GH Update Thursday 6/9/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Griffin reflects to Lucas that one of his favorite tasks as a doctor is to discharge a patient. Lucas, however, expresses his concerned over the fact that he has never been informed by his doc that he is Father Munro. When Griffin explains his need to practice medicine, Lucas reminds him he still does not explain or justify why he hid that he's a priest. Lucas asks if, perhaps the reason Griffin did not reveal that to him is because Lucas is gay and maybe Griffin's church does not approve of that? Yet, in response to that, Griffin protests that many parishioners in his church are in support of gay lifestyles and respect and love all members of the church regardless.

Spinelli goes to visit Maxie and Nathan at their apartment unexpectedly and suspects nothing, having heard they are engaged and everything is good between them when they last spoke. When he notices Nathan's less-than-contented expression and Maxie appearing uncomfortable to see him, however, Nathan informs Spinelli that he is in the process of moving out, unless, of course, Maxie has reconsidered, as he looks at her to confirm that she means what she previously said. Maxie admits it is true that she and Nathan are separating and she does not know when or if they will reconcile. In response to that, Spinelli offers to leave, temporarily, in order to let them work things out and come back after they have “kissed and made up”, although Maxie makes it clear it may not be that simple and maybe he should not count on a simple or timely reconciliation. He assesses the two of them clearly have some issues to discuss and maybe his timing was all wrong. He leaves Nathan reminds Maxie that he realizes that she put his freedom in her hands, and so he urges her not to tell anyone else. She goes out into the hallway and sees Spinelli wanting to know specific information yet does not know what to tell him. He protests that he wants to help and find out what is going on, to which Maxie explains that she realizes she is in no position to judge Nathan for lying or betraying one's trust, given what both she and Spinelli know only too well about her own history and track record. She is, however, concerned that Nathan is not the man she thought he was, when she informs Spinelli how she found out, “accidentally” about Nathan's previous relationship when was doped up with pain killers, drifted off and called her Claudette. Spinelli assesses that Nathan lied to her telling his fiancÚ that Claudette was the family dog yet wonders why that, alone, would be such a detrimental problem for them. Yet she informs Spinelli that Nathan's “avoidance” about his previous relationship was only the tip of the iceberg. At that point, Spinelli clearly wants to know more but she then realizes she cannot discuss the specific details with anyone. At that point, she tells him she has to rush off and take care of business. Yet she questions why he is in town unexpectedly, to which Spinelli replies he simply has a meeting with an old friend.

Nathan goes to the hospital and expresses he is seeking spiritual guidance from Griffin (as a priest to confide in) about how he and Maxie are experiencing serious trust issues and hopes he can confide in him about this. Griffin however, surprises him by coldly revealing he does not want to hear any of this. If Nathan or Maxie have issues and need help, there are many resources for them but they must leave him out of this, he demands as he angrily walks off and gets on the elevator. At that point, Nathan wonder what on earth “that” was all about.

Shortly thereafter, when Griffin is alone at the hospital, Maxie goes to find him, hoping to get “spiritual guidance” from as priest and friend regarding her concerns and trust issues with Nathan. Hearing that, he coldly tells her he knows what she wants and firmly states that he is the absolute last person with whom she should be having this conversation. Hearing that, she demands to know why.

Sam and Jason stand outside Wyndemere and talk about what to do regarding the charges and warrant out for his arrest for what happened to Nikolas. He tells her he has to find clues in order to be exonerated and prove what he suspects about Nikolas while she goes inside to join the “vigil” for Nikolas with his family and friends. She is worried if he goes off alone and puts himself at risk, he could get in serious trouble. Yet he assures her he needs to take care of some business and will text her as soon as he finds anything out.

At Wyndemere, Laura expresses to Lulu and Elizabeth her concerns that Spencer is showing no emotional or grief about the fact that his father could have died. Hayden/Rachel is also there and Elizabeth takes her son Cameron and Emma Drake to visit Spencer. She takes Hayden/Rachael aside and surprises her announcing that she'd like to “call a truce”, explaining that since Nikolas family members are all expressing their grief and participating in prayer for Nikolas. And so, for their sake, it might be the right thing for she and Hayden/Rachel not to be at each other's throats. After that, Elizabeth tells her, they can resume hating each other.

Not far away, Spencer adamantly tells a “concerned and hopeful” Emma that although people want to have hope about his dad, he's very certain he will never see his dad again. He shows no emotion, grief or mourning when he continues to tell everyone they need to wake up and realize this.

