GH Update Tuesday 5/17/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael returns to his parents' house. Carly asks her son why he did not return her phone calls the previous night. He replies to his mom that he was preoccupied having to answer a lot of questions about Carlos at the PCPD. She wonders why and he replies it's because they assumed he might know about it or have something to do with Carlos' being killed because Michael is connected to Sabrina. She informs him that the death of Carlos is all over the news. She admonishes her son to realize that Sabrina made the choice to run away with Carlos long after she's been aware that he murdered Duke. She admits that she feels bad for Sabrina realizing that she probably did not know what she was getting herself into. Yet she tells Michael he has to put this to rest.

When Julian is burning in the fireplace all the evidence that he killed the people, Sonny comes to the door. Alexis answers the door and Sonny boldly asks her if her husband has informed her that he killed Carlos. When she does not reply, Sonny firmly tells her it's obvious to see that she knows it happened. Julian observes and demands to Sonny not interrogate his wife or he will assault him and further tells Sonny if he thinks he can drive a wedge between Julian and his wife, it will not happen. Sonny turns to Julian and tells him he knows that he (Julian) stabbed Carlos. Yet Julian replies that he did not do that. He was with Nina at Crimson and Alexis can account for that. Hearing that, Sonny tells a silent and sullen Alexis, as well as Julian, that she may be blinded by love and Julian is clearly manipulating her and dragging her down. At that point, Julian demands that Sonny gets out of his house. Yet Sonny smells something burning in the fireplace and asks them both what they are hiding and burning. At that point, realizing he's not getting any answers or satisfaction from either of them, Sonny begins to smash things and affirms that he is not afraid of consequences or of Julian. Julian demands he gets out but Sonny knocks him to the ground. At that point, Alexis screams and pleads that Sonny stops. He sees how protective she is of her husband and it only makes him angrier and less afraid of consequences.

While Elizabeth is at the hospital after both Jake and Franco have suddenly disappeared, Franco calls her to inform her that her son is safe with him at his apartment and that is where he chooses to be. She rushes to the apartment and firmly tells her son he scared her and needs to know not to run off without telling her. She further lectures a non-responsive Jake he needed to see his new doctor and thought they've discussed and he knows how dangerous it is to wander off. Yet he angrily tells his mom if she's disregarding his wishes to see Franco, then why should he listen to her? He runs off and Elizabeth tells Franco he has not right to undermine how she parents her child yet he protests he had no idea that Jake would appear on his doorstep and did not call her as soon as she expected so he apologies. He further asks her if she believes that he'd willfully kidnap her son and then call her to let her know where to find him, as he protests that he only wants and needs to see Jake a few hours a week, reminding her that he broke up with his girlfriend because he knows he does not want to have a child. So why would she think he'd want to take hers'?

Back at the hospital, Jason talks to Sam about how he was not there for his son when his son needed him. Monica finds him, reminds him he was scheduled for a neurological exam and asks if everything is ok. He replies of course he is ok although he's not concerned about doctor's appointments. He informs his mom about the previous night when he saved Dante's life and is not so concerned about himself. Monica is in awe of her son's heroism and Sam feels the same way.

Not far away, Amy expresses to Felix that she wants to be part of the entertainment for the nurse's ball. He informs her the one person she has to impress is Lucy Coe. Lucy appears and clarifies that her only goal for hosting the ball is to raise money for worthy causes. She tells Amy that she controls whether she gets to be on stage or not. Felix reminds Lucy of their previous acts yet the nurse has to add her “two cents in”, which Lucy is clearly not amused by and she walks away. Alone with Felix, the nurse asks if it was “something she said”, to which he replies it usually is.

At the hospital, Dr. Kevin Collins is having trouble getting his snack out of the vending machine when Laura finds him and engages with him, thanking him for cracking the code to her mystery about Helena's “gift” to her. They seem happy to see each other and talk. He admits that he has been mindfully assessing about life after Lucy. She reflects to him how she knows all too well that right when someone believes they've gotten away from previous attachments, they have a way of pulling one right back in. Hearing that, he asks her if perhaps Luke is back in the picture, to which she replies no. Yet she is thinking a lot about the mystery of the heartbreak hotel. He asks her if she thinks Helena might have left a trap for her. She replies it's entirely possible but she knows she's never let Helena stop her before. He tells her if she plans to go anywhere, he won't let her go alone. He intends to come with her.

Lucy comes by to see them and overhears that. Kevin gets a call that he has to take privately and out of earshot. Alone with Laura, Lucy affirms that her and Kevin's divorce is final. She reveals she assumes that Kevin is moving on with Laura, and assures her she's ok with that and offers them her blessing. Yet before Laura can explain that Lucy is mistaken, Kevin returns. Lucy does not let either of them get a word in edgewise as she encourages them to go together and dance in the ballroom. She leaves the two of them alone to talk and they both sense awkwardness, given what they just heard Lucy assume about them.

