GH Update Monday 6/13/16

General Hospital Update Monday 6/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie goes to find Griffin at the hospital, informing him that she does not want to impose but she feels she has no choice except to seek him out for guidance, admitting that his being a priest makes it relevant to what she needs from him. Although he does not want to get involved in what is going on with her and Nathan, she continues to urge Griffin to realize that as a priest, he has to hear this if he practices absolution. She explains that Nathan shot a man (possibly “in cold blood”). Yet Griffin clarifies to her that it was “in the heat of the moment”, as he explains that Nathan was under the influence of alcohol, did not expect to find his wife in bed with another man. And so, he'd call that the perfect definition of a “crime of passion”. Hearing that, Maxie asks Griffin if he is “making excuses and justification” for Nathan's actions. He protests that he detests guns and violence but believes that Nathan might have had an “involuntary” lapse in judgment that he can be absolved for. Yet she still finds that so “unlike” the man she has known Nathan to be since day one, having always know him to be very slow to anger, not impulsive and very capability and willing to think things through before taking drastic action. Hearing that, Griffin reveals to her that he, himself, is capable of doing things not unlike what she's discovered about Nathan, and very possibly worse. Yet Maxie wonders about the man whom Nathan shot. Why didn't someone press charges? This guy was a human being also even if he was sleeping with a married woman. Griffin tells her that maybe she cannot define Nathan by this “one incident”, as he indicates that he has some insights or maybe first-hand information about the very thing she is talking about.

Back at the apartment, Nathan discusses the same thing with Spinelli, who reminds Nathan that he has failed Maxie, while he makes it clear to Nathan that he is looking out for his baby's mother and friend even if he's on the opposite coast. Nathan remarks to Spinelli he clearly remembers about a year ago, how Maxie was ready to break up with him in order to be with Spinelli and he was ready to break up with Ellie in order to be with her. Spinelli assures Nathan that although he has doubts that Maxie is doing the right thing if she takes Nathan back, he and Ellie are committed. And so, he informs Nathan, if Maxie does, in fact, decide to end it with Nathan for good, it would not be because of Spinelli. He affirms to Nathan that it's “all on him” as he further encourages Nathan to fight for Maxie and realize that she deserves the best. Nathan gets an incoming call from the station, instructing him to drop what he's doing and take action right away.

Sam meets up with Jason after they have both gone off in separate directions in order to unravel the mystery of Nikolas. She reports how all of Nikolas' family members mourned the loss of him when she went to “vigil” at Wyndemere. Although he's told her he believes Nikolas is alive and has staged the whole thing to have people falsely believing he's dead, he indicates he has not come up with any evidence that Nikolas is alive. He informs Sam that he did spy upon Spencer talking to Emma and although he did not actually overhear Nikolas' son admit that his daddy is alive, it appeared that Spencer knows something he's not revealing to anyone. They both agree that for Spencer to sound completely “unaffected”, and not at all upset when he tells everyone he knows his dad is dead, makes it very clear that he knows otherwise and is lying for his dad. Yet they have no way to prove that is in fact the case. Hearing that, Sam suggests she goes and talks to her nephew to see if she can get more information yet Jason tells her that may not accomplish what they want. They both agree that it's not ok for Nikolas to have everyone mourning his death. Yet Jason remembers that once Nikolas saved his life, in a fire. So, he concludes, he owes Nikolas for that. They both agree they need to find Nikolas and get to the bottom of this.

After Julian has agreed to let Lucas and Brad get married at his house, Alexis asks him why he did not forewarn her. Does he think she's going to act like the adoring wife in order to be a part of his son's wedding? He asks her what is the alternative, to which she replies she thinks it might better for her to leave and not come back, so he will have to explain it all to his son and his groom. Hearing that, he urges her not to do that, asking if she can, at the very least, do that for his son. Before they can discuss it further, Lucas and Brad burst through the room, happy, ready to get married and indicating they are completely unaware of what has happened between Julian and Alexis. Bobbie and Carly join them. Ava comes by to see her brother and he talks to her privately outside the house. As soon as Carly is alone with Alexis, she remarks she can sense that Alexis is “discontented” and asks her if hypocrisy is weighing her down, as she reminds her it's very obvious that Julian put Carlos up to murdering Duke and has killed Carlos in order to shut him up and that Alexis is enabling him to get away with killing at least two people.

Outside the house, Ava tells her brother that she has some urgent matters to discuss with him, knowing that Alexis is onto Julian and he's in serious trouble. She asks just what Alexis has on him, to which he replies to his sister he can't say much about that., although he warns her that she could also be an “accessory” if the cops want to charge him. And so it might be in her best interest to go and leave town, leave the country and travel so the cops can't find her. They affirm their “solidarity”, as she hugs brother and it seems as though Ava may be the only “friend” Julian has right now. She leaves and Julian returns to the house to stand at the wedding. Lucas and Brad both read the vows they've written. Yet before they can go any further, Carly notices Nathan at the door with a uniform cop behind him. Alexis tells him they are in the middle of a wedding, to which Nathan apologizes for interrupting but states he has a warrant to search the premises in the murder investigation of Carlos Rivera. He tells them that he and the officer have to have full access to the house in order to do a thorough investigation. And it can't wait.

