GH Update Friday 6/17/16

General Hospital Update Friday 6/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason are together ready to fly to London and find Nikolas. They arrive at the hotel both brainstorming as to what they do next. She reminds him she's run cons her entire life and knows all about how it works. Right then, she approaches the desk clerk to ask him some questions. She informs him she's trying to connect to one of his guests, Niall Carradine. The clerk replies that Mr. Carradine checked out earlier this morning. She asks if he can tell her where “Nile” is heading, to which the clerk replies he's not at liberty to divulge that information. Yet Sam urges him to know that “Niall'” son Spencer has had an emergency and desperately needs his dad. At that point, the clerk gives her a “schedule and itinerary” to share with Jason about the flight Nikolas took (or intended to take) to Amsterdam. She calls and finds out the flight took off however it appears that “Niall” never checked in. They conclude that maybe Nikolas did not make it to the airport and may not be far away.

Ava and Nikolas are talking to the guy they first met on the airplane flight from Port Charles. Huxley tells them that they don't have choices as to where to go and are “stuck there”.

Laura takes Spencer to the hospital and introduces him to Dr. Kevin Collins. However Spencer does not want to talk to the mental health provider realizing what he's going to ask and what specifically Spencer is hiding regarding his missing father. She urges him to talk about his feelings for his daddy yet he adamantly tells her he does not want Kevin to “shrink” him. Spencer continues to “robotically and unemotionally” tell them he no longer wants to talk about his father since he's gone and no longer in their lives. Kevin then talks to Laura alone. As soon as Spencer goes off and is out of their earshot, he calls his dad to assure him that he has his back and won't let on anything to the shrink. He remarks that maybe he should get an Oscar for his “acting and pretending” with this. Alone with Kevin, Laura confides in him that she trusts him and sees him as a very close friend. He informs her that, regarding the unsolved mystery of Helena's gift to her, he thinks he might have found a clue. She asks if he's been continuing to investigate the campus disco, to which he replies yes. He found out that Lloyd and Lucy Johnson are real. She laughs remembering she and Luke used those aliases many years ago. Yet he knows there is in fact a couple by that name who own that disco site and they live in Port Charles.

At the Crimson office, Nina is doing a photo shoot with Maxie of hot men for their next featured edition. Curtis is participating, appearing to be a fitness or boxing model in a video. Nathan is also there but tells Maxie he's busy with work and does not have the time to pose for photos. Yet she clarifies to him she did not ask him to come there for that. She wanted to tell him she loves him and forgives him for everything she previously had issues with. She confirms that he is on the same page as her with wanting to get married and they kiss.

At the police station, Sonny goes to talk to Anna and to Paul Hornsby and reminds them that he is getting impatient and expects things done his way when they bring Julian in and charge him with murder. Paul takes Anna aside and tells her although he realizes Jordan does not want her to be part of the investigation and arrest of Julian, Anna may be pleased to know that cops have taken action and have searched Julian's house for evidence. The three of them brainstorm on who from the police department or other offices might be in Julian's “pocket”. They go inside the interrogation room and Anna informs Sonny that the cops found a dagger in Alexis' house. Sonny responds that is great however, Julian apparently has an alibi. She tells him that they can eventually get justice for Duke although she warns Sonny not to do anything to hinder this investigation. In response to that, Sonny tells her he would not dream of that. Sonny leaves Anna and Paul alone to talk and he tells her he has doubts and concerns about Sonny's motivation to bring Julian to justice since Julian is married to the mother of “one of” Sonny's kids. Yet she assures Paul there is no reason to question that Sonny is just as motivated to nail Julian for murder as they are.

Julian is on his phone to Alexis. Kristina finds her mom who is very evasive to her questions while she asks her to just tell her just how much trouble she and Julian are in. She admits to her mom that if anyone is not fit to judge another person for “getting mixed up with the wrong guy”, it is herself. And so, she assures her mom she will be there for her and everything will be alright in the end. However, she urges her mom to realize she has no future with Julian and needs to get him out of her life once and for all.

At Crimson, while Nina is taking photos of Curtis, Julian walks in. Noticing him, she boldly and casually remarks to her boss that she thought he'd be in jail by now. He asks to talk to her alone and dismisses the others as he asks Nina what she may have heard about the investigation. She informs him what she's heard from her brother is that they found evidence at his home of a murder weapon and she knows he has lied when he told them he had nothing to do with the murder of Carlos Rivera.

Sonny goes to find Julian when Alexis answers the door and informs him that her husband is not there. He coldly informs Alexis he will “wait”. She coldly demands he gets out of her house, yet he tells her he plans to make himself right at home and sit back to see that loser she married get arrested. Right then, Kristina comes down the stairs to see her dad and asks him what he's doing there. Alexis dismisses hers' and Sonny's mutual daughter and she leaves them alone in the house. Sonny then asks Alexis if she'd like him to make the call or if she plans to get Julian there herself. He tells her he knows that the murder weapon Julian used to kill Carlos was found in their house. Although Alexis informs Sonny there are thousands of murder weapons out there yet he tells her knows that it was only that one that had Carlos' blood on it.

At Crimson, Julian needs Nina to tell him just what she told the cops the night when Carlos was murdered, to which she replies she did not tell them anything realizing she knew nothing. Yet she remembered he had bloodstains on his shirt when he went to the Crimson office and ran into her before Alexis found him, on the night in question. He demands she tell him what she may have told the cops. When she dances around the issue, he demands she cut the crap and not play with him regarding what she knows or does not and what she may have already told the cops or plans to tell them in the future. He asks her what it will take to get her “silence”, to which she replies what it will take will be himself naked on all fours.

In the other room, Nathan tells Maxie he has to return to work and promises he won't let Julian cause her or his sister any more trouble.

Nina tells Julian that in the magazine, they are turning the tables on male and female stereotypes. It used to be men viewing women modeling and characterized as objects like furniture. She now wants men like himself to serve that role for women, adding she could have him pose as a coffee table or foot rest for the new “male modeling” edition of the magazine. At that point, she notices Nathan has left and goes to find Maxie asking what she knows about what Nina's brother may have found out about Julian.

Alone at the station with Anna, Paul indicates that he might be “interested” in her for something beyond working together to bring down Julian. Right then, Nathan finds them and informs them that he ran the forensics and confirmed that the dagger is a match for the murder weapon that killed Carlos.

At the London hotel where Ava and Nikolas are staying, she gets angry and walks out the door however she sees she's locked in. Huxley says they are about 50 feet off the ground, to which Ava concludes it appears they are truly trapped.

At the hospital, Spencer rejoins his grandma and Dr. Collins and tells them they need not worry although she protests it is normal to grieve after losing his father. He responds that by “clarifying” that they have not lost his father. Hearing that, she asks what he means, to which, he knows that his father, just like his deceased mother, will always be in their lives and hearts living in the ever after.

When Nikolas and Ava are “stuck” in the hotel, unknowingly being found out and entrapped by Huxley, Sam and Jason have landed and are not far behind them.

Maxie meets with Nina and Julian and tells them, for their next edition of “hunks”, there are men they need to find besides Nathan and Curtis and she will find them. Yet Nina tells her she need not look any further. Maxie asks Nina why, to which Nina replies Julian has agreed to serve that function for them.

At the station, Paul reveals to Anna that although she never knew it before, it's not Julian the cops are ready to arrest.

Nathan goes to Julian and Alexis' house. Sonny sees him and informs him that Julian is not there right now although he's not far away. However, Nathan clarifies to him he is not there to arrest Julian. He's there to arrest Alexis.

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