GH Update Tuesday 6/14/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone with Jason, after finding out, with the help of Spinelli that Nikolas is not dead, Sam assesses her cousin ran away, left his family to grieve and let Jason take the blame for it. He assures her they will find Nikolas although she reminds him not if the cops find them first. There's a knock on the door but they know cops do not knock so he opens it to see one of Sonny's men with a brief case who informs Jason it's “from the boss”. They know they need to investigate further so they go to a shop that manufactures fake IDs, posing as customers, hoping to get the guy distracted long enough to look on his computer and in his file cabinets. He takes their passports and they give him money. Yet they have not found out what they need to know about Nikolas.

When Ava is flying to leave the country, after Julian has advised her to do so, she notices there the passenger sitting beside her is Nikolas. He appears to have been sleeping, is growing a beard and wearing shades. She recognizes him and knows she's met a “valuable contact”. He coldly tells Ava she has him mistaken for someone else. Yet she laughs and takes a selfie of them both, asking how much he thinks the people of Port Charles would pay to get this picture, telling him she can post and send it in a flash. At that point, she sees she is making Nikolas “worried” so she assures him he may relax. She does not intend to expose and get him in trouble, commenting that “us phonies and frauds need to stick together”. She mentions she is sure he has credit cards with his fake name and warns him he will need to use cash as much as possible since there's no telling what could happen with that. She also tells him he can never, ever return to Port Charles. Hearing that, however, he tells her he has a “plan”, to which she remarks she sure hopes this plan of his takes his son into account. She admits to him that she realizes the pain she has inflicted upon her daughter and knows she's still paying for that. Hearing that, Nikolas tells her he appreciates her concerns but assures her he's good. There's another “passenger” looking up from his newspaper to observe them, unseen, while Nikolas states that he's “leaving nothing to chance”. The stranger named Huxley with a British accent initiates contact with Nikolas, telling him he looks familiar, trying to figure out who he may be or where he may have seen him and asks Nikolas if he's been in the news. Nikolas does not want to continue that conversation yet Ava smiles and tells the guy she's “sure he can figure it out if he puts his mind to it”. At that point, Huxley concludes that he knows Nikolas was “in that film”. He goes through the details and asks if he's right, to which Ava tells him he's exactly right and Nikolas “concurs” with that. Huxley concludes that the “actor in question” has done a great job “faking an American accent”, to which Nikolas realizes he has to sound British and stutters as he introduces himself, not remembering the actor's name. Ava then explains that the two of them “just want to be discreet”, as she engages him in a friendly manner. He asks if they mind getting any pictures, to which she “graciously declines”, explaining the many reasons for why her “friend” cannot be photographed at this time. Yet she tells him “Miles” will be happy to give him his autograph.

Emma is typing on her laptop with Felicia nearby while she asks how to spell words like espionage and asks whether to capitalize WSB. Felicia asks the girl what she is typing, to which Emma replies she does not want her grandma to be alone so she was considering giving her a pet. Yet, she admits, she has a better idea. Hearing that, Felicia asks what that would be, to which Emma reveals she is posting her grandma's picture on a dating site. Emma brainstorms and gets some ideas from Felicia about how to portray her grandma as a super hero and Felicia. Felicia suggests that maybe Emma's grandma is not ready to meet anybody right now. Yet Emma protests asking Felicia if she does not believe that Anna is lonely, realizing her grandma has not come out and admitted that she's lonely but she does know how much she misses Uncle Duke. They both agree that her grandma wants to believe she can take on the world all by herself. Yet Emma comments that everybody needs help and there's nothing wrong with asking for or accepting help, as she knows her teacher tells her. Felicia then concludes to Emma that they will be there for her grandma when she is ready but it has to be her own decision to make. Alone, however, Emma concludes that her grandma “needs a nudge” and so she continues with her “secret” ad.

Anna goes to talk to Jordan, informing her that since she is now working “for” Paul at the DA's office, she wants “in” on the Carlos Rivera case. In response to that, however, Jordan firmly tells her, with due respect, she does not want Anna anywhere near this case. Anna asks Jordan why she would not want her to investigate Julian Jerome, reminding her of her extensive experience. Jordan informs her she is not questioning Anna's resume. The reason is Anna is too “emotionally involved” to be effective in what they need to do with Julian. She further explains when they are this close to nailing Julian, Anna needs to put her pride aside and let others handle this so they can bring him to justice once and for all. Anna asks the police commissioner to please reconsider, reminding her she's had a long history with Julian. Yet Jordan reminds her that history goes both ways, explaining that Julian knows how to exploit Anna's grief over Duke and that could backfire. Yet Anna does not accept that. At that point, André walks in, sees the two women together and comments that he can see they are in the middle of something. Anna continues to protest that although she's made some mistakes and bad judgments, she believes she is qualified and urges André to back her up on that. Yet he tells her he's sorry. He cannot say that. Hearing that, Anna walks out. Alone with Jordan, André reveals that maybe he does not entirely disagree with Anna on this.

