GH Update Monday 6/27/16

General Hospital Update Monday 6/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam are at a coffee shop in London after he's returned from going to find Nikolas he admits he has been unsuccessful and she is worried that they are running out of chances to find him. She admits that she has also gone off on her own to attempt to find clue about the whereabouts of Nikolas yet has not. They both realize that whatever Nikolas is doing and wherever he is, he's with Ava Jerome. She reminds Jason that they have checked everywhere and have come up with nothing. The only reason they have to even believe Nikolas is nearby is their being told that by Huxley and his girlfriend, whom they know may not be reliable.

At an abandoned barn, Nikolas and Ava have fallen asleep together. She awakens and is shocked to see him lying beside her not fully clothed and sees she is wearing his shirt. He gets up and dressed and looks all around to see if anyone is nearby or ready to “catch” them. She assesses that is good but wants to talk to him about “what happened last night”. He assures her nothing did. They drank. She spilled the wine on her clothes. Like a gentleman, he gave her his shirt to wear and there was nothing less than appropriate when they fell asleep together in the barn. He admits to her that he needs to keep moving. She asks if he has a plan, to which he replies yes and informs her he needs to get out of London ASAP. She asks where he plans to spend the rest of his years as a dead man and where he is headed.

At the hospital, Tracy goes with Michael to get Sabrina's baby medical care. When they see Monica, Tracy confronts her sister in law about having to suspend Finn from practicing medicine at GH. She tells her that she only trusts Finn to treat the baby. Not far away, Finn diligently rushes to treat baby Teddy while Sabrina and Felix are with him. Tracy and Michael want to prevent Monica from finding out that Finn is inside the exam room with the baby. Sabrina and Felix have complete confidence in Finn. Michael rushes into the room and hears the update when Finn asks Sabrina exactly what has happened and where she's taken the baby since he was born. She goes through all of the places they've gone including London, Brussels, Puerto Rico and back to Port Charles as she cries and worries about what she and Carlos have exposed the baby to. Michael comforts her when she worries and blames herself for endangering baby Teddy. Finn is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to Teddy and not give up when they are interrupted by Dr. Obrecht who enters and angrily confronts them about how Finn is going to murder another patient. They all protest that Finn is needed there in order to save the baby's life. Yet she tells them she will call security and get him arrested. Before she can do that, however, Michael grabs a hold of Dr. Obrecht and puts her in a locked room. Sabrina, Felix and Finn all watch speechlessly and in awe. Valerie arrives, in her police uniform after being called by security and is ready to remove Finn from the hospital. Michael urges her not to do this because Finn is needed. Yet she reminds him the doctor has been suspended and is not allowed to be in this hospital treating a patient. She instructs him to step away from the baby when she discovers that Dr. Obrecht has been illegally “detained” and locked in the other room and is yelling that Finn needs to go to jail. Yet Sabrina urges Valerie not to arrest Finn because her baby will die without him.

Alexis returns to Julian after he's been alone in the house being haunted by the ghost of Carlos. She is determined to find evidence that Julian committed the murder and got her framed for it. Yet he continues to hear and listen to Carlos telling him that Alexis is ready to get him arrested and the only way for him not to go down is to kill her. Neither admits to the other what is on their mind while he assesses that he's “glad” she was able to post bail. She informs him however, she wants him out of her life and he better leave the house. Julian continues to see Carlos standing beside him while Alexis continues to tell him that she does not believe that he's done anything for “them” nor that he cares about her. She runs off and Julian hears Carlos assess to him that he's losing his “touch”, reminding Julian he's a killer. Julian continues to protest to Carlos that he loves Alexis and wants her back and asks Carlos to go away although Carlos reminds him the two of them were a team. IN response to that, Julian protests he's not really there. Carlos is in his mind and, for the record, they only once worked together. He and Alexis are now a team. Yet Carlos reminds him that he has had Julian's back and knows what is right for him and Alexis has not and does not. Carlos comes up with ways for Julian to poison her before she has him put away and ends his life for him. He finds Alexis and asks her if she would like him to prepare her some chamomile tea. At that point, he hears Carlos praise and assess that now they are getting somewhere. Julian brings his wife the tea and some crackers, sits beside her and assesses that he really misses being with her. He asks her how her case went, admitting he was not there for her but wonders if possibly it was mishandled. He asks her if Diane has a strategy to get Alexis acquitted, to which she tells him that they have forensic evidence against her which she lists for him. He is silent as he continues to see Carlos sitting and watching the whole conversation. Shortly after consuming the tea and crackers, Alexis admits she feels dizzy and lightheaded. Julian appears to want to help her but she assures him she's ok and needs her phone. She goes into the other room, sees it's fully charged and takes it with her upstairs. He continues to protest that he cannot accept losing her although she firmly reminds him that they were over when he shot Carlos. He continues to tell her that he wants a future with her but she asks him what kind of future she has when she's in prison. He then assesses she is a good lawyer and she may know when she says the case against her is strong yet there might be a way to get her acquitted, to which she tells him no. They have the dagger and all the evidence and if she goes to prison, it could mean some serious consequences for Julian as well as for her, regarding their kids.

