GH Update Wednesday 6/1/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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Dante and Lulu meet and sit on a park bench together while they look for houses and brainstorm about all the features they would want for themselves, Rocco and a 4th household member. They reveal that although there is no guarantee of a new baby, there is still another embryo from which a baby could be conceived. She assesses to him that since they are planning on looking for a house and possibly giving Rocco a little sibling in 9 months, it's a good idea that they plan ahead. They both get incoming calls. Lulu gets a call from her mom about what happened to Nikolas. He gets a call from the PCPD of the same. They then know they have to get to Wyndemere.

Kiki is working at The Metro Court when Dillon comes to see her. She is clearly happy to see him. He talks to her about how they enjoyed being together the previous night and she agrees they had a good time, revealing that “after Morgan”, she was afraid she'd never be able to go out and have a good time. He admits that although he had reservations about kissing her at the ball, it somehow “felt right”. They both assess that she's been through a lot in the last few months. Yet it's very clear to see her life is getting really good now that he may be a part of it.

Sonny and Carly get a sudden surprise from Ava at the door. Carly demands to know what she wants, to which she smugly replies she's there to pick up Avery, as previously agreed. She informs them she has her car seat and everything needed to move Avery into her home. She goes into all of her plans about making the transition as she sees fit, indicating she calls the shots. Sonny then (calmly and confidently) tells Ava he wants her to apologize to his wife for coming here and being so rude. Otherwise, he warns her, she will not see Avery ever again and she will be locked up for murder. He further tells her that only “two minutes” into her visiting this house, she's already violated his rules. If he cannot trust her to be civil to his wife, how can he trust her with his daughter? At that point, she apologizes and thanks Sonny for “giving her this warning”. He then tells her if she screws up again, she will lose Avery. She then reiterates that she apologizes and hopes he and Carly are not offended, to which Sonny clarifies to her he does not get “offended”. He gets even. Before they can continue to talk, Carly brings Avery to go home with her mom. Ava leaves with the baby and Carly demands to know why her husband would not use the leverage she's worked hard to have on Ava and make it a little more “difficult” for her to take Avery without a fight. He replies that, as they both know, they cut AJ out of Michaels' life for their son's own good. As a result, Michael never had a chance to know what kind of an unworthy human being his biological father was. When he reconnected with his father, AJ was able to play the victim, persuade Michael to take his side and he ended up making them the bad guys. They can't let Ava do that to them with Avery and so, he explains, if they do not prevent Avery from seeing and knowing Ava, she will, in time, be able to see what kind of a person Ava is and will be able to love them, of her own free will, the way Michael could not, in regards to AJ. Although neither of them can bear the thought of having that child growing up getting to know that woman or seeing her as her mom, they both realize the detrimental consequences that could happen to them if they do not.

At Wyndemere, while Nikolas remains missing, Laura and Hayden are both worried. Spencer enters and can see their very negative expressions and asks if somebody died. Laura then asks her grandson to sit down and admits to him that something did, in fact happen last night. They found a broken window in his dad's bedroom and they cannot find him. Hearing that, Spencer does not seem worried but tells his grandma he hopes no one would believe that his dad would jump out a window because he would not do that. If they believe otherwise, Spencer concludes, that means he must have been pushed. Although Spencer does not appear worried, Laura further explains that the police believe “someone” came by and pushed Nikolas. Elizabeth enters and asks whom this “person” they suspect of that, to which Laura replies Jason Morgan. Hearing that “negative prognosis”, Spencer tells his grandma and Hayden that they need to be realistic that his dad could have died. Yet they both assure him that they do not know that. Hayden takes him aside, smiles at Spencer and “assures” him he needs to know that his dad is a fighter and they have every reason to believe he will come back to them. He asks if the authorities have any DNA evidence,, to which Laura replies the cops have it from his toothbrush. She assesses to Spencer that it's completely ok for everyone to be worried and express how they feel about his dad, although Spencer continues to recite all of his “intellectual, methodical and robotic” assessments and observations. Laura goes off with her grandson and when Elizabeth is alone with Hayden, she furiously demands that Hayden stop pretending that she gives a damn about Spencer. Hayden argues she loves Spencer and his dad and it's none of Elizabeth's business yet Elizabeth tells her she bets that it was she who intended to murder Nikolas in order to get his money. Hearing that, Hayden argues that Nikolas is much stronger than she is and she could not have done that. Yet Elizabeth believes that she could and would find a way and she has no reason to trust Hayden with her known track record. Hearing that, Hayden presents a theory that would give Elizabeth motive to kill Nikolas, cast suspicion on her for it as well as on Jason in order to exact revenge upon him for dumping her. Hearing that, Elizabeth is furious, remarking that Hayden is a diabolical as her father.

