GH Update Thursday 5/19/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Metro Court, Ava finds Kiki and congratulates her for being able to return to work so soon. Kiki confirms to her mom that things have turned around for her. Ava smiles and informs her daughter things are working for her also and that is the reason she is there. She affirms to Kiki that she is finally ready to “re-embrace” the things that truly matter to her in her life. Hearing that, Kiki is not as positive when she asks her mom specifically what she means and hears Ava reply she means that she intends to bring Avery home and would also want Kiki to live with her. Kiki replies to her mom she realizes her needs but she (herself) is a grown-up and most grown-ups do not live with their parents. Ava, however, protests to Kiki that she needs to know that Franco is a lunatic and she should want to live with him yet not with her own mother. Ava, however, can clearly see that Kiki has a “need and desire” to make Franco more important to her than her mom. Ava suggests many possibilities for having Kiki “help” her, by hopefully persuading Sonny and Carly to do what Ava wants with Avery. She also asks Kiki if perhaps the three of them could go away somewhere together, to which Kiki agrees at that point.

Carly goes to see Morgan at the facility and makes it clear she has something specific to tell him. She informs her son that she has “such good news”, telling him the whole story about how Jason has gotten his memory back after he saved Dante. She further expresses to her son that Jason has proven things can be turned around when one has lost hope, as she reflects to Morgan she can see that he's gotten through a very negative time in his life and is now smiling and getting better. He then apologizes to his mom for the behaviors he's done, affirming he never wants to hurt her or any o the people he loves again. Carly hugs her son

At the hospital, Obrecht asks to talk to Monica and wants to make certain that even tough she (Monica) is the new chief of staff and Obrecht has been outvoted, she needs to bring some major concerns to Monica's attention regarding things happening under Monica's authority. Monica asks specially what Obrecht is talking about, to which she replies Dr. Finn. She has some serious concerns about his care and more accurately his 'negligence” of patients. She continues to tell Monica that “we” demand a thorough investigation of the death of more than one patient under Finn. She protests it shows negligence, although Monica reminds her that the board has already outvoted having that done. Yet Obrecht reminds Monica that in a very sort time Finn has been on staff, too many patients have died. Even if Monica can justify the death of elderly patients and want to absolve Finn, Obrecht reminds her that it's happened under the care of a brand new doctor whom they all still know very little about.

Finn talks to Roxy, the bearded lizard, in his hotel room, while administering some drugs. He says he needs to be extra careful in this new town.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy's two sons find her and demand to know what she is thinking when she sounds like she wants to keep this baby that was just left on the doorstep. Tracy angrily protests to both Ned and Dillon that it's very obvious this baby is Sabrina Santiago's. She and Sabrina got to be friends throughout the time she was staying there. So maybe Sabrina wants Tracy to care for her child although they both remind her that Sabrina mainly got close to Michael. Tracy protests that the baby was left on the doorstep without any communication, instructions or even a person appearing there to tell anybody what they wanted after leaving a baby on the doorstep. Hearing that, her two sons agree she has a point as they see that both Michael and the baby are gone. None of them want the baby to be placed in a foster home and they know that Michael is trying and probably failing to find Sabrina. Right then, Dillon leaves and Ned lectures his mom on how she should know all too well what it's like for anyone to allow themselves to become emotionally attached to a child that could easily be taken away from them at a moment's notice. Yet Ned leaves his mom alone in the room and she wastes no time getting on her phone as soon as she's not overheard, to contact someone in order to “take action” and “move” with something she is not revealing to anyone in the family.

Michael goes to the PCPD with the baby and Dante informs him that the DNA test has, in fact, confirmed that this baby is Sabrina's. However, he informs Michael, Sabrina cannot be located. Dante asks Michael what exactly he knows about Sabrina's whereabouts the last time he saw her, to which Michael admits he hasn't a clue although he and Felix went to Puerto Rico to visit Sabrina’s aunt who informed them she hadn't seen or heard from her niece nor knew where or the baby were. Yet, Michael informs Dante, he believes otherwise because he has proof the aunt knows something that she is not revealing. Right then, he notices a social worker who appears to be, at the very least, “considering” putting him in foster care if they cannot find the parents. She lets Michael hold the baby. He greets the infant and tells him he realizes he does not know exactly where to find his mom or what will happen but promises to be there for him until decisions can be made. Right then, Dante informs him he was able to trace the whereabouts of Sabrina and informs Michael that she was seen in San Juan. He then assumes that Michael can, nevertheless spend time with the little guy, in the mean time. Yet Michael informs Dante (calmly, as though he “knows otherwise” that he does not have that option. The baby has been put in temporary foster care, Michael tells him.

While Kiki is talking to Ava and agreeing to arrange for her mom to have more time with baby Avery, she gets a call from Morgan, while his mom is visiting him. At that point, Kiki informs Ava that she cannot go anywhere with her, making it clear to her mom that Morgan is a higher priority for her. Ava is clearly not going to accept that without a fight.