While Tracy is back at the house recovering, she notices the headlines of Carlos stabbed to death on her laptop. She hears a knock on the door but does not see anyone. She does, however, see a baby in a baby carrier that someone unseen appears to have left on the doorstep. Monica returns and wonders why Tracy is ignoring her. Yet, when she walks in to face her sister in law, she sees that Tracy is holding a baby and is occupied with this unidentified and unexpected visitor. Tracy admits she does not know where the infant came from although she seems to want him there knowing he's offering her comfort. She tells Monica she wants to name him Edward after her deceased father.

Jason goes to find Carly and reflects that he remembers many years ago when Michael was a child. Her son was afraid to get into the water. Neither she nor Sonny could help him with that. Yet he knew how to get Michael to happily learn to get into the water and swim. Hearing that, Carly emotionally faces him, in awe, and declares that the Jason she's always known and loved has come back and asks how it happened. He admits that after the accident he started to remember all of the many things that only he and Carly remember throughout the years. He tells her that throughout the time they've known each other since he's lost his memory, he realizes he's pushed her away and he appears to want to apologize. Yet she emotionally tells him none of that matters. All she cares about is that he's back, she declares, as she throws her arms around him.

Outside in the other room, Sam greets Michael, hugs him and happily declares to him that Jason has now gotten back all of his memories from the past, which they always wondered if he'd ever be able to do that.

Franco urges Elizabeth to realize he is no longer living his life of “hurting people” as she wants to remind him he has done in the past. He reminds her that he is now very fortunate to use his gift as an artist to be able to help others.. He just wishes that she would stop being intimidated and allowing her son to be intimidated by her “baby daddy”. He tells her it's obvious that Jake has something locked up inside. He knows they both suspected it may have something to do with Helena Cassadine's creepy book. He urges Elizabeth to just give him more time to find out what that was. He makes a comment about the kid never having had a “Leave It To Beaver” life with so many “revolving-door fathers” in his life. Hearing that, Elizabeth slaps him and he realizes his comment was out of line. At that point, she calls to her son and demands he comes out and leaves with her. While they wait for Jake, Franco tells her that whatever she does, she needs to use any and all of her options in helping her child. When he comes out and goes off with his mom, the first thing he wants to do is ask Franco when he will see him again. Franco replies he does not know, as they both know it's up to both of Jake's parents.

After Sonny has terrorized both Alexis and Julian and sees she's afraid and crying, he tells them both he knows they will not dare call the cops on him. He faces her, however, helps her get up from crouching on the floor beside her injured husband and puts his arm around her, telling her he knows she has to give up this life she has with Julian. He then gets up to leave affirming that he does not have to ruin their marriage because Julian already did that. As soon as he is gone and they are alone, Alexis goes to get her husband some ice. Yet he wants to continue explaining to her and urging her to know that they are a team, he is committed to her and she-him, there is no going-back now and they are in this together. Yet she appears sullen and not at all comfortable as she “affirms” to him she will do what he has asked by burning the blood-stained shirt of his that could get him in trouble for stabbing Carlos.

He walks away, clearly limping after Sonny has boldly assaulted him in his house. Alexis slowly takes the shirt out of the plastic bag to burn it for Julian. Yet she is clearly not ok with the “options” she has now. While staring at the fire, she then decides not to burn the shirt in the fireplace and puts it away where Julian will not notice it.

Sam and Carly lead Michael into the living room to meet with Jason and hear the joyous news they've all prayed for until this day. Jason affirms to Michael how they bonded when they first met when Michael was just an infant. Realizing only Jason would remember what he tells him, Michael confirms that Jason taught him to be a man. They joyously welcome each other back and Michael has to get going. Alone with Jason, Carly informs him Sonny will be home soon if he wants to wait. If he does not, however, it's totally ok, she declares, because now they get to be friends forever. Jason waits and Sonny comes into the room to see him and confirms that Jason saved his son's life and had it not been for him, Dante would be dead. In response to that, Jason tells him it's the least he could do.

Michael goes to visit Monica at the Quartermaine house, both reflecting how it's a miracle that Jason is “back”. He walks into the room and wonders why Tracy is holding an unidentified baby which “somebody” anonymously put on the door step. He puts two and two together and concludes that is Sabrina's son.

At the hospital, although Felix wants Amy to consider being on the stage crew, she is very passionate about not accepting that and wants to be a part of the entertainment.

Not far away, Kevin informs Laura that he intends to go to dinner, planned to go by himself but would like to invite her. She admits she would enjoy the company.

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