GH Update Monday 6/20/16

General Hospital Update Monday 6/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan goes to Julian and Alexis's home. Sonny assumes he's there to arrest Julian and informs him he's not there yet. However, Nathan clarifies that he is not there to arrest Julian. He's there to arrest Alexis.

Hayden is staying with Finn in his hotel room sleeping on the couch after she's helped him the previous night after he had his “fatal reaction” to his drug, his withdrawal from the drug or whatever his unidentified medical issue is.. She reminds him that she respected his wishes to not call an ambulance or be seen in a hospital. He thanks her for her generosity and courtesy regarding that. Yet she reminds him that her husband is missing and she has enough on her own plate and so, she tells him, in the future, he needs to get his “diabetes” or whatever his problem is, under control. In response to that, he asks her if she's going to be ok. She admits that her relationship with Nikolas was complicated to say the least. However, there were times when it seemed to her that Nikolas appreciated the real her. He will always be very special to her, she declares. Finn listens and reflects that he's had enough complicated relationships and situations in his life and has concluded it's best just to be oneself. He does not want to discuss it further however and tells her he has to get to the hospital. Yet she firmly tells him he's not going anywhere. He assures her that he's feeling a lot better yet she tells him he's going to be staying where he is and resting, asking if he really thinks it's a good idea to go strolling back into General Hospital, knowing that he is “persona nongrata”. He reveals there's something he needs to get, to which she offers to get it for him. He then informs her that it's the notebook that he has kept in his locker. She gets up to leave and he expresses his appreciation although he does not reveal to her what is going on with him.

Maxie is in the hospital locker room assuming she will find Nathan. However, she notices that Griffin is there hearing what she has to say. He tells her he has work to do and asks what it is she wants. She replies that she was looking for someone who might be able to help her with something involving her relationship.

At the nurse's station, Franco asks Elizabeth if she has any idea who might have means, motive and opportunity to attempt to kill Lucas. She admits she does not know although Franco tells her that he can think of someone and the perfect theory to incriminate them. She assesses if he believes the killer is someone on staff, why does he believe that anyone there might have motive to kill Lucas. He explains to Elizabeth that he realizes that many doctors may have good intentions. However, many have God complexes and may believe they have justification to do what was done to Lucas. Yet she does not want to listen to his theory, tells him she has work to do and dismisses him.

At the Crimson office, Julian urges Nina to not “give him up” for what she knows about him and asks what she “expects” for him in order to buy her silence. She replies she wants to see him on the floor naked on all fours. When he firmly tells her he does not want to “play” with her, they get in a struggle and end up on the floor with her lying on top of him. Right then, Olivia walks in and sees them together. Nina leaves and Olivia informs her baby's father that she needs to talk to him about their son, reminding him he was supposed to meet her at a specific place today and he never showed. Hearing that, he realizes he completely forgot and apologizes. In response to that, she assesses she knows all too well what is going on with him presently. He promises her he will commit to their son, to which she is ok to hear that. However, she knows that he is having serious issues with Alexis and needs to know what is up with that.

At the PCPD, Anna meets with Jordan and Paul demanding to know why they would incriminate, suspect and arrest Alexis for the stabbing death of Carlos Rivera. Jordan protests that Alexis' fingerprints were all over the dagger. They know what they are doing and have found the correct suspect. Yet Anna does not believe that Alexis would possibly kill Carlos.

Sonny tells the same thing to Nathan when he reads Alexis her rights and places her under arrest. As soon as he's alone in the house, Sonny gets on his phone to call Diane to urge her to help with this situation after Alexis has been arrested for the murder of Carlos.

Nathan brings Alexis to the station while Sonny follows them and tells Jordan that if they do this to Alexis and do not let him talk to her privately, his lawyer can file a harassment suit on the department. Hearing that, Paul tells the others that Mr. Corinthos may speak privately to “the prisoner”. They leave and Sonny assures Alexis Diane will be there soon and all of this will be over. She clarifies, however, that will not be necessary. She can speak on her own behalf and does not need legal representation. Sonny continues to protest to Jordan that she can't do what she tells him she has the authority to do. Yet she firmly states to him that he may not realize this but this is “her house” and, just as she does not tell him how to run his coffee business, he cannot undermine her authority. She and Paul go off with Alexis to the interrogation room. Alone with Anna, Sonny demands to know why on earth this is happening.