Outside the door, Hayden/Rachel's mom finds her and wants to take care of business for her daughter and offer her emotional support regarding the predicament she is in with Nikolas, the diamonds and everything. They go inside the door to hear Laura talking to Lulu about how Spencer is “dealing” with the situation. In another corner, Spencer approaches Dante, telling him there's no reason for the cops to keep the case to find his dad open, as he presents all the evidence that it will only dredge up dead leads. Hearing that, Dante remarks that he's very impressed by how much Spencer knows about police work. He listens to Spencer presenting evidence that his father will clearly not come back, yet explains to him that in police work, one cannot assume or conclude that when they have no evidence, and so they need to realize there is still hope that Nikolas is alive and well. Yet, Spencer tells his Uncle Dante he appreciates his encouragement but “knows what he is doing”, giving false hopes, and expresses that he does not want to get his hopes up only to lose his father again. Laura calls everyone to gather into the room and to form a support network, reflecting she knows they are grieving and in crises yet hopes they can all offer comfort to one another. Everyone is silent except for Spencer who boldly tells his grandma that although he knows she may not want to hear this, his father is gone forever.

Not far away, Jason goes into what appears to be Nikolas' bedroom, wearing black clothing, gloves and a disguise and looks through his dresser drawers.

Sam enters the Wyndemere living room, telling Nikolas' family and friends she's sorry to interrupt. However, Laura welcomes her, assures Sam it's ok and everyone is glad she's there. Lulu announces that she's glad her mom arranged this meeting, as she expresses how she is feeling this empty numbness in her chest not knowing what has happened to her brother She admits feels all alone. Yet when she looks into this room and sees all of them there, she does not feel alone, she expresses as they all listen intently and emotionally. At that point, Spencer asks if he may be excused, which Laura replies yes. He immediately goes into the other room with Emma.

At her house, Julian admits to Alexis that despite all that has happened between them and all that they have done to each other, he still loves her and does not want to lose her. She asks if he loves her, why then he betrayed her and is making it clear he will stop at nothing in order to protect himself without regard for anyone else including her. She reminds him that she warned him, before they got married, that she could not have anything to do with him if he did not give up his life of organized crime, yet he lied to her promising to meet those terms. He grabs the bloody shirt to prevent her from taking it and bringing him to justice for murder as he angrily tells her maybe it's she who has betrayed their marriage vows. Hearing that, she asks if he is implying that she has broken her vows because she promised to commit to him for better or for worse, reminding him that a murder charge might be the “exception” to that rule. Hearing that, he reminds her she has no proof that he killed Carlos Rivera. When he sees she is “not willing to let it go”, he goes outside the door with the bloody shirt. At that point, she sits on the couch crying and sobbing uncontrollably. As soon as he's gone, she gets on the phone to announce that she has no more evidence against her husband but will not let Julian get away with murder. Not far away, Julian gathers the shirt, puts it in a trash barrel, pours lighter fluid over it and lights a match.

When Alexis is alone in the house, Lucas comes by. She happily greets, hugs and praises her step-son for being ok. Yet he can see that she is stressed and preoccupied about “something” and asks her if his dad did not inform her that he offered their house as a place for Lucas and Brad to get married. Hearing that, Alexis does not know what to say or do. Having no clue what she and his dad have just experienced, Lucas assures his stepmother that he knows she may be busy with work and his dad may be out but he and Brad will make certain everything is right for them when they come back for their wedding. He leaves and when she's alone in the house, Alexis relives and remembers all of the things that have happened regarding hiding the bloody shirt, lying to Julian, living in fear of him, contacting Diane to put him away, having him finding out what she was doing and confronting her and all of the emotional upheaval she's been through regarding this whole thing. Shortly thereafter, Julian returns and she coldly reminds him that his son is waiting for them to get ready for his wedding. Again, she asks him how he could throw everything they have away, to which Julian tells her he thought that they were a team and she'd stand by him through everything. In response to that, she coldly and angrily informs him that he thought wrong.

Emma and Spencer talk alone about secrets he may want to keep from everyone else. Jason is not far away, in the house, watching and overhearing their conversation. Emma tells Spencer that she will always remember the people in Port Charles who are important to her including her grandma and himself. He then tells her he appreciates that and invites her to go off to a private room with him, indicating he might “know something” that he only intends to reveal to Emma. Jason overhears that and follows them unseen as he sends a text to Sam.

Hayden/Rachel's mom joins the family support group and asks if her daughter has anything to say about Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel stands up and admits she loves her husband, knows he was warm, kind and loving and believes that Nikolas loves everybody there. Laura thanks her. Alone with Hayden/Rachel, her mom secretly asks her who knows about the diamonds besides the two of them.

At the end of the support group at Wyndemere, Dante finds Sam and asks her if she knows the whereabouts of Jason. She replies that she really has no idea where he is right now. Dante thanks her and reminds Sam that Jason saved his life and he will always be grateful. She graciously affirms to Dante that she's happy he is ok and there are no “bad feelings”. Sam walks away and Elizabeth finds her, urging her to know and hoping Sam can possibly shed some light on the fact that “something is very, very wrong right here”. When Spencer and Emma return, Laura asks the two kids where they ran off to. Spencer assures his grandma she need not worry but she needs to face that his father is never, ever coming back. Not far away, Dante observes Sam off in a corner with her back turned, as she makes it very clear she is texting. He gets on his phone to inform someone he knows that Sam Morgan must know something about Jason.

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