GH Update Wednesday 6/15/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Curtis is throwing a graduation party for Valerie and other police academy graduates at The Floating Rib. Dante is on the phone calling and leaving a message for Jordan, urging her not to work so hard and take a break to come out and join them. Curtis notices him and Dante tells him he knows the two of them did not get off on the best foot but he appreciates his doing this for Valerie. Curtis acknowledges this is not about himself. He's just happy to have both Dante and Lulu there for Valerie. Lulu enters and happily joins her husband. He asks her if she's sure she's up to this, to which she replies it's true that time heals everything and she's completely ok with everything. Valerie enters and is really happy and appreciative that Curtis has done this and managed to foot the bill and all. He wants to toast her new beginning. He informs her what he remembers about his own graduation ceremony and so he wanted to give her a special celebration. He realized that she will be in the same squad room as Dante and Lulu is her family and so they needed to be there with her. Valerie is not entirely certain that she has reconciled with her “former friend”, Dante or her cousin Lulu, as she sees them happily together. Lulu happily greets her cousin and tells her she's honored that a family member is joining the force and is glad to say the next generation of Spencers are on the right track. Right then she gets a call and finds out that the house she hoped she and Dante would be able to move into is not available.

André goes to see Anna. She coldly informs him she was not expecting anyone there and especially not him. He gets right to the point, telling her that he has something he needs to discuss with her that is of a personal nature.

While Jordan is alone in her office, trying to bury herself in work and not think about André, he realizes she may be right that he is, in fact, attracted to Anna. At her house, Anna tells him that she is not in a good mood after knowing that the man who murdered Duke is out there free as a bird and she's been cut out of any effort to bring him to justice. It would be galling enough if Paul Hornsby was behind this. But she thought Jordan was her friend. Not long ago, Jordan was in trouble and got fired and Anna found her a job when she was down and out. When the roles are reversed, Jordan cannot do the same for her so she's clearly not the friend Anna thought she was. She reflects that he, however, was different in that he got on the witness stand, under oath and testified to her character. Yet she's now seeing that maybe it's all talk. She tells him she owes him eternal gratitude for being there for her and for saving her life. Yet she doesn't see what more they have to say to each other. Yet he tells her she has to hear what he has to say. He informs her that after she left him alone with Jordan, they had an argument where Jordan accused him of being attracted to Anna. Hearing that, Anna is stunned as she hears André admit that Jordan is correct about that. She is surprised and intrigued. He admits that he did not want to admit it but it's true, reflecting she's beautiful and intelligent and fiercely courageous.

Carly returns home after attending her brother's wedding and she happily reports to her husband that while, in Julian and Alexis' home, she saw the cops urgency to search the place without waiting until the wedding was over. She is confident that it's just a matter of time before Julian will go down for the murder of Duke and of Carlos. She's also happy to say her brother is happily married. Sonny then tells her he has a special surprise for her. He informs her that he's been investigating the mystery of how Josslyn got her kidney. He found a lead about a woman who may have sold it on the black market who somehow disappeared. He tells his wife, he can find her but it may take time and money. Yet he is there for her and Josslyn. He affirms to Carly, however, that the final decision is hers'. If she wants him to stop it, he will, He can pursue it but he warns her, she may not like what he finds out. Hearing that, Carly admits to her husband she is torn between needing to get medical history in case she has to save her daughter's life and having to uncover something that may be very ugly. She realizes that maybe ignorance is bliss. Sonny assures her that he will support her with whatever she wants, as he reminds her that she did the right thing when Josslyn needed a kidney and none of this is her fault, given the circumstances.

At the hospital, after drugs have gone missing, all the staff are being investigated. Elizabeth and Felix sit together to discuss the matter. They look up to see Franco walking with Dr. Obrecht and remark they are happy to see they are not “the only suspects”. Hearing that, Franco makes it clear that he's certain he will be the “fall guy” so they need not worry about anything, as he angrily tells them if he wanted to murder Lucas Jones, it would be in a far more original way than injecting him with Derisifol. Hearing that, Dr. Obrecht takes him aside and angrily demands he shut up and not incriminate himself. She warns him she knows he may have mainstreamed himself to a certain degree but his criminal history is well known, reminding him that anytime there is foul play, he's on the top of the suspect list, further reminding him she has given him the benefit of the doubt more than anyone else. In response to that, he concludes there “may be someone else”, who can vouch for him, as he goes to find Elizabeth. While she talks to Felix, they both realize that suspicion surrounds Finn, given that they've seen him take drugs from the dispensary. Felix goes and talks to Finn attempting to communicate and build trust and let him know that if he's asked to testify what he knows and suspects, it may not look good for Finn. Not far away, Franco assesses to Dr. Obrecht he appreciates her friendship and support of him and realizes he may not have been such a good friend to her recently. She tells him she'd like to see him painting again and would like to see his latest works.

