GH Update Wednesday 5/25/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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At the Nurses' Ball, everybody claps as Emma sings and Ned plays piano, doing Elton John's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Robin, Anna, and Maxie cheer Emma on and everybody congratulates her when she's done. Lucy gets on the mic and acknowledges that both Ned and Emma come from two very important families that give of their time and money for worthy causes and set a wonderful example for all of us. They give their time, their hearts and their resources. She also announces that there will be no “stage crashing tonight” like there have been in previous years.

Epiphany goes backstage to find Dr. Obrecht bound and gagged and sitting on top of a toilet seat. Dr. Obrecht demands that Epiphany untie her at once, to which Epiphany reminds her they are not on the clock right now and so she does not have to take orders from her. In response to that, Dr. Obrecht says please, to which Epiphany unties her and she breaks free. However, Epiphany demands to know why she's dressed and ready to do The Sound of Music. Obrecht protests everybody wants to hear her act but Epiphany leaves, informing her she won't be doing it tonight.

Behind the scenes, we also see Carly smiling in satisfaction after obtaining the flash-drive with evidence to use to prevent Ava from having custody of baby Avery.

On the stage, Lucy announces it's intermission and encourages her guests to eat, drink, interact and relax.

Hayden finds Jordan and urgently tells her they need to talk, to which Jordan tells her she needs to make an appointment because this is neither the time nor the place. Nikolas finds his wife and leads her away from the police commissioner.

Felix notices that Lucas has disappeared and wonders where he's gone, to which Brad replies he's just getting ready for the ceremony. When Lucas goes off, he is immediately distracted when he finds his mom passed out on the floor. He rushes to revive and make sure she is ok and insists she lets him take her to the hospital. She argues but he insists that she goes with him because he needs to make sure she is safe.

When Ava is in the ladies room reapplying her makeup, Carly walks in. Ava is very smug and confident, telling Carly she needs to make sure she looks her best for the following day when she goes to pick up Avery and keeps her away from Sonny and Carly permanently. Carly, however, is equally confident that that will not happen as she shows Ava the recording she's obtained, from the surveillance camera of Ava having sex with DA Paul Hornsby in his hotel room at The Metro Court. In response to that, Ava demands to know where Carly got that, asking if she broke into Ava's home and rifled through her personal belongings, to which Carly reminds her that she can expose her to Kiki and all interested parties for what is clearly going on. Yet Ava is not afraid of that at this point. Ava leaves. Carly is ready for battle as she sends a text with the “secret video” to Paul Hornsby. Paul instantly notices it on his phone and angrily takes Ava aside. He's worried about how the sex scandal could ruin him although she is not, assessing that not much could happen to her if their secret sexual contact is exposed.. Yet he tells her if she does not “do something”, he can and will use the tape of her admitting to killing Connie against her. At that point, Ava is motivated to do what Paul wants.

Behind the stage, Lucy urges Griffin to do his act although he objects. She urges him to do her a favor because she will do the same for him one day. She then returns to Epiphany asking if it's common that right when one resolves one crises, another one will occur, to which Epiphany “calmly” tells her that is common. They wonder where Lucas has gone. Lucas rushes to get his mom to the hospital and everyone is distracted while the new nurse, Amy is only too happy to have time for her next act.

Back at the hospital, Finn asks the “nurse” whom he sees wearing scrubs with her back turned, to “assist” him. He then sees Dr. Obrecht turn and face him as she demands to know if she “looks like a nurse”. He asks her why she's not at the ball, to which she angrily replies she got “booted”.

At the seating table, Jake expresses he's nervous but is very attentive to Franco encouraging him to be confident. Elizabeth listens attentively and approvingly. Jason is not far away, at a table with Sam, making it clear he's not ok with Franco helping his son. Sam expresses her concerns about the stress Jason is experiencing about that. Kiki sits beside Franco making it clear she's in awe of how good he is with Jake. Lucy introduces the son of one of GH's finest nurses who's been gone for a while but is a valued member of the act as she welcomes Mr. Jake Weber. Jake attempts to sing but then freezes. Elizabeth sits in the audience and encourages her son to do this. Yet he does not respond until Franco comes on stage with him and coaches him, at which point, he confidently sings and remembers all of the lyrics and music perfectly. Elizabeth and Laura both listen attentively while his mom videotapes him on her phone. Nina listens, speechlessly in awe of how good Franco is with the boy. When they are done, Lucy acknowledges Jake Webber as well as GH's Art Therapist, Franco, whom everybody observes and praises for his part in the success of this act. Robin informs Anna that Emma is going to go with Mac and Felicia to their home to watch the rest of the ball on television. She leaves. Franco finds Jake and congratulates him as he smiles and congratulates Franco for his part. Jason goes to talk to his son and tells him he was very brave although Jake is “less enthused” to talk to his dad, telling him he was not brave until Franco came up to help him.

After Lucas takes Bobbie to the hospital, Finn attends to her and assesses she was merely experiencing Vertigo. She need not worry but needs to stay there for a while, he tells her, to which she tells him if she stays there, she will miss her son getting married. However, Lucas assures his mom that won't happen.

After Ava finds out that Carly “motivated” her with the flash-drive, they get into physical combat. In the struggle, Ava takes the flash-drive, pulls it out of Carly's hand and manages to flush it down the toilet. At that point, she believes she can declare “victory” although Carly asks her if she actually believes that Carly did not back that file up as she informs her it's in the cloud and Ava needs to know she's permanently lost custody of Avery.

Another act begins that does not really impress anyone until Magic Milo suddenly announces he and the other guys are ready to some real entertainment. They wear their suits and dance and start taking clothes off. He dances with Felix, Griffin, Dillon, and Curtis. They dance while the women cheer as they strip down to their undershorts and throw their clothes into the audience. After they are done, backstage, Maxie praises and congratulates Griffin although he reminds her that Lucy “manipulated” him. Epiphany joins Milo and they are all happy.

When Finn returns to Obrecht she is not worried about her own situation when she reveals she's found out he may have gotten fired from his job in Minneapolis. He clarifies to her he did not get fired. He quit, to which she tells him she can only wonder why. He does not reveal the reason but does not seem worried or afraid of anything.

Brad is getting ready for the next act where he initiates the wedding with Lucas.

At the hospital, as Lucas returns to his sleeping mom, not worried about anything, and ready to get back to his wedding in time, he notices someone ready to inject an unsuspecting Bobbie.

Jason is in the lobby with Sam when Diane Miller appears and informs him he is getting sued. He asks for what, to which she replies he will soon find out. She explains that, due to his criminal activities, the IRS has frozen all of his assets.


When Nikolas is “sparring” with Hayden, Curtis finds him and demands he lets her go.

Lucy announces there are two people who will now take their wedding vows. She introduces their grooms, Brad Cooper and Dr. Lucas Jones. Felix stands by Brad. Sam is “ready” to stand by Lucas. However, Lucas is not there.

Lucas is passed out, lying on the floor beside his mom's hospital bed after “someone” has injected him in the neck.

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