GH Update Tuesday 5/24/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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Robin Scorpio-Drake is on the phone talking to her husband waiting for him to return from a conference. Emma reminds her mom that it's time for The Nurses' Ball. They sit by the television and watch the GH Nurses' Ball. We see Nina with two announcers, Abbie & Donny ready to view all guests as they walk down the red carpet. They acknowledge Bobbie, former GH nurse manager alongside her son, Lucas a new resident MD. Photographers take pictures of them. Nina introduces Epiphany Johnson, current nurse manager of GH who was featured in an issue of Crimson as a “real woman”. They then introduce Anna Devane, former police commissioner, whom mentions has also been featured as one of Crimson's “real women”. When the camera zooms in, Nina wants Anna to share how she fought for her principals and traded her police badge for a prison uniform recently, which Anna clearly does not want exposed. Brad enters with Felix and they are introduced as two new hospital staff although the two guys give them no further information. They then introduce current police commissioner, Jordan Ashford with her date, Dr. André Maddox, walk down the red carpet. Nikolas enters, right away, being recognized for his tradition to donate huge funds, alongside his “wife”, whom he boldly and gleefully introduces as Rachel Berlin. As soon as they hear that name, they admit they know, all too well, about this woman and her rich criminal father. They waste no time inquiring how she will clean the prince out of his finances as well as wondering what else she will steal, to which Nikolas chimes in, publicly admitting that he knows that's what she does and he will have her arrested if she does it again. She is clearly “uncomfortable” that he's revealed this over the air waves but he is not.

Back at the hospital, Maxie finds Griffin and remarks that the new nurse is extremely nosy, talks too much and has the mistaken idea that he is a priest. She advises Griffin to “shut it down”. Griffin, however, informs Maxie that it's accurate information that he is, in fact a priest, explaining that although he's no longer at the perish, he is still a priest. She shows him a bag in which she's carrying Nathan's tux. Yet he informs her that he cannot release Nathan from the hospital yet. She remarks it will be very embarrassing to have to go to the ball by herself. Griffin assesses he's “sorry and does not know how to help her”. Yet she tells him how he can. He can accompany her to the ball, Maxie tells him. Griffin hesitates but agrees to go with her when he finds out that Robin & Emma will be there.


Ava gets ready for the ball. Scott is still staying in her home. Kiki is also there and asks her why Scott is still there. She also remarks she kind of was hoping that Morgan would be taking her. Ava pretends she would not know the reason why Morgan is not contacting Kiki, as she hears her daughter “explain” how the last time she visited Morgan he told her he believed it would be best they not see each other again. In response to that, Ava “graciously” offers “condolences” to her daughter. At that point, she suggests that maybe it would be best for three of them to go together.

Amy, the nosy nurse is in the phone in the dressing room when Lucy urges her to get going. Franco enters, just in time to catch Elizabeth before she trips and falls, picks her up and holds her in his arms. Lucy needs to know, right away, if Elizabeth will be able to walk down the red carpet without crutches and she seems to have new confidence that she need not worry.

Carly is preparing for the festivities and needs to make certain that nobody helps themselves to an extra Aveeno gift bag. She runs into Obrecht, whom she knows has a trick up her sleeve and warns the former chief of staff that she will call security if Obrecht gives any “repeat performances” of upstaging any acts. Obrecht assures her that won't happen, as she indicates she has “something much more important” to do that will give her far greater satisfaction.

Anna finds André Maddox when he's alone and offers to buy him a drink for saving her life. Jordan finds her date and is obviously “mindful” of the exchange she just walked in on.


Donny welcomes the woman of the evening, Lucy Coe who enters and announces the Nurses' Ball would not happen without General Hospital and their tireless efforts to win the fight against AIDS. A guy introduces Carly and asks her for a little tidbit of what to expect for the show. She replies that is Lucy's secret. However, she informs everyone they will be in for a major show. Kiki enters and gets photographed while Nina announces that she got shot trying to intervene in an illegal arms trade. Dillon is nearby and clearly wants to be with her yet there's “awkwardness”. Right behind Kiki, Ava and Scott appear. Nina wastes no time talking about Nina being a known home wrecker and criminal. Lucy does not welcome Ava any more than Nina does. Carly coldly observes her and Ava wastes no time reminding Carly that she intends to take her child home and get Carly arrested if she believes otherwise. Yet Carly is not afraid and is planning something in order to expose Ava.

