GH Update Friday 5/27/16

General Hospital Update Friday 5/27/16


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At the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy happily engages with Sabrina’s baby boy informing him she is contented and did not miss the Nurses' Ball. She continues to praise the baby for being so well behaved and bringing positivity into her life. She affirms that he's just like his namesake, Edward. She shows him pictures of her deceased father and mother. She remarks that the place has gotten to be kind of empty and the baby has fulfilled a need for her. Dillon enters, sees his mom and is encouraged to notice she appears happier than he's seen her in a long time. He assures her he is “on her side” especially given all that his father has put her through and her being in the hospital. She is happy to hear that, however Dillon reminds her that she will, eventually have to give up the baby. At that point, she angrily protests to her son that she has the legal custodial rights to the baby. He's her responsibility. Dillon needs to realize that the baby's father is dead and his mother is God knows where, she tells him. Yet Dillon informs his mom, for the first time that Sabrina has returned to Port Charles and publicly made her presence known at The Nurse’s Ball. She was waiting for Tracy, assuming she'd be there and left a message that she'd be back later. Hearing that, for the first time, Tracy is surprised wondering what to expect at this point.

After the Nurse’s Ball, when Sabrina is happily with Michael and suspecting nothing, Jordan wastes no time placing her under arrest for aiding and abetting Carlos. Michael protests that she is making a mistake doing that. Yet Sabrina tells him he does not have to fight for her because, she believes she deserves to be arrested. Michael protests that Sabrina heroically protected Port Charles from Carlos by going with him and doing what he wanted, put herself in danger and only wants to return to her son. Jordan replies she's sorry that that has happened but she has to do her job. Sabrina protests that all she wants to do is hold her baby once again. At that point, Jordan realize she might want to at least let Sabrina see her child before she's placed in custody. Sabrina admits that she intended to attend The Nurse’s Ball because it's a tradition. She knew she's be arrested but all she wants is one night with her son. Michael urges Jordan to consider giving Sabrina a chance to have that. When she argue and raises objections, he reminds her about her situation of being kept away from her son, TJ and asks if she does not understand how Sabrina is going through the same thing.

Not far away, André is kind of confused as to where his “date” went. They all realize they have not seen Jordan yet she has not told them where she went or what she is doing.


In the empty dining room, after the ball, Anna visits with her daughter, granddaughter, and family members when Paul takes her aside and gives her “something” in an envelope. Ava comes through the door. Paul informs Anna that it appears that all charges against her are dropped regarding the role she played with Carlos. Anna thanks him for that but assures him that she wants nothing to do with him. He is not her friend, much less more than a friend to her, as she can see he'd like to be.

Ava takes Paul aside while Robin takes Anna aside and asks her mom if she really did attempt to kill Carlos. Anna then explains the whole story to her daughter about, when Duke died, she had reason to believe that Carlos was likely to walk and the charges against him would not stick. She then realized that the man who murdered the man she loved was going to get away with it. At that point, she explains to Robin, she snapped. She took the law into her own hands and shot Carlos. However, unknown to her, she further explains, she mistakenly thought she killed him yet she did not because apparently Carlos was wearing a bullet proof vest. She later found out that Carlos was alive. She went with Sonny to Ecuador to find Carlos and she concluded she did not care what happened to her as long as they could get Carlos to testify against Julian in order to get justice for Duke. Robin assesses to her mom that the charges against her have been dropped, to which Anna confirms yes, thank God. Robin further affirms to her mother that she has to heal from all she's been through and forgive herself. She also knows that her mom may still be “hell bent” on revenge. She promises her mom she will be able to get past the anger and the hurt and be complete “saying good bye” to Duke. Hearing that, Anna reveals to her daughter that she “saw” Duke when Carlos locked her in that cold storage room. Hearing that, Robin is intrigued but gets an incoming call from Patrick that she goes off to take. Alone in the room, Anna has another “vision” of doing the tango with Duke in this very room.

