GH Update Monday 5/23/16

General Hospital Update Monday 5/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
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The Nurses' Ball rehearsals are underway. Bobbie enters and notices Valerie doing a dance and compliments her, adding she only wishes Valerie’s mom, Bobbie's deceased big sister, Patricia, could be there. Not far away, Brad enters with Lucas, reminding him that whenever this ball has taken place in the past, it's been a train wreck he asks his fiancé if he' sure he wants to do this. They approach Lucas' mom and cousin happily ready to announce their wedding plans. Felix is not far away. Brad informs him he wants Felix to be his best man. Felix has been his best friend and the first person to inspire him to be a better man and no longer a selfish horndog. Bobbie and Valerie gather around and happily congratulates them.

Not far away, Hayden enters with Curtis who tells her that although he knows she is not comfortable and may to want to be a part of this, he does. He supports AIDS research and other worthy causes the Nurses' Ball raises money for. Yet she is concerned, not so much about that as she is about her worries regarding her finances. Noticing that Curtis has other things on his mind, she tells him she has to get back to he house before her husband steals her diamonds. He goes and finds Valerie and they talk.

At Wyndemere, when Nikolas is on the phone to a contact, very worried about his financial future, he stumbles over Spencer's things, falls and yells to his son to pick up after himself but he notices a stray diamond and picks it up. Elizabeth enters, notices the diamonds on the floor that he's afraid of having anyone see and he tells her she'd be doing them both a favor if she pretends she did not “see” the diamonds on the floor. Yet she wants to know about the diamonds and the fact that Hayden has stolen them. He needs to realize Hayden and her father stole them so if he gets rid of them along with her, she will be out of his life forever, Elizabeth protests. Yet Nikolas clarifies to Elizabeth he cannot just get rid of the diamonds because “times are tough”. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know what on earth he is talking about, to which he states that his funds are “tied up” and for that reason, he has to do what he has to do and asks her to keep this quiet. She agrees but urges him to "watch his back."

At the hospital, Obrecht tells Finn that he is going to have to answer for some things before, during or after the Nurses' Ball. She reveals that she's making “inquiries” about his former employers at previous hospitals he's worked at. He demands to know why she's doing this thorough investigation of him, to which she smugly informs him never in the history of her medical practice has she seen one doctor who’s been responsible for the death of so many patients in such a short amount of time. He is angry that she’s violating his privacy although she tells him she could care less and only cares about the well-being of patients.

At the house, Julian attempts to kiss a distracted and non-responsive Alexis, who pulls away revealing she is very uneasy and distant (as well as afraid of her husband). He has a gift for her in a jewelry box and asks her how she likes it. She asks if he has given it to her in order to buy her silence. Hearing that, he asks if everything he does is going to be questioned and does she intend to second-guess everything he does for the rest of their lives, to which she assures him no. She just needs “a little more time”. He then assures her that with Carlos finally out of their lives, they can start a new life with a clean start, although his tone reveals his own reservations and fear about that. He gets a call from Lucas asking his dad to meet him at the hospital. Although there is no specific information as to what Lucas wants, Alexis encourages Julian to go and meet his son, while she can't come with him, explaining she has a manicure to get to before the Nurses' Ball. As soon as Julian goes out the door and she is alone in the house, unseen, Alexis finds the bloody shirt of his that she's hidden after promising him she's burn in the fire place and gets on her phone to urge someone to get to the house immediately. Shortly thereafter, Diane arrives and asks what Alexis wants to talk to her about. Alexis replies she wants Diane to be her attorney. She cries and admits that she believed Julian when he assured her he was ending the illegal business and that he loved her. Diane inquires if she's questioning Julian's illegal business or if she merely wants to protect herself, to which Alexis admits it's true that she is concerned about her own personal protection. Diane observes the jewelry Julian gave to Alexis and remarks he should know better than to believe he can buy her silence. An emotionally distraught Alexis admits that she is horror-stricken and afraid she cannot breathe. Yet she agrees with Diane that she needs to turn her husband in.

Julian goes to meet his son at the hospital and Lucas tells his dad he wants him to be his best man at the wedding. In response to that, Julian tells him he's afraid he will have to find someone else, explaining to Lucas he realizes that he (himself) has a very negative reputation currently and gossip abounds all over town about the situation about Carlos. And so does not want that to jeopardize his son's happy news and ceremony by making himself a part of it. Julian leaves and at that point, Lucas knows he also needs a “best person” and so he calls Sam and confirms that his sister has agreed to stand for him at the wedding.

