GH Update Wednesday 5/18/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Laura and Kevin go to an abandoned building that appears to have been a stage many years ago. She has a vision and sees what appears to be a disco ball and distant memories of being there in her past. She remembers a record player with the old vinyl LPs and a dance floor. Kevin asks her about what she remembers about having worked there many years ago. She remembers being hired by a manager when she was married to Scotty. At that time, she thought this place was the center of the universe. It was the hip spot where all the cool people went. Kevin remarks he bets this was fun, to which she replies “most of the time” it was.. He asks her if she believes this is what Helena wanted her to find. She replies that she now remembers many things happened between her and Luke that kind of defined their relationship forever. She recalls that Luke was very drunk on a specific night she was with him. At that time, they already had this “energy and attraction”. She remembers what happened between her and Luke when he was getting more and more drunk. Kevin attentively listens when she recalls Luke demanded she dance with him. He kissed her but she pushed him away and said no more than once. He knows exactly what she is reliving. She admits she knows that destroyed Luke. She knows he could never forgive himself to this day, she tells Kevin. Given all of that, she has felt a sense of regret although she did not regret her marriage, the two beautiful children she and Luke brought into the world, or her life today. She declares she does not know what Helena Cassadine intended to do to bring her to this place. Kevin tells her he thinks what Helena is doing is what she usually does which is orchestrating mind games. He tells Laura she does not have to be a part of this and they can leave if she prefers. Yet she tells Kevin he does not want to give Helena the chance to believe she could “beat” her although he reminds her Helena is dead now. Yet Laura considers that she bets Helena is somewhere watching and looking down upon her, probably from some pit wherever she may be in her afterlife. They both decide they need to look around for clues, uncover the mystery and accomplish what they came there for. She then concludes that Helena obviously has no clues, only wanted to send them on a wild goose chase and have Laura reliving being in this place to mess with her head. The realtor who is trying and failing to sell the place informs Laura and Kevin the circumstances involved in how nobody will buy it. She informs them the couple whom has expressed interest in it yet won't accept an offer are named Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. Hearing that, the realtor asks Laura if she has “heard of the Johnsons”. Laura believes she knows exactly who the realtor is referring to. She knows herself and Luke had aliases when they were on the run. She makes it clear to Kevin that she wants to continue this “search”, to which he insists that she lets him accompany and help her with, reminding her he is the shrink. In response to that, she remarks that what she's doing may make her appear crazy, to which Kevin tells her if that be the case, he's crazy also since he chooses to be a part of it.

At Wyndemere, Hayden/Rachel is taking pictures all around the house when Nikolas comes out and wonders what she is doing. He ask why she has to photograph his clock and other items of value. She replies because she is selling them. He suggests that she gets a job if she needs money, to which she reminds him she is the daughter of a known con man so they both need to know that nobody would hire her. Yet he tells her in that case, she needs to con whoever she wants and needs to hire her. Diane Miller enters and informs Nikolas she was contacted by the IRS and it seems he owes some back taxes. Hearing that, he tells her that's a mistake. He pays all taxes on all his investments. Yet she tells him he owes a lot of taxes for ELQ. She informs them she is representing Jason and although she normally does not practice tax law, she believes it's easier to handle all of Jason's legal and financial affairs for him. Yet Nikolas reminds Diane that Jason is a gangster and has spent two decades stockpiling illegal money. Jason does not care about the IRS, Nikolas tells her, and is only doing what he's doing and asking her to help him with it so he can screw Nikolas over, given their battle for ELQ and Jason's need for revenge.

When Michael returns to The Quartermaine house and sees Tracy with the unidentified baby, he notices the same rattle that he and Felix saw when they went looking for Sabrina at her aunt's home in Puerto Rico. He concludes this infant must be Sabrina's baby boy that someone left on the doorstep. Tracy argues that that cannot be the case and asks why he assumes he knows that. He expresses concerns to Tracy that, given the situation, Sabrina could be in danger. They have to find her. Yet Tracy asks if he's ever considered that maybe Sabrina could have left the baby there because she could not care for him and there is no cause for worry. Yet he tells Tracy they have to call the police. They do not know what the baby has been through. Sabrina could be a missing person. He urges Tracy to know that without having a clue about this baby being around Carlos, he could be malnourished and need medical care. Hearing that, Tracy admits to Michael he may have a point.