Finn returns to the hospital when Obrecht and Monica find him. He assumes that only Obrecht wants to take up his time and interrogate him yet Monica informs him that she has made the decision that he needs to attend a meeting and go before a review board. Hearing that, he asks regarding what, to which Obrecht “gleefully” replies the negligence with several of his patients dying. They both lead Finn to the conference room where Obrecht wants to incriminate and accuse him and he argues back, reminding her of her own “misdeeds”. Monica then concludes that the meeting is all but over yet Obrecht wants to take action against Finn. He then tells her he realizes she is discontented that she lost her job yet she needs to realize it's a job Obrecht should not have had in the first place. Obrecht is furious to hear him say that. At that point, Monica silences them both and concludes she has now made a decision as to what should be done. Monica concludes that she has taken Dr. Obrecht's concerns into consideration and has found no cause for investigation or accusation of wrong-doings of Dr. Finn. Obrecht argues but Monica asks the other board members to vote and they all vote in Finn's favor although Obrecht does not. Monica then announces the meeting has been adjourned as she walks out with the voting board members. Yet Finn stays behind, remarking to Obrecht that, in a way, she's done him a favor calling this meeting because it's just proven what a lunatic she is and how she clearly has a personal agenda. And so, he confidently tells her, it might be in her best interest to steer clear of him. Yet she is no less confident, informing him that she “studies and observes” people, has a good sense of when someone is keeping a secret and it's very clear that he's hiding something that is going to get him in a lot of trouble sooner or later.

Leah brings the baby to Tracy who is alone in the house, and they've somehow arranged for Tracy to have custodial rights of him. She happily holds the little guy, confident that nobody can take him from her. She confirms the woman did an excellent job in cutting through all the red tape with social services, as she previously assumed it would take much longer for this to happen. Yet the woman has managed to pull all the strings needed, Tracy happily reflects. The social worker informs Tracy she has to do a quick follow-up before having Tracy sign what is needed to give her the right to adopt. Alone with the baby, Tracy calls him “little Edward” and assures him he need not worry because he has Tracy looking out for him.

Dillon goes to The Metro Court and wastes no time finding Kiki. He affirms how he sees her as a special friend and she reminds him how he motivated her to get out of her house and live to the fullest after her accident. He asks her how she feels about loud music and large crowds, informing her he has a gig to shoot a show with a band called Glamour Boys. She is aware of that band and sounds very interested and enthused to be able to attend this concert with him. She sounds like she wants to make any and all arrangements to make that happen

At the facility, Morgan can sense that Kiki is not returning his calls nor appearing as attentive to him as she once was. He carries his tablet through the hallway when he gets an unexpected visit from Ava. He asks her to get straight to the point as to why she's there. She reminds him that she and he have been “almost everything to each other”. Both good and bad ever since the first day they met. She admits she was kind of hoping she'd never see him again, yet she realizes Kiki loves him and he will always mean something to her. He tells her he hopes the doctors let him out of there soon. She tells him that sounds great and congratulates him, assuring him she's really glad he's feeling better And for that reason, she informs him, is she thinks he's now ready to hear something she's wanted to tell him for quite some time. He asks her what she wants to tell him, to which Ava tells him, “like him”, Kiki is in a very fragile state. Morgan responds telling her that Kiki is a lot stronger than her mom realizes. Yet Ava angrily tells him that whatever he or Kiki want to believe, they are not good for each other. All he's done is gotten Kiki in trouble. She won't let that happen to her daughter. So, what Ava needs, she tells him, is when Kiki goes to visit him today, he has to break things off with her. Ava further affirms to Morgan, if he loves her daughter, as he says he does, he will do that for her. Hearing that, Morgan assesses it's just like Ava to want him to do her dirty work for her by breaking up with Kiki “for” her. It's just like her planting a murder weapon on another person to have them falsely accused after wiping her own prints off of it. She protests that she knows if she asks Kiki to break up with him, they both know Kiki won't listen. She realizes Morgan is his own man and can do what he chooses, she tells him, but reminds him if he truly loves her daughter, as he says he does, he will do the right thing for Kiki.

When Finn returns to his private hospital room, he gets on his phone to privately look up patient records.

Obrecht is also wasting no time getting on her phone to find out information from a list of all patient deaths under Dr. Finn. She wants to find out how she get expedite and get all that information immediately, in order to prove her case against him.

When the social worker leaves Tracy alone with the baby, Tracy is completely confident that she's found the perfect name by calling him Edward. She's confident that she can give him the home and the life he wants and needs. Ned returns home to observe his mom holding and rocking the baby and giving him a long “educational” lecture on investing on foreign markets and all the Quartermaine “rituals”.

Since Dante's unable to locate Sabrina or her aunt in Puerto Rico, Michael decides to ask Sonny for his help.

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