GH Update Friday 6/3/16

General Hospital Update Friday 6/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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At Wyndemere, Elizabeth listens while Hayden protests to Jordan that she is not in possession of any diamonds, adding if Jordan does not believe her, she may call the FBI. Jordan informs her that will not be necessary because they are already on their way there for that very reason. Hayden knows that Elizabeth is behind this and has called the cops. Elizabeth confirms she's damn right about that. She knows Hayden killed Nikolas and the diamonds prove a lot of things about her, which she lists an extensive history of Hayden and her fathers' dealing. Elizabeth concludes that that she either killed Nikolas herself or hired someone to do it. . Hayden angrily tells Elizabeth she is insane and she does not have to stand there and listen to Elizabeth's crap. Jordan enters with several men in suits accompanying her and tells Hayden that actually, she does, informing her that these two federal agents know all about her father's history and about her. The guys confirm if there's anything to find in this house, they will find it and urge Hayden not to go anywhere. Elizabeth asks the commissioner if there's any information about Nikolas, to which Jordan replies not yet but she is on this. She leaves and when Elizabeth is alone with Hayden, she remarks that the walls are caving in on her and she will be exposed for the dishonest snake she is. In response to that, Hayden asks Elizabeth if she ever gets tired of her own hypocrisy, reminding her that she kept Jason from his wife and his kid, all the while lying and scamming him about who he really is. If that's not fraud, what is it? Hayden further reminds Elizabeth that Nikolas had her shot and Elizabeth is an accessory. Yet Elizabeth is not afraid of anything Hayden knows or believes she can do, reminding her there are federal agents all over the house and she bets Hayden is going down very soon. Hayden, also, however, surprisingly does not seem afraid of anything. When the feds return with Jordan to Hayden and Elizabeth, they tell her she has “some serious explaining to do”. Elizabeth confirms that it's very obvious what she's done. The men show her a list of the missing diamonds which she is not aware of because Nikolas has sold those particular diamonds in question. Nobody believes her yet she reveals that nothing can prove anything against her regarding that. She is confident that they cannot arrest her based upon the evidence they have. Elizabeth continues to remind her it's just a matter of time before she will be found out. She gets ready to leave and immediately gets on the phone to “transfer her assets”. Yet Elizabeth confidently reveals she is onto her.

The two of them get into a physical struggle. At that point, unexpectedly a woman walks in, smirking and asking “Rachel” what on earth is going on. Hayden looks up and confirms this woman is her mother.

While Lucas remains unconscious and nobody knows what to do, Dr. Obrecht clearly wants to point fingers at Finn, reminding Monica, Dr. Mayes and Carly that even if they don't believe her, there's proof of his drug addiction. Knowing that is true, having seen it with her own eyes, in his hotel room, Carly goes to confront him and demands to know what is really going on, reminding him that she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt until this happened to her brother and all the evidence points to him. Yet he tells her he wants a chance to save Lucas' life and revive him from his coma, as it does not seem any other medical staff member has been able to do. At that point, Mayes and Monica inform them that Mayes is Lucas' attending physician and they cannot "defy protocol" to let Finn take over. Yet Carly reminds them all that Mayes almost killed Tracy Quartermaine yet Finn single-handedly saved her life. She does not care about protocol as much as she cares about saving her brother's life. At that point, while Brad sits with Lucas and it seems hopeless, he suddenly opens his eyes and awakens. At that point, all of the others rush into his room to confirm he's back. Mayes asks Lucas if he remembers what happened to him and Lucas replies he does remember it all. When there is a thorough investigation of somebody attempting to kill Nikolas, Jordan has feds come to Wyndemere to follow up on Elizabeth's lead and suspicion that Hayden tried to kill him for obvious reasons. Yet, surprisingly, she does not seem afraid of anybody's suspicion or accusation of her, somehow knowing they cannot find any evidence to convict her. When Sam and Jason are alone brainstorming and looking for clues, he concludes he bets that nobody tried to kill Nikolas, reminding her that they only "saw" what appeared to be Nikolas' body, from a distance, injured, along with obvious "evidence", and he bets it did not happen and Nikolas is playing them all. Hearing that, Sam asks what he believes Nikolas could be hiding from, to which Jason replies it's not "what" but "who" Nikolas is hiding from. Meanwhile, Laura meets with Kevin, very concerned about how it appears Spencer is completely unemotional and in denial about the very likely possibility that his dad is dead. She grows closer to Kevin although they cannot decipher the "uncharacteristic" behavior of Nikolas' son not being worried about what has happened to his dad.

