GH Update Tuesday 6/21/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava discover she's locked inside a house and pounds on the door to demand someone lets her out. Yet Nikolas reminds her that they have been abducted and the people who are choosing to do this do not want them to get out. He further reflects that since he comes from a long line of kidnappers, he knows how futile this is. Huxley (the man thy met on the plane whom they did not suspect but who has kidnapped them) enters with food on a tray. He tells Huxley that they appreciate the food but they'd prefer he simply got on with the business they have with Ms. Jerome. Yet he continues to evade their question and wants them to eat. Ava demands that he stop stalling and tell them what he wants. Nikolas then reminds Huxley that he has not given them any reason why or told them his motives for holding them captive. Huxley replies if they “have time to think”, he's sure they will come up with the answer and he leaves them. Alone with Nikolas, she angrily remarks that everybody in Port Charles has been raving about what a ruthless and dangerous guy he is and yet he is completely calm, patient and compliant with this situation. Why can't he take action to find out what is up with why they are being kidnapped? In response to that, Nikolas tells Ava perhaps she could tell him the reason why this is happening. He concludes that it's entirely possibly, given the circumstances for how he met both her and Huxley, that they have worked together to plan this and have been playing him all the while. She laughs and tells him that is an “interesting theory” except for two very important flaws. One of which is she really doesn't care about him. Why would she go out of her way to find, stalk and kidnap him? Secondly, she knows that Nikolas is broke so what motive would she have to blackmail him?. Huxley comes in again to ask her if she's “given it any more thought”. He reveals that Ava has a “Weeping Naiad” she took from him that he demands she returns to him. Yet she angrily refuses although he tells her the Weeping Naiad is his. At that point, he throws a sword at Nikolas. cuts his hand and Nikolas bleeds. This prompts Ava to freak, rush to treat his injury and she finally tells Huxley he may take it. She gives him “something” and he reminds them that “stealing is wrong” as he goes out the door. Alone with Ava, Nikolas demands to know what the hell is a Weeping Naiad. Before she can answer, Huxley comes back in and informs Ava they have a serious problem. He knows she has not given him “the real thing” and he smashes it. She argues she gave him the real thing and he needs to leave her alone. Yet he tells her either she delivers what he wants or both she and Nikolas will die.

Kiki is back in Port Charles in her apartment getting dressed in lovely clothes and ready for her date with Dillon. Yet she finds herself with sneezing episodes which she cannot control. She gets the door to see Dillon, happy to see him yet she continues to sneeze. He smiles and tells her she looks great. She remarks her mom took her on a shopping spree, to which he praises Ava. She continues to sneeze and cough, however, and admits she has the worst cold in history.

At the hospital, Elizabeth can see that Epiphany is getting very stressed and frustrated with their new security features on the computer that have become necessary, due to the fact that “one bad apple” had to mess with their security. Carly comes in and overhears, inquiring why this is happening, to which both nurses admit that since Finn has refused to submit to drug and security background checks, all of the computer are restricted.

At the hotel, when Hayden demands that Finn tells her what is up with him, causing him to be so sick and take the needle with the drug and being so secretive about, he replies that he is dying. She demands he tells her more about that and why that is related to his need for the drug. He explains that he has been trying to treat his condition and his immunity is getting less and less. She asks if he's under a doctor's care, to which he tells her there is no point in that because he's going to die. He continues to sound “calm and unaffected” as he asks her if she wants to play backgammon. She asks him if his disease is like cancer or if it's contagious, to which he replies no on both counts. She then asks, regarding his self-medicating, is he “documenting” any of this, to which he replies nobody knows except himself, Roxy and now herself. Yet she protests that she does not want him to give up or allow himself to be told his case is hopeless.

At the PCPD, Sonny faces Jordan and Anna after Alexis has refused to speak to anyone. He gets a call from Morgan urging him to get to the clinic ASAP. Sonny informs them he has to go.

Julian rushes into the station and demands they let him speak, alone to his wife. He goes in the interrogation room and asks Alexis how on earth she could have gotten arrested for the murder of Carlos, to which she coldly replies it's not hard to figure out. She knows he set her up to take the fall, she tells him. From outside the door, Anna and Jordan watch and observe.

