GH Update Monday 6/6/16

General Hospital Update Monday 6/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth gets into physical combat while arguing with Hayden, at Wyndemere, when unexpectedly, Rachel's mother, Naomi Dreyfus, enters. Hayden turns to see her mother and looks at her stunned. Her mother remarks: “If only your father could see you now.” She remarks that she sees her daughter's out-of-control behavior and knows she is in trouble. Hayden informs her mom that her name is now Hayden and not Rachel. Her mother protests she did not come there to fight or argue. She just wanted to find out the whereabouts of her daughter's father, Raymond, to which Hayden informs her mom that her dad is missing and assumed dead. Her mom asks her how long she intends to hang onto this “anger”, to which Hayden replies until her father is in prison or dead and brought to justice for all he has done. Her mom assures her daughter that he loves her and wants her to “change her ways”, reminding Hayden she needs to do the right thing with the diamonds that are not rightfully hers', to which Hayden tells her mom it's too late to take possession or do anything with the diamonds, since Nikolas has stolen and sold them. Yet her mom does not buy anything she says, concluding that she is just as greedy, dishonest and dishonorable as her father could ever be. Hearing that, Hayden angrily tells her mom she is tired of being judged by people who do not even have accurate information. At that point, her mom informs her daughter she intends to stay at the Metro Court, remain in town as long as her daughter needs her, and assures her she will be there for her while she's experiencing this “hardship”.

Franco is alone at the hospital with his drawing pad when he leaves a voice mail message for Elizabeth, asking her to feel free to contact and confide in him if she has anything on her mind that Jason is unavailable to talk to her about. While Elizabeth is alone in the house, after Hayden and her mom talk in the other room, she takes Franco's call and engages in a conversation with him.

Jason is with Sam when he concludes he bets he knows exactly what happened regarding this “situation” that happened to Nikolas. He bets it was staged. She asks when he got to Wyndemere was the door opened, to which he remembers it was closed and locked. He called to Nikolas and heard a lot of sounds but had no way of knowing who or what was there or what exactly happening. We see a “re-enactment” of his theory that Nikolas was, likely, up in his room, smashing things, breaking the bedroom window and making it appear as though he was attacked, assaulted and pushed out the window. He concludes that with that house having so many passage ways, it would not be difficult for Nikolas to take one of them to leave the house unseen. Yet Sam questions how he could have had enough time to move to the other side of the harbor and make himself seen looking bloody, unconscious and injured on the rocks. Yet Jason tells her “maybe” Nikolas did not have to do that. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sam of all of the events involved in Nikolas' “scam” to have everyone believing he was assaulted and possibly killed on the night in question. He bets it's very possible and credible that Nikolas arranged for a “dummy” to be visible on the rocks to look like himself having been injured and left for dead. Yet, hearing that, she is able to know that there is still an unanswered question that diminishes the accuracy of Jason's theory. They both realize that Nikolas had no way of knowing when or if Jason would enter the house nor how he could conveniently frame him for attempted murder.

Jordan ready to take action as she goes to the hospital to talk to Lucas.

Lucas awakens in his hospital bed while Brad, Carly, Bobbie, Monica, Dr. Mayes, Dr. Finn and Dr. Obrecht all gather around him. He informs them that he knows what happened to him and how he was put in this coma. Jordan comes to hear him report what he knows He informs them that at the Ball, he discovered his mom passed out back stage. He postponed the wedding and other things in order to rush his mom to the hospital. He remembers needing to get his car keys that were in Bobbie's room and when he entered, he noticed “someone” injecting his mom with a syringe. The next thing he knew, he woke up there. He knows that “a doctor” did this to him, to which Jordan asks exactly “which doctor”. In response to that, he reports it was “fuzzy”, he remembers it was dark and he could not really see who the person in question was. He only knows “they” were wearing a white coat. She further asks him if it appeared to be male or female , the length of their hair, etc., to which Lucas admits all he knows is “they” were wearing a mask and remarks it “could have been anybody”. We then see all of the “suspects” wearing white, including Drs. Obrecht, Finn and Mayes. When everyone wants him to “talk”, Monica instructs all of her hospital subordinates to leave this room now. When they hesitate, she demands they all to scram while she talks alone to Jordan and to Lucas.

