GH Update Friday 6/24/16

General Hospital Update Friday 6/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Finn is on hold, with a call to the hospital, he talks to Roxy observing that she seems to be demanding more crickets to eat and has the time to use “parental guidance” with her. Felix gets on the line, overhears him and reveals he can hear that conversation. He agrees to help Finn by “secretly” obtaining the files for him that he has asked for regarding the prognosis of his patients. Yet he reminds Finn what he's being asked to do and the fact that Finn has been suspended from practicing medicine at GH. Finn protests that he needs to have this access although Felix informs him all his patients have been reassigned to other providers. Yet Finn is adamant that he needs those files, as he assures Felix if anything happens, he will not let Felix take the rap for that. Felix is clearly very uncomfortable being asked to do this although he realizes Finn has been wrongfully suspended. Yet he agrees, gets off the phone and sees Sabrina who has come by to see him.

While Finn is still on the phone and rants about how Dr. Obrecht is doing a smear campaign against him, he gets an incoming call from Tracy who affirms that she wholeheartedly agrees. She reminds him that she has to do a follow-up for the procedure he successfully did on her that saved her life. She only wants to see him and no other provider although he reminds her that is not an option. She reminds him that may be the case for seeing her at the hospital but not if he comes to her home. He gets ready to leave and see her.

Finn goes to meet with Tracy at her house and confirms she's doing well, due in part to having a new baby in the house. Yet she wants him to tell her all about what has happened to him since her sister in law has suspended him from GH. He argues that Monica really had no choice and it was not her fault and she need only blame Dr. Obrecht. Monica enters, realizing files are gone but as soon as she sees Finn in her living room talking to Tracy, she happily greets and welcomes him. She then realizes that although she is “personally” ok with his visit in her home, she has to remind both him and Tracy he has no more medical privileges with any patient anywhere. If he violates that, he subjects General Hospital to many lawsuits, she reminds them. She gets a call from someone complaining about “insubordination of a doctor”. Knowing exactly what that is about, she goes off but reminds both Finn and Tracy they will discuss this further.

At the hospital, Sabrina talks to Felix about how she made a mistake trusting and traveling with Carlos and aiding and abetting his crimes. She mistakenly assumed the man would change and reform himself yet now knows she should have known better. Felix informs her, for the first time that Alexis Davis has been arrested for the murder of Carlos and clearly Julian is behind that. She admits that she is still mourning the loss of her baby's father, regardless of his wicked ways. Yet Felix tells her she needs to find a good man for herself and her baby, like possibly Michael. She evades that question and asks Felix how things are with him, his job and his relationships. He tells her it's going good but he needs to know the answer to his question for her about Michael. She replies she cares for Michael and would like to be with him but sees limitations. She's afraid that every time Michael sees her baby, Teddy, he sees Carlos. She has issues with that.

Paul talks to Anna at the police station and wants to know all about her “canceled” date the previous night where he gleefully confirms she got stood up. She does not want to discuss that with him although he firmly tells her there is no good excuse for standing up such a lovely and honorable woman.

Not far away, while it looks like Alexis is under arrest and ready to go down for murder, Sonny finds Julian and firmly tells him he does not want his daughter's mother to rot in prison for something that Julian did. Yet things do not go the way he wants with getting through to Julian so he and Carly go off to have lunch at The Metro Court. Michael joins his parents and asks how Morgan's first night back at the house went, to which they both reply it went ok. Yet Michael can see that something not ok is going on and giving them concerns. Sonny informs his son, for the first time, that Alexis has been arrested for the murder of Carlos. Michael is not ok with that but asks about Sabrina and knows she's staying at the Quartermaine house right now with the baby she had with Carlos. Hearing that, Carly angrily tells her son she hopes he does not want to get back with Sabrina, reminding him she bailed on him, betrayed him and aided and abetted Carlos. She protests he needs to realize Sabrina is not committed to him and he needs to wash his hands of her. Hearing that, Michael assesses to his mom although he realizes that is true, he still cares about her and wants to be there for her and her baby and tells them he has to get to the Quartermaine house. When they are alone at the table, Sonny tells Carly he appreciates her fierce loyalty for their son but she maybe needs to give it a rest. She protests that she will not let Sabrina make a fool out of their son and ruin his life. He could be in legal trouble if he goes back to her and he needs to wash his hands of her. Sonny calmly tells his wife she may be right but they need to respect Michael's decision to do as he sees fit. She continues to protest to Sonny that Sabrina wants to use their son to be a baby daddy and clearly does not love him. She rationalizes that she does not wish ill upon Sabrina or her baby. Sabrina deserves to have what she wants and needs but not with their son, Carly tells him. Yet Sonny reminds Carly if they continue to force their viewpoints upon Michael, they will be pushing him away and she needs to know they do not want that. Carly admits, in many ways, she only wishes that Sabrina was the kind of girl she could hate, feel good digging up dirt on and be able to successfully do so. That might be what it takes to protect Michael from consequences of his actions.