Sonny goes to see Morgan at his facility and Morgan informs his dad that he doctors believe he can leave tonight. He further informs Sonny that they were ready to release him earlier today but he refused that. Hearing that, Sonny asks his son if it's true and why it is that he believes he is “not ready” to come home. Morgan admits to his dad that while here, it's easy for him to stay on the program, taking his pills and doing what is needed. If he's out of there, it may be easier said than done. Sonny then tells his son if he needs help, he needs to reach out to his dad. He firmly tells Morgan he has to be positive and informs him he's more proud of him than he's ever been. The reason is because Morgan has been through so much and has come out stronger. Sonny firmly tells his son that he knows he's right about that because he can see it in Morgan's eyes. Morgan tells his dad he's afraid he will “let him down”, to which Sonny assures him he realizes that will happen. He admits he knows he will let Morgan down also. Yet they will get through it, Sonny tells his son as he hugs him and tells him he loves him.

Inside the interrogation room, Alexis privately informs Julian that the cops and DA have found the weapon he used, which he knows is the dagger used to kill her mother. She knows it's “genius” on his part because it can be traced back to her. He tells her that “that” proves nothing. Yet she reminds him she happens to know when he went to the effort of cleaning the blood and DNA from the dagger, it just so happens that he “missed a spot”. She tells him that her dagger has Carlos' blood so she is presently screwed. He protests he did not set her up. Yet she is worried knowing they are going to charge and indict her and this case is a slam dunk. So the only way she will not go to prison, she tells Julian, is if he confesses. He replies he cannot do that. She tells him if he loves her, as he says, and wants to protect their family, he will do it. Yet he concludes to her he does not have to confess and she does not have to go to prison. There is another way out. He tells her the way for this to go away is for her to stand trial and get acquitted. Hearing that, she asks if she heard him correctly that he wants her to stand trial for what he did. He tells her he does not want that. Obviously, if she pleads guilty, she's in trouble but if she does not then “they” still have a chance. Hearing that, she asks for what. Their marriage? He replies yes. At that point, she angrily declares they are done there because Julian fails to realize their marriage is over. Jordan and Anna come to the door to ask if they are done here, to which Alexis replies absolutely, as she dismisses Julian.

Sonny and Morgan go to meet Carly and Michael at the hospital, as Morgan explains that he has an appointment with Dr. Maddox and that is why he wanted them all to be there. His mom asks why they'd release him after hours, to which he admits he hesitated. He admits to his family he's called them all together because he wants them all to participate in family therapy and realizes they all saved his life when he was up on the ledge ready to jump.

Meanwhile, Kiki admits to Dillon she was hoping she could hide the fact that she has her terrible cold. He admits to her all she had to do was tell him she was sick and they could have rescheduled this for another time. She replies she did not want him to think she was bailing on him. She assesses he's been so amazing and she did not want to blow it with him he tells her she need not worry. She can't. He kisses her. At that point, she assesses she feels “really awful”. Yet he tells her it's “ok”.

At the nurse's computer station, Elizabeth informs Epiphany she ran into Hayden Barnes in the locker room and she gave the explanation she was there to see a psychiatrist. Yet they both know that Hayden's reason for being there is something completely different and she's lying. They both realize they want to help Finn so Epiphany asks Elizabeth to deliver an insect tree to his hotel room for Roxy.

While Finn talks to Hayden about his situation, she asks if he's making the decision he's making because he could not save his wife. He asks her why she's assuming this, to which she informs him she's putting it all together. She knows that her father was responsible for the illness that killed his wife and it's the same thing that is happening to him now, which he is accepting. He continues to evade her questions and she asks if he wants something from the menu. She goes to order them some food and he asks why she's not further grilling him or ready to reveal his secret. She replies he need not worry. His secret is safe with her.

Morgan admits that he believes Michael is the best brother and his parents are the best parents. He admits no matter how many times he pushed them all away, they continued to support him and he loves them all. Carly then suggests that they all take this “love fest” back to the house. Morgan tells his mom he will be back there soon but has something to do right now, which is go to visit Kiki.

Kiki is with Dillon at his apartment. They are kissing heavily and ready to go further. He gets up to get something. While she is alone, she is still very “fixated” on Dillon and not thinking about anything (or anyone) else. She hears a knock on the door and only assumes it could be Dillon who may have “forgotten something”. Yet, when she gets the door, she sees it's Morgan.

At the PCPD, Anna goes to talk to Alexis and tells her how they can help one another. She knows Alexis did not kill Carlos, she tells her. And so if she can turn over the person who killed him and who also obviously murdered Duke, Anna will make sure that Alexis does not go down for murder.

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