GH Update Tuesday 6/7/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan gets ready to leave for work and notices Maxie has returned after she walked out the previous night. Yet she coldly indicates she's merely there to pick up some stuff before she goes off to work. He urges her to understand that he did not intend to lie to her about Claudette and the fact that he shot the guy his wife was sleeping with. Yet Maxie assesses that after finding out that the man she thought she knew shot someone and it was not in the line of duty, that “changes things”. He reminds her that they love each other and this should no have to come between them. She admits that she realizes she cannot judge him for this behavior. She knows how she has lied throughout her life and how it's affected all relationships in her life. Yet she has now come to realize that real love comes from trust. That is what she believed he was all about and what their relationship is based upon. She thought she could trust him not to lie or withhold information from her about things of this nature. Now that she knows otherwise, she does not know if that trust can ever be regained between them. He protests that he kept the secret about this issue because he was ashamed. She asks if he has even told Dante, his partner and best friend, to which he admits he did not tell Dante nor Jordan. She concludes he would obviously not tell them because he could lose his job. He protests that he wants to be her hero. Yet she reminds him that she recently decided to stop snooping around behind his back or questioning him regarding Claudette, or anything else, because she loved him so much and wanted to trust him without “justification”. He assures her that they can get back what they have had up until now. Yet she admits that, now that she's discovered this “revelation” about him, she has to wonder when or if another secret will come out or what will happen, if she allows herself to trust him again.

Kristina takes her new guy friend to her mom's house and they spend time together. She wants to encourage him to do business with Corinthos Coffee as he'd previous planned to do. Yet he tells her that he's discovered he does not have enough money for that. Yet she wants to encourage him to set up a meeting with her dad to see if he would consider doing business with her new friend and see if he might want to buy the company. They kiss and seem mutually interested in being together. She assures him that although she knows her dad is not easy to impress, he definitely likes this boy. Hearing that, he admits he's more interested in impressing her dad's daughter. He kisses her but then stops before it gets out of control, admitting that he does not want her mom to walk in on them. She suggests they could always go up to the bedroom, indicating she is definitely interested in moving forward with him. He tells her he needs to go but assures her he definitely likes her and wants to see her again.

In the park, Alexis privately talks to Diane about how she has hesitated to turn her husband in after his son was almost killed, and it was a little “too much” for her when she sensed Julian's vulnerability regarding what happened to Lucas. Diane asks her what she's heard about Lucas' prognosis, to which she admits she's heard her husband's son is fine and should make a full recovery. Hearing that, Diane responds that is great news, to which Alexis can resume doing what she intended to do before it happened. When she notices Alexis hesitating, she firmly reminds her that Julian has murdered several people and has made it clear he's lied to her and is very capable of “ending” anybody who crosses him. And so if she does not turn over the evidence needed to put him away, she could be his next murder victim. In response to that, Alexis tells Diane her life is already over, to which Diane assesses she knows that she put her trust in Julian and he betrayed that which understandably devastates her. However, Diane inquires to Alexis, why does she not see the urgent need to turn Julian in for aiding and abetting Carlos in murdering Duke and then murdering Carlos in order to save himself? Again, she reminds her that if she does not take action or “reconsiders”, while Julian remains free, as soon as he finds out she intended to turn on him, she's as good as dead, knowing what Julian does with any and all people who turn on him. So she cannot reconsider if she wants to live. Alexis admits that she had reservations and realized that Julian may never be completely sincere about staying out of the illegal business. Yet she overlooked that and married him. She realizes that is on her and she has to accept that. Hearing that, Diane tells her she would never fault her for following her heart. However, Diane warns her, she needs to not do that anymore. Alexis then concludes she will go home and find Julian's bloody shirt to turn it over as evidence.

Kiki goes to see Dillon at the Crimson office with some food and appreciation for his taking her to her first Glamour Boys concert. He has a gift for her. He also wants her to go on another date with him. She admits that “in theory” that would be great. However, there is still an obstacle given that she's not yet entirely over Morgan. Yet he asks her if she did not feel something when they were together just as he has. She admits that she is interested in him just as much as he is in her. However, he needs to realize she is not over Morgan regardless of that. He admits that he has had feelings for Lulu recently. Years ago, he was very serious with Georgie Jones. Yet things like that pass and so he wonders how there is difficulty in her getting over Morgan. She replies he was her first love and there's been a lot of drama between her and Morgan, revealing to Dillon that Morgan slept with her mother. He got her shot and tried to commit suicide and yet she still got back with him. And for that reason, she wonders if it means she should not give up on Morgan. He tells her that when he has confusion or questions in his own life about whether a relationship or love interest is right for him or not, he writes it into his stories with characters. He tells her he would like her to give him a chance, assuring her (in a joking manner) that he can promise not to sleep with her mother. Yet he can sense she's may not be “ready” to joke about things like that.

