GH Update Thursday 5/12/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Maxie calls and leaves messages for Nina, urging her to return the call because Nathan needs her. Nina does not respond while she's at Crimson overnight. She is ready to give up on Franco and assume the relationship is over when she enters her office and is surprised to see him there, naked and ready to get their relationship back on track. Noticing him, she admits she does not know what to say but he reveals that he is committed to her. She tells him she did not expect him there and does not know how to react. He suggests she reacts by being aroused, happy and encouraged but she reminds him she could call 911 and have him removed from the premises. She reminds him he recently showed her art revealing all the negative and broken things about them and they have both declared their relationship is over. Yet he urges her to know that he cannot live with her. He admits that he made a serious mistake and wants to do whatever is needed in order to fix it. He urges her to please give him that chance. At the Crimson office, Franco asks Nina asks if it does not mean anything to her that he wants to come home to her, to which she tells him it does yet she has now re-examined all the things she wants in her life and it seems to take her away from him. Hearing that, he asks if there is no room in her life for him. She clarifies she did not say that. However, she is becoming more independent and it seems he only loves and wants her when it appears she's dependent upon him. He asks her if she can look him in the eye and say she does not love him.

At the hospital, Maxie is getting impatient to hear news about Nathan who has been taken to the hospital after the van ran office the road while transporting Carlos. Griffin comes out of surgery and she asks him but he does not answer and it does not look positive. He declares to her that Nathan suffered a head trauma but remarks that her fiancÚ is incredibly resilient. He tells her there is a very powerful healing force when people love each other and she needs to stay close to him and never underestimate the power of love. Hearing that, Maxie is happy and hugs the surgeon who saved her fiancÚ's life. He warns her that Nathan is in recovery and won't be back to normal for a while but she may see him. She is happy but remarks that she heard Griffin say something about “owing Nathan” something and wonders where that came from, reminding him that he barely knows Nathan. In response to that, Griffin awkwardly replies that Nathan is a member of law enforcement and devotes his life to serving and protecting. Yet Maxie detects and remarks to him that he indicated something “personal” toward Nathan. Before they can continue that conversation, Obrecht appears and needs to find out about her son. Griffin informs her he's doing ok and she may see him. Obrecht waits with Maxie and graciously admits to her son's fiancÚ that she knows he has a good thing with her. She shares details about Nathan playing sports and getting injured as a boy and gives her a picture of young Nathan. She cries when she talks about her sister raising her son and how she regrets never being there for him. Maxie responds to her fiancÚ's mom that she is there now and that is what matters, as she assures Obrecht her son will be fine.. Obrecht tells Maxie she will wait and let Maxie see him first because he knows Maxie is the first person her son wants to see.

At the station, Paul asks Jordan if the PCPD is going to let Carlos get away again. She tells him she knows he probably has either enabled Carlos to escape or intends to kill him because Paul does not want to be exposed for killing Kyle Sloane. They both wonder why Anna cannot be reached when Andre appears and agrees with Jordan that it's very possible that Carlos “found” Anna before she found him. Jordan goes off to see if she can find either one of them. Andre also senses that Anna may be in danger and he is determined to find her with or without assistance from the others.

Meanwhile, at the house, Sonny goes to talk to Alexis telling her he needs to take action against her husband whom he knows is aiding and abetting Carlos. Yet she tells him if he goes to find that out, he will find out he's wrong and owe her an apology for his false accusations. He tells her he knows about the impulse to give the person one loves he benefit of the doubt and turn a blind eye to reality staring one right in the face but when it happens over and over again, one needs to wake up and see what they are doing. Hearing that, she asks if he is talking about herself and Julian or about himself and Carly, reminding him he lied to his wife not long ago about being able to walk, revealing he does not trust her. She also concludes to him she has to find her husband and if he wants or needs to find Carlos, he needs to look elsewhere.

On the docks, Julian goes to meet with Carlos and appears as though he is willing to help him escape and give him money. However, he surprises Carlos by stabbing him in the back unexpectedly. Carlos falls to the ground and Julian has him at his mercy. Carlos yells that he needs help and does not want to die and has a baby. Yet Julian does not listen and pushes him into the harbor. When it appears Carlos is no longer a threat (and assumed dead), Julian wipes off the fingerprints and blood on his knife.

Not far away, in the locked room, Anna comes to after Carlos has knocked her out., to see that she can't get out and yells for someone to get her out of there.

