GH Update Thursday 6/2/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/2/16


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Jason walks with Sam in the park and tells her he is not going to wait around and be a “sitting duck” for the cops and DA to put him away for attempted murder of Nikolas and trust the system, when they are clearly railroading him. Sam clearly wants to come with him when he goes into hiding but he affirms he has to do this on his own, to which she expresses she does not want him to go this alone, without her. He reminds her that if he's seen as a fugitive, she could get charged along with him, as an accomplice. He reminds her that she has her own life, work, obligations and Danny. Yet she is determined to make arrangements so that she can be there with Jason and for him.

Nathan is talking in his sleep in his hospital bed, tossing and turning and appearing to be having a nightmare when he awakens. Maxie is by his side and assures him he was just having a bad dream. She offers him some water but reminds him that he was talking in his sleep, something about a shooting, reminding him that she can see that something is bothering him and she wishes he would want to talk to her about it. Yet he continues to tell her it's “only a dream”.

At that point, she tells him she can show him all the pictures taken at The Nurse's Ball from her tablet. He remarks that she attended the ball with his doctor. She explains that she came to the hospital the previous night, was ready to spring Nathan out. But Griffin told her there was no way he was going to sign off on that. And so she invited him instead. Yet Nathan wants to know more about that. Hearing that, Maxie informs Nathan he need not worry because Griffin is not only a brain surgeon. He's also a priest. Nathan is surprised to hear that. Griffin enters and informs them he's ready to sign off on Nathan's discharge. Yet he wonders why Nathan is “looking at him like that”. Maxie replies they are both “excited” about getting gout of there. He talks to Nathan alone, admitting to him that he wants to help him get out as soon as possible and can assure him a clean bill of health. However, he would like to know what is going on that Nathan is not revealing. Nathan replies that he has just heard and wonders why he's never heard before, that Griffin is a priest. Nathan further reveals to Griffin that he and Maxie are engaged and he has a serious problem with the fact that he's keeping a secret from his fiancé. For that reason, maybe he should be talking to someone who is not only his doctor but also a priest about that. Outside in the hallway, Maxie runs into Sam and they happily talk until Maxie informs Sam she is “fired” from doing what Maxie hired and expected her to do regarding finding the answer to Nathan's “secret”. She informs Sam that she is calling off the “investigation” of Nathan because she wants to trust him.

Carly rushes to the hospital after finding out that Lucas has been put in a coma. Bobbie informs her daughter that there is no “explanation” as to how or why this has happened to Lucas. Overhearing that, Dr. Obrecht smugly tells them both that it's pretty simple. They may ask their “friend”, Dr. Finn. Hearing that, Carly demands to know why she has to eavesdrop upon their conversation and make accusations of the new doctor. Bobbie asks Dr. Obrecht what, specifically, her problem and suspicions are about Finn.. Dr. Obrecht replies that she wishes he only cared about patients in this hospital as much as he does about his pet lizard. Bobbie goes off and Carly demands that Dr. Obrecht tells her why she is blaming Finn for what happened to Lucas. Monica enters and informs Carly that it has been confirmed that “somebody” injected Lucas with a lethal drug and Finn was the only doctor with access to it. Hearing that, Carly argues that makes no sense since Finn has no motive to do this. Monica then informs Carly that the thing with Lucas was not an “isolated incident”. Several patients have suddenly died who were under Finn's care. Carly protests to them both that Finn cannot be blamed for that and even if there is suspicion for that, what would that have to do with his wanting to kill Lucas and, again, what motive would he have? Dr. Obrecht replies that maybe Lucas was not Finn's “intended” target. There may be another explanation and motive for that, informing them that she found out about Finn’s history with drug addiction. Monica argues and does not believe that while Carly listens speechlessly, not knowing what to say or think, remembering that she saw proof, right in front of her eyes, not long ago, of his secret drug habit that she kept a secret for him.

Finn goes to see Hayden and admits to her he wanted to see and talk to her. He informs her that he felt bad about accepting money from her as he now realizes she was not responsible for what her father did. He admits that today is his deceased wife's birthday and he remembers his wife was one of many people who has died as a result of Hayden's father Ponzi scheme. Hearing that, she appears gracious and goes to get Finn some water but suddenly, he falls over and passes out. Hayden seems “shocked” and wants to make sure he is all right, urging him to let her call an ambulance and see a doctor. Yet he does not want that although he is unable to move and needs her help with opening his briefcase and kit for him. She does that and is able to see his syringe and needle with his drugs. She looks away as he injects himself, asking her to keep this to herself. After she promises, he leaves.

