GH Update Wednesday 5/11/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Nina is alone in the Crimson Office sleeping on the couch and staring at the drawing Franco did of her when she hears an intruder from outside. She notices it's Dillon. He is surprised and needs to know why she’s alone at the office this time of night. He asks if she got into a fight with Franco, to which she replies she and Franco broke up. Before she can discuss that further with Dillon, Kiki rushes in and tells Nina she needs to get back home because Franco is “really losing it and needs her”. She tells the two of them that she does not mean to interrupt their work but whatever is going on with Nina, Franco is having it much worse. Nina coldly reminds her that she and Franco broke up and it's no longer her concern but Kiki persists that she's worried that right now Franco is painting like a maniac and saying and doing some very scary things. Nina informs Kiki that it will just be a mater of time before Franco is over her and on with his life. Yet Kiki urges Nina to know that Franco is definitely spiraling, it's not getting any better and he needs her. Overhearing that, Dillon asks her if it is not obvious that she and Franco belong together.

Franco goes to ShadyBrook to visit his estranged and dangerous mother, Heather Weber. He reflects the last time they saw each other, she drugged and almost killed his girlfriend. She responds to that by telling him she was hoping her dear son would not hold a grudge for that. He informs her that he's gotten on with his life and has gotten into painting again. At that point, he shows Heather a painting he did of her. He informs her that he and Nina have gone their separate ways because she is adamant on wanting to have a child. Hearing that, Heather tells him they should both realize it's too late for Nina to have a child. There's nothing he can do about it. And it's just as well his relationship is over because she never liked that woman anyway. Yet he informs her that he now has a job as an art therapist. Lisle Obrecht hired and gave him a chance. Heather finds it odd that anyone would give him a job or why he'd believe Dr. Obrecht is his friend when he tells her that Obrecht, like himself, has had dark days in her life, understands, respects and supports him. He also reminds his mom that she cannot blame Obrecht or the job for the negativity he's feeling right now. Heather continues to tell her son that Nina is a loser whom he's better off without but he demands she stop trashing the woman he loves and what he needs is for her to help him get Nina back. Hearing that, Heather admits to her son that she's never had a quality relationship with a man although she reflects (which he does not want to hear or know about) how her sex life was with Scott Baldwin when they conceived their son. Yet as he hears that, he assesses that he and his mom are more alike than he wants to admit. She tells him if he wants to be happy, he needs to get Nina back between the sheets. Hearing that, he angrily reminds his mom that he and Nina can barely have a conversation much less “rekindle” their sexual passion. At that point, the guards tell them the visit time is over and Heather tells her son that “conversations and limitations” are for ordinary people but not for people like the two of them. She urges her son to “think big” and not give up, as she declares that her son is an artistic genius and needs to quit that silly job and give her a grandchild.

At Crimson, Dillon concludes to Kiki that if Franco is really “losing it”, he could be dangerous so maybe he should accompany her home. They both hear Nina indicating that she is not over Franco and her life is not complete without him.

Sonny returns home from the hospital with Carly very concerned and needing to know who would let Carlos into a vehicle where he can easily escape and where he almost killed Sonny's son. She reminds him that Dante is a cop and the entire PCPD is very close to finding Carlos and bringing both him and Julian to justice so that Sonny does not need to take the law into his own hands. Yet he sees it differently. Michael enters and tells his parents he's worried that the cops have not found Carlos. Yet, she continues to tell Sonny that he should feel grateful that he has a family, another birthday, no longer needs a wheelchair and should not want to jeopardize that. She hears baby Avery on the baby monitory and goes upstairs. Alone with Michael, Sonny urges his son not to continue trying to find out from Carlos where Sabrina is. He needs to know Carlos is trouble and leave this whole thing alone

While Julian is alone at the house he gets a call from a desperate Carlos. After having assaulted and knocking Anna out on the docks, he knows he doesn't have much time before he's found. He has no money or ID, he informs Julian and so Julian is the only person who can help him. It appears Julian wants to wash his hands of his former “employee” but Carlos reminds him he has a life, a family and is not in trouble with the law anymore. And much of it is from the sacrifices Carlos has made for him. He urgently tells Julian if he can give him money and help him leave town, Julian will never see it's just a matter of time before cops and many others will catch him if he makes one false move.