Jordan has both Jason and Sam come to the station for questioning. Diane comes to represent them and insists she accompanies her clients in the interrogation room. Jordan agrees and asks how Mr. Morgan can explain how he was found in Mr. Cassadine's home and bedroom right when Mr. Cassadine fell through a window and wound up missing and possibly drowned or killed in the harbor. Diane admits that Mr. Cassadine sprung a sudden surprise on Mr. Morgan, not long ago, about all of Jason's assets being frozen by the IRS. Hearing that, and realizing that might be a “credible” motive for Jason to want to kill Nikolas, she asks Diane to further explain that theory and how it relates to the crime. Diane replies that witnesses all nearby the hotel heard the conversation and noticed that Mr. Morgan remained calm and not threatening toward Mr. Cassadine after hearing that. She continues to have no fears and allows Jordan to continue with her questioning, to which Jordan asks Jason about his whereabouts when Nikolas fell and got injured and possibly killed. He admits that he did, in fact go to Mr. Cassadine's home although he was not invited. Jordan asks what he did when he arrived inside, to which he replies he called for Nikolas but did not hear anything except for a thumping and scraping sound. He later discovered a broken window and broken things on the floor, he explains. Jordan asks if he investigated anything about that, to which he replies yes and he found what appeared to be a body that looked like Nikolas on the rocks. He tells her he later went down to attempt to save Nikolas. Jordan tells him she thinks he knows a lot ore than he is letting on, involving everything that happened and she believed he pushed Nikolas out the window. Jordan then asks Sam what she can tell them, to which Sam corroborates Jason's story, affirming that Jason did not exhibit any aggression toward Nikolas after finding out that Nikolas got his assets frozen. She further tells Jordan that she was with Jason all the while and can vouch that he did not break any windows nor know anything about what happened to Nikolas. Much less could he have done it. Yet Jordan argues that she has evidence to the contrary. She has video surveillance footage which she plays for everyone to see. She “narrates” what they see, which is Nikolas returning home. Jason entering shortly thereafter and having all the opportunity to push him out a window, as well as Sam entering the house, right behind Jason, which would give her opportunity to distract Nikolas and divert suspicion from Jason. In response to that, Jordan advises Sam she might want to “re-think” her testimony in order no to be charged with perjury. Yet Diane confidently tells the commissioner she might want to be mindful of her baseless accusations against Diane's client and how they could get her in trouble, as Diane reminds everyone how the department has had a “bias” against Mr. Morgan, which could back fire upon Jordan. Jordan leaves and Jason smiles, remarking how he's “forgotten how good” Diane is. Privately, with her clients, she confirms she believes that Jason did not attempt to kill Nikolas although a box of jury members might not. She admits that his defense may not be easy, given the evidence pointing against him and his history, although she's confident that she can, in the end, get him acquitted. She knows how to present a theory that although Jason has had a history of violence, criminal activity and a recent motive to kill Nikolas, he also has motives to make peace with him, given certain circumstances. Hearing that, Jason and Sam assess how grateful they are to have her. She confirms that he's her “favorite client”, not just because he pays her in full and on time. She leaves them alone and Jason assesses to Sam that they may have an uphill battle, which they must now partake in.

Dante and Lulu rush to Wyndemere and meet with Laura and Spencer. In the other room, Elizabeth tells Hayden she knows that she is a dishonorable dishonest human being and thief. However, she did not think Hayden would go so far as to murder Nikolas nor that she hated him that much.

At The Metro Court, Dillon tells Kiki he wants to take her on a date. She reminds him that they have already agreed to see The Glamour Boys as friends. Yet he has another plan for the two of them. She admits to him that her life has been so complicated for so long; romantically and otherwise. Yet he makes it uncomplicated, she tells him. And, she informs him, that is exactly what she needs. Ava happily and confidently enters holding baby Avery, ready to engage with her oldest daughter and Dillon. She sits with him and talks about all she's been through with Sonny and keeping baby Avery safe. At that point, Kiki assesses to her mom she's proud of her and is happy to see the little one. She picks up baby Avery and takes her into the kitchen for something “yummy”. Alone with Dillon, Ava makes herself appear as the “hero” for getting her daughter back from Sonny, for which he congratulates her. In response to that, Ava “congratulates” him. He asks for what, to which she replies for helping her daughter get over and stay away from Morgan.

When Sonny and Carly are alone, he assesses that since she found the recording of Ava and Paul sleeping together, she knew how to use it to have power over Ava. They both do not like the idea of playing Ava's game, yet they know in the long run, it will work in their favor. He smiles, laughs and concludes that people now know not to mess with Carly.

At Wyndemere, Dante takes Laura and Spencer aside, along with Lulu and talks about how the Coast Guard is trying to find Nikolas. Laura expresses how concerned she is that Spencer is showing no feelings or emotions and appears to clearly be in denial. Lulu looks worried and emotional and she demands to know what happened to her brother. In the other room, Spencer assures Hayden, she need not worry if she loses his dad because she always has him, as he hugs her. Laura watches and is clearly not contented to be seeing that.

When Jordan is at the station attempting to find Nikolas, Elizabeth enters and informs her that she has evidence against Hayden Barnes/Rachel Berlin for what happened to Nikolas Cassadine.

Alone with Sam, Jason assesses he knows of a way to “flee” if he gets accused of murder, remembering Diane warning them that he could get put in jail before a trial and he does not want to risk that. They both conclude the cops are clearly trying to railroad him and are not even attempting to find out who may have really hurt Nikolas and may clearly have an agenda to go after Jason.

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