Morgan is alone at Freedman, lost in thought, silent and unable to get it out of his mind that he walked in on Kiki and Dillon kissing. Sonny comes to visit his son and asks what is going on and what is the matter, to which Morgan hides his thoughts and assures his dad; “nothing”. Sonny reminds him that very soon, he'll be able to leave this place, come home, have his freedom, be with his family and friends and see Kiki again. Yet, in response to that, Morgan informs his dad that he and Kiki are through. Hearing that, Sonny demands to know why. Morgan replies he walked in on Kiki kissing Dillon Quartermaine. Hearing that, Sonny admits he cannot believe that Kiki would do that as, the last time he checked, he could see that she was only interested and committed to Morgan. Noticing that his dad does not know the entire story, Morgan informs Sonny that he chose to break it off with Kiki and so he realizes she has the right to move on and not pine over him forever. Yet Sonny can clearly tell that Morgan is not ok with letting Kiki go and did not choose, independently to break it off with her. Right away, Sonny demands to know if Morgan's doctors advised him to break it off with Kiki, to which Morgan replies no. They have not. Sonny then assesses that he's almost certain that nobody in the family wants that, to which Morgan confirms that is true. At that point, Sonny is determined to find out just who it was that urged Morgan to end his relationship with Kiki. When Morgan does not answer (and when it's very clear to Sonny that his son is upset not to be with Kiki and it was not his choice), Sonny is determined to find out who it was that persuaded Morgan to end his relationship with Kiki.

Ava goes to see Julian at the hospital while he's visiting Lucas. She demands to know what her brother is doing there without his wife, realizing that Julian is being implicated for murder. What has happened between them? He clearly does not want to answer and does not even know the answer, since Alexis has been MIA. Ava protests to her brother that she is concerned, as he should be, that Alexis may be secretly ready to turn over evidence against him for what happened to Carlos. Yet Julian firmly protests to his sister that he's not afraid of that. He knows how not to go down for any of that, he tells her. He asks Ava the status of Kiki since she got released from the hospital, to which Ava informs her brother she has one concern about her daughter's well being which is Morgan, admitting to Julian that she's gone to see Morgan at the facility to persuade him to end his relationship with her daughter because of the danger Morgan has put Kiki in. Hearing that, Julian realizes that breaking them up might be easier said than done yet he realizes it may be easier than his own situation with regaining trust with Alexis. Ava tells him she would like to stay and be there for him and Lucas but has to leave, yet assures her brother if he needs anything, he can call her, remembering that he was there for her and Kiki and so she wants to do the same for him and Lucas. He reminds her that getting Morgan to break up with Kiki may be easier said than done, and for reasons that are not limited only to the two of them (meaning that Sonny will know that she has been behind it).

When Sonny is finished visiting Morgan, he knows he has to distract the front desk receptionist to let him see the “guest log-in” list. As soon as he accesses it, he sees that Ava has visited Morgan not long ago. With that, he knows what that means. He does not reveal to the receptionist why he wanted to see the guest log-in but tells her he has profound gratitude for all that she and the staff have done for his son, urging her to know how much it means to him.

Alexis returns home although she is stunned and “sees visions” about her “difficulty” in confronting Julian. Yet she fights it and goes to find the bloody shirt that she promised to burn for Julian but did not. Yet she finds it's not in the place where she hid it from her husband.

When Kristina is alone in the park and remembers hearing that boy telling her how “important” it is for him to impress her, she gets on the phone to leave a message for Parker. She urges her previous “love” to know it's very important she sees her right now.

Maxie assesses to Nathan that she has made way too many mistakes in her life. One thing she always believed was not one of them was being with him. Yet now she is not certain of that. She needs to make certain that she is not making another “mistake” that will cost her in the end.

Dillon and Kiki are clearly interested in being together.

Morgan sits alone with his tablet viewing pictures of Kiki and of himself and Kiki. And he deletes them all.

Sonny goes to find Ava in the park and remarks to her he can see she's been “real busy”.

When Alexis is trying and failing to find Julian's bloody shirt in the secret hiding place, he returns, calls to her, shows her he has the very shirt in question and asks if she is “looking for this”. She looks at him stunned and speechlessly but replies that is, in fact, exactly what she was looking for.

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