GH Update Monday 5/9/16

General Hospital Update Monday 5/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason is lying unconscious and injured in the road while his motorcycle has fallen after he's collided with the prison van where Dante and Nathan are escorting Carlos to the new prison facility. Jason is able to get up, stand and stagger to see the van. He asks if anybody is hurt and does not seem afraid for his own injury. He notices the van has been hit and asks if there is anybody in there. Yet nobody responds. He sees the driver unconscious and non-responsive. He notices his phone has been smashed and assumes there's no point in trying to use it to call for help. He then notices the driver and checks his badge that says Officer Ballard. Realizing he's “desperate”, he realizes he might have to “break the rules” by attempting to find a use an unconscious prison officer's phone. Yet it does not take him long to give up with trying to do that. When he can't find it, he continues to call and ask if anybody is there or can hear him. He notices Dante lying unconscious on the ground and appearing to be crushed underneath the van.....Consciously knowing he's all alone and not knowing what to do, he sees Robin Scorpio-Drake (or a vision of her) while he questions if Dante is dead and it's too late to save him. Yet Robin's vision affirms to him that Dante is not dead...However, (sensing his hesitation and knowing how unlike Jason it is), Robin tells him, they have to save him. He asks why she's there, to which she tells him she's “not really there” although she has a reason to “visit” him. He tells her he knows that it could be hours before anyone sees another car, knowing about this abandoned road. There are no phones he can use and he's worried not knowing how long it will be until he gets help. She asks what he plans to do although she admits she could never tell him what to do. Remembering even when he asked for her advice, Jason always made his own choices and did what he felt was right, she remarks to him. He tells her he does not mind risking himself yet he realizes everything is different now. Robin admits to him that she always told him there was nothing “wrong” with putting his life on the line. Yet he realizes that anyone can say he must have a “damn good reason”. Still not knowing what he can do for Dante, he sees that Robin has disappeared and he is all alone to figure out what to do next. He then goes over to see what his options are and sees Carly who sounds like she wants to remind him how he's always been willing and able to prevent disaster from being a lot worse than they could have been and how he never gives up or gets discouraged. He tells the “vision” of Carly that his head is pounding and he cannot see straight. Yet she tells him she's a big believer of perseverance where when something does not work the first time, you find another solution. He asks if she cannot see the very realistic limitation of the several ton van on top of an unconscious Dante and he can't realistically just move it, as he assesses to Carly he is not certain what happened here, who was there and why but he's certain that Dante was not the only person there. Jason is definitely different than the one she knew before. Yet she gets in the van with him and reminds him he was not afraid to hot-wire motorized vehicles and stop at nothing in order to do what has to be done. She sees him hesitate and demands to know why he's waiting and not taking urgent action when Dante is critical and bleeding out. It looks a though he can't get the van to start or move yet she concludes there “has to be another way”

Sam is alone in the Quartermaine's bedroom waiting for Danny when Michael comes to talk to her. She informs him that her son has visited and adopted a puppy named Annabelle named after one of his honored ancestors. He wonders if she would prefer to get Danny and take him home without having to wait, to which she tells Michael not want to prevent her son from interacting with a puppy. Also, she remarks, it's not like she has “anywhere else to go”. Michael asks her if everything is ok to which she admits not really, confirming Michael must have heard about her mom defending Carlos Rivera. He informs her he knows and when he went to talk to Carlos in the interrogation room not long ago, Alexis kicked him out demanding he leave her client alone. Hearing that, she asks why he went and talked to Carlos, to which Michael admits that Carlos had a “deal” for him. Yet, he informs Sam, Jason came and persuaded him to drop it. Hearing that, Sam finds it “noteworthy” that the “new Jason” is having these interactions with Michael, realizing he stays out of matters like this now. The both reflect about how Jason may be different although she admits to Michael she sees her husband as fiercely courageous, loyal, passionate and he really loves Danny. Michael tells her she should not get him wrong as he believes Jason has been great and done many good things recently. Although, Michael admits to Sam that he will misses the “old Jason”. He tells her he remembers how Jason used to offer so much yet he sees the limitations and “practicality” in him now. Sam tells Michael she feels similarly, as she tries to stay positive and truly believes it's a miracle that he's back with her and Danny. Yet, she informs Michael, when she tries to tell Jason stories of how things used to be, he has no memory and did not connect with them. She admits to Michael that she obviously wants more than what she has but does not want to “jinx it” with Jason. Hearing that, Michael asks her since when is she superstitious. She replies, since she got the “premonition” from Helena Cassadine at the reading of her Will. She admits she's worried about curses over things nobody can control and informs Michael that she believes her father had Duke killed just like he and Sonny believes. She tells Michael she loves her father and believes he loves her, her mom and Danny but she still believes he is willing to do whatever he wants in order to get what he wants. They both express their concerns for how Alexis is so adamant and willing to stop at nothing in order to save the people she loves.

