GH Update Tuesday 5/31/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/31/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Gisele

After the Nurses' Ball, Curtis and Hayden go to Wyndemere after it appears the house has been robbed, windows have been smashed and everyone is afraid that Nikolas may have been killed. Hayden is not ok with Curtis having called the cops. Yet there is still “interest” in what Nikolas could have done with the diamonds that are supposed to be rightful hers. Not far away in the house, Sam expresses to Jason that she is concerned what could have happened to her cousin.

At the hospital, Lucas remains unconscious. Brad is nearby and asks the medical staff what they can tell him. They do not have any answers. He admits to Finn he does not know what to say since they were supposed to get married tonight and now Lucas is now fighting for his life. He goes to call Lucas' father while Finn promises to stay alone with the patient. Dr. Obrecht walks in and demands that Finn gets away from that patient.

Alexis continues to avoid and evade questions and communication with Julian. Yet he wants her to talk to him and tell him what is going on, clearly knowing she is keeping secrets from him. She reminds him that she cannot trust him nor feel safe when he admitted that he is responsible for several murders and lied to her about getting out of the business, and about God only knows how many other things. Before they can continue their conversation, Molly returns. Alexis wants to appear to her daughter as though nothing has “happened”, as she “happily” asks her how the ball went. Julian assumes that nothing has happened that could have prevented Lucas and Brad from getting married. However, he gets a call from Brad informing him that the wedding has been postponed because Lucas is in the hospital unconscious.

Sabrina goes with Michael to the Quartermaine house after Jordan has agreed to at least let her see her infant son before turning herself in for aiding and abetting Carlos. She wonders why Tracy seems to have the idea that she can keep the baby and Sabrina is not ok wit that. Tracy informs Sabrina, for the first time, that not long ago, she had brain surgery. Hearing that, Sabrina “graciously” tells her she's so sorry she was unaware and if she had only known. Yet Tracy coldly asks her what she would have done if she had known, as she continues to affirm that she believes she has the right to this baby and Sabrina does not. Sabrina protests to Tracy she cannot pretend to know what she might have done in the situation. Yet Tracy reminds her that she was a single mom who could have reached out to friends for help instead of aiding and abetting a fugitive which has put not only her but also her baby, in danger. Sabrina asks Tracy if she's angry at her for that or something else, to which Tracy tells her that a friend does not abandon their friends so if Sabrina professes to be her friend, as was once the case, she does not buy that anymore. She also reminds Sabrina that she's been betrayed by too many people and is not about to put herself through that again.

When Ava goes to Sonny and Carly’s home, very confident that she can take Avery, Sonny affirms to her that Avery is not going home with her today or any other day. He reminds her that he and Carly have the power to prove that she committed murder. At that point, she “urges” Sonny to at least let her have visitation rights. Yet he reminds her that after all she's put him through with social workers and restrictions and all the hideous things she's done to everyone, she no longer has any rights to “his” daughter. He tells her she needs to get out of his home and not come back. She asks if he's going to have her killed, to which he replies probably not although he clearly has something in store for her that she does not want.

At Wyndemere, while everyone wonders what could have happened or what they do next, Jordan walks in with officers and demands someone tells her what has happened. She then declares to all four of them that this is a crime scene and they need to follow the instructions of the police regarding this.

Julian rushes off to get to the hospital after getting the call about Lucas and Molly asks her mom, while they are alone in the house, just what she plans to do with the “communication” (or lack thereof) with Julian and what has happened to his son. She tells her mom she can clearly see that something is bothering her although Alexis denies that. Molly concludes she can see it's Julian and asks what he has done now and needs her mom to tell her if it was really her own decision to defend Carlos, to which Alexis reminds her daughter she is not at liberty to discuss her cases. Yet Molly tells her it's very obvious what is going on and it breaks her heart to see her mom in this state of mind. Alexis then asks her daughter what she'd do if she were in a similar situation, to which Molly replies she would reach out to her daughters and the people who love her and then she’d listen to her own instincts to figure out what to do next.