Elizabeth goes to the PCPD to talk to Jordan, implicating Hayden for what happened to Nikolas. She tells her that she is very concerned about all of the red flags that the cops and everyone should be mindful of regarding that woman, reminding Jordan that everybody knows Hayden has been lying, conning, scamming and falsifying her identity since she came to town. They now know she's the daughter of a known thief. She has motive to kill Nikolas, especially after he's threatened to divorce her, expose her and leave her without any money if he lives. And so, Elizabeth informs the police commissioner, she needs the cops to look into this very credible lead of a person with motive to murder Nikolas. She tells Jordan about how Hayden just recently found out that Nikolas was ready to sell diamonds of hers'. She has involvement with the FBI, Elizabeth explains. Jordan starts listening and considering Elizabeth's theory but asks her why she is personally concerned about that. Elizabeth emotionally protests that Nikolas is her best friend. She needs to look out for him and does not want anyone falsely accused of harming him while the personal who really did it is still out there. Hearing that, Jordan reminds her that although she'd like to help with that, the reality is that Hayden has an alibi for the time when Nikolas was assaulted and Jason does not.

Carly goes off and finds Jason, afraid that he could be facing serious consequences for what happened to Nikolas. He tells her that he is determined not to go to Pentonville although he does not reveal what his secrets plans are regarding that.

Jason and Sam are at Sonny's safehouse when he realizes he has to contact Elizabeth in order to let her know why he can’t have Jake stay with him that night. He calls her while she's at the PCPD after talking to Jordan and informs her that he cannot say where he is and he cannot see Jake tonight. Hearing that, she urges him to please not tell her he is running. She urges him that, whatever he does, to please not make this any harder for himself than it has to be.

Maxie goes and finds Griffin at the hospital when Nathan is out of earshot and informs Griffin she needs to talk to him and discuss some unfinished business. She tells him she wanted to thank him for saving Nathan's life, confirming that Nathan is the best thing, besides her daughter, that's ever happened in her life. At that point, Griffin “grows cold” and tells her he has to get back to work and tend to other patients.

Monica privately confronts Dr. Obrecht on how she is out of line in making these unfounded accusations of Finn which are only based on Dr. Obrecht's' petty personal issues with him. Dr. Obrecht asks Monica why she is so eager to defend Finn.

Bobbie can tell that Carly is not ok and “uneasy” about something which she is not revealing to her mom. Bobbie assures her daughter she knows what has happened to Lucas is “scary, confusing and frightening”. However, she assures Carly, while hugging her tightly, that they will find out who did this. Carly is right then able to see Finn walking nearby and stares coldly, stunned and speechlessly at him, not knowing what to say or do.

Sam and Jason go off and she brainstorms with her PI investigative skills, all the details and time frames involved with when Nikolas returned home, what happened before, during and after the time when he got there, when she did and all that happened or could have happened given the evidence and circumstances they know of, the night in question. They both realize they heard the same crash when they first entered Wyndemere. She takes notes and investigates all of the details involved in everything that happened from the time they entered until they found out what happened to Nikolas, when they ran into Hayden with Curtis and when Jason became a prime suspect. He then remembers that not long ago, he and Nikolas had a fierce fight and yet only minimal furniture was knocked over. Yet this “event” which nobody can account for nor knows about has caused all of his furniture to be damaged or destroyed. So why is that? Hearing that, Sam asks Jason if he believes it could have been staged.

Elizabeth needs to pick up her things before leaving Wyndemere. Only Hayden is there and does not welcome her, reminding her this is her last chance to collect her belongings. If she forgets or leaves anything behind, it will go into the garbage. After Elizabeth leaves the room and Hayden is alone in the living room, Jordan goes to Wyndemere to question Hayden, telling her she already knows about the motives she has as well as the ties to her father's illegal operations. Hayden tells her she is not guilty of the alleged crimes and if the police commissioner does not believe her, she may contact the FBI. Hearing that, Jordan tells her she need not do that because they are already on their way there. Not far away, Elizabeth listens unseen.

At the hospital, Griffin sits alone on the stairs and wonders why Nathan has been put put in his path.

When Maxie gets ready to leave with Nathan, he stops her informing her there is something he needs to tell her.

When Finn is alone in the chapel, Carly comes and finds him. She gets straight to the point, telling him she wants to find out about his “diabetes” and the drugs she found him taking in his room, concluding to him that she knows he has been lying to her about the reason he's injecting the needle into his veins.

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