While Lucas remains unconscious and non-responsive in his hospital bed, Brad cries and desperately demands to know how or why this happens and that he needs Lucas to come back to him. Brad tells unconscious Lucas if only he wakes up, Brad will be so grateful. But here is the thing; He cannot promise that he will never make a wrong step. He's done so many selfish misguided things and knows he's not perfect that way and never will be, Brad tells him. However, he knows one thing which is that Lucas made him a better man. He confirms him loves him, needs him and asks how he can have a future without him. He urges Lucas to tell him he hears him and wants to be with him. Yet Lucas does not open his eyes nor regain consciousness.

Monica confirms with Dr. Mayes that she has known Lucas and his family for many years. He sounds gracious, apologizing for his “gruff demeanor” and she is equally gracious. Dr. Obrecht angrily tells Monica it's her fault that this has happened to Dr. Jones, adding that under her authority, whoever did this would have been found and put behind bars. Monica protests that Dr. Obrecht has been on a witch-hunt to get Finn in trouble since he first came to the hospital. Mayes also tells Dr. Obrecht that Monica has done more for the hospital in 3 weeks than Dr. Obrecht has done in 3 years. He further tells her he seriously doubts there are any justifiable suspicions about Dr. Finn, informing her he has an excellent reputation and track record practicing medicine. He tells her it was very difficult to get Finn on staff due to Dr. Obrecht but it finally happened, which can be credited to Monica. Dr. Obrecht continues to argue that regardless of what they say, several patients have died unexpectedly because of Finn. There was no reason for any of the patients to die or evidence on their autopsies of anything that can be explained, she reminds them. And now, Lucas Jones could pay with his life because of the trust they have in Finn. She tells them that they need to do an investigation on the unexpected and unexplained deaths of the patients who died under Dr. Finn. She informs Monica and Mayes that she called Finn's previous employers in Minneapolis and they confirm he got fired for having a drug addiction. If Monica can prove otherwise, why is she afraid to investigate this as it is her job as the new chief of staff? In response to that, Monica protests to Dr. Obrecht that she is not neglecting to do a thorough investigation of Finn yet Dr. Obrecht asks her if she has not revealed that what's happened to Lucas Jones is the third time something like this has happened under Finn.

Carly goes to find Finn at the chapel and informs him that she knows he's lied to her about being diabetic. He asks if she believes Dr. Obrecht's accusations that he's a drug user, to which she protests she would never take Dr. Obrecht's word for it but has confirmed there is proof that it's true. She is now personally concerned about whether he's fit to be a doctor now that her brother has been injected with drugs and could die. She urges him to prove the accusations wrong, as she reminds him she walked into his hotel room and saw him passed out on the floor with a needle stuck in his arm. She covered for him. Even if Dr. Obrecht could lie about this, the facts have proven that is not the case. If he is not a drug addict, she tells him, and it's all rumors, then clearly he's keeping something from her, she tells him. And, she affirms, she needs to know what that is. In response to that, Finn has nothing to say to Carly to prove her suspicions incorrect and only tells her that if she wants him out of her hotel, he will pack up all his stuff and take Roxie with him. She angrily demands to know how or why he will not tell her anything or prove her wrong. Yet he asks her to come with him to see Lucas.

Both Dr. Mayes and Monica tell Dr. Obrecht that she is out of line with her unfounded suspicions and accusations. Finn enters with Carly who informs them that Finn intends to save Lucas from what happened to him. Yet Mayes affirms that he is assigned to her brother's case and not Finn. Carly argues against that and Monica tells her as much as she understands and agrees with her concerns, they cannot authorize what Finn wants. It's against medical protocol. Yet Finn protests however, asking if they believe that archaic practices are more important than saving a patient's life. Dr. Obrecht continues to argue that if they let him do whatever he wants, he will only “finish the job he started” and kill Lucas.

