GH Update Thursday 6/23/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna is at the bar appearing like she wants to drink while she's ready for a date and waits alone. She informs the bartender she might need more drinks if her date does not show up soon, realizing it's complicated in whether she calls this a first date and all that is involved in that. She asks the bartender if he could possibly “run interference” with her, if she needs to indicate she “needs to make a phone call”. She stresses that vigilance is key as she urges the bartender not to “leave her hanging”. Paul Hornsby sits beside her and asks if she “comes here often”. He knows she is awaiting what may be a blind date and wants to know all about it although she evades discussing it with him. He admits that he has been carrying the torch for her and kind of hopes she gets stood up for that reason. While they continue to wait, he asks her just who is the lucky fellow. She does not answer although he admits that he's hanging in suspense to find out about it. She then informs him she will consider discussing her date with him if he agrees to “relocate” and leave her alone. Yet he protests he's merely trying to “do a little research” and find out what this gentleman has that he lacks. She then informs Paul the man's name is Sawyer and works at GH. When Paul asks where she met him, she avoids his eye and replies she met him online. Hearing that, Paul laughs, sounding “relieved” as he assesses that given that, the guy could be lying to her about everything and there's no reason to assume she has a future or serious connection. He then tells her he will not let her “fall prey to an internet predator”. And so, with that, he concludes that he has a purpose to interact with her and be a part of this “process”. She assures Paul she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself during a first date. Yet he reminds her that times have changed and so have men, continuing to protest he's merely looking out for her best interests. They both continue to see that nobody is showing up. He asks her why, if she has no interest in him and wants him out of her life, why is she asking him for her old job back as his special agent. She replies the only reason for that is so she can lock Julian Jerome up. Yet he asks what she plans to do after that is accomplished. Does she have any plans to leave Port Charles? He concludes that whether she's willing to admit it or not, she “kind of likes him”. In response to that, Anna admits there was a time when she respected and saw value in him. She relishes telling him how, right now, he appears shallow, narcissist and self-absorbed, unworthy of her respect or interest, to which he remarks she “mustn’t hold back” on telling him that. She does admit to Paul, however, that when he committed to Jenny Eckert and made the sacrifices he did many years ago, he showed honor and integrity and that was the Paul Hornsby that she thought positively of. When they see that her date is MIA and not even answering texts, Paul reminds her that doctors have unexpected situations. He wants to talk further to Anna about his history with Jenny which caused him to leave town and make bad choices and he lost time he will never be able to get back with Dillon. She asks him what he plans to do with his personal stuff and the fact that he is alone right now, to which he admits he really doesn't know. Anna then informs Paul she has an idea, to which he asks what that would be. She replies maybe he can “make some friends”.

Dillon goes to the Crimson office and notices Nina alone at her desk while she tries to hide what she has nearby. She hands him the “sex toy” and tells him she has an idea which is that he and Kiki take that and enjoy it together.

Kiki goes to the hospital to find Morgan. He assumes whatever her reason for being there couldn't have anything to do with him. Yet she clarifies her sole purpose for being there is to see him. He asks her why, to which she replies they need to discuss exactly what their relationship has meant to each of them past, present and future. He asks her if what she intends for them, going forward, is to have a relationship or to remain friends. They both assess all they have been through from the first time they met. She seems in awe about all the progress he has made. He assesses that he knows he's done some damage to her which is too late to fix. However, he asks her if she is willing to give him a chance again

Meanwhile, at Crimson, Dillon discusses with Nina that he and Kiki are no longer seeing each other. She asks if Kiki chose to go back to Morgan, to which Dillon clarifies no. It was his choice to let her have that option. He informs Nina that tonight was supposed to be his and Kiki's first official date. He was going to take her out for Sushi on the Waterfront. Yet, she had to stay in because she had a bad cold. He went to get her some stuff and stay in with her. When he returned, Morgan was there. He admits he wonders whether or not Kiki will get back together with her ex, remarking this would “not be the first time” a woman falls right back into her “old pattern”. Hearing that, Nina demands to know what he is, indirectly implying about her. He admits that he is thinking, on a similar vein about her situation and asks if she plans to get back with Franco. She asks him if he has any opinions, feedback or recommendations regarding that. In response to that, Dillon admits he knows she's his employer. He doesn't want to be out of a job and so he is hesitating to honestly tell her what he believes. Yet she assures Dillon they are not on work time. They are having a conversation and she has no intention of ending his job if he is honest. In response to that, he asks her if Franco has made any commitment or taken any time to resolve their differences or meet her needs, recently, to which she admits no. He assesses that they have a serious deadlock about wanting kids. Hearing that, Nina admits Dillon is correct on both counts. Yet she admits that she cannot live her life without Franco

Ava and Nikolas are struggling to break out of the place where they are being held captive. She manages to unlock and open the door yet they find themselves seen by Huxley's “helper”. Margarethe causes Ava to pass out from what appears to be a Taser.

