Parker is not her “boyfriend”. He then assesses that whomever this “Parker guy” is, he can see she is stressed out about her mom and reaching out to someone. He assures her he is not mad. He tells her he believes it's ok if she's not perfectly on her game, given the situation. At that point, Kristina informs him that Parker is her “ex” she guesses. She realizes they never even started. It's complicated she tells him. She also assures him that Parker made it very clear that they will not have a future together. At that point, Aaron tells her he realizes that things are changing. Many people are still in contact with their ex's as he informs Kristina that his ex girlfriend recently called him when she lost her dog and needed emotional support. He was there for her, missed her but realized they could not stay together, he tells Kristina. He realized that his ex is still his friend and he cared when she cries over the death of her dog. So, he assesses to Kristina, he is ok with her still reaching out to Parker. He admits to her that he wants to start a business out of a truck. She assesses to him that he is so cool and reasonable with her. He then tells her that he wants to be there for her. He knows this stuff about her mom has been pretty tough on her and he wants her to know that she has a friend. Hearing that, Kristina faces him and affirms that she likes that. He wants to kiss her and she does not want to stop him yet she pulls away, assuring him it is not him. She just needs to go and make sure her mom is ok. He wants to go with her but she tells him she needs to be alone. He wants to see her later but she tells him he may text her and she leaves.

Dante and Lulu are having a dinner, celebrating at The Metro Court after obtaining their new home and getting their marriage back on track. They are ready to have a new baby and be happy. Yet he can see that his wife might have something going on that she is not telling him. She admits to her husband that she was considering a guest list for family and then thought of her brother, Nikolas. She realizes she misses Nikolas so much and cannot accept that she may never see him again. She asks her husband to honestly tell her, as a cop, if he believes that Nikolas is dead, to which Dante honestly admits he does not. She then tells him that she and her mom have been clinging to the chance that her brother survived. She knows the reason is because they cannot accept having to face that he's gone forever. He encourages her to be happy with their getting back together, getting the house of their dreams and the prospect of giving Rocco a new little sibling. Yet she admits although she's happy about that, there is still the emptiness of knowing their new baby will never get to meet his or her uncle Nikolas.

While looking for Nikolas, Jason goes off alone and finds the abandoned barn where Nikolas and Ava just stayed. Right then a strange man find Jason and pulls a gun on him. Jason then finds himself vulnerable, unarmed, puts his hands up and assures the guy he does not want any trouble. He tells him he and his partner were merely trying to find Huxley. He also asks if he might have seen two people who match the descriptions of Nikolas and Ava. the guy is afraid. They get into a struggle. Jason overpowers the gunman, grabs the gun and demands the guy get down on the grown when he ties the guys hands behind his back, pulls the gun on him and tells him he better not mess with him. The guy, then, agrees to leave. When Jason sees he's gone, he knows it's safe to leave the barn.

While they are at the hotel lobby having drinks, Ava talks to Nikolas about how he is in a desperate and vulnerable position both financially and with his wife, Hayden. She reminds him that he has faked his own death and needs her to have the courtesy to keep his secret for him. She wants to travel with him but he firmly tells her he does not plan to go anywhere with her and intends to go to Greece without her. Yet she tells him she has business to conduct involving selling another painting. He sounds interested but still does not want her to travel with him although she reminds him that she cannot go back to port Charles since Huxley is after her and will be looking for her there. She tells him about her business involving the Weeping Naiad and how she still believes Nikolas may reconsider and go back to his old life in Port Charles even though he tells her he does not intend to do that right now. She assesses that it appears he's had people believing that he fell from a top story in Wyndemere into the harbor and is missing and presumed drowned or killed. She comes up with a “scenario” of how he can have people believing that, unknown to him, someone suddenly saved him yet he had amnesia and no memory when he suddenly finds his way back to Port Charles. Someone saved his life but kidnapped him, she “narrates” to him. They had him working on a freighter with them and although he was breaking the law along with his captors, he was not about to get the people who saved his life in trouble. Yet he tells her that will not work and he cannot return to Port Charles with that story. It's better off he remains dead, he concludes. He admits to Ava that he may have enjoyed her company and they may miss each other when they go their separate ways. Addressing her concerns about being found out he tells her even if Huxley is looking for her, that does not mean he will find her. He concludes that he has to get to foreign lands to clean up the mess he has created. She asks if he believes it would be better for her to stay or to travel with him. He admits that he has enjoyed her unexpected company and would not mind if it continued. She indicates she might miss him. He gets a call informing him his flight is ready. He asks Ava if she is coming, to which she replies she thought he'd never ask.

