GH Update Thursday 5/26/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/26/16


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Curtis notices Nikolas with Hayden and demands that Nikolas not go through with what he intends to do, knowing that he could be endangering Hayden. She informs Curtis that her “husband” has pawned her diamonds. Knowing what she knows and can expose about him, she reminds him that he might not want to do that. Hearing that, Nikolas “calmly” tells her there is no need for threats and he will restore her diamonds to her and asks her to come wit him. Hearing that, Curtis advises her not to go home with this man. She cannot trust him and needs to know the only way she can get her hands on the diamonds is to pry them out of his cold dead hands. He is just saying that in order to put her back into his trap, Curtis insists. At that point, she declares she does not intend to return to Wyndemere with Nikolas.

Jason finds Carly and informs her that Nikolas has served him with a court order to prevent him from having access to his financial assets. Yet she is not worried, however, believing that Jason will win and save the day as he has always done before. He wonders why she assumes that everything will be ok and she shows him when they turn to see Sonny, Michael and Max at the door.

As Lucas and Brad are about to have their wedding ceremony and everybody is in place except for Lucas and Bobbie, they all wonder where they both went and why they are not there. Lucy tries to entertain and distract the audience, asking if anyone has seen Dr. Lucas Jones. Hearing that, the new nurse, Amy remembers that she did find out that Dr. Jones had to leave, but doesn't remember why. At that point, Lucy assesses that at least this not a case of a runaway groom. Knowing the guests can leave any time they want, Lucy finds Epiphany and urges her to get up on stage with Milo and do an act. Yet Epiphany tells her that her act cannot be rushed.

Lucy takes Kiki and Dillon aside and urges them to do their act, reminding them that people come there and pay money to be entertained and without entertainment, they will not pay. So, she informs them both, they need to “get over themselves”. The two of them get up and sing Shawn Mendes' "Stitches." At the end, everybody claps and cheers. Morgan is in the audience and looks coldly at them and is not contented. He and Michael join their parents while Carly announces to her husband and sons that she has some” fantastic new” she wants to share with them. Dante and Lulu enter and prevent her from telling them her “joyous news”. Sonny informs the others that he and Michael have found Sabrina and they no longer have the threat they once had regarding where she is and who she may be with.

Backstage, Dillon assesses that he wants to be with Kiki. She wants to be with him. They declare their “mutual interest” and kiss. Morgan walks in and sees them together. Without uttering a sound, he walks out and returns to the table and talks to Michael, who is encouraged for his brother although Morgan is secretly “not ok” with what he has just seen.

Not far away, André affirms to Carly that Morgan is making great progress in his program and that is why he gave Morgan a “pass” to attend the event tonight.

Sonny sits beside Robin and assures her that he intends to get justice for Duke if it' s the last thing he does. He is ready to fill her in on the details of how he and her mom went on their mission. Jason comes by and affirms to his “first love” his memories of their history together.

In her hospital room, Bobbie awakens and sits up able to see her son unconscious on the floor next to her bed. Out in the corridor, Finn hears Bobbie calling for help. She gets up as the doctors attempt to revive her son. She notices Lucas' phone ringing from the floor and picks it up when Brad calls. She urges him to get to the hospital ASAP. Felix joins Brad and assures him that he knows that Lucas would have to have a good reason for leaving at a time like this.

Lucy announces to the audience all that nurses have to contend with, the importance of their jobs, and their need to follow “doctors' orders”. The old 70s disco song Doctor's Orders plays as Lulu is alone wearing a sexy nighty and urging her man to come home. Epiphany declares to Milo she saw the doctor who confirmed nothing was wrong with her except she was missing her man. Women on stage sing Doctor's Orders as Epiphany leads the song. Lulu, Valerie, Maxie, and Amy all sing and dance in the background.


Griffin gets called to the hospital to attempt to revive Lucas while Bobbie assists him and Brad rushes in. Doctors' Orders continues playing. The doctors rush to save Lucas while it appears he's hanging between life and death.

After the act is done, Maxie goes to the backroom with Lulu, notices Dillon “with” Kiki and remarks that she had no clue about their “involvement”. She declares she believes Kiki has found herself a “good one”.

At the table, alone with his family, Morgan says nothing but sounds “depressed” when he tells them he does not blame nor is he angry at them for “caring” and he walks off.

At the hospital, Griffin and the staff are finally successful in getting Lucas' heart restarted.

Nikolas photographs the remaining diamonds he has on his desk at the house. He sends a text to Hayden while she's still at The Nurses' Ball to come home. She sends him a text that she's “on her way”. Curtis is with her and urges her not to come home and give her husband what she wants, reminding her he already saw her talking to commissioner Ashford. Yet she believes that since Nikolas just texted her with the picture of the diamonds he still has, that “maybe” she can “trust” him? At that point, Curtis tells her that he would not like to believe she is “naive” but cannot save her from herself if she insists upon failing to see what is very obvious.

Michael finds Jason, assuming that nothing could have happened to him (unaware of what Nikolas just did), praises him for getting ELQ back for him. He promises Jason he will not let him down this time.

Carly returns home with Sonny and shows him her Aveeno night crème.

Lucy introduces her friend and keynote speaker for the evening, the much beloved Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. Robin thanks her and acknowledges this is a cause very near and dear to her heart, admitting there's something specific she wanted to happily announce as she tells the audience there is a new medication that can't prevent HIV. Everybody claps and she informs the audience there is a rise in infections and the high-risk groups are gay men and poor. She admits it breaks her heart to know that as she informs everyone that her first boyfriend, Stone, died before it was too late to treat his HIV. She admits she expects to live until this horrible disease that's taken so many people away from us, is conquered. Everybody claps. Amy the nurse grabs Felix and wants him and Epiphany to do a song that they say they cannot do together because Sabrina “owned” that song. Amy goes and urges Lucy to let her do the song: “You're Not Alone Anymore”. Sabrina arrives and joins her in the song. Michael comes up and stands beside her. Epiphany, Felix and Elizabeth all welcome Sabrina back as Epiphany sings the song with Sabrina and Amy.

Lucas is breathing but still unconscious and non-responsive when Brad attempts to get him to wake up and talk. Griffin assesses that a strange needle has punctured Lucas' neck. They all know the only attending physician who was there when he was alone in the room with his mom would have been Finn. Griffin asks Finn if he injected Lucas with anything.

Lucy announces another Nurses' Ball has come to an end and thanks Aveeno for their generous support. Felix comes up and congratulates Lucy with flowers. They thank the audience and everybody cheers and claps.

Sonny and Carly are happily together.

Anna and all of Robin's friends praise her for her speech and her research for HIV & AIDS.

Michael is happily with Sabrina when, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, Jordan places Sabrina under arrest for aiding and abetting Carlos Rivera.

Griffin admits that there is evidence that Finn injected Lucas and this needs to be investigated.

Curtis gives Hayden his credit card and urges her not to return to Nikolas until she's talked to the police.

Sam goes looking for Jason at Wyndemere. She can't find him and knows there is trouble. We hear thunder and lightning from outside Nikolas lies on a rock in the storm bloody and unconscious.

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