GH Update Wednesday 6/8/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes to find Ava outside in the park and tells her he can see that she's been “real busy”. Hearing that, she tells him she does not know what he means, to which he tells her he knows that she's been manipulating and messing with Morgan's head and taking advantage of his illness. He informs her that is going to cost her. She protests that she is just trying to protect her daughter. Hearing that, Sonny argues she could care less about either of her kids and has corrupted his son. Yet she reminds him that Morgan got her daughter shot on the docks. Not long ago, he took her to a cabin and could have gotten her killed when he had his manic episodes. She further tells Sonny if he and/or Carly care about Kiki, and especially if they care about baby Avery, they will realize that they cannot have authority in any decisions involving either of her daughters and they need to realize their son has some accountability for things that have gone wrong. He assesses to her that he knows about his son's issues and how bi polar affects a person but he believes Morgan is capable of making his own decisions. He admits to her that Morgan's being bi polar may be “on” himself. Yet, he assesses to Ava, that the behaviors she's done have caused serious consequences for his son and put him in danger. He admits he somewhat blames himself for Morgan's illness and problems. He informs Ava that for Avery's sake, he will let Ava live. However, he tells her, if she messes with his son, she will pay.

At Freedman, André goes to visit Morgan, smiling, appearing confident, and asks him if he believes the meds, therapy and program has worked for him, to which Morgan replies yes. André then assesses that he is confident that Morgan should be able to leave the facility and return home soon, assuming that must be what he wants. Morgan however, raises objects revealing that he “can't”. He admits that when he thinks about leaving, he realizes that with the program he's successfully following here, things are ok. Hearing that, André asks if he's possibly afraid that he will have difficulty following his program if he's free and he specifically asks Morgan if he's merely concerned about the side-effects of the now-effective and correctly adjusted medication. Morgan clarifies that he did, in fact, have a concern about impotency once while taking the meds. Yet beyond that, he is not comfortable being out in the world seen as a freak and would feel better staying in the facility with “the other freaks”. Hearing that, André presents a very “positive” prognosis about how Morgan can live happily, productively and successfully with a job, a social life and other benefits when he leaves the facility. Hearing that, Morgan asks his doctor if he really means that, to which André affirms in his professional opinion that is what he believes.

Dillon is at the Crimson office with Kiki and they are passionately kissing, when Tracy enters and brings to her sons attention that she is there watching that. Kiki concludes that she has to get back to work and will leave Dillon and his mom alone to talk privately. She leaves and Tracy assesses to her son that she was unaware and asks when he started his interest and involvement with Kiki Jerome, to which Dillon firmly tells her he's a grown man and is not obligated to have this conversation with his mother. Tracy clarifies to her son she agrees and the specific reason for why she is there is to see if he can shoot photos of her newly adopted child, baby Eduardo Santiago Rivera Quartermaine. Hearing that, Dillon informs his mom he could take the photos but has concerns about her possibly failing to realize that this baby is not Tracy's and is Sabrina Santiago's child.

Sabrina is taken to the police station and sits before Anna and Paul who are ready to have her arrested. Michael enters and objects to them doing this without her lawyer present. She informs him, however, that she is ready and does not need to drag this out any longer. She admits to Michael that she knew what she was doing and risking and was breaking the law when she went off with Carlos and aided and abetted him. The cops and DA are correct that she's broken the law and are doing what they have the right to do, she tells him and so she's willing to accept the consequences of her actions. Anna and Paul sit across the table from her and Anna asks her if, perhaps she was “coerced” by Carlos, in which case, she could get a lighter sentence. Paul does not counter or argue with that. Yet she reiterates she chose, of her own free will to travel with Carlos and enable him to commit his crimes. Anna and Paul leave the interrogation room while Sabrina remains there with Michael and her lawyers. Anna reminds Paul that Sabrina has ties and connections to Carlos and the whole situation and Paul needs to realize that. They both assess that Sabrina might be able to help them with what they need and is not a flight risk. While she is inside talking to Michael and the lawyers and ready to accept a jail sentence, Paul and Anna enter the room and he announces that the DA's office is dropping the charges against her. She's free to go but must not leave the area or give them further cause for suspicion. She thanks them and goes off with Michael.