At Julian's home, Nathan and Officer Hollister discover the murder weapon used to kill Carlos, although Julian defiantly asks the detective if he really wants to go on the record assuming this when he knows nothing about it. Nathan informs him that this dagger matches what was used to stab Carlos. Hearing that, Julian asks Alexis if she does not back him, to which Alexis admits to Nathan that that was the knife that Helena Cassadine “bequeathed” to her in her Will, which Helena used to slit Alexis' mother's throat. In response to that, Nathan and the uniform realize they have to leave but warn both Julian and Alexis not to go anywhere. Alone in the house, Alexis admits to Julian that although Nathan is onto something, it's not “great” evidence given that he did not exactly leave DNA on the knife, nor are there not many other knives like it. And so, any DA could question that. Hearing that, Julian remarks she sounds like she might care about him. She replies she was mainly thinking like a lawyer and could care less what happens to him at this point. Hearing that, he asks her if she is really sure of that, reminding her that she has had many opportunities to turn him over to the police but has not. She tells him he may believe whatever he wants, informing him that she did not go through with what she planned because of what happened to Lucas. His son was fighting for his life and needed his father and so she did it for Lucas and not for Julian, she tells her husband. She also informs him she intended to take his bloody shirt with her and meet Diane at the PCPD but he got to it first. He admits he did but knows he did not have to. She would not have gone through with it. He knows she loves him and the truth is she cannot let him go. Yet she informs him she already has. She is divorcing him. He asks her to please reconsider and let him fix this, telling her they can work this out. She tells him no they cannot. He suggests they see a marriage counselor, to which she laughs and asks if they should tell the counselor they have issues regarding his habit of killing people. She further reminds him that therapy requires honesty which he is incapable of, remarking that he ruined it all when he killed Carlos. She assesses to him that their marriage was based upon fraud and is null and void. He asks her if she did not love him when they got married, to which she admits she loved him when she saw who she wanted to see him as. Now she knows it was false that this will never work. She cannot be married to him anymore. They are done, she declares. Her life is a mess, she admits. And she needs to fix her life without him anywhere near her. He then gets up to leave and concludes he will stay at The Metro Court. She tells him she will have his things sent to him although he does not want her to bother. She then demands to know what he wants her to do with his stuff. Chuck it? Sell it? He tells her he will be back “when things cool down”. She tells him she will change the locks. He then angrily tells her he will break the locks, reminding her he will never, ever give her a divorce. She is his wife. He is her husband and it's going to remain that way, he tells her. He tells her the vows they took mean something to him even if they do not to her, adding the part of “until death do them part” is what he means. Hearing that, she appears afraid.

Anna returns home after Emma goes up to bed and talks privately to Felicia about how she “feels betrayed” by two people she thought she could count on. Felicia wants to know if she may be lonely without Duke, ready or not ready to move on and if she does not believe it's time to “be healthy” and start socializing. Yet Anna tells Felicia she's not ready for dating, admitting she made a serious mistake on that front shortly after Duke died. Felicia tells her she understands all too well, having made bad choices with the wrong men, before she found her way back to Mac. Yet she urges Anna to know there are some good men out there and she should not be afraid to believe she can find them.

André and Jordan have a “private argument”, where he admits to her that although he told Anna he agrees with Jordan, he may not. She asks him if, after he questions how she does her job, can she do the same thing about how he does his job? He then asks her if she wants to have dinner yet she admits that he has failed to be honest with her about his feelings for Anna. Hearing that, he clarifies to her that Anna “was” his patient and she is now his friend. He assures Jordan he does not have romantic feelings for Anna and only has them for her. He again encourages her to go to dinner with him. Yet she tells him she cannot because she has work to do. Hearing that, André concludes he will leave but only because she wants him to.

When Anna is alone in her house, André comes to see her. She coldly tells him she's in no mood for any more “psychobabble”. Yet that may not be what he is there for.

When Sam and Jason return home, she admits she did not exactly find out, when looking on the computer, if Nikolas did hire the “fake ID guy” to manufacture a false identify for him. Yet he concludes that when they return to pick up their passports, they can find out what name Nikolas is using and go to find him.

Ava remarks to Nikolas he can “thank her any time”, as she reminds him how she told the strange guy the perfect story to believe in order to save Nikolas from being found out for who he really is. Unknown to them, however, when it appears the guy is sleeping, he opens his eye to reveal he's wide awake and listening to every word they are saying. Yet Nikolas cannot deny that he “owes” Ava for her help with this. As soon as they are off the plane and suspect nothing, the guy gets on his phone to confirm that he “found the right man” and he has a plan.

Nathan returns to Jordan and informs her he served the warrant at Alexis' and Julian's place. She needs to know more. He informs her he found a dagger that matches what was found on Carlos' wound. Forensics is now looking into it, and he further tells her that they think they found a spot of blood that could identify who used it.

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