Michael returns to the Quartermaine Mansion and notices Tracy with Dr. Finn. They talk about baby Teddy and whether he should go upstairs and wake him up to see him. Tracy is ok and does not object and Michael goes upstairs to see the baby. As soon as she's alone with Finn, Tracy is happy to hear him assure her it's likely she can make a full recovery. They are ready to play backgammon and have their competitive interaction. Yet, Michael brings down baby Teddy and expresses concern that something “is not right”. Instantly Finn observes the baby and admits there is urgent need to get him to the hospital right away.

Not far away, Sabrina is discussing with Felix how she does not believe she should seek Michael out to help her take care of her baby. Although he protests she needs to consider Michael, she tells him she has no business expecting him to be in hers' and her baby's lives after she did what she did. She turns around to (unexpectedly) see doctors rush her baby in with Tracy and Michael not far behind. She panics and asks what is wrong with her son. Felix rushes off to assist Finn. Knowing that that is “illegal”, yet seeing that neither Felix nor Tracy seem to care, Monica observes them and demands to know what is going on.

Diane meets with Alexis in the interrogation room, reminding her that the prosecution has perfect evidence against her. They both know that any other lawyer would be begging to cut a deal and afraid they will lose. Yet what she intends to do is make every effort and pull out all the stops in order to establish a reasonable doubt. She has uniform officers escort Alexis as they walk out of the room and reminds everyone the “one good thing” is that Alexis is not a flight risk, given her history as an upstanding lawyer. Mayor Lomax comes and gleefully gloats about how Alexis has really “fallen”, remembering her prestigious position as a lawyer and is now a hypocrite and murderer. Diane reminds her there is a presumption of innocence. Mayor Lomax firmly tells DA Hornsby he better do everything to deny Alexis' bail and put her in her place, reminding him that that woman did everything she could, not long ago, to make a mockery of the mayor and her office. Shortly thereafter, Diane is successfully obtains bail for her client and Paul does not stand in their way although he appears uncomfortable, realizing the mayor is breathing down his neck about that. It appears Anna may have “persuaded” Paul to let Alexis make bail. She appears and asks to have a private conversation with Alexis in the interrogation room. They go off together. Alone with Paul, the mayor angrily demands to know why Paul did not deny Alexis' bail. He assures her this is only a “temporary set back” and he promises to put Carlos' Rivera's murderer away for a long time.

Meanwhile, Julian returns to the house, hoping to see Alexis although she's not there. He notices the front page of the paper with his wife's picture and the story that she's been arrested for the murder of Carlos Rivera. He wants to ignore and put it in the fireplace. He “sees” Carlos right in front of him, smugly asking his boss if he has “missed him”. He tries to ignore the ghost of the man he murdered and got his wife framed for that. Yet Carlos continues to taunt Julian about what he did. Julian protests he knows what Carlos says is true but he's afraid there is no way out. In response to that, Carlos firmly tells Julian there is always a way out. Hearing that, Julian knows the only “option” Carlos is suggesting is that he hurts his wife and the mother of his child. He tells him he will not do that yet Carlos tells Julian he has been reduced to a lap dog instead of a man, with Alexis. He needs to know that she has kicked him to the curb. She has no loyalty for him. He cannot trust her. She will sell him down the river and feed him to the wolves and if he thinks Alexis loves him, he's naive and stupid, Carlos tells him. Yet Julian angrily protests that Alexis is the best thing that ever happened to him. Yet he continues to hear Carlos' ghost reminding him that Alexis has agreed to keep quiet and not implicate him for Duke's murder. Yet she won't shut up about Julian murdering Carlos. The ghost of Carlos laughs and taunts Julian about how Alexis did not honor the promises she made to him. He was an idiot to believe that she would vouch for him or have his back. It's very obvious she wants to put him away for murder. While Julian continues to protest that he will not betray or blindside Alexis, Carlos tells Julian they both know that, in the end, Julian only wants to save himself. He needs to realize and own that and do what he was meant to do in situations like this.

In the interrogation room Anna tells Alexis she knows, with certainty that there must be something somewhere in the house to implicate Julian. Alexis must know that he could not have cleaned everything that perfectly. If Alexis just goes back into the house, she can find the evidence needed to put Julian away, get him out of her life and get herself exonerated and acquitted of the charges he's framed her for, Anna insists. At that point, Alexis listens and gets ready to return home, assuming she'll be alone without Julian anywhere nearby.

At the Metro Court, after Carly discusses with Sonny how she needs to take drastic action against Michael's decision to help Sabrina and the baby, she goes off alone. Anna finds Sonny and informs him that she was able to persuade the DA to set bail for Alexis and she's free. They both know Julian has set her up and are concerned what that means and what needs to be done to bring Julian to justice and Sonny wants to help Anna with that cause, for Duke.

Alexis returns home, notices Julian and coldly demands to know what he's doing after she told him to get out of her house. He sees not only her but the vivid image of Carlos. He tells her he's “glad she's there” and reminds her they need to discuss some things.

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