Dr. Mayes rules that Dr. Finn cannot have authorization over Lucas. Monica concludes that she has to back him on that decision. Yet Carly tells them all that she knows Dr. Mayes wanted to prevent Finn from treating Tracy. Dr. Mayes almost got her killed yet Finn saved her life. She does not trust Mayes any more than she trusts Dr. Obrecht and has a lot more faith in Finn to save her brother's life than she does any of them, Carly tells them all.

Brad continues to talk to Lucas who has still not woken up, crying and vowing that he will wait for as long as it takes and will always love him. Yet it appears that Lucas has moved his hand and Brad is in awe that it seems to be waking up. Dr. Obrecht, Mayes, Finn, Monica, and Carly all rush in. Mayes confirms that Lucas is awake and talks to him. He wastes no time, confirming Lucas is conscious, lucid and remembers everything, and asks him to start at the beginning and asks if he knows what happened to him. Lucas replies yes. He does.

Spencer is in the park with his grandma telling her it's very obvious if his father fell from his bedroom, through the window onto the rocks, he could not have survived. He tells her he wishes he could have been there to protect his dad although he doubts he could have affected the outcome. Yet throughout the entire conversation, with everything he says, he remains completely robotic and unemotional. Laura is concerned about that. She calls Kevin to attempt to help her. He meets with her and talks privately to her, out of Spencer's earshot. She expresses her concerns about how her grandson is so detached and unemotional believing his father is likely to be dead, explaining to Kevin that she does not let her grandson spend too much time on video games or other unproductive “mind-detractors”. Yet he tells her there is nothing wrong with brief distractions for children or for adults, informing her he used to paint for therapy and explains to Laura how he was in kind of a similar state of denial over the loss of Lucy. As a shrink, he knew he could not dwell in the pain, anger and grief over what happened all the time. And so it was a form of respite, he tells her. He concludes to Laura that he would never tell her how to grieve with what happened to Nikolas. She tells him she realizes she is the one who has to get Spencer through this, however, she admits, she hasn't a clue where to start. He explains to Laura that coping in that detached way can be common for a child Spencer's age. She concludes he's probably right and confirms she's really happy to have a professional opinion. Kevin then asks her how she is thinking and feeling regarding the likelihood that Nikolas could be dead, to which she replies she has not given up hope. She admits she's had a lot of losses in her life of people she loves. However, this one is so much harder, she admits to him, expressing that she has this difficulty because it's not the first time. She remembers when she was young, she was abducted by the Cassadine family. She remembers losing Stavros and not informing anyone. And then years later, her daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. Everyone was tested but nobody was a match, she remembers as she cries. Kevin remembers that Lulu had a sibling that nobody knew about. She cries about how she did wrong and yet Nikolas forgave her and loved her. He had such a good heart. He deserves so much better than she has given her, she tells Kevin as she sobs, and she believes it's all her fault. She cries in his arms admitting she does not know how she's going to get through this or how she's going to be there for Spencer. He replies telling her she needs to ask her friends for help, starting with him.

Sam tells Jason that she believes Hayden is an obvious suspect for what happened to Nikolas. Yet he tells her as much as he would suspect her, Hayden seemed genuinely shocked and devastated when she found out Nikolas fell through the window so he doubts it's her. Sam asks who else he might suspect, suggesting members of ELQ, to which Jason tells her he doesn't see any motives nor evidence against any of them. He asks her if it's possible Nikolas committed suicide, to which Sam concludes there's no way he'd do that to Spencer. Also if he wanted to take his life, it's highly unlikely he'd do it that way. Jason concludes, maybe they have been looking at the whole thing wrong and they need to consider something they've never before thought of. He then tells Sam that the body they all saw and believe is Nikolas may not really be him. It's only what they saw, what he wanted them to see and he's been playing them all along. Sam asks Jason what Nikolas would be trying to escape from, to which Jason clarifies; not “what” but “who”.

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