GH Update Tuesday 5/10/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is awake while Julian sleeps, late at night. When she sees he's asleep and probably won't be aware of what she is doing, she puts her robe on and goes downstairs to make a call. She contacts someone to ask them to find information about the death of Hale Garrett, the witness whom it's obvious Julian got killed in order to prevent him from testifying against Carlos. She tells her contact she needs to find out whether or not the Garrett died from an accidental overdose. Sam enters unexpectedly and remarks she's worried about her mom making late night private phone calls given the situation. She wants to know what happened when her mom was detained and asked questions at the station regarding the death of the witness who could have gotten Julian, along with Carlos, charged with murder. Alexis admits that Anna was very confrontational, relentless and hurtful. She brought up Alexis' history of killing Luis Alcazar many years ago after he murdered Alexis' sister, as well as her accidentally running over Kristina’s abusive boyfriend a while back. She informs Sam that Anna wanted to “establish a pattern” of Alexis having a consistent pattern of taking drastic action in order to protect those she loves. She drinks and appears very stressed as she admits to Sam that she had to find out exactly how Garrett got killed and if Julian and/or Carlos really did, in fact have him killed. Yet she “found out”, from the phone call, that the autopsy revealed that Garrett did, in fact, die of an accidental over dose (which “absolves” Julian of a murder charge). Sam admits to her mom that regardless of any of that, she wants her to stop representing Carlos. Yet Alexis tells her daughter she's making a lot of assumptions when she says that her father is responsible for what Carlos did and does not know why Alexis is making the choice to represent Carlos, as Sam reminds her mom of all the hideous things that Carlos has done. She affirms to her mom that it's obvious that her dad ordered Carlos to kill Duke. Alexis is only able to “rebuff” what her daughter is saying by telling her she's in no position to judge, given what Jason has done. Yet Sam tells her mom she did not come there to fight with her. She's there because she's concerned that her mom is getting in over her head. Alexis rationalizes to her daughter she's just taking care of business yet Sam knows she just called to find out about the autopsy of the witness, late at night, while her dad slept and it's obvious to see what she is doing. Julian comes down the stairs and “instructs” his daughter not to be interrogating and making accusations of her mother.

Carly is with Sonny in his office, realizing that her husband has had a lot of stress. She urges him to forget about Carlos and let the legal system handle it. Yet he reminds her that Julian hired Carlos to murder Duke. As soon as a witness is there to give the cops a chance to bring them both to justice, Julian and Carlos have the witness killed. And now both Julian and Carlos get to go free for murder. How is that for a legal system one can trust to do the right thing? She reminds him that while they are both very upset that Alexis would represent Carlos and cover for Julian, Carly tells Sonny the reason his daughter's mom is doing that is because she really wants Sonny instead of Julian and he is the mobster she really wants. Carly wants to make Sonny laugh and not be upset yet it's easier said than done as she reflects how Alexis is a hypocrite to judge Sonny for who he is and Carly for justifying it. She presents the theory that Alexis chooses to be with Sonny's “rival” mobster and is angry at Sonny because she can't have him. That's the reason she's doing what she is doing. He chuckles but expresses his concern about his most recent conversation with Jason where he made it clear he believes Sonny expects him to do Sonny's dirty work. She urges him to just give Jason time and trust his instincts. Sonny gets a call from Max.

At the station, after they've received the news that Carlos has escaped after a police/prison van has crashed, Paul reminds Jordan that unless she can come up with something that has not been done so far, Carlos will walk whether they find him or not. She admits that it's true that the material evidence against Carlos is weak. But is it not his job, as DA to present a compelling case? Remembering that Carlos asked him, and he complied, with moving Carlos to a “safer” facility (and very likely the means to escape) Paul coldly replies to Jordan that he intends to bring Carlos to justice

Anna is at her house after Griffin has stayed overnight in the guest room. She can see that something is going on with him that he is not revealing. He admits that he does not want to own or use a gun after a gun was “used against him”. She wants to know what happened and he hesitates to reveal that he was shot. He tells her the truth was he “asked for that”. Hearing that, Anna demands to know why he would think that, to which he tells her he committed an act that he should have never done. He does not have a chance to explain it further when they are interrupted by a call Anna gets from Jordan, asking her to get to the station. She tells him she has to leave and he also realizes he has to get to the ER. Yet she tells him they have to continue this conversation. Anna rushes to the station and sees Jordan very upset about the fact that Carlos has escaped. She informs Anna that right when cops were transporting Carlos to a new facility, the van ran off the road and Carlos escaped. She is certain that it should not be too late to catch him. She's putting road blocks up and having everybody on this to prevent him from leaving town. Paul enters and “sounds like” he wants to “assist” them with this although he tells them the van accident may have been “random”. Hearing that, Anna furiously demands to know if he planned this and helped Carlos escape, which he'd have obvious motive to do.

