GH Update Wednesday 6/22/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina is alone at Crimson on her laptop when she finds herself distracted by a “vision” of Franco coming through the door dressed like Aladdin, coming to her in a puff of smoke and declaring he loves only her. He tells her he must have her right here and now, grabs her and kisses her. She embellishes the fantasy until she is interrupted by Maxie walking in the door all, all encouraged and ready to share her joy about her romantic future with Nina's brother. She wants to further talk to Nina all about photos and joyous plans for their wedding. At that point, Nina demands she stops talking as she emotionally and distraught declares she will never be a bride. She will never find love again. She will grow old alone and haggard and now knows she should never have broken up with Franco. Nina talks all about how she and Franco had perfect sex and she confides in Maxie that only a day ago, when they were looking for the “perfect sexy man” for their magazine, she propositioned Franco. She later realized that she wanted to get back with Franco. Hearing that, Maxie assesses from what she knows, Nina and Franco broke up for some specific reasons, involving the fact that Nina insists upon having children and he insists on absolutely not considering that. Nina then admits that when she saw how great Franco has been with Jake when the boy was in a very dark place and needed art therapy and then when he needed encouragement on stage at The Nurse's Ball. Franco was so wonderful with him, she exclaims as she cries and admits to Maxie the fact she cannot have children breaks her heart. Yet, she “rationalizes”, she accepts his decision. Maxie tells her she understands but it sounds obvious that Nina's and Franco's conflicting terms and conditions have not changed and the situation is not resolved. At that point, she concludes maybe she can just text him. At that point, they hear a buzzing sound and discover there is a shipment of a “new toy” called Ecstasy Explosion. At first Nina panics, not knowing what it is but Maxie explains it's a sex toy. She opens it up and Nina admits she's never actually been this close to a sex toy, reminding Maxie she's lost 20 years of her life. She asks if this is supposed to be a substitute of a “person”. Maxie then explains that “sex enhancement toys” can be used with or without a partner. Nina then asks Maxie if, by any chance she “uses something like this” with Nina's little brother. Nina, however, realizes she should not ask or know the answer to that and will forgot she brought that up. She does assess however, that that toy could never replace Franco for her. Nothing will.

Elizabeth returns home with heavy boxes when she sees Jake alone without his brothers. He informs her he stayed behind because he was waiting for her. She asks if he'd like to help her open the boxes and set up their new toaster. Yet he continues to sound disinterested and alerts her that “someone” is at the door. It's Franco with another gift to give her, as he announces “happy housewarming”. He reveals to her that Jake wanted to see him and would not accept the limitations that both of his parents are inflicting (where he can no longer see Franco). And when Jake would not take no for an answer, Franco suggested that maybe the only “excuse” for him to come and see the boy is if he delivers a toaster to the house for a housewarming present. Jake inquires why his dad is gone and has something more important to do with Sam, than be with his family when they move into their new house. Franco replies he's sure that Jake's dad will be happy to hear from him and encourages Jake to go and contact him. Alone in the room with Franco, Elizabeth thanks him for his “discretion” and remarks she's surprised that he is encouraging Jake to bond with his dad and not speaking ill of Jason. He then talks to her about how he's jealous of Jason for the comparison of their lives and their women. Elizabeth listens attentively and takes an interest in Franco's life, his work and the fact that he has lost the love of his life and asks him if he has given up on his relationship with Nina. He confides in Elizabeth that he ran into Nina unexpectedly at the hospital and she boldly approached him and asked to have sex with him. Yet he refused. He asks Elizabeth what that “says” about him. She replies maybe it means that he is sensitive and not going to be a “pig” like so many men are when they accept “easy offers” like that from women. He assesses to Elizabeth when he first met Nina, he saw her as fragile, sheltered, a poor little rich girl with mental illnesses and she had reservations about sex. Later, she's developed confidence and independence as a career woman. Then they had their irreconcilable differences regarding whether to have kids. Elizabeth attentively listens while he admits he's confuses as to what he wants and asks her “where is this coming from?” He admits to her that ever since Jason started remembering everything again and heard and knew all the despicable things Franco has been and has done, Franco found himself motivated to prove otherwise. He met Nina and his life was miraculously challenged. However, now, he concludes, maybe it's too late and he should just give up and realize he is the terrible worthless human being Jason believes and wants him to believe he is. Hearing that, Elizabeth admits she's accused him of any things but she’s never thought of him as a self-pitying whiner or quitter. He listens attentively when Elizabeth assures him that she has faith in him and does not believe he should give up with Nina or with his life. She also admits, as much as she never thought she'd say or want to admit it, she believes he's changed and has been a good friend to her. They draw closer...and if you can believe, they kiss!