Right when, Jason is brainstorming, in the road, trying to figure out what to do, he sees Helena there to discourage him from what he's already afraid to do. She smugly reminds him that he's been conditioned and it's been very effective since she's certain he will never have any memory of his previous life or the people he loved. He tells her he does not have time for her. He has to move this van. However, she tells him she’s “afraid this falls outside his particular skill set”, informing him not even he can move that van with his bare hands. She further reminds him he is on a deserted road miles away from anything. He has no resources nor tools for which to do anything. Right then however, he grabs a road sign pole that has fallen and is ready to use it (as a point of “fulcrum” with a rock) it to lift up the van although Helena reminds him that he will fail and should spare himself the effort. She tells him he will not succeed because the “conditioning” will not allow it. While he struggles and attempts to ignore Helena's doubts, she continues to tell him that he will fail. She “oversaw” his condition ever since the day everyone thought he drowned and died years ago. She tells him she knows him far better than he knows himself. She concludes he needs to get back on his motorcycle, leave Port Charles and forget everything he's known there. He needs to go back to the life he knew before he came there this most recent time, because he does not belong here. However, he sees Sam appear and she urges him not to do that and not to listen to Helena. Yet Helena tells him he’s merely seeing “one last vision of Sam” although Sam urges him to do what he needs to do, which she knows he can succeed with, and then come home to her and Danny.

At the Quartermaine house, Sam and Michael talk about the dilemma involved in everyone's life with the old vs. the new Jason. They also talk about their respective fathers' wars. He tells her he believes Sonny will probably be somewhat careful if he does not want collateral damage but he knows “this” cannot go on forever. Sam then admits that maybe Julian will not surrender or stop what he's doing before it's too late. Her mother might be better off without him, she admits to Michael .She also realizes that her mother and many others told her for many years she'd be better off without Jason and she refused to listen so maybe things need to be different now. Yet she knows Julian is using her mom and manipulating her love and they both know Jason would never do that with Sam. He agrees there is no question that Jason is a better man, when he's with Sam, the way Julian may not be a better man, no matter who he's with. Regarding that, Michael assesses to Sam that for a long time, Jason believed he was Jake Doe. He did not know who he was or what he wanted or what his life was meant to be or that he belonged with her. Hearing that, Sam asks Michel if he believes it's that simple that people were just “meant to be together”.

On the abandoned road at the scene of the accident, Jason sees Helena on one side of him and Sam on the other. He confronts Helena telling her he will fight her. She disappears and he just sees Sam. He turns to her, asking if he's lost himself forever and if he's lost her. In response to that, Sam is silent, revealing she believes he needs to answer that question. He faces Sam and declares he loves her and loves how strong, fierce loyal and stubborn she is. He tells her she is beautiful and he can't live his life without her. He admits he should have told her long ago and realized what she meant to him.

Jason “sees” Sam and asks her what he should do now in order to save Dante and take action in this disaster. She then urges him to do what he intends to do with the sign pole. He takes the sign to attempt to lift the van up but cannot lift it and falls to the ground. We then see him passed out and alone at the scene of the wreckage. He hears and sees Sonny urging him to take action, and know that time is running out and that Sonny's oldest son needs him. Yet Jason gets on his motorcycle while Sonny asks why he’s doing what Helena wants him to do and he needs to know Helena is there to discourage him and take his life away. He assures Jason that he is there to defeat the doubt and “conditioning” she wants to do to him. Yet Jason reminds Sonny that he never had his own life when he knew Sonny and Carly. He sacrificed everything for them and their drama throughout their lives. Yet Sonny demands Jason tell him if he really believes that and if Sonny has never contributed to him. Hearing that, Jason admits he knows Sonny is and was his friend. He then remembers how he and Sonny first met after his accident many years ago when Jason was down and out. He relives how he and Sonny met, bonded and became soul mates with all the things they had in common. He remembers how Sonny never talked down to him and always treated him with respect and they understood one another. He reflects how Sonny taught him how to survive and encouraged and empowered him to live his life. He remembers all that Sonny taught him. He remembers Sonny having lost everything and being in his darkest place, yet refusing to be a victim and finding his way out. He then hears Sonny declare to him that now it's Jason's turn. At that point, Jason, again, takes hold of the sign pole and uses a rock as a “fulcrom” to lift up the van and save Sonny's oldest son's life.

While Sam talks to Michael, Danny comes out and she happily greets her son. Michael leaves her alone with her son while she tucks him in. With his mom, Danny expresses to her he not only wants her there. He wants his dad. And he asks her where is Daddy. She tells him that maybe his dad needs more time and admits that maybe she should trust that his daddy is there for them and nothing will ever take him away from them again. Hearing that, Danny tells his mom ok.

Jason uses all his might to lift the van off of Dante and saves his life.

We see Sam singing Danny a lullaby right when Jason risks his life to drag Dante out of a wreckage right before the van catches on fire and blows up.

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