Finn checks in on a patient when Felix finds him and shows him the venue for the Nurse's Ball. He adamantly tells Felix he does not sing, dance nor engage in any type of entertainment. He's certain that if he were near a stage, they would not raise any money. Guests would want their money back when they see him and would be paying to have him removed from any act. Felix protests this is a fundraiser for worthy causes, to which Finn reveals he knows something very negative and sinister that might have to do with the nurses ball, (or something else). He then informs Felix that he needs a “prescription” which Felix assumes is for a patient. Yet Finn clarifies his “prescription” is not for a patient. It's for himself. He goes to find locked drugs in a private room and looks like he has a “desperate need” for the drugs locked in the cabinet. He gets a call from Tracy asking if he could possibly come to her house to help her with something. He wants to know exactly whom her “patient” is, to which she replies he will find out when he gets there.

Finn goes to the Quartermaine house and tells Tracy and Michael there may be some “complications” in doing DNA tests to find out who the baby is or in doing what Tracy wants. He leaves and gets back to the hospital. Hayden/Rachel enters. Tracy demands to know what she is doing there and why she'd have the gall to show her face there, to which Hayden/Rachel replies she needs a job. Michael overhears and asks what she intends to bring to the company, to which she tells both him and Tracy that she needs to prove to all of them that she is more than just her father's daughter. She has business acumen and could be an asset to ELQ, she tells them. In response to that, Tracy firmly tells her she has no need for any help with the business. However, Tracy informs her, she does need a nanny and asks Hayden/Rachel if she's interested. At that point, Hayden/Rachel is discouraged to hear that and walks out. Alone with Michael, Tracy affirms to him that she knows Sabrina must want them to help raise this child. She does not want the baby to know anything about Carlos Rivera but she is very honored to have this opportunity and she wants to make Sabrina's baby part of their family. After Tracy has gotten distracted, she discovers both Michael and the baby have gone. Michael takes the baby to the hospital, meets with Felix and asks if he believes what is a very obvious belief about where this baby came from and who his biological parents are.

Hayden/Rachel returns to Nikolas after Diane has left and sees shatter glass on the floor. She stares in awe wondering what it means.

Jason goes to see Sonny and assesses that when he had the accident and noticed the wreckage from the van, he saw Dante trapped underneath it and knew he had to get him out. It was a that point, he informs Sonny, when he had “visions” of many people and events from his past and all of his memories came back to him. They both relive the first time they met, by chance, in a bar and the shady encounters they both had up until a certain point. Yet Jason assesses that Sonny has treated him with respect the way no one else could. He now remembers all Sonny has given him and now apologizes for alienating him after having lost his memory. Sonny assures Jason everything is ok and he always remembers that Jason was the best friend he ever had. Jason admits he remembers that he got shot in order to protect Sonny, which he knows was his choice. He remembers when he interacted with Bernie, he was ready to leave Sam and Danny. He regrets that and now knows he does not want to ever do that again. In response to that, Sonny tells him he's doing the right thing to make that decision. Sonny recalls that his life has been a lot harder without Jason. However, he can and will continue to do it and the last thing he wants is to drag Jason into a business that will only destroy him. Hearing that, Jason assures Sonny he did what he did because he chose to. Yet Sonny tells him he believes it will not benefit him or his life to be in the business going forward. Sonny further tells him, given all the recent events, if anything happened to Jason because of his need to help Sonny with his mess, he (Sonny) could never forgive himself. In response to that, Jason assures him that he won't turn his back on Sonny and knows he needs help with Julian Jerome, for which Jason is committed to, in his loyalty to Sonny. He affirms that he is available if Sonny needs him. Yet Sonny reminds him if he gets him involved in anything illegal, Jason could be seen as an accessory and so that's something Jason might want to think hard about, given his new life and commitment to his family. However, Jason assures him he's not worried since he has a good lawyer. Sonny then lets him know that it goes both ways. If Jason needs Sonny for anything, Sonny will be there, no questions asked.

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