Maxie and Lulu are together looking for wedding dresses online. Maxie makes it clear that she is still planning on using the trip to NYC to find Nathan's first wife. Lulu asks her if it really is a priority, to which she admits that in order to marry Nathan and live happily ever after, she needs to find out how and why his first wife is such a secret. She protests to her best friend that she had similarly justified her own suspicion of Dante with Valerie and got blindsided finding out they slept together more than once behind her back. Yet Lulu reminds her that suspecting and distrusting Dante is what caused him to cheat on her and if she had it to do again, she would not have distrusted or kept secrets from her husband. She tells Maxie she believes she should do the same with Nathan.

Jason drags an unconscious Dante away from the motor vehicle wreck. Not far away, Nathan gets out of the van, uninjured, able to walk and make a call. He is on the lookout for Carlos who has escaped and reports it to the station. After Jason has pulled him out from underneath the van before it blew up, Dante comes to and assesses that Jason performed an “incredible” act (involving lifting up a van) and has saved his life. Not far away from the scene of the accident, although it appears Nathan is ok, the paramedics who find him and Dante declare that Nathan has a possible skull fracture. Nathan falls to the ground.

When Alexis is talking to Sam and Julian at her house, she gets an urgent call informing her of Carlos' escape. She tells them she has to rush off. Alone with Sam, Julian asks his daughter if she really believes that he had Duke as well as the witness killed. She admits she does not know whether or not he had the witness killed but she hates what this whole thing is doing to her mother. In response to that, he “rationalizes” that Alexis will not have a very “difficult case” nor need to defend Carlos since the witness is no longer there.. Hearing that, Sam angrily asks if he's implying that everything is ok for him now that the witness is dead. He tells her he does not want her “twisting his words”. Yet Sam adamantly tells her dad her primary concern is her mom and he needs to see what is happening to her.

When Lulu is talking to Maxie, she gets a call informing her that Dante has been injured. She rushes with Maxie find her husband at the hospital.

When they get there, Griffin informs them they are doing what they can for Dante and what they have heard is there were “two officers” down. Hearing that, Maxie immediately demands to know if Nathan is the other one.

Sonny and Carly rush to the hospital to ask Lulu and Maxie what they know about what has happened to Dante. Yet they do not know all they need to find out. Dante gets wheeled in on a stretcher and appears to be ok although the doctors are concerned when they hear that Carlos stabbed him. Dante informs them that Jason was there on his motorcycle, also hurt, and risked his life to save Dante's life. Sonny and Carly are both in awe to hear that. Nathan gets wheeled in on a stretcher. Maxie asks Griffin what has happened and urges him to save her fiance's life.

When Sam and Julian are alone in the house, Jason comes by. She sees the bloody laceration on his face and needs to know if he's ok. He assures her all is good and looks adoringly at her, confirming he knows he wants to be with her.

At the station, as soon as Alexis, Paul and Jordan are all distracted, Anna goes off on her own. They notice she's gone and it's obvious to all of them why. She seems to know right where to find Carlos which is on the docks. She points her gun on him and demands he stands up. He reminds her that they meet again at the same place and that she shot him in the chest with four bullets the last time she found him there. Remembering she was unaware he was wearing a bullet proof vest, she tells him she should have known to shoot him in the head where she would know he'd be dead once and for all. He informs her he is not not wearing a vest now and remarks he can see she is obsessed about revenge. She tells him he's now given her a “gift” by trying to escape. There are enough charges against him to put him away. He attempted to kill two cops. He yells that she is a murderer just like he is so he asks her to just “do it”, as she points her gun at him. Yet she tells him she would not waste a bullet on him. He knows how to make it look like he's been injured, after losing enough blood. At that point, he catches her off guard and overpowers her. Yet she goes after him. In the brawl, however, he knocks her against the wall and she falls to the ground unconscious.

At the station, Paul asks Alexis which “scenario” (Carlos acquitted? Carlos on the run? Carlos escaping? OR Carlos dead?) works out best for her husband.

After Anna is unconscious from the blow to the head, Carlos carries her to a cold room by the docks and locks her inside, remarking a cold bitch like her needs to die there. Shy is stuck there unconscious.

When Dante is in his hospital room, with Lulu, Sonny and Carly beside him, Jordan comes by and asks what any or all of them may know about Carlos' escape. Sonny tells her if she wants to know about Carlos, she may ask Julian Jerome.

After Carlos has injured Anna and is alone on the docks, he calls Julian from Anna's phone to inform and tells him he needs his help.

Outside the house, Sam is unaware her dad just got the call form Carlos. Jason declares to Sam that he now remembers everything and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. They kiss and seem overjoyed to be together.

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