GH Update Monday 5/16/16

General Hospital Update Monday 5/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis finds the knife that Julian used to stab Carlos. She knows it's the very same one Helena used to stab her mother, and it's obvious they both know, all too well how this one knife is more than effective for "getting the job done." In response to that, he protests that he has not seen the knife until now and it has not been taken from where she put it. Yet she is infuriating knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt he's lying to her. He reminds her that the previous night he informed her he met with Nina at Crimson and she found him there. Yet Alexis reminds Julian that when she went there, Nina was alone in one room and he was in the other buttoning up a clean shirt. He further tells Alexis he spilled red wine on his clothing last night and Nina needed to discuss with him her personal crises with Franco. Yet Alexis knows that all of her husband's stories are completely false and she furiously demands he stops it, asking how stupid he thinks she is. She cries and hysterically tells her husband how she knows that he had to have put Carlos up to murdering Duke. She did not want to believe the witness to the murder died because of him. Nor did she want believe that he'd kill Carlos or have a motive. She is distraught and extremely upset to know that he would use the same knife used to take her mother away from her. She asks why he'd do that as she cries hysterically. He protests she needs to look at the knife and see that it's clean. Yet she knows he obviously cleaned it. He concludes she does not trust him and he does not know what to do about that. She then goes looking through his things, screaming, sobbing and telling him she needs proof of all he did the previous night and all the lies he's told her. She concludes that he's murdered 3 people to save himself and demands to know why. He tells her she needs to trust that everything he has done, he's done because he loves her and does not want their life together to end. Hearing that, she demands to know if he believes he's done these things in order to preserve their marriage and she also demands to know who he is. She gets on the phone and admits she's calling the police. At that point, he reminds her if she wonders who he is, she also has to ask herself who she is. She has known that he ordered the hit on Duke yet married him anyway. She has known and needs to admit to the choices she's made,

Carly is at the Metro Court, worried because Sonny has not come home the previous night. He enters and assures her she need not worry. He explains he figured that Carlos probably contacted Julian and they met somewhere the previous night. And so, he went looking for Julian, he explains to her. She asks him if he is aware that Carlos was shot the previous night, which he replies he does, and she asks if the police suspect he could have done it. She assures him she knows he did not kill Carlos. Somebody beat him to it. However, she tells him, she'd still like to know where he went, to which he explains all that happened the previous night. He went to attempt to find Julian, he tells her, after Alexis informed Sonny her husband told her he went to Crimson. He admits it's a long story but he found out that Carlos died. Somebody killed him so he's certain he's in the clear because he did not do it. Carly continues to protest that he needs to let her know when he stays out overnight in the future. Yet he is not worried as he knows very well that Julian had motive to kill Carlos and clearly did just that. Yet she asks why it is that he was able to confirm, from Alexis, that Julian was at Crimson the night before, as he said. Sonny tells her it's entirely possible that is true but even if it is, Julian could have still killed Carlos. Carly can tell Sonny has a secret plan and wants to know what that is.

Not far away, Elizabeth takes Jake to his appointment with his psychiatrist, Dr. Renault, although he makes it very clear he does not want to see anyone except Franco for art therapy. Amy, the new “nosy nurse,” overhears and remarks that “someone has some explaining to do”, believing she's “being helpful” eavesdropping and interfering. Not far away, Franco appears. Jake is obviously not ok to not be able to see him anymore and asks why, to which Franco replies he should ask his father. Elizabeth attempts to rationalize to her son that “sometimes adults make decisions that their kids don't like, but which are for the best”. Yet Franco reminds her that she needs to realize that her son is smart enough to know the reason is simply because his dad wants him to have nothing more to do with Franco. He asks his mom why she's making this decision since he thought she liked Franco. Overhearing, Franco adds to Elizabeth so did he. Elizabeth admits to her son that she and his dad have made a joint decision to terminate his working with Franco. She dismisses Jake to go off with his new doctor. Alone with Elizabeth, Franco asks her why she allows Jason to make decisions for her and if she really believes that he (Franco) is a danger to her son. In response to that, she informs him she knows that he has discussed with her son, some “negative things” about his father that gave Jason, as well as herself cause for concern. Hearing that, Franco tells her that he is still attempting to heal from his break-up with Nina and admits he was in a hole. Hearing that, Elizabeth admits that she may care and wants to know more about it. He admits that even Liesl Obrecht has washed her hands of him. And so, he asks Elizabeth, why wasn't she there for him when he needed a friend? Hearing that, she protests she is not judging him but he's just admitted to her the very thing Jason suspects of him which proves he's not emotionally stable enough to be caring for her son. Hearing that, he protests that he intends to get himself straightened around. He just needs her to believe in him. Yet she tells him she is not responsible for how he acts. He continues to tell her she needs to stand up to Jason and not let him make decisions for Jake. Amy comes out and informs them that Jake is missing. Elizabeth is worried but Franco assures her that her son will be found. The police arrive and ask them many questions.

