GH Update Friday 5/20/16

General Hospital Update Friday 5/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lucas tells Brad they needs to have a talk about their plans for their wedding although Brad evades the conversation. Lucas shows him he already has an invitation and venue for the wedding. He reveals he wants it to be at the Nurses' Ball although Brad asks if he wants them to have their wedding at the biggest charity event of the year. Lucas reminds him that a year ago, when Brad got the spotlight, he proposed to him in front of everyone. And so, this time, they can come full circle. Brad reminds him, however, there will be one tiny problem getting in the way. They need to ask Lucy Coe for that. They contact her however, and she gives them a resounding yes.

At the Metro Court, when Kiki is talking to Dillon, Lucy impulsively rushes in and interrupts their conversation, excitedly telling him all she wants him to do for his talent at the Nurse's ball. Right then she comes up with an idea, telling him his “stunningly beautiful girlfriend” can do a number with him. Realizing that he's one of the few people who have answered her emails, she urges him to post signs and fliers all over town for her “worthy cause”. She leaves him alone with Kiki and they talk about her joining him even if they make fools of themselves together.

Curtis finds Hayden at The Metro Court and can see she is not in a good mood thinking about the up and coming Nurse's ball, remembering what happened a year ago at the previous one. They wait for Nickolas and he joins them at the table. He shows them a court order, informing them he knows all about the “little auctions” that Hayden wants to have on his property, affirming to them if he finds one more thing missing from his home, they both go to jail. Lucy finds them, noticing “prince Cassadine” and wastes no time interrupting them to see if she can get some more “resources” for her show. She reminds Nikolas that she needs money, assuming that could not be a problem for him. At that point, Hayden tells him he cannot keep Lucy waiting and remains silent while Lucy reminds Nikolas that she voted in his favor at ELQ not long ago. She hears his raising objections for the ways to obtain the money although, when she reminds him how her charity event raises funds needed for AIDS research and many other worthy causes, he assures her he will have her check to her soon. At that point, Lucy leaves the table, contented. However, Hayden smirks and asks where he thinks he's going to get the money when he has nothing. She scoffs, telling him she never thought his money was so tight. He coldly tells her his family's finances are none of her business. Yet she finds it fascinating. He tells her he has to get going. Where he goes and what he does is none of her business, reminding her when he gets home, if he sees that she or “her friend” have taken anything, they will go to jail. He leaves and Curtis assesses how their “plan” might be easier said than done now knowing that the prince is diligently taking inventory of everything in the house.

Nikolas goes to sell his (tiny hard-to-detect) diamond to a “noteworthy” rich older man who wants to make certain it's worth the asking price.

Hayden admits to Curtis that Nikolas has nothing. That means she leaves with nothing.

Yet, while meeting with Nikolas, the man observes the diamond under his microscope and then affirms to Nikolas he thinks they can do business.

At The facility where Morgan is staying, Ava visits him and tells him if he cares about her daughter, he will break it off between them because he must know that he's only gotten Kiki in trouble and put her in danger ever since they've been together. He tells Ava she is out of line to ask for that although she protests that she will not apologize for wanting her daughter to have a better life and live in peace. He tells her if Kiki wants that, she will have to tell him herself and he's not going to initiate it just because Ava wants him go. Ava, again reminds Morgan how “dangerous” he is, to which he tells Ava she's far more dangerous than he is. She reminds him that he kidnapped Kiki and could have had her killed at the cabin not long ago. He got her shot on the docks recently, when she felt compelled to save him from getting himself mixed up in the illegal arms trade. He may not mean to hurt her and may love her but needs to realize that Kiki has repeatedly gotten hurt because of him, Ava tells him and urges Morgan to do the right thing for once in his life.

In Puerto Rico, Sabrina finds her aunt, concerned about her baby being away from her. Her aunt assures her that the baby boy is safe in Port Charles. She asks about Carlos, however, to which her aunt tells her unfortunately Carlos is dead. She urges her aunt to know she wants to be with her baby although her aunt reminds her she must know that “that is impossible”. They have to rely on her aunt's son. He does not want to get involved in this mess.