When Kiki is alone with Dillon in her apartment, happily together, kissing, ready for an intimate evening and giving no thought to Morgan, out of nowhere, Morgan appears. He informs her he's been released and doctors have determined he's ready to return to society and not a threat to anyone anymore. He informs her there is something he has to tell her. He admits to her the reason why he broke it off with her when they last spoke is because “someone” convinced him she was better off without him. She asks just who that would be (realizing had it not been for that, she might not have availed herself to Dillon), and he replies it was her mom. At that point, she assesses that she does not appreciate her mom going behind her back to visit Morgan and ask him to tell Kiki they need to break up. He protests he realizes that there is some truth that maybe she's not safe around him, reminding her he got her shot not long ago. She protests that it was not his fault. He also shares with her that he has had reservations about getting out of the facility given that he knows he’s lost her when he noticed her kissing Dillon Quartermaine not long ago. Although she apologizes, he protests he realizes it's his own fault that she has moved on. They discuss it further and he reveals that she was the one thing that kept him going through his darkest time and he regrets pushing her away. She listens in awe but right then Dillon returns with chicken soup and prescriptions for Kiki's cold and is ready to spend a romantic evening together. He's surprised to unexpectedly see Morgan. She then explains to Morgan that Dillon just went and got her some medicine, and explains to Dillon that Morgan just got released from GH and came to visit. Morgan assesses that she is dressed and ready for a date so he will leave. Yet Dillon urges him to know there's enough chicken soup for them all so he need not leave. Yet Morgan quickly exits. Alone with Kiki, Dillon assesses he realizes she has had a history with Morgan and has been married to him. He realizes he's been an “interloper” for a long time, single, traveling and living a different life and just kind of came into her life “suddenly” and unexpectedly. He concludes that maybe he needs to give her time to sort out her feelings about Morgan and let her be alone, without him in order to do so.

In the London hotel room, Huxley tells Ava she needs to give him the Weeping Naiad statue that belongs to his family. She gives him the one she has which she insists in the genuine item he needs. Yet he throws and smashes it on the floor, telling her that's not the real one and she demands she tell him where the real statue is. He insists she's lying although she protests that she is not. In response to that, Nikolas interjects to Huxley that Ava is, in fact lying with what she is telling him. She comes up with excuses and conditions for returning his item. Yet he tells her he has a “better idea”. Shortly thereafter, he has Ava and Nikolas tied together on the living room floor as he warns her he better find the weeping naiad where she said it was or else she will be weeping tears of her own. She promises Huxley it's there and he leaves. When they are alone, Nikolas asks her just what Huxley will find when he goes to her room. She admits to Nikolas that she wants to get back to her two daughters and intended for this to be a simply trip. He asks her if she does not have the real statue stashed away somewhere, to which she replies she honestly believes she has the correct Weeping Naiad. Nikolas reflects he also hopes it's the right one, for his own reasons. He admits he's worried given that Spencer is the only human being in his life who knows he's alive and if he' dies now, he'll never see his son again and it will ruin Spencer's life. At that point, they are both able to stand up together and look all around to find something in order to break the ropes they are bound by.

Not far away, Sam and Jason go to see if they can find Ava and/or Nikolas. She manages to pick the lock and they go inside. They see the hotel room fully prepared with the bed made and nobody is there. When they do not find anything, Sam gets on her phone to sound as though she's a “personal assistant of Ms. Jerome” informing the contact that Ava left her umbrella behind and wondering where to find Ava to return it to her. They continue to brainstorm as to what could cause Ava and Nikolas to travel together. They find Ava's boarding pass to fly to this very destination and notice Nikolas would have the same thing. Sam concludes it can only explain that Ava and Nikolas are having an affair because that's the only explanation for that. They run into Huxley and find out he's frantically searching for the Weeping Naiad.

In the other room, Huxley is on the phone while searching through dresser drawers in order to find something. He declares he's been unsuccessful in finding the Weeping Naiad although he needs someone to make sure “their guests are not getting into trouble”.

After Sam and Jason look all around but do not find Ava nor Nikolas, they conclude they need to find their way to Lynch Manor in search of what they need, realizing they have no other leads.

Ava and Nikolas finally break free however they realize they are still locked inside the room and this building. He then remembers she has been a criminal and must know something about picking locks. He hands her a knife which she confidently utilizes on the door lock.

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