GH Update Thursday 6/16/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

André returns to Jordan's office. She remembers the last time they spoke, they had a terrible argument involving Anna. Yet he really confuses her by declaring he loves her (not Anna). She asks why, how and what caused him to go from “point A” to “point B”. They talk about how their relationship has been complicated and confusing from the first time they started dating. He admits that it were not complicated, there would not be so many online dating services. However, he assures Jordan, he's come back to her because he loves her. He tells her all he knows is his life is empty without her and he wants to be with her. At that point, they kiss and she affirms it feels good and feels amazing, actually, to know that he loves her. She tells him she promises as soon as she gets out from under this mountain of paperwork, he will see her again. He leaves and she is encouraged she is moving on and going in the right direction in her life.

At the hospital, after Monica has discovered a large medical needle/syringe in Finn's locker, while all the staff are under investigation for the missing drug matching what was used to attempt to kill Lucas, she takes him into a private room so he can tell her more about what she's discovered. In response to that, he makes no effort to justify himself or give any explanation that could convince her he is not using and stealing illegal drugs nor that he was not the person who injected and almost killed Lucas Jones with the drug. He “calmly” replies that the needle “could” be used for insulin or some other legal and legitimate purpose that would cast no suspicion upon him for what he's accused of. Hearing that, she urgently demands why, if that is, in fact the case, would he not simply answer her question, as he is clearly refusing to do. And why is he refusing to take the drug test to prove he's being falsely accused? He still does not want to reveal what he's using the needle/syringe for and tells her he will wait for her test results. In response to that, she tells him that she has no choice except to suspend him until the test results come back. At that point, he angrily argues she cannot do that. He has done nothing wrong, he protests, although he is not willing to prove that. When Monica declares that Finn is officially barred from practicing medicine at her hospital, Tracy walks in, overhears and tells her sister-in-law; “Over my dead body”. She reminds Monica that man is the only reason she is alive so Monica can't suspend him. Monica, however, informs Tracy that a needle and syringe were found in his locker and the drug that could have killed Lucas was found missing in the staff dispensaries. Tracy asks her what that has to do with Finn. She does not want to hear Monica's explanation as to why and declares that if she suspends Finn, that could be the end of her own job at GH. Monica, however, explains all of the many things that point to Finn. Tracy protests that his needle could be used for insulin, B12 , Botox or many other “harmless” things. Yet Monica asks why, if that is the case, has he not told her.

Curtis is with Valerie at The Floating Rib, happily engaging and kissing her and ready to spend private time together. When Hayden finds him, Curtis insists he is “kind of busy right now”. Yet she asks Curtis how exactly she can have her husband declared legally dead nor knows all that may be involved in that. He continues to tell her this can wait until tomorrow or else she can go and pay for a lawyer. Yet she reminds him she is low on funds and so she has come to him, her friend as she needs his help. He firmly tells her that a friendship is a two way street where it is not solely about her needs and not about his, further informing her that right now he is busy with “this young lady here” whom Hayden did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge. At that point, Valerie declares that she will go and interact with her fellow cadets and he and Hayden may talk alone. At that point, Hayden goes on about what she wants. Yet Curtis interrupts and stops the conversation to be with Valerie. Yet Valerie gets called away for a photo.

Nikolas and Ava both land and arrive in London and they happen to check into the same hotel. He asks her if she is following him and she assures him she knows all about living one's life this way. She tells him this is a perfect place for someone who has something to hide, reminding him his alias name is Niall Carradine. In response to that, he asks her what about her. What is she hiding? She assures him that whatever she may be doing, it does not compare to what she knows he is doing. He tells her it's obvious she's following him and so he asks her what she wants. She is very contented and has many ideas for where they can go and eat together, to which he tells her he knows she's trying to blackmail him. And so, he asks her, what is it that she wants for his silence, to which she replies she wants an explanation as to why he is running and considered a “dead man walking”.

Sam and Jason are also on the run staying at a place that Sonny has arranged for them to hide out in. She admits that she might miss this place and that life on the run is exciting, despite the less-than-positive circumstances that cause them to have to stay there. She relives being alone with him but realizes they have to finish what they came there for, tonight, right now, she tells him. They get dressed and ready for another day of “investigation” when she informs him that Spinelli helped her hack into the computers of the fake ID shop they were just at and from there, she hopes to uncover answers about what might have happened to Nikolas. Jason, however, asks her if she “really wants to do this”. She has some plans about getting to JFK airport to follow Nikolas and find out where he went.

Shortly thereafter, as soon as it gets dark and the pawn shop is closed, Sam returns to the place, unlocks the door and gets inside the use the computer.