When Franco is at the hospital, Nina finds him, clarifying that she is has not “reconsidered” their breakup or anything. Yet she is recruiting to find a “real man” for her current issue of the magazine. She asks him if he'd “like to get naked with her”, although she clarifies it would simply be for the photo shot and featured story in her next Crimson edition, explaining they are featuring men completely nude and women alongside them in their “finest form”. She smiles and views him, in awe and assesses she knows all too well that he has the perfect body and presence. Yet he tells her he is turning her down and does not want to participate in what she expects. She tells him, in that case, he can just have sex with her. Hearing that, he walks away although she explains to him that he was everything to her. He reminds her that she broke up with him after demanding that he agree to have or adopt kids and did not take no for an answer. Yet she moves up closer to him and tells him she is no longer talking about kids. He asks her if she is now seeing him, merely, as her “booty call”. When it appears he is not accepting her offer, Nina instantly finds another male staff member, a total stranger, and casually and seductively takes him aside to ask if he could pose as the “real man”. Observing that, Franco watches them attentively and concludes he needs to go home and take a “really cold shower”.

Not far away, at the hospital, Griffin finds Nathan and admits to him he has something to tell him. However, at that point, Maxie find her fiance, interrupts them and the conversation does not take place. She concludes that she thinks Griffin should perform their wedding ceremony. Yet he tells her he cannot do that if neither she nor Nathan are Catholic and they need to do their wedding without him. He wishes them well but informs them he needs to get back to work. Nathan however, remembers that Griffin had something to tell him only minutes ago before Maxie arrived and asks him what that would be. Griffin “stumbles” over answering that question and “replies” that he just wanted to make sure that Nathan and Maxie both know that he wishes them happiness and a positive future together. Yet Nathan can clear see “that” is not the specific thing that he intended to tell Nathan when they spoke alone, only minutes earlier.

In the interrogation room, Jordan and Paul tell Alexis that they have all of the evidence against her throughout her house and her car. She may think she can clean and hide what they need to find but she needs to know she will fail. They will stop at nothing and find something she she will regret it. At that point, she concludes she does not want them searching anything without her attorney present.

In the other room, Sonny protests to Anna that it makes no sense that Alexis could have killed Carlos. She admits she agrees and Sonny tells her that he knows Julian is behind this. He leaves and Anna goes to talk to Alexis in the interrogation room, attempting to assure her she is not her enemy and needs Alexis to know that Anna knows all too well what it's like to love a man and be willing make sacrifices and live in denial of obvious signs that one should not ignore regarding matters of importance. She reflects that she did what she did for Duke out of love and hopes that Alexis loves Julian as much as she loved Duke.

At the Crimson office, Olivia tells Julian that her concerns about his relations with Alexis is that baby Leo would have to be picking up on it and she does not want her child around this. She directly asks Julian to tell her honestly if he's back in the business. When he evades the question, she firmly tells him she does not want her kid exposed to anything having to do with the mob. She further tells him whatever is going on with him, he needs to return home and work out his issues with Alexis and realize they love each other. Yet she detects that he's now indicating that he and Alexis “used to” love each other in the past. She asks if that is what she is hearing, to which Julian tells her it's very complicated and he's struck with the reality that Alexis has told him she's done with him for good. Olivia then urges Julian to know that his relationship with Alexis is the main reason why she's agreed to let him be a part of their son's life and so he has to work it out with his wife. Right then, Sonny comes by and tells them he's there to see Julian. Julian coldly asks him what he wants, to which Sonny smirks and replies he just thought Julian should know that his wife has been arrested for murder.

As soon as Hayden is gone and Finn is alone in his hotel room, he becomes very “sick” breathing heavily and exhibiting withdrawal symptoms and/or a need for his drug. He talks to Roxy urging her (as if she's his child or wife) to know he is in a desperate situation.

Hayden goes to the hospital locker room and finds Finn's item for him. When she turns around, however, she runs into Elizabeth and is very “panicked” to see her. Elizabeth demands Hayden tell her why she's there or else she will call security. Hayden tells Elizabeth she merely had to use the bathroom and this was the closest one. Elizabeth demands to know why she's in the hospital in the first place, to which Hayden tells her if she must know, she's there to pick up a prescription, explaining she is grieving over the loss of Nikolas and she needs to leave. As soon as Hayden is gone, Elizabeth is frantically trying to figure out what Hayden's secret is. Right then, Franco comes inside and asks Elizabeth if she “needs any help”.

Hayden returns to Finn but is not about to hand his notebook over to him. He yells and appears very worried and desperately in need of the notebook and demands she gives it to him. Yet she tells him she needs to know what he is hiding regarding his explanation of diabetes. She reminds him that she knows he is a prime suspect in a murder investigation and he needs her help,. She urges him to trust her with what is in this notebook, promising she will not tell anyone anything. He then replies to her that he is dying.

At the station, Anna is completely unsuccessful in getting through to Alexis in a private conversation in the interrogation room, when Alexis coldly tells her to go to hell and refuses to speak. Right then, Julian enters and demands they let him talk to his wif

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