Right when Alexis is alone in the bathtub at her house, suspecting nothing, she gets an incoming text from her daughter informing her she is on her way home. She views the message and also turns on the RECORD feature of her phone when she hears Julian's footsteps walking up the stairs. He enters, remembering Carlos telling him how easily it would be for him to make Alexis “go away” when she's in the bathtub. She appears to have no knowledge he's there but then turns to see her husband, tells him she did not see him come in and remarks that it is relaxing for her to be able to take a bubble bath alone, while she records what he says, from her concealed phone. Sonny is at the door and ready to enter their house. They hear the doorbell ring and Alexis gets out of the tub, puts on her robe and asks her husband why he came up there. Did he have something to tell her? As she asks that and hopes he will answer, she carries her phone down the stairs with her. When Julian is alone in the bathroom, he is shocked to realize what he almost did. Alexis goes to the door and lets Sonny in informing him that this is not a good time. He remarks he's very surprised that she is out on bail and demands to know why she keeps protecting her dirt-bag husband. When she does not answer that question, Sonny reminds her that he has the right to an answer since this affects his daughter and his niece who live in the same house as Julian. He continues to ask Alexis why she is letting this loser cause her so much pain when Julian comes down the stairs. He confronts Sonny and they argue. At that point, Alexis demands they both stop and she tells Julian he needs to get out. She will send his things to him the next morning. He goes out the door. Alone with Alexis, Sonny asks her what on earth she was thinking to let him stay in her house and take a bath with him there when he could have killed her. She admits to Sonny she did not suspect that and she angrily tells him she was “working” on something in order to beat Julian at his own game and he walked in, interfered and prevented her from doing just that. Hearing that, Sonny asks just what her plan is, to which she replies she was recording Julian. Sonny tells her it might be too late for her to get a conviction or anything against him while he's in the same house with her, given what he knows Julian is ready to do. Although Alexis argues and does not believe it, Sonny tells her they both need to know that Julian is aware of what she is doing. He knows he can't trust her and he knows the only way to protect himself is to kill her. Yet she tells Sonny she cannot do this, given that she just married Julian a short time ago. She also asks Sonny how he can act “righteous” about Julian's wrong-doings and history of violence and homicide, given his own track record. In response to that, Sonny admits to her that he does not believe he is a saint. However, he protests to her, he does not hide his wrong-doings, is not a coward and does not endanger his own wife or kids like Julian does. She continues to remark to Sonny how “we all” live in glasshouses. She also tells him she needs to somehow salvage her life, and she tells him of a specific plan she has in mind, indicating desperate times call for desperate measures, which Sonny agrees. At that point, he leaves her house and goes to find Julian.

Kristina returns to her mom and tells her that of course she will get acquitted from charges. It's very obvious Julian set her up and the fact that her fingerprints were on the dagger can be easily explained by Helena giving it to her in the Will. Yet Alexis, tells her daughter, in a grave tone, that it's not that simple and she is very worried. Alexis does not want to discuss what Kristina expects her to discuss and changes the subject. Yet Kristina urges her mom to know that she cannot let Julian frame her for a murder she did not commit. Alexis then firmly tells her daughter she need not worry. They both need to find a way to keep it together. However, Kristina remarks to her mom she can clearly see that she is not keeping it together. Alexis admits to her daughter that is true. Kristina then assures her mom that regardless of circumstances, they will find a way out as she hugs her.

Julian goes to the Metro Court and sits alone, fixated and lost in thought when he remembers Alexis sitting alone, vulnerable and unsuspecting in the bathtub, realizing he has not “finished” what he needs to finish. Not far away, Sonny runs into Dante and Lulu and happily congratulates them on their future together. When he's alone and out of earshot, he calls Max to reveal that he is tailing Julian and needs his help with that, also expressing his gratitude to Diane for enabling his son and daughter in law to close the deal on the house. He gets off the phone and walks over to Julian who asks Sonny if he's stalking or spying upon him. Sonny smugly tells Julian that he is not going to let him get away with what he's done and Julian is very stupid if he thinks he will get away with it.

Dante and Lulu go off in the park together and he suggests that she calls her brother Lucky and have him come out to be there for her and her mom during this time of grief over the loss of Nikolas. Yet she tells her husband that may not be the thing to do, realizing Lucky is very much like her dad; a restless soul who can't be expected to be there when he's needed by his family. She cries when she reflects to Dante that Nikolas would always drop whatever he was doing to be there for his family and was never MIA. She misses him so much and nobody else can take the place of what her brother was to her, regarding that.

At the Metro Court, Sonny informs Julian that Alexis is pregnant.

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