Sam and Jason are not far away still unsuccessful in finding them and conclude maybe they should go to Lynch Manor. She assesses that he is still in trouble and the fact that he has ran while there's a warrant out for arrest will get him in worse trouble as well as she knows she's just aided and abetted a fugitive which puts herself in jeopardy. They both realize however, they are not afraid of these consequences and find this to be an adventure.

Elizabeth talks to Franco alone in her new house and she confirms that she values and appreciates his friendship during this time in her life. Suddenly and unexpectedly, they kiss. Instantly, thereafter, they pull away from each other. Each accuses the other of kissing them and argues they did not initiated kissing the other. He admits however, he wanted to kiss her in order to make Jason jealous. Hearing that, she tells him she is not going to play his game with him, arguing why would Jason care or be jealous if Franco was seeing her? In response to that, Franco reminds her how Jason reacted when he gave his son a puppy. He doesn't want his son to develop a relationship with Franco. It's pretty obvious he would react to Franco “taking” Elizabeth from him. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells him she wants no part of that. She admits she likes him and sees value in him but tells him she still has concerns about his manipulative side, as she lists all the crazy things he's done recently that she knows of. He admits that he is sometimes a little over the top but he only wants to help her out. He admits that she has helped him out with so many things, to which she is fascinated to hear about that and asks how she's helped him. He replies she calls him on all of his “nonsense” and has motivated him to believe he can be better. He confirms to her he once believed that Nina and Kiki were the only people he knew who encouraged him and saw the good in him. Yet he now knows that he also has her and Jake. He tells her he can see that she is grieving over Nikolas Cassadine. She admits that may be true. He asks her to be honest with the fact she did not prevent him from kissing her and has very attentively continued this conversation. Before they can continue talking, however, he gets an unexpected text from Nina. Elizabeth then concludes (sounding somewhat disappointed) that she “guesses” he intends to work it out with Nina. And so, that means they cannot continue their conversation given that.

After Nina sends Franco the text asking him “what is his decision?”, she assumes she will not get a response and concludes to Dillon if he wants Kiki in his life and does not want to lose her to Morgan Corinthos, he needs to go and fight for Kiki, right now.

While Morgan and Kiki are together at the hospital, they run into an employee from The Freedman Clinic where Morgan has just gotten released from. The guy sees and recognizes Kiki and remarks he knows she is a very important part of Morgan's life and doubts Morgan would have recovered without her.

Jason and run into Huxley when Nikolas and Ava are not far away and they can hear that it appears “Mr. Carradine and Ms. Jerome” have tied them up, knocked them out and escaped. Jason wants to know where they went. They inform him that they are looking for a Nikolas Cassadine and he asks what specifically is their interest in this individual. Huxley then seems undecided what to do but concludes he can hand “Mr. Carradine” over to them if he can do with Ms. Jerome as he sees fit, asking them how that sounds to them. Sam and Jason both reply that sound like a deal for them.

Not far away, Ava and Nikolas escape and go off together. She finds a bottle of alcohol and assesses all they have been through and have successfully conquered should give them cause to celebrate. He agrees and they both drink from the bottle.

Anna gets ready to leave when the guy does not show up. Paul asks he if she has any “parting words” before they part company. She replies yes and tells him if he gets the urge to help or counsel her in the future, maybe he should try listening. In response to that, he tells her he agrees and will do that.

At Crimson, Nina assures Dillon he's handsome, smart, nice ambitious and a great catch. He appreciates the encouragement but asks her why, then, Kiki is drawn to Morgan, to which Nina assures him that Morgan is nothing more than an “attachment of misery and being broken”. Nina gets ready to leave after encouraging Dillon to believe that he is the right man for Kiki.

Kiki is getting ready to go off with Morgan while Dillon and Nina discuss his future with Kiki and hers' with Franco. Dillon tells her he supports her decision to do as she sees fit if that means working to patch things up with Franco. However, he tells Nina, he hopes she will not wake up some morning realizing she has given up on something that is crucial for her in her life. She assesses that must mean a baby. Yet she concludes that she will never be able to have a baby. That is a given she has to accept in her life. And so, realizing that, there's no reason why she should see any loss in being with Franco.

Franco gets done having his “in-depth” conversation with Elizabeth and it ends on a positive note. Yet they are both confused with their respective lives.

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