Hayden finds Finn at the hospital and writes him a check, hoping to “make amends”. Yet he tells her nothing she can do can make up for the people whose lives she and her father have ruined.

Sonny is accompanying Michael to Puerto Rico on the private jet, knowing his son will not give up on attempting to find Sabrina. Sonny urges Michael to know that he will not drag his son into this. Michael protests that he needs to find Sabrina although he agrees with his dad not to get involved in anything else.

As soon as Sabrina is alone with Marcos, at the place where her aunt is hiding her, he pulls a gun on her, worried that if she flees and goes to Port Charles to find the baby, it could get him in trouble if he's seen or known by Sonny Corinthos knowing they are all on the warpath for him because of Carlos' actions. Yet she protests she just wants her baby to be safe and informs him that she used to date Sonny's son, Michael. He tells her he knows and has to cover his tracks so that there is nothing Michael or Sonny can tie him to. Right when he gets ready to shoot her and she is helpless, Michael finds her and rescues her. Sonny is not far behind and quickly overpowers the guy and demands he tells him what he knows about Julian instructing Carlos to murder Duke and probably many others. The guy sounds very afraid of Sonny yet “swears” he had nothing to do with it and no information, to which Sonny responds telling him if that be the case, then Sonny has no “tolerance” for him as he grabs the gun and gets ready to kill him. Yet the guy continues to swear he has never met and knows nothing about Julian although he and Carlos are good friends, go back a long way and he was merely intending to “help his friend out”. In the other corner, Sabrina is happily talking to Michael. Local cops come by and Sonny informs them that not only did this man kidnap a woman and her child but he's involved in smuggling and conspiracy to murder. The guy is very upset that Sonny wants to sell him down the river but Sonny tells him that because he chose to work with Carlos, it will cost him.

Michael takes Sabrina with him on the jet and they talk about how it was that they got “separated”. She protests she did not intend to lose contact with him nor be with Carlos. But she was afraid, knowing about Carlos' threats to his family and did not want to put Michael in danger. He informs her that if she has not already heard, Carlos is dead. She admits she knows and reveals she's not really upset that her baby's father is gone. He informs her that he was the first to find Carlos after he'd been stabbed and was ready to drown, he urged Carlos to tell him where she and the baby were although he would not do it. Yet his father was able to call in some favors in order to find them. Hearing that, Sabrina assesses to Michael that he and his father have saved her life. Right then Sonny returns and Michael asks his dad if the guy gave him any “useful” information, to which Sonny admits not yet but he's confident it's just a matter of time before they will bring Julian to justice for murdering Duke and everybody will be able to live their lives the way they want without the threat of that man in their lives.

At the hospital, Finn and Obrecht continue to argue. She leaves and when he notices Elizabeth alone, Finn apologizes for being difficult the last few days and attempts to develop good working relations with her. She is gracious to hear that but as soon as Finn leaves and is out of earshot, Obrecht advises Elizabeth not to put any trust in Dr. Finn if she cares about her own reputation and future with GH. Elizabeth asks her why and Obrecht seems confident that sooner or later, it will all be revealed.

Finn is alone staring at the $10,000 check Hayden has written to him wondering what to do.

At Wyndemere, while Nikolas is on the phone to a “financial adviser”, he reveals he is hiding monetary assets that Hayden is unaware of. She walks in to overhear the conversation and discovers he's sold her diamonds and furiously demands he give them back. They get into a physical struggle but the “passion” happens and they are ready to have intimate contact. Yet as soon as it's over, they both realize they do not and never will trust one another. She concludes that it's obvious they both have “something” on the other. However, she assesses to him, the difference is she is very capable of accepting having nothing whereas she knows he is not.

While Alexis is alone at the house with Diane, declaring what she intends to do, Diane asks her if she really believes she can go through with taking action against Julian that will permanently end their relationship. Alexis replies she has to be able to sleep at night and be able to look her daughters straight in the eyes. They hear the door open and are startled when Julian returns and sees them talking privately on the couch. They face him and “explain” that Alexis invited Diane to go with her to get their nails done together. They go outside the door and Diane remarks they have to get going in order not to lose their appointment. As soon as the two women are out the door, Alexis admits that her husband will catch onto what they are doing behind his back. Yet Diane reminds her it may not matter if he's in custody within the next 24 hours. From inside the window, Julian observes them and reveals he knows cannot trust his wife.

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