Finn is in the hospital locker room when Monica finds him. He informs her he's ready to leave but she informs him she heard he has not yet submitted for the drug test. She “courteously” tells him he just needs to come with her to get it done so it will shut Liesl Obrecht up once and for all. Yet he tells her he's not going to do it. She urges him to know he “has to”, but he tells her he does not “have to” do that. She protests, reminding him drugs have been taken from the dispensary. Lucas Jones has been injected with Derisifol. She's hired a private investigator to question the staff and she wants full cooperation from them as she does from him. In response to that, he tells her this is a witch hunt demanding people line up and prove their innocence. He angrily tells her he's a private citizen. He's done nothing wrong and he's not going to pee into a cup in order to prove he's not a drug addict. With that, he storms out the door.

Franco finds Elizabeth and asks her how things are going, commenting to her he knows they are both under suspicion. Carly finds Elizabeth and tells her she needs to talk to her about Jake. Franco asks her just what she thinks she has the right to discuss about Jake, reminding her of his relationship with Jake and the fact that she needs to know that Jake's father does not know what is right for him, in case Carly wants to contest that. She angrily tells him she needs to discuss something privately with Elizabeth. Franco leaves them alone and Carly informs Elizabeth that, as they know, everyone believed Jake died a few years ago and she donated her daughter's kidney to Josslyn. Yet, they now know that is impossible, Carly reminds her. And so, without a clue where her daughter's kidney came from and having reason to believe it came from the black market, Carly informs Elizabeth, she has to unravel this mystery and get the answer to that. In response to that, Elizabeth assesses she and Carly have had their differences but she is in full support of Carly finding out about Josslyn's donor kidney, knowing maybe it will shed some light on what happened to Jake.

Dr. Obrecht walks into the staff locker room and can tell that “someone” appears to be locking themselves inside somewhere.

Monica continues to urge Finn to take the drug test, reminding him he needs to clear his name. Yet he continues to angrily and evasively refuse. She asks why on earth he would not want to end the unfounded suspicion once and for all and have the added bonus of being able to put Dr. Obrecht in her place. He replies because in this country, one is innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around, affirming that taking that test goes against everything he believes in. Dr. Obrecht tells Monica she needs to speak with her immediately over something of the utmost importance. Monica goes into the hallway with her while Finn stands outside watching them.

André admits to Anna that he would be lying if he said he did not have romantic feelings for her. Although he's never acted on them, they are real and are not going away. He realizes that nobody can control their feelings. She assesses that it appears he believes it's not fair to pursue a relationship with Jordan while he has these feelings for her. He concludes that he's now come to the realization that he can no longer be friends with Anna because he wants to commit to Jordan. Hearing that, she jokingly tells him she's “been dumped before” but this is kind of overwhelming. She asks if they could not just remain friends realizing they can set boundaries. He tells her he realizes she can maintain boundaries but for him to have feelings for both her and for Jordan may be easier said than done.

Jordan finally arrives at the graduation ceremony and courteously greets Curtis, expressing her gratitude for his doing this. She then calls everyone to listen while she makes an announcement, acknowledging and congratulating the new officers. She informs them all that it's not easy to do what they need to do. She reflects how she knows only special people can make this commitment. She right then makes a special “shout out” to Ms. Valerie Spencer, acknowledging all that Valerie had to go through and the fact that Valerie is in the top 10% of her class. Curtis congratulates her and she reflects she can see he may miss wearing a badge. He gives her a 50 cent piece explaining that it's a good luck charm because it saved his life once when someone fired a shot and tried to kill him when he was a police rookie. He asks her if she has plans for tonight.

Carly returns home and leaves a message for Josslyn's father Jacks, telling him what she is doing. Sonny returns to her and informs her he will get his guys on this first thing in the morning and assures his wife they will get to the bottom of this.

At The Floating Rib, when Dante and Lulu are struck with the “disappointment” of losing their dream house, he suddenly gets a call informing him that the other buyer pulled out and the house is theirs.

Sonny is on the phone confirming that he has pulled strings to enable his son and daughter-in-law to get the house and needs to make sure they never know he had anything to do with this. He reveals that he's talking to Diane, remarking she did nice work and that is what he pays her for.

Anna is alone on her computer considering personal ad sites. André returns to Jordan's office and surprises her telling her he loves her.

At the hospital, Monica returns to face her subordinates. She asks Finn to face her while she uncovers what was found in his locker, which she reveals is a large syringe. Dr. Obrecht gloats and smirks while the others gather around to hear Monica firmly tell Finn she needs an explanation.

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