Sam is having that very conversation with Jason regarding that when she finds out, for the first time that her mom has been arrested for the murder of Carlos. She admits she really does not know if her mother is willing to take the rap for her father. He may have her so brainwashed that she's willing to do that, Sam admits. Or, she realizes, it's entirely possible that Julian framed Alexis. She wants to get home to be there for her mom but does not want Jason to give up on finding Nikolas. He tells her realistically, he will probably be arrested and spend time behind bars and asks if she will be there for him. She tells him she has to return to Port Charles but they are not done with their mission.

Meanwhile, Nikolas informs Ava that even if they have some things on Jason, he has the best lawyers and can beat the charges. She reminds him that Huxley was following them on the plane from Port Charles. She's sure he knows where she lives and can find her. She's worried about going home. She assesses that maybe she should stay with him. Yet he tells her he wants to wash his hands of her. She's been a liability for him and he owes her nothing. Yet she reveals to him that is not true. She could easily go to Port Charles and inform everyone he is not so dead and exactly where they can find him. He does “need” her, she reminds him.

At the hospital, Tracy protests to Monica that there has to be a way to make an exception to let Finn treat the baby when he desperately needs medical care. Monica then finally admits to Tracy that she believes the baby's health is far more important than hospital rules and regulations. They get ready to go to the exam room to protest for Finn. Inside the room, Michael, Sabrina and Finn inform Valerie if they wait, tit will be too late for the baby. Obrecht protests that this man has killed several people and cannot be given the chance to kill an infant. Finn urges Valerie to let him save the baby's life first. Then she may arrest him. At that point, Valerie instructs Dr. Obrecht to stay out of her way and get out of this room or else she will be arrested. At that point, Finn continues what he was doing.

Alexis reminds Julian if he lets her go to prison, Sam and Danny will never speak to him again and cut him out of their lives. Olivia will never let him see baby Leo. Yet, she assesses that is not as important to him as saving his own skin. She walks away informing him she's going up to take a bath and then go to bed. Right them, Carlos tells him that he's been unsuccessful in poisoning her but there is always slips in the tub where she could lose consciousness and drown. Julian yells that he will not do that yet he sees a vision of being “romantically” in a bubble bath with Alexis and ready to do what Carlos suggests, when Carlos reminds him he can do it if he wants, yet Julian must know that no matter what he says or wants to believe, Alexis does not care what happens to him. He reminds Julian he may do whatever he wants. He's already lost Alexis. That's a given no matter what happens. If he goes down for murder, he will lose his children, be all alone, rot away and die in prison.

Right when Sam is headed home to be there for her mom, we see Alexis getting ready to take a bath and as soon as she gets into the tub, unexpectedly, Julian comes up behind her, pushes her head into the water and attempts to drown her. He realizes he's just imagining it. It has not yet happened as Carlos informs him if he does that, he will be free. He will be able to live the life he wants if he does what Carlos believes he should do. Julian goes up the stairs.

Sam is in the airport ready to return to Port Charles when she sends Jason a text telling him she already misses him.

Jason enters the same barn where Nikolas and Ava were recently. He observes the bottle of wine and some personal stuff they left behind.

When Sam is ready to return, she sends her mom a text. While Alexis is in the bathtub she sees her daughter's text informing her she is on her way home. She suspects nothing and does not even see Julian when he stands behind her as she reclines in the bathtub.

At GH, Finn is able to successfully save baby Teddy's life. Tracy, Sabrina, Michael, Felix and Monica all gather around him and praise him as he assesses he's “sure glad” he stopped by to have coffee with Tracy. He talks about all he's discovered and cured in the baby and what is needed now. However, when he gets into the lobby, Valerie stands beside Dr. Obrecht and informs him she has to place him under arrest for this illegal activity.

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