GH Update Friday 5/13/16

General Hospital Update Friday 5/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Carlos is hanging between life and death in the ER, Sonny and Anna are outside only concerned that he is able to give up Julian to them so they can put him away with the murder of Duke, before he dies. She approaches a “dying” Carlos and demands that he tells her that Julian instructed him to murder Duke. When it seems he's disoriented, distracted or afraid of dying, Anna yells at him to say it. Griffin comes in and demands she backs off, protesting that they need to have a religious ceremony for the dying patient. This infuriates Anna.

Griffin recites the Lord's prayer. Carlos sounds desperate and repenting in Spanish and Griffin takes the time to say Amen while Anna demands that this stops before it's “too late”. He prays for the Lord to absolve Carlos of his sins and anoints him with the grace and atonement of Jesus Christ. He recites how he is preparing his Father's home for “the deceased”. He then asks Carlos if he has anything he wants t to say or confess. Hearing that, Sonny demands that Carlos do one good thing in his life and admit that Julian ordered him to murder Duke. Anna also urges him to admit that. But it's too late. They hear the monitor beep and Griffin calls the time of death. Anna furiously tells him that he prevented them from getting justice by wasting time with that stupid ritual. At that point, Griffin angrily walks away from the ER.

Not far away, Jordan admits to Paul that she is in the process of finding out everything and knows he's involved in it.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth asks Nikolas the status of his “relationship” with Hayden. She wants him to tell her all about the circumstances involved in whether he's kicked that greedy woman to the curb. Nikolas explains that he's made a lot of bad decisions but has learned from them and now he has a plan. Hearing that, she asks what that involves. He replies he intends to make Hayden's life a living hell.

Curtis is at the boxing gym obviously taking out his frustrations on a punching bag over “something”. Hayden comes in, remarks that this gym smells like sweat and she needs his help for something. Hearing that, he appears like he does not want to see her or be asked more favors. She tells him she wants him to help her steal the diamonds from her estranged husband. In response to that, he tells her: “hell no”. He avoids her and gets distracted doing more cardio but she is persistent telling him she has no family nor friends to turn to and he is the only person she can count on. And so she urges him to put aside what he is doing and talk to her. He then has her learn some boxing techniques but also wants to know why she wants him to steal diamonds from her husband. She replies that Nikolas wanted to find leverage on her and found it when he found the diamonds in her car. She informs him that now she's merely bluffing about having power over Nikolas yet she cannot accept the fact that she cannot make him give her the $5 million in the divorce settlement. In response to that, Curtis asks her if she could not sell her ring for enough money to have all she needs. She replies that the ring is not a “monetary asset” to her that she's ready to sell right now. It symbolizes the one time when she had happiness with her husband and she's not ready to give that up yet. He then comes up with an idea to use it as a consolation prize. He shows her a way to sell it online. She is finally happy, remembering how freaked out Nikolas became when she smashed and destroyed an expensive vase of his not long ago. She knows it will eventually wear Nikolas down and he might find himself with no choice except to honor the prenuptial agreement and give her the money she needs.

Elizabeth works “similarly” with Nikolas, “on the other team”, asking if Hayden has power over him to make him let her live in his house for free or not. He replies that he does have “something” on his wife. At that point, it gives him an idea and he goes and gets the housekeepers to clean out all of Hayden's stuff and donate her clothes to charity. Elizabeth is excited and satisfied to think of how Hayden will go crazy when she sees her clothes being marked down and worn by people on the streets. They are both confident that he can torture Hayden, wear her down and she will have no choice except to comply with his terms.

Alone in the house, Julian wipes away the blood and fingerprints and conceals the knife he used to stab Carlos. Alexis comes down the stairs and informs him she just heard that Carlos was found on the docks stabbed, badly wounded and they took him to the ER. She can right away see that Julian is not surprised to hear this news and asks him why that is. He asks what she is implying and reminds her that there is a long list of people who want Carlos dead, including Sonny. Yet Alexis urges him to know that she does not want to hear about Sonny or anyone else and only wants Julian to tell her whether or not he did send someone to find Carlos and kill him by the pier yesterday. He then concludes that he has to get to the hospital to find out what is going on although Alexis urges him not to because if he's seen there, he could look very suspicious and he'd incriminate himself. She wonders why he'd even consider going to the hospital to find out the status of Carlos injury or whether he's dying or not. And there's an obvious answer to that question. Yet he remembers stabbing Carlos and needs to find out what they may already know, although he does not reveal that to Alexis. She brainstorms about the gun he keeps in the house and when, where or how it could have gone. She asks if he came back before or after she found him at Crimson to shoot Carlos. Before they can continue the conversation, Jordan enters, informing them she wants to talk to both of them, given that Carlos was stabbed on the pier the previous night. However, she has gotten word from the DA that changes everything, to which Julian asks what that would be. She replies Carlos is dead. This fascinates both Julian and Alexis (it obviously “relieves” Julian and so he has no more urgency to go to the hospital).