At Sonny's house, Carly happily announces to her husband that Avery is safely and peacefully in her crib and they can enjoy the evening together without any worries. Sonny agrees. She then informs her husband that they no longer have to worry about anyone taking the little one away from them again, to which Sonny asks her why she would assume that. She replies that she now has the “goods” on Ava. She explains that when Ava got ready to order a new nursery, she was able to get Max to “postpone” the shipment. Hearing that, Sonny reminds her that that is only a “temporary” benefit for them. Yet she further explains that she was able to obtain they key Morgan once had to Ava's room. Hearing that, Sonny asks his wife if she was able to actually find the taped confession that Ava murdered Connie, to which Carly replies “not directly” although she reveals to an intrigued Sonny that she found out that Ava is sleeping with DA Hornsby and has it on a flash-drive she's saved to the Cloud. Carly further reminds her husband of the very “convenient and untimely” disappearance of the taped confession from the DA's office. It seems very coincidental that Paul Hornsby would be secretly sleeping with Ava. There's obviously a “reason” for that. More than likely, Paul does not want the affair exposed and will have no more incentive to want to “protect” Ava if that does happen. And once that happens, more than likely, it will just be a matter of time before the “missing” taped confession will suddenly no longer be missing. Ava will get charged with the murder of Connie, as Sonny always wanted. She'll go to prison. She'll never be able to see Avery again. And she'll be out of all of their lives once and for all. Hearing that, Sonny happily praises his wife for her brilliant plan.


Ava finds Paul and furiously tells him that Carly has threatened to take Avery from her. Yet, she protests to him, if Carly has the “sex tape” of the two of them, she (Ava) still has custody of her daughter and nobody can take that away from her. Paul reminds Ava however, that she won't be able to see her daughter if she goes to prison, affirming to her, if the evidence gets out that he slept with her, which could ruin his career and get him in trouble, he can and will hand over the evidence that she committed murder. He makes it clear that if he goes down, she will go down so fast for murder, she will wish she were dead. Hearing that, Ava knows she has to take drastic action to prevent that from happening.


After Nikolas has returned home, Hayden/ Rachel stays at the hotel with Curtis, who continues to reminds her that she could be in danger if she trust her husband

At Wyndemere, Sam goes frantically looking for Jason after he's had his confrontation with Nikolas. She does not find him until he appears and informs her that things might not be great. There's a violent thunderstorm. Nikolas lies unconscious and bloody on a rock in the storm. Sam and Jason go looking for Nikolas knowing he's in danger. She finds his phone on the shore by the rocks as well as his ring, which proves Nikolas is out there and may be dead or fatally injured. Jason swims trying to find Nikolas but fails to do so.

Hayden returns home with Curtis and they go looking for Nikolas. They see furniture turned over and items smashed and damaged as well as a big hole in the window. Curtis remarks it “looks like one hell of a fight”. Sam and Jason finds them and assess that Nikolas may have drowned and is unlikely to have survived in the storm. At that point, Hayden seems emotional although Curtis asks her if she is really not “ok” now knowing she never again needs to deal with Nikolas or his threats. Yet she reminds him Nikolas was her husband she “loved” him. She faces both Jason and Sam, telling them she knows they both want her husband dead and she bets Jason killed him. He sure has obvious motive after Nikolas just got his assets frozen, Hayden reminds Jason. Curtis continues to wonder why she would have any discontentment that Nikolas is finally out of her life. She urges him to call the cops and he reluctantly calls Jordan.

André finds Jordan when she's alone and kisses her. However, she gets an incoming call form Curtis. She tells André she’d like to ignore it but has to take it because it could possibly be about TJ. She sees a text Curtis sent her that he's “on his way” and wonders what that would mean.

When Anna “envisions” being with Duke, she tells him she “wishes” he could really be there with her, to which he tells her she needs to “wish” for something other than him. She needs to have a new life and realize she has too much to live for, he says. He tells her he loves her and says good bye. She says good bye to him. She realizes she is alone and only imagining being with him. At that point, Robin finds her and asks her mom if she's ready to go.

Paul texts Ava that she will regret it if the tape of them having sex ever goes public. Yet it appears Ava is not quite as “scared or motivated” as he hopes, as she frantically rushes to do what she needs to do.

Sonny and Carly are ready to enjoy their evening together when she upstairs to take a bath, and he hears the doorbell ring. He opens the door, sees Ava and demands to know what she wants. She tells him she's there for her daughter and rushes inside the house to take Avery. She knows she has to either do it now or else it will be too late.

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