Back in Port Charles, Michael tells his parents he still intends to find Sabrina although they urge him to give it up. Carly protests to her son that Sabrina has done nothing but use him. He is putting himself in danger. He needs to realize if he travels to Puerto Rico, after Carlos has fled from the law and then gotten killed, and after the baby got shipped to the Quartermaine house from God knows where, by God knows whom, it could be a setup or trap in order to get to his father. Sonny comes into the room, coyly asks “who won”, realizing that Michael is going to do what he's going to do with or without his parents' approval, and declares they need to hurry because the plane is waiting. Clearly Sonny has been secretly “pulling strings” which he is not revealing to Carly. In response to that, Carly declares to her son that she disapproves of what he is doing but approves of the reason why he's doing it. Knowing Sonny is coming with him, she asks him what he wants regarding her waiting for him to come home safe and sound. Outside the door and out of Carly's earshot, Sonny admits to his son he thinks he knows who has Sabrina and where to find her. Yet he clearly needs to “brief” Michael on some specific and “intricate” instructions.

At the place where Sabrina is staying, her aunt Inocencia is with her and they are hiding somewhere they cannot be found. Her aunt urges her to know that her son Marcos can help them although Sabrina knows that he may not be ok knowing that Carlos is dead. He enters and demands to know what he's supposed to do about the situation involving Carlos and Sabrina's need to get back to Port Charles with her baby.

Kiki goes to visit Morgan after Ava has left and they have a pleasant exchange, encouraged that he is making progress and will soon be able to return home. She informs him that Lucy persuaded her to be part of the Nurse's Ball. She asks if he might be able to join her. At that point, he realizes he has something “less than encouraging” to tell her. She asks if it has anything to do with his meds or what specifically is up while he hesitates to tell her what he now “has to do”. She urges him to talk to her and tell her if “something happened”. He then faces Kiki and affirms yes. He tells her that although they love each other and want to be together, they are not good for each other. So, he concludes, he does not think she should come there anymore. They cannot have a relationship made out of chaos. It has to stop, he tells her. It's over. She angrily tells him she's done with him.

Ava goes to find Carly at the house and tells her she's here to take her daughter and demands Carly brings her to her mom right now. Carly coldly tells Ava she cannot show up at Carly's home whenever she feels like it, to which Ava argues that as custodial parent of Avery, she can show up whenever she wants. Yet Carly informs Ava that Avery is currently with her family members. Ava tells Carly she may stall her for now because it will be the last time she or Sonny will ever see the baby again. Carly emotionally demands to know why she is doing this. As soon as Ava goes up the stairs and Carly is alone and out of earshot, she calls Max and urges him to prevent Ava from having the shipment she needs when she brings Avery home.

Ava returns and angrily tells Carly that she and Sonny will never be able to visit, engage or arrange any more visits for Avery to be with anyone in their family or authorize anything without Ava's permission which she will not grant them. Ava receives a call informing her that she has no power to do what she intends to do. Carly asks what is up, (not revealing she already knows), to which, Ava informs her that apparently there will be a problem with having Avery's new crib being delivered to her home. She will have to wait because she sold the one she had before. However, she tells Carly, she will be back to take her daughter with everything needed and social services to accompany and make sure Sonny and Carly comply. After Ava walks out the door, Carly smugly declares it won't happen.

In the private jet, Sonny wants Michael to be prepared and realize the “guidelines” he has to follow for what they need to so. Michael angrily affirms to his dad that he should have never had to deal with Carlos.

In Puerto Rico, Marcos expresses to his mom that he is afraid that he could get in trouble for illegally keeping the baby from Carlos and shipping him to Port Charles and is further afraid if he makes arrangements for Sabrina to travel to NY, there could be serious consequences. Yet he agrees to do what they want. He leaves and Sabrina's aunt assures her niece everything will be alright and she will soon be with her baby son. She goes out the door and Sabrina asks her cousin how long he thinks it will take to make the arrangements. He replies not long at all, and as soon as he's alone with Sabrina, he pulls a gun out of his pocket, telling her he will not let her go anywhere. If she tries, he will call the cops and have her sent to jail for being an “accessory” to the crime. She panics, telling him he won't get away with killing her. Her aunt, his mom will find out.

Meanwhile the jet, Sonny tells Michael he is there to help him with what is needed.

While we see the guy pulling the gun on Sabrina, we hear Sonny affirming to Michael that this girl has gotten him in too much trouble but he realizes Michael is going to make his own decision. And so, he assures his son, everything will “be taken care of”.

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