Outside the ER, Anna expresses to Sonny that he may not care about getting justice for Duke, given that Julian is his daughter's step-father., He seems very calm, however, not defending himself and merely tells Anna she needs to realize he is not the enemy. He goes over to ask Paul if it's “merely a coincidence” that Carlos is suddenly dead, when he knows that Paul is connected to Ava who is connected to Julian who is connected to Carlos. So he wonders what Paul might know or have to do with the very convenient death of the witness and now the death of Carlos. Paul evades that question and only wants to discuss with Sonny how Anna is “overwrought”, emotionally damaged and irrational. In response to that, Sonny remarks that he does not believe that and tells Paul he thinks Anna is a lot stronger than he is. Sonny also needs to find out about the pen Carlos used to stab Dante and where he could have gotten it from.

Anna goes to find Griffin. He sits in the chapel, passionately and emotionally pleading to God to give Carlos forgiveness, mercy and honor in His kingdom, which Carlos did not have on earth. She observes and hears, appearing shocked and wondering why on earth Griffin is pleading to God for the forgiveness of the man who murdered his father. She assesses that he is a Roman Catholic priest and wonders why he neglected to inform her of that, since he's been ingratiating himself into her life. She asks why he's lied to her about that since he came to Port Charles.

When Jordan goes to talk to Julian at his house, Alexis goes into “lawyer mode”. She can account for the exact time when she knew her husband was at the Crimson office. Hearing that, Jordan informs them she knows that Carlos was stabbed at a different time. Alexis then informs the commissioner that her husband could not have “shot” Julian because she knows the gun was in the house the whole time. Yet, hearing that, Jordan clarifies he was not shot and so she wonders why Alexis has (or wants to knowing report) inaccurate information about what happened to Carlos.

At the hospital, Paul gets on his phone to order an arrest (or sound like he was) of whomever murdered Carlos, when he's overheard by Sonny. Observing that, Sonny tells him he knows about the pen Carlos used to stab his son and PCPD detective, Dante Falconeri. He reminds Paul that he has rights to know certain things about the hospital since he contributes a lot of money to GH and has been a citizen of Port Charles much longer than Paul has even if Paul wants to remind Sonny that he (Sonny) is a criminal and he (himself) is the District Attorney. Paul struggles to remind Sonny that Anna is doing something wrong or illegal and is emotionally unstable, hoping Sonny will agree and side against her. Yet Sonny informs Paul that he respects Anna and is very close to her daughter. He tells Paul if Carlos attempted to murder his son, he needs to know how it happened and who may have enabled him to do so. He cannot do anything about Carlos obviously, he reminds Paul. Yet he needs to know just who put the pen in Carlos' hands that he used to stab Dante in order to escape when he got transported in the van. He reminds Paul he has the right to find that out. Paul is obviously afraid of Sonny finding that out since he provided the pen for Carlos to use for that very purpose.

Griffin protests that all people have the right to mercy including his father’s killer. She furiously protests that Duke had the right to live and meet his son and she cannot understand why that does not seem to be a “priority” for him. He continues to remind her he knows she's upset. Yet Carlos is gone. His faith gives him comfort. Yet she tells him that he is insulting the life and the death of Duke by continuing to say that. She informs Griffin that she knows the real killer who put Carlos up to murdering Duke is Julian Jerome. Julian is still out there. And there will be no justice until something is done about that. She walks away knowing Griffin is clearly not on the same page with her on that and goes to find Sonny whom she knows is.

Jordan faces Julian and tells him she is onto what happened with Carlos and the fact that he is lying and withholding very important information.

Sonny talks privately to Anna at the hospital, assuring her he respects her and totally understands her need for revenge with Carlos, admitting to her he'd do the same thing if anyone took Carly from him. He tells her that given it was Julian who ordered Carlos to kill Duke, she might get justice after all. Sonny leaves her alone and she finds “deceased” Carlos, asking him if Julian did in fact kill him and had clear motive for doing so. She then concludes that he still did not give that murderous bastard up so maybe she should feel sorry for Carlos. Yet she is glad he got what he deserves as she tells him hopefully some day, some way Julian will too.

Jordan concludes to Alexis and Julian that they have not found the murder weapon yet but she's confident they will find it. She advises them both to contact their lawyers because they will need them. She walks out the door. Alexis finds a concealed knife that is familiar to her. It looks to be the blade that Helena used to stab her mother. She faces her husband and tells him “it must have been one hell of a blade”. It's obvious she knows exactly what he did.

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