TJ takes Molly to The Floating Rib and is ready to celebrate with her now that he has been accepted to be a part of the paid intern program at GH, where he will be observing and assisting. She happily congratulates him when he informs her he gets to watch the best doctors on staff and gets paid to watch them. Right then, Curtis finds TJ who introduces him to Molly. When he and Molly are alone, TJ admits that he and his mom are getting along better although she informs him that she is not going to accept her mother's serious lapse in judgment to get mixed up in Julian's mess. He suggests that they move in together. He asks if she's sure her dad, Ric would be ok with that. She replies she's not worried. He also believes that his mom will approve so they get ready to go and talk to his mom. Valerie takes Curtis aside, telling him she's really grateful for his organizing this for her and would really like to go home with him. However, she mentions one only gets to graduate from the police academy once. Hearing that, he tells her he wants her to be able to celebrate with her fellow cadets. Not far away, Finn is alone at a table with his bearded lizard, Roxy. A bartender/bouncer approaches him, in a rude manner, and demands he get “this thing” out of this establishment. Finn protests that this is his service animal. Hayden approaches them and tells the guy she will record everything he is saying, which he may not want. At that point, the guy acts “gracious” and offers to get them their drinks of choice. At that point, Hayden cordially engages with Finn and holds Roxy in her hands, as she tells him, while he attentively listens her story while he tells her his. She then notices he “does not look great”. She remembers the last time they spoke, at Wyndemere, she saw him having his “reaction” (or drug withdrawal symptoms) and his informing her he's diabetic and takes insulin. She asks him if he needs his insulin, to which he cannot reply. And she tells him she knows he's not really diabetic.

In London, when Nikolas does not answer Ava's question of why he's on the run, she asks if he murdered someone. Is he afraid that his “wife” has threatened to get him in trouble? If so, she tells him, he needs to know that Hayden is the daughter of a known criminal and he cannot be intimidated by her. Ava further reminds him that by doing this, he is depriving his son. Before they can continue that conversation, the same guy they met on the plane comes by and asks what he can get them at “this fine watering hole”. Huxley knows Ava by an alias name and reveals that she is a “regular”. He talks all about his fine establishment, the Melton Arms. Yet Nikolas cuts him off and tells him he and his “friend” were having a private conversation and would like to be alone. Ava “corroborates” Nikolas' protest by graciously reminding Huxley how “discretion” is important. She manages to “charm” him and get him to leave her alone with Nikolas. As soon as he's gone, Ava reflects that it was “quite a coincidence” to run into the same guy they saw on the plane.

While at the dark and empty warehouse, Sam manages to get on the computer, find Nikolas' falsified passport and finds out the new name he's using, which is Niall Carradine. Right then, the guy who runs the place approaches her with a gun and remarks he knew there was something he did not like about her. At first she acts “afraid” of him but knows how to overpower him until Jason gets there and pulls a gun on the guy as the guy lies on the floor. He tells him that he's going to do what they want and not prevent them from doing what they need to do, while Sam is on the computer. She assures him that she's almost done while he's kept the guy “occupied”. At that point, they get up to leave while making sure the guy is “subdued” lying on the floor and not a threat to them.

Jordan returns to her office and is surprised to see Curtis there unexpectedly. She asks what he is doing there when it appeared he was going to have a private celebration with Valerie, and she inquires if Valerie may have kicked him to the curb. He assures her that is not the case. He admits the reason he is there is because he wants a second chance and would like her help in becoming a cop again. She reminds him that he got in trouble and blew it for himself with his drug habit. Yet he reminds her that his issues were in the past. He no longer uses and believes she could help him get his badge back. He tells her he's willing to submit to a drug test. She may talk to his sponsor . She tells him even if he's clean now, she wonders what his sponsor would say about his working and being in the presence of drug intervention and under-cover narcotics busts. He then reminds her of how he knows himself, as well as her, Shawn and Tommy and their past mistakes. He knows that she lied to her deceased husband that TJ was his son when Shawn was. Hearing that, she assumes he may be “threatening” to expose her secret. Curtis remarks to Jordan that he never heard her express any gratitude to him for his “help” in covering for her. She asks him if he has some sort of “self-righteousness” in wanting to tell the truth to Tommy because he was Curtis' brother. She protests she had to save her marriage, for Tommy's sake. And when he got deployed again, she had to give him a “reason” to get through. She was worried. She lied and told him the baby was his. She regrets it but believed she needed to give him a reason to come home. Yet they both realize Tommy is dead and feel responsible for his death. Curtis reflects to her that he learned a lesson from that, to stay out of other people's business. Right then, we see TJ entering outside his mom's office to overhear Curtis telling Jordan that he is not about to disclose the secret to TJ that Tommy was not his father and Shawn is.

At the hospital, Tracy assesses to Monica that she let a good man go while there is still a murderer wandering the halls of General Hospital.

At The Floating Rib, Hayden is really concerned when it appears Finn is terribly sick, remarking it seems worse than before. She offers to call an ambulance and take him to the hospital but he urges her to please help him and Roxy get back to the hotel. She agrees and they leave together.

Sam and Jason return home with their new passports, ready to head to JFK and find Nikolas, now knowing his new alias, Niall Carradine.

In London, Ava offers to help Nikolas. He still wonders what she wants or has on him. Yet she asks why he's so suspicious and tells him he needs to realize she's on his side. They agree to share a car in the morning at 6:00. She advises him not to be paranoid about the guy following them. Yet not far behind them, unknown to both of them, Huxley is trailing them and declares that he will be waiting at 6 a.m. sharp.

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