Right when Carlos is floating in the harbor after Julian has stabbed him and left, Michael enters and finds him helpless and ready to die without his help. He tells Carlos he will not do anything until Carlos tells him where he finds Sabrina and the baby. He either tells Michael or he dies right then and there. Yet Carlos gasps with blood coming out of his mouth to tell Michael both he and his father can go to hell. At that point, Michael is ready to let him die but clearly, later, reconsiders.

While talking to Alexis at her house, Sonny gets a call from Michael and tells her he has to go and take care of something.

Michael has called his father as well as 911. Jordan, Paul and medical staff appear on the docks. Carlos gets wheeled away on a stretcher. However, the police commissioner and DA need to know if he' seen or heard from Anna or where she might be.

Not far away, Andre finds her in the locked room, covers her with a blanket, saves her and gets her out of there.

Unknown to them, Andre takes Anna to the hospital and is heroically attending to her. She asks how he was able to find her, to which he informs her he was able to think and brainstorm about places where Carlos would go, where she'd go to find him and what he might do when he finds her. She happily declares if he ever wants a career change, he'd make a great detective. Then they notice Carlos being wheeled in and medical staff ready to save his life. They are both clearly not happy to see that. Griffin overhears Anna's “vengeance” about not wanting to save Carlos' life after he murdered Duke. Michael is there, revealing he is “responsible” for saving Carlos' life. When Sonny enters and finds his son, he makes it very clear that he's just as “disappointed”. Griffin overhears and makes note of that.

While Nina and Franco are talking alone in the Crimson office, sees the two of them together barely dressed, asks if they were having sex together and demands Franco gets out of the office. He leaves but tells Nina they are not done. Julian shuts the door and sounds as though he's afraid she may be in danger from Franco hurting her and asks if she is ok. She replies yes she is ok but wonders what he is doing there. He obviously does not inform her where he went, whom he saw or what he did but expresses his concerns about what may be going on with her (in order to evade the question she is asking). She notices blood stains all over his shirt and asks him what happened. Alexis goes to find Julian at The Crimson Office and Nina observes them together realizing he's lying to his wife. Outside the office, Alexis asks if he's been there the whole time, to which he replies of course. Where else would he be? Inside the office, Nina grabs her phone and suddenly hears Maxie's message that Nathan has been taken to the hospital for surgery. Nina rushes to the hospital.

While Obrecht piers inside the window at her son with Maxie by his side, Franco finds her and hugs her noticing she's in an emotional state. Yet he sees more of a priority in unloading to her about the “woes” of his relationship with Nina, venting about how she wants to give up on them and he means so little to her. In response to that, Obrecht angrily tells him that she has always supported him, and now, in her hour of need he can't forget his sorry life and put it aside to be there for her. She tells him from on his own and she has washed her hands of him as she goes inside the room to see her son with a bandage over his head and Maxie sitting by his bedside graciously welcoming Nathan's mom to be there. Obrecht smiles and declares to her son, that after surviving all of the injuries she's known of, maybe he should consider a desk job. Maxie agrees. Yet they both respect and honor Nathan's decision to be a cop because that's what he is committed to doing.

Alexis and Julian return home and she “confirms to him” that Sonny's accusation was “not proven” that Julian had any contact with Carlos since she did, in fact, find him at Crimson. She goes upstairs and as soon as he is alone in the room, however, he observes the bloody knife that he's wrapped up and is hiding from his wife. Minutes later, however, he hears her coming downstairs after she's gotten off the phone and knows he has to hide the knife from her sight. Alexis “informs” him she got a call from the PCPD that Carlos was found. “Apparently somebody” stabbed and tried to drown him. He's been rushed to the hospital and is alive, she tells him she's heard. He stares sullenly at her (clearly not ok to hear that Carlos is not dead)

While Franco is alone observing Obrecht and Maxie through the window, inside Nathan's room, Nina comes by. He wonders if she might be happy to see him or could have reconsidered ending their relationship. But she only wants to make sure her brother is ok as she rushes into his room

At the hospital, after Carlos is rushed in Paul wastes no time informing the staff that as District Attorney, he has the right to know the condition of the prisoner. Sonny stands nearby, adding this is a prisoner who should have been locked up as he asks just whose brilliant idea it was to transport him away from the PCPD jail in the first place. Anna also wants to know that. Griffin observes and hears all the people all around him, making it very clear they could care less about Carlos, prefer him dead and only want him alive long enough to give them the information they need to put Duke's killer away, and then he can die. Griffin protests that they can all find peace on earth but need to respect that the man is dying. Felix comes out and informs them that Carlos is asking for a priest but there are none. Griffin informs them all they have him. He is a priest, he informs them all.

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