Julian walks into Lucas' room and overhears Dr. Obrecht telling Finn that he cannot go near a patient and the reason Lucas is there in this bed and in danger is because of him (because of Finn). She leaves and Brad explains to Julian that they were supposed to get married, as scheduled at the ball. However, when he went to find his mom, he found her passed out on the floor backstage and he had to rush her to the hospital. They are not certain what has caused this to happen to Lucas. Hearing that, Julian protests that this makes no sense. Lucas does not have any healthy issues and there has to be an explanation for this, which he demands to know. Dr. Obrecht returns and informs Julian that “this doctor” (Finn) has been responsible for the unexplained deaths of many patients. At that point, Julian physically grabs Finn and demands to know if he intends to kill Julian's son. Brad asks if this is true and demands both Dr. Obrecht and Finn get out of the room and tells an unconscious Lucas he is so sorry for what happened to him. He asks Julian if he wants him to leave, realizing that Lucas' family has more legal rights than he does. However, Julian tells Brad it's ok if he stays with Lucas, knowing his son would want that.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael explains to Tracy that Sabrina has been arrested and paid a price for what Carlos got her into. And so, he admonishes to his aunt, she needs to, at the very least, allow Sabrina to see and interact with her son, on her last day of freedom. Yet Tracy firmly tells them no. Sabrina has made her choice to abandon her baby and put him on their doorstep. She's signed away her rights, which only Tracy has authority of at this point, she reminds them. Sabrina protests that she did not intend to abandon her baby and was hoping that she could trust the Quartermaines to take care of her baby. Tracy reminds her that she now has legal rights and the only options now are to put him in foster care or let Tracy have custodial rights because Sabrina has given all of that up. She then urges Tracy to just let her hold the baby boy. Michael reminds Tracy and informs Sabrina that Tracy did not entirely follow the law with her method to obtain custody. He assesses to Tracy he knows she is angry and hurt, understandably, but cannot keep Sabrina away from her son.

At Wyndemere, when Jordan interrogates and demands to know what Hayden and Curtis may have done to Nikolas, Curtis “represents” Hayden as though he is her lawyer and is protecting her from charges. Hayden firmly tells the commissioner that maybe instead of blaming her and Curtis for the suspected crime and what has happened to Nikolas, maybe she should instead, question the other two people in this house who have just as much motive to rob and kill Nikolas as she does. Jordan questions them both. Sam has an alibi and no motive to kill Nikolas although Jordan believes Jason does and he refuses to talk without his lawyer. They all know that Nikolas did not “fall” into the harbor. He was pushed. It obviously appears that at least one of them has attempted to kill him. Laura enters and asks Jordan if there is really no sign of her son anywhere. Jordan protests she is having a search party and the Coast Guard looking for him. Yet the current is too strong. She protests to Laura that there is not even any hard evidence that anything has happened to Nikolas. An officer shows Jordan something that was found on the rocks. Hayden identifies it as Nikolas' phone. Jordan asks who else was in the house tonight, to which Hayden responds that Spencer is away and all the servants are out for the night. Jordan knows she needs to find out what might be on Nikolas' computer server. Sam protests that she cannot implicate or blame Jason yet Jordan firmly tells her he is a suspect.

At Sonny's house, he reminds Ava that he knows what happened when Connie was murdered. Ava had no remorse when she murdered Connie. It's been proven, he reminds her and asks her if she honestly believes that everybody is going to forget that. Hearing that, Ava asks if this is all about revenge and his personal issue with her, to which Sonny tells her this is about keeping his daughter safe. She then admits that she cannot live her life without Avery. She further tells Sonny that if there is no place in Avery's life for her, then there is no purpose for her life to go on. At that point, she tells Sonny he may kill her and encourages him to do just that. She tells him that if she dies, it will be to his advantage. He'll be able to tell Avery whatever he wants and make Carly her mom. Yet Sonny reminds Ava that Carly has always been the mother to Avery and that she (Ava) does not see her daughter as a person she cares about or loves. She only sees her as a bargaining chip and something to hold against her enemies.

While Lucas remains unconscious, both Brad and Julian are suspicious of Finn and realize Dr. Obrecht may be onto something regarding his “track record”. Brad goes into the other room to see if he can get some answers. While Alexis is on the phone to Diane, telling her she believes she has no choice except to contact her this time of night in an emergency situation, she gets an incoming call from Julian. He admits to his wife he “needs her” now because something has happened to Lucas. Finn goes into the hospital lobby and “warns” Dr. Obrecht not to mess with him. Yet she is not worried. Inside the hospital room, Julian talks alone to his son about how he needs him and does not know what he could do without him. Brad brings back evidence about what was in Lucas' system and proves to Dr. Obrecht and to Finn there was enough to kill him.

Despite protests, Tracy tells Sabrina's she's sorry but she cannot give “Edward” back to her. A that point, Sabrina is intrigued that Tracy would think to name the baby after her father. She admits that she, herself, has named him, Eduardo, for the very same reason, after hearing all of the inspirational things about Tracy's father. At that point, Michael urges Tracy to, at the very least, let Sabrina spend this night with her son. She agrees, picks up the baby, guarding him although she give him to Sabrina, who happily cries and snuggles with the baby.

At the house, Sonny finally agrees to let Ava see her daughter one last time but warns her that some day, the truth will come out that she is a murderer and she will pay for it. Ava happily holds baby Avery in her arms. Sonny does not prevent it but is clearly not ok with this.

At Wyndemere, Jordan reminds Jason there is evidence that he has means, motive and opportunity to kill Nikolas Cassadine. That along with his history of violence and murder makes him a prime suspect. Yet neither he nor Sam are worried and are able to go home.

An emotional Julian cries while he sits beside his unconscious and non-responsive son's hospital bed. Alexis comes by. He hold her hand and is happy to see her. Julian hugs Alexis who is still untrusting of him.

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