Bobbie gathers alongside Lucas, Brad and Felix and announces she will have special plans as the mother of the groom. She proposes a toast and welcomes Brad into the family.

While André is with Jordan and Anna is alone without a date, she observes them and then goes into the empty ballroom, remembering all the times she did the tango with Duke at previous Nurses' Balls. Emma appears unexpectedly to announce the special visitors from Berkeley, CA. At that point, Robin appears and surprises her mom. Anna rushes to greet and welcome her daughter and granddaughter and tells them this is the best surprise ever.

Maxie enters with Griffin and is introduced as the other “fashion icon” along with Nina. Nina announces that Maxie is also her future sister in law and inquires whom this handsome gentleman accompanying Maxie is, realizing her brother is not with Maxie. They explain that Nathan is still recovering. Valerie and Curtis walk in together.

Emma rushes to happily greet Griffin when she sees him and asks him if he's really a priest. Hearing that question, he hesitates to answer. She asks him why he would not want to get married. He's nice. He's handsome. Any woman would be lucky to have him, Emma tells him. Maxie overhears and admits to Emma she has wondered the same thing. Elizabeth and Franco walk in together on the red carpet and Nina is clearly not ok to see them.. Jason notices him and affirms, again, that even if Elizabeth chooses to be there with Franco, Jason does not want his son around him. Maxie takes Elizabeth aside. Scott finds Lucy, greets her and tells her she looks beautiful. She thanks him and tells him she's happy to see him again but wonders why on earth he'd be there with Ava, making it clear she does not welcome Scott's “date”.

Carly secretly goes to unlock Ava's penthouse without her knowing after finding out that Ava has informed the others she left her checkbook behind. Carly clearly knows Ava is hiding something. She hides in a dressing room unseen, plus the flash-drive into a computer to find out just what Ava is hiding. She is certain she will be able to find proof of Ava bragging about murdering Connie to make her lose Avery forever.

Donny introduces Jason Morgan with his “ex-wife”, uncertain whether that is Sam's correct status as it appears they've divorced yet are dating. They both find it awkward, want privacy from gossip but are clearly happy to be together. Robin finds them, greets them and Sam goes off, giving Jason and Robin a chance to catch up. He admits to her that his memories are finally coming back and she was the first person he remembered before it all came back to him.

Dr. Obrecht is ready to do a “surprise act” of Edelweiss dressed just like a character in "The Sound of Music," when masked guards come to escort and carry her out of the building even though she protests she has not finished her act.

Nikolas finds Jason and angrily tells him he knows about his war with the IRS. Sam informs him that Jason is starting to remember, to which Nikolas asks if he's remembering being a criminal, adding that's great for everyone. The two men confront one other although Jason asks Nikolas to back off, informing him he wants to have a peaceful conflict-free evening.

Maxie welcomes her cousin Robin and tells her she does not want her to go back to Berkeley. Robin happily greets Maxie and congratulates her on her ring and engagement.

Lucy enters through the curtain to welcome everyone to the 2016 General Hospital Nurses' Ball. She thanks their corporate sponsor Aveeno, without which the ball would not be possible. She presents the General Hospital staff. The curtain opens to reveal all the nurses in their white “old-fashioned” nurses' uniform. Epiphany leads while the nurses do a dance. Felix and Brad enter to do what appears to be a rap routine. The new nurse, Amy gives all the historical information. Epiphany recites the “rap” history of all the previous important members of the nursing staff, then announces Epiphany rules now, she's always tough but always kind. They all do their act welcoming everyone to the Nurses' Ball. André talks about drama and emotions. Epiphany announces all the developments. Bobbie recites what she remembers involving the accomplishments the hospital has made. Lucy then asks people to show their appreciation by making a big donation, just as Mr. Nikolas Cassadine has done. Nikolas announces and confidently affirms that he's willing and able to do that, asking his wife, “Right, babe?”

Behind the scenes, Bobbie struggles to catch her breath after that very strenuous opening number, remarking that she's not as young as she used to be. Then she gets light-headed and suddenly passes out.

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