While Anna is unconscious, she sees Duke, standing before her and assuring her that nothing matters except that the two of them are together. They both talk about how they've longed for this moment for so long. Viewing him, she tells him how she's missed him and how his funeral was so beautiful and peaceful, yet she ached from the loss. People were so kind to her, yet, she admits to Duke that she fell into despair, tracked down Carlos and arrested him but she knew the charges may never stick. He might never pay for killing Duke, she tells her “deceased” fiancÚ. And that is when she let the anger win, she tells him as she cries. He tells her it's over now and cannot be undone, and there's no point in reliving it. They are together now, he declares, and that is all that matters. She tells him that all the years they were going to have together are now gone. Yet he asks her what they were going to do after they had found their private little cottage in Scotland, as they'd planned before he got killed. She tells him it would not have mattered as long as they love each other. He admits that although they lost so much after he was killed, they are together now and that is all that matters. He tells her he regrets all the time he spent away from her, as they chose to be on different sides. He should have given up the mob and asked her to run away with him long before the night of the nurse's ball. She realizes he is unaware and needs to know that one good thing has been discovered. He now has a son. Hearing that, he is in awe when she informs him his son's name is Griffin Munro and his mom was a woman he knew before he came to Port Charles, named Laura Munro. Duke remembers and reflects what a wonderful but shy girl she was, the fact that he broke up with her and never knew she was pregnant. Anna informs him the details about the letter she wrote to her son before she died. He went to find his father but did not until it was too late and Duke had already died.

As soon as Julian gets off the phone with Carlos, he gathers his stuff and gets ready to leave. Alexis returns to the house with uniform law enforcement surrounding her and she coldly asks her husband what he is doing. He tells the uniforms he was with his wife the whole time Carlos has been on the loose so they may search the entire house if they suspect him of anything in relation to that. Alone with Alexis, he tells her they need to be very careful since Carlos is at large. Yet as soon as he's out of her sight, he grabs a knife, puts it in his back pocket and tells her he has to “go somewhere”.

While Carlos is alone in the docks, he knows he has to hide when he hears voices of people on the hunt for him. Before they arrive, he hides in the harbor making himself unseen while cops look for him. After looking and not finding him on the docks, he hears them declare they will go elsewhere.

At the house, after Julian tells Alexis he has to “go somewhere”, she asks if he's going to see Carlos. Hearing that, he asks if “this is how it's going to be”. Is she going to question or assume something every time he goes out the door? He then informs her that Nina needs him to get to Crimson. She turns her back and simply asks him to “be careful”. He goes off and “coldly tells her he loves her. She waits alone but knows Julian is not just going to work at Crimson or getting some fast food at the all night drive-up.

As soon as the search party for Carlos is gone, Julian appears, finds him and promises to be there for Carlos in order to help him.

Back at the house, Alexis refuses to sit and wait and makes calls Nina and gets her voice mail, knowing it's pointless leave a message and then calls the Crimson Office but there's no answer.

When Michael is downstairs with his dad while Carly is upstairs with baby Avery, he remarks that Sonny appears to be unusually and uncharacteristically calm about this whole thing regarding Carlos. IN response to that, Sonny concludes to his son that one way or another, Carlos will get what he deserves. He remembers listening to Carly and considering doing what she's urging him to do when he declares to his son he really appreciates him coming over and that he loves him. Yet as soon as he is unseen, he realizes he cannot stay stuck in the house waiting either.

When Alexis is alone at the house, waiting for Julian, she gets a surprise visit from Sonny. He tells her he wants to talk to her husband although she replies Julian is not there. He reminds her that he knows she's Carlos Rivera's attorney and is probably aware of his escape. She confirms yes. He asks if she is also aware that Carlos stabbed his son and injured another cop and it's a little too coincidental, given the circumstances and the fact that a witness who could ruin them both suddenly gets killed. She tells him there is no evidence of foul play and firmly tells Sonny that he is only making assumptions and accusations that he does not know about. She asks if it's so hard for him to believe that maybe Julian has changed and reformed himself and has nothing to do with his old life because he loves her. He asks her why Julian is gone and it's obvious she hasn’t clue where he is. It's because he's with Carlos, Sonny tells her, reminding her that it's clear to see Carlos has two options; either he helps Carlos get out of the country or he kills him. At that point, Alexis informs Sonny that Julian informed her he went to Crimson yet she could not find him there. He then concludes he will go to Crimson to see if that is true.

In Anna's dream, she and Duke both smile as she tells him his son is a wonderful kind and honorable neurosurgeon and reminds her so much of his father. She happily informs Duke that Emma and Robin love him and see him as their family. Hearing that, he reflects that he always saw Emma and Robin as his own family. But he's missed out on knowing that he has a son. He confirms to her that he could have sacrificed anything for her. He faces her and promises she will get through this. Yet she awakens after being knocked out and realizes she was only dreaming and is trapped and locked inside this abandoned room on the docks.

After discovering that Sonny is gone (and knowing why and where he's gone), Michael tells his mom he needs to go off somewhere. She urges him not to get mixed up in this.

On the docks, Julian privately gives Carlos cash as Carlos “solemnly” promises he will never bother him again. Julian assesses that Carlos now has a family just like Julian does and so he wishes him luck and happiness. He faces Carlos and assesses to him that in spite of all the trouble Carlos has caused him, he will miss him. He is ready to wish him a courteous farewell and moves toward Carlos like he intends to hug him. Yet he pulls the knife out of his back pocket and stabs Carlos.

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