Drs. Obrecht, Mayes and Finn go into the hospital lobby, Monica informs them all that, given the lethal injection that almost killed Lucas, maybe they should do a thorough drug investigation of staff, especially regarding Dr. Finn. Finn angrily tells her that she is out of line, to which she protests that it's protocol for any and all medical staff to submit to drug tests and it casts suspicion upon any member of the medical staff if they refuse such tests. Mayes seems to agree.

Jordan assures Monica the PCPD will get to the bottom of this. She also takes Monica aside and informs her that there's been a warrant out for her son's arrest. Jason has been implicated for the attempted murder of Nikolas Cassadine.

While Jason is with Sam, he gets a call from his mom, informing him he needs to talk to her ASAP. He informs Sam that Monica has found out that there is a warrant out for his arrest.

At the hospital, after Monica is done with her call to Jason, she takes Finn aside and asks him, directly, if he has a drug problem, to which he “evades” and asks her if she's going to “start on him” just like Dr. Obrecht has been doing. Yet she protests that in order to prove the charges are false and be “exonerated”, he should voluntarily submit to a drug test. Hearing that, he asks just what specifically she believes he needs to be “exonerated” from.

While the medical staff are all “deliberating” about what happened to Lucas, Elizabeth comes into work and Franco wants to talk to her about what may be going on with her. She informs him she is angry at Hayden, who is a snake and she knows this woman is up to no good with Nikolas and needs to be stopped. Hearing that, Franco concludes that he might be able to “help” her with what she needs regarding Hayden. He tells her he has some ideas that might work, including getting the dishonest “secret-concealing” Hayden on surveillance. Yet she becomes emotional, admitting to Franco that things are “complicated”. She is missing Nikolas and worried, since he was her only true friend, she tells Franco. Hearing that, he sounds “disappointed and discouraged” that she would say that.

Brad sits alone beside Lucas who admits he's tired. Brad reminds him he almost lost him. Lucas realizes he missed their wedding yet Brad admits he does not even care and is just grateful that Lucas is ok. In response to that, Lucas asks if he's saying he does not want to get married anymore, to which Brad confirms they are getting married.

In the hallway, Mayes reminds Dr. Obrecht that they cannot take any action against Finn regarding his drug problem until there is proof, which there is not currently. Yet she sounds very confident that there is and will be all the proof they need.

Not far away, Monica urges Finn to take the drug test in order to prove Dr. Obrecht's charges false. Yet he continues to evade, avoid and decline to do so.

After finding out that Jason is in trouble, Sam is determined to come with clues in order to get to the bottom of their mystery regarding Nikolas, and get him acquitted of charges before he gets arrested. They spend time alone, drinking and re-living old memories.

Maxie and Nathan return home together and he tells her he has to let her know something and she has to listen, indicating that he has something that he wants to privately discuss and confess with Griffin. She asks if this has anything to do with Claudette, in which case, she is not concerned and does not believe he has anything to confess, unless of course, he killed someone. In response to that, Nathan firmly tells her that she needs to “listen”, to which she concludes this must be serious and asks if he did, in fact, kill someone. He admits to her that things got really bad between himself and Claudette. They were fighting all the time. He wondered if she was cheating on him. He was upset and drinking one night, wondering what was going on but realized he had no proof. He realized he did not have to work and went out and got wasted with the other guys. When he returned, he noticed his wife in bed with another guy. He was not thinking when he fired a shot. The guy fired back and Nathan passed out. We see the “re-enactment” he speaks of, as he admits to Maxie that the guy could have, and he assumed he would have pressed charges, gotten Nathan arrested and caused him to lose his police badge for his “actions”. He admits to Maxie that he lied to her about Claudette and wishes he did not have to do that. Yet she assures him she “gets” how he felt he had no choice, given he was afraid he'd lose her. How could she judge, given the fact that she’s done the same throughout her life. However, she admits to her fiancÚ, she knows this behavior is typical for herself yet she never thought Nathan would be capable of this. She concludes that all this while she believed she knew who he really was yet he has proven to be “something completely different”. Hearing that, he assures her that he is still “the same guy” whom she first met when she subletting her apartment to him. Yet she tells him that “that guy” was someone who would never fail to be honest to her, no matter what. Yet all the while she had no clue that he was keeping a very important secret from her. She admits that although she would not have responded well if he'd told her the truth, although in the end, she would have wanted him to come clean. Yet he reminds her that they are getting married. Yet she tells him this is “a lot to sort out”. She needs some time, she tells him, and with that, she concludes she's going to stay at her mother's house. He urges her not to go but she walks out the door without telling him anything further.

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