Not far away, Finn is on the phone arranging to have a space heater delivered to his hotel room for which he will have his payments arranged by The Metro Court. Not far away, Monica overhears and asks why he wants a space heater, to which he replies it's for his bearded lizard, Roxy. He asks about Tracy, to which Monica replies Tracy is back to normal although she remarks she has heard a lot of conflicting information about the untimely death of his patient whom nobody found anything wrong with, much less thought there's any way he would die. They both confirm that all of their medical records have indicated this patient had no issues yet she informs Finn that Obrecht is opening an investigation about Finn's “care” of the patient. Not far away, Amy eavesdrops on Finn and Monica's conversation and shares all the gossip she's heard about peoples' lives. At that point, Monica asks if she does not have any work to do, informing Amy if she hears any more gossip from her, she will prevent her from being on stage at the Nurses' Ball. At that point, Amy goes off and leaves Monica and Finn alone to talk. She reminds him that Obrecht clearly has it in for him ever since he “ousted” her pet, Dr. Mayes. Yet, she informs him that everybody on staff praises and respects him and does not want him in trouble because he saved Tracy's life. And so, she informs him, the board has voted not to hold him responsible for the sudden and unexpected death of the patient and she assures Finn he is in the clear.

Jason awakens and admits to Sam that he was exhausted the previous night after being injured but is well rested and very satisfied that he now has his memory back about their history together. They both realize that she still does not know everything that happened the previous night and so Jason explains that while on his motorcycle, he just happened to collide with a prison van. Dante was underneath the huge motorized vehicle and could have been fatally injured without someone helping him. Jason further informs Sam that he was “visited” by many people including Robin Scorpio-Drake, herself, Carly and Sonny, who all motivated him to “get the old Jason back” while he also “heard” from Helena Cassadine who wanted him to believe she's “conditioned” him not to be the man he was meant to be. Hearing that, Sam admits she's confused, having believed that Helena's “conditioning” was over after the surgery. Jason admits so did he yet he realizes that his failure to remember anything might have something to do with Helena's plan for him. Sam wants to know more about that. He recites all the things they've experienced throughout their history and Sam is in awe, admitting to him that she was ready to accept it if he never remembered again. Yet he declares that he now has his memories and his life back, although, he admits to her, that it depends on her. They assess the mistakes they have both made throughout their relationship and how they have forgiven one another. She emotionally assesses they now have a chance to find each other again. She admits she loves and has missed him so much. He tells her the same. Realizing he's been injured not long ago, she urges him to go to the hospital to get checked out. He reminds her he hates hospital, to which she reminds him she knows that.

Sonny assesses to Carly that it's obvious Julian had Carlos kill Duke. He killed Carlos in order not to have Carlos reveal that to the cops and have Julian put away. He only wants to save himself. He's sloppy and he's arrogant and, Sonny further tells his wife, he has to find a way to use that against him to bring him down. Yet Carly protests to her husband that it may not be that simple and she'd prefer he not do what he intends to do. They both realize that when Julian is in trouble, Alexis will fight for him not unlike Carly will fight for Sonny in a similar situation. She assesses that unlike Julian, he (Sonny) is worth it. He assures Carly he would never “do that to her” (as Julian is doing to Alexis), by dragging her down into his business. Sonny leaves and Finn returns to the hotel. Carly finds him and assesses that she's had his space heater delivered to him as he's requested. He thanks her and at that point, she tells him if he's grateful he can help her out with the unsolved mystery she still has to uncover regarding Josslyn's kidney. He reminds her that uncovering what she wants is against all the rules. Yet confirms, when she asks, that he's never cared about the rules.

Julian reminds Alexis how she chose to be with him and to accept him. She reminds him that he swore to her that he was out of the mob. He admits he changed his life for her. Yet, he admits to her, she had to know that at some point, his past would come back to haunt them both.. She reminds him she never wanted this. Yet he reminds her that she agreed to represent Carlos and get him not to take the deal to incriminate Julian, in order to protect their marriage. She reminds him again, crying, that she does not want what has happened. Yet he tells her now they can get on with their lives and build a future together with their kids and grandchildren. They can get past this. They have to. Otherwise two men's lives are wasted. Two men have died for nothing. She reminds him that he says nothing has changed. Yet he's a killer, she assesses. He admits that's true but tells her they can fix that. She laughs (angrily) asking how he thinks that can happen. He admits that nobody can bring the murder victims back. However, he tells her, the two of them can survive this. He puts the evidence in the fire although she angrily tells him he cannot do that. He tells her he has to do this.

At the hospital while Elizabeth, the cops and everyone try and fail to find Jake, they also notice that Franco is not accounted for and they cannot find him.

Franco is in his apartment, alone with a bowl of cereal which he prepares for Jake who sits beside him at the table.

While sitting beside Finn at the Metro Court, as he reads the computer print-out, Carly notices he is silent. Yet, he “un-cracks” a code about a possible name of a person who might lead them to what they want to know. He then tells Carly whom it is that he believes they need to track down because he bets they know something.

As Julian burns all the evidence in the fireplace, Alexis watches not knowing what to say or do. Sonny knocks on the door which she knows is Sonny. Julian tells her they need not worry because Sonny can't touch them yet she goes to get the door. Sonny wastes no time and gets straight to the point, telling her he can see Julian is home, asking Alexis if her husband told her he killed Carlos, and remarking that by the look on her face, it's obvious she's already figured that out. Both she and Julian are silent while Sonny faces them.

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