When Alexis is in the house looking for the bloody shirt, which is evidence against Julian, she discovers she cannot find it in the secret hiding place where she's kept it, having Julian “falsely” believing that she burned it, as she promised. Julian walks in, shows her he has the shirt in his hands and asks her if she is “looking for this”. Hearing that, she firmly replies yes. That is exactly what she is looking for. He tells her he assumes she held onto the shirt for some sort of “insurance policy” in case evidence re-appears that suggests he killed Carlos. She admits that is true, to which he assesses he appreciates her honesty. He asks her if she's keeping the shirt in order to turn her husband over to the authorities. She replies she went looking for the shirt just now because she “changed her mind”. She wants her husband to believe that she does not intend to do what she has determined, and what she promised Diane she would do. Yet hearing what she's just said, Julian concludes that he's “glad she's made this decision” and so, he concludes, he wants them to burn the shirt together. They sit by the fire place while he informs her that very soon this will “all be over”. Before he can put the shirt in the fire and destroy it once and for all, she grabs it out of his hands. At that point, he tells her he was hoping that he could give her the benefit of the doubt and not assume he should not trust her when he walked in and saw her talking alone to Diane, and all that has happened since the night Carlos got killed. Now, however, he tells her, she has confirmed all of his suspicions and lied to him. In response to that, she angrily tells him it is he who is a liar and a murderer. She assesses that he's manipulated and played her. She now knows that his promises to reform himself and lead an honorable life was all a lie and a scam. She fell for it, she reminds him as she cries. She knows he's no different than Sonny or Carlos Rivera or anyone else who does what they do. Yet she chose to trust him and commit to him. Hearing that, he angrily assesses yes. She chose that and so it's her responsibility to own her choice. He asks her if she is willing to throw everything away that they had and if this damn bloody shirt means more to her than he does. At that point, he forcefully grabs it from her, grabs a hold of her and she is clearly afraid of him at that point.

Sonny goes to visit Morgan and informs him he confronted Ava knowing very well that it was she and no one else who caused Morgan and Kiki to break up. When Morgan denies and evades the conversation, Sonny informs to his son he looked at the guest log and saw that Ava was there not long ago to see him and he's not going to let her mess with his son again. Hearing that, Morgan protests that Ava is not responsible for his and Kiki's break-up. He made the choice on his own and he is not comfortable with his dad showing up there and getting involved in his business and that Sonny is not respecting his boundaries. Sonny then asks his son if he wants to run his own life and make his own choices, then it would seem he would want to be free of limitations. He assesses that all Morgan has accomplished regarding knowing the right meds and what is needed to become well is something to be applauded and respected. He tells Morgan if he wants to break up with Kiki, his dad will support his choices with that. However he tells Morgan, he needs to use his own judgment and not listen to anyone who may be yanking his chain. Morgan then confirms to his dad that Dr. Maddox and the staff are all giving him a positive evaluation and believe he's made all the progress necessary to leave the facility.

Kiki meets in the park with Ava and happily informs her mom that she is moving on and happy to be with Dillon Quartermaine. They talk happily and Ava wants to buy her daughter something nice to wear on her next date with Dillon.

Tracy is happily with Dillon at the house, assuming Sabrina will not be back for her son any time soon, when Sabrina walks in the door with Michael to inform them that she has been unexpectedly set free. The charges have been dropped. She immediately notices her baby is not there and asks Tracy and Dillon where her son is. Tracy replies the baby is sleeping after he's had a long day. Dillon graciously tells her he's a beautiful boy. Sabrina happily engages with them but tells them she intends to take the baby to hers' and Felix's apartment and have him live there. When she gets up to go, Tracy asks her to wait and suggests she moves into their house. Hearing that, Sabrina assesses that is very generous but wants to make certain it's alright. Tracy realizes that it's ultimately up to Monica since this is her house but she's certain her sister in law will approve. Sabrina thanks her for that offer. Tracy tells Sabrina there is one consideration which is that she does not go disappear into the night again because, Tracy tells her, she does not want to lose any more of her friends. Sabrina promises she will be there for her friends who have been good to her. The four of them sit in the living room and Sabrina remarks that she can hear Mozart on the baby monitor. Tracy explains that Alice has chosen this music, assuming that maybe Sabrina has other preferences for music. Yet Sabrina assures her she loves Mozart and all is good. Dillon goes outside with his mom. Sabrina and Michael are alone in the living room and she asks him to tell her if he's really sure he's ok with her staying there. He replies that they can talk more about that and she need not worry.

At the station, when Paul is alone with Anna, he reminds her that he told her, at The Nurses' Ball that he wants to wipe the slate clean and move forward. When he sees she is hesitating and not willing to overlook what she knows he's done, he reminds her that they are both guilty. However, he tells her he knows that second chances are rare, and so, he assesses, she owes him nothing. She then informs him she wants her old job back as special investigator for the DA's office, so that she can go after Julian. Yet he tells her that short of a miracle, there is no way to tie Julian Jerome to Duke's murder. Hearing that, she informs Paul she accepts that although she can build a case against Julian for Carlos' murder, as she vows to Paul that one way or another, she's going to make that man pay.

Julian and Alexis stand together at the house and he asks her if she is willing to send him to prison over the likes of Carlos. She admits that she has so many conflicting feelings she does not know what to do. He asks her to please tell him that their marriage has a chance and they can work this out.

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