At Wyndemere, Hayden/Rachel sits with her mom making it clear she still has feelings for Nikolas and mourns the loss. Yet her mom “indirectly” indicates to her daughter she'd like to know about the diamonds, to which Hayden/Rachel shows her mom the picture that Nikolas took of them, while at the Nurses Ball. She explains at that point, her husband wanted to entice her to come back to him although she did let someone (Curtis) talk her out of it. She now assesses that if she'd simply agreed to return home, Nikolas might be alive today. She reminds her mom that the feds are ready to arrest her. They return and inform her there is evidence with her finger prints on it. She urges her mom not to “cooperate” with them yet her mom tells the whole story about her husband and herself owning property and wealth, before, during and after he committed his crimes and got arrested. She mentions that since it was a “daunting task” to assess and take inventory of all of the wealth after he went to prison, she needed the help of her daughter. And so, yes, her daughter's finger prints would be on diamonds and many other things. She urges them to know they have no evidence against her daughter, they need to realizes that her daughter has lost her husband and so they need to “back off”. At that point, the cops realize that they have nothing on Hayden/Rachel although they remark that she may have her mother “snowed” but not them, as they warn her “this is not over”. Alone with her mom, Hayden/Rachel admits she is very surprised that she'd go to bat for her and asks why, to which her mom replies it's “maybe a gesture of solidarity”. With that, she informs her daughter she has to get back to CT in time for her “prison wives therapy group”. Hearing that, Hayden/Rachel is very surprised to learn that her mom would be part of therapy. Her mom remarks it's been “very helpful” and informs her daughter that a TV producer is thinking of making a reality show about the group. She turns to ask Hayden/Rachel if she's going to be alright in this big lonely house, to which she responds that her mom need not worry about her. She has things in her life, a mom, a friend named Curtis and she has developed a relationship with her step-son. Her mom, again, remarks she can see her daughter truly loved that boy's father, as she encourages her to give herself time to grieve, before diving into “whatever comes next”.

Sam calls Spinelli to see if he can help her and Jason unravel the mystery. He comes and they both happily greet and welcome him. For the first time, Jason remembers and shares with Spinelli, both his and Sam's friendship with their former computer geek liaison. Spinelli then wastes no time getting on the computer to come up with information about where Nikolas may have gone.

Ava is on an airplane, after Julian has urged her to get out of the country. She gets on her phone to call Kiki and baby Avery, happily talking to them, telling them she loves them. She tells the little one she needs to know that everything her mommy does, she does for her.

At Julian's house, Nathan tells the members of the wedding ceremony, they can proceed if they want while he does his job. At that point, Lucas faces Brad and tells him that he had no direction until Brad encouraged him to pursue his medical career. He laughs when he reveals how Brad's boldness really astonished him, and because of Brad, he (Lucas) learned to be vulnerable, to be able to develop himself as a doctor, as a man and a husband. He reflects how, when he was sick and in a desperate situation, Brad opened up and gave his heart to him. We see them exchanging rings while their family and friends all gather around. Lucas further affirms that Brad's love saved his life, while they all toast with champagne. Alexis listens attentively as Brad reflects that Lucas has encouraged him to be a better man, as they both realize “nobody is perfect” and how special it is when someone give someone a chance to reform themselves. She stares coldly at Julian. Nathan and the cops come down the stairs. Julian asks if they found anything, to which Nathan admits “not yet”, although this is just the beginning of their investigation. They get to the vows and the two grooms are declared legally married. Lucas thanks his family for being there for him. Carly goes off with her mom, brother and new brother-in-law. As soon as Julian and Alexis are alone in the house together, the tension mounts. Nathan and the uniform cop uncover the very knife Julian used to stab Carlos (the same one Helena Cassadine used to kill Alexis' mother).

After finishing her talk with Griffin, Maxie is enlightened and encouraged, for the first time, to “see it through” with Nathan. She concludes that Griffin is right that one act does not define a person. She realizes all too well how, if anyone were to judge her based upon her past mistakes, nobody would love her. So Nathan deserves the same. She believes that he is a man of honor and boundless value...and so is her love for him, she affirms to Griffin. She then remarks to Griffin that she can see that “something” is making him really “sad”, although she hasn't a clue as to what. She tells him he needs to realize he is not “that guy” either.

Spinelli is able to successfully prove that Jason's theory is correct that Nikolas staged his death, leaving everyone to grieve for him and letting Jason take the blame. He leaves Sam and Jason alone to talk and they are still both wary of being found by the cops. They hear a knock on the door. Sam fears it's police, but Jason says that cops don't knock.

When Ava is taking the flight, she sees that the passenger sitting ride beside her is Nikolas. They stare at each other.

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