GH Update Friday 5/6/16

General Hospital Update Friday 5/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is looking for Finn at the hospital and wonders why he cannot be found after returning from the basement to get the information she hopes can tell her how Josslyn got her kidney transplant.

Finn rushes into the room of the man who keeps coming back and has no diagnosis. He notices Obrecht standing over the patient's bedside, stating that something “significant” has happened. She declares the patient is dead and informs Finn that he killed this man. She smugly tells him they may now sign this guy's death certification with the cause of death being Finn's fault. She tells him that this patient's death was preventable, was due to gross negligence, and she's certain the autopsy will reveal that. He goes into the hallway and Carly states it's obvious Obrecht wants to make his life miserable, make him wrong and harass after he “won the round” and got hired on staff against her wishes. She also reveals to him she is encouraged and not worried as she shows him the report she obtained and needs in order to find out about Josslyn's kidney. He looks at it and tells her this is good although he thinks it's better for all that he knows nothing about it. She asks why, to which he explains that there could be hospital staff involved in it that could be a conflict of interests for what she needs to do. Obrecht, yet again, wastes no time telling him that even if he thinks he's a hero for this, she will take action to prove that he's responsible and liable for the patient's death. Alone with Carly, he sees she's worried but states to her that patients die and doctors have to deal with it. He assures her he's fine and he needs to get back to work.

Jordan and André are sleeping together and missing their phone calls. He asks her if she has any lingering doubts that he's interested in her, to which she replies no. He got his point across to her, she declares. He asks if she wants a glass of wine which he goes to get. Alone in the bed waiting, she is surprised to notice there are 8 messages on her phone.

Dante and Lulu are happily together at the apartment after Rocco has gone to sleep. They stay together talking about the future of their family and how they do not want to lose each other ever again. He gets a call from Jordan who informs him she is shocked to suddenly find out, for the first time, that the witness who saw Carlos commit murder is dead. He informs her for the first time that Alexis Davis is a suspect because she was last seen speaking to the guy after informing him she was representing Carlos, realized this guy's testimony could get not only Carlos, but her husband as well, in detrimental trouble. And only minutes later, it just so happened, she found the witness dead in his car and was seen right there, right after it happened. Hearing that, Jordan tells him they both must know that Alexis could not have killed this witness. He tells her he does not suspect Alexis but obviously suspects Julian. At that point, he informs his boss he will get to the station to talk to her, interrupting his evening with Lulu. He goes off.

While Jordan is with André, she's just gotten off the phone to Dante and informers him that the witness whom they hoped could help them put Carlos and Julian away was found dead. He is more concerned about being with her although she tells him she has to get to work at the station. She tells André she does not intend to kick him out of her place. He may wait, get some rest and they can hang out later. He is busy also but they agree they will spend more time together and neither wants to tear themselves away from the other.

Maxie finds Nathan at the PCPD and wants to tell him all about the many ideas for their wedding ceremony. She tells him she needs input from him because it has to be something that will represent them both. He then promises to come up with an idea if they can talk about this later. She tells him she can do that but they need to have a discussion. He reminds her that a major reservation he has about discussing this is because every time they do, it turns into an interrogation about Claudette. She assures him, however, that the has far more important things than his ex wife. They agree to meet later at home to discuss their wedding plans as he goes off. As soon as Maxie is alone, however, she pulls the lead out of her pocket for her secret investigation of Claudette.

Carlos goes to the interrogation room and needs to talk to DA Hornsby. He informs Paul that Sonny has been to see him and has threatened to kill him before or after he gets released. Paul smugly tells him he's not really concerned nor knows or cares what Carlos would like him to do about that, to which Carlos angrily demands Paul gets him out of there.

While Sonny is on his phone, mindful about the likelihood Carlos will be released soon, Jason enters and informs him he might have a “problem”. He informs Sonny that he knows Michael was having a private conversation with Carlos, which he did not want either of them to know about and it's likely to be related to bargaining with Carlos in order to find Sabrina's whereabouts. He confirms to Sonny that although he previously had reservations about getting involved in this for him, he understands all too well a father's need to protect his son, as he knows he has two sons of his own. Jason informs Sonny that he knows the witness who saw Carlos murder Duke was suddenly killed. He informs Sonny that Sam and her mom are on this and Alexis found him OD'd in his car with a needle in his arm. Sonny tells Jason he's certain that Julian had the guy killed because he wants to do everything he can in order to prevent Carlos from testifying against him and putting his ass in prison. He rants to Jason how Julian poisons everything he touches including Alexis. She is throwing her morals out the window for him. Julian has gone after Sonny's territory, he reminds Jason. He tried to turn Sonny's son against him. Now he's destroying Kristina's mother, Sonny declares, and this has to stop. Hearing that, Jason tells Sonny he realizes this is not good and would like to help him but he's sorry. He cannot be involved in things like that. Hearing that, Sonny tells him it's confusing when he says he does not want to get involved in it, yet he goes and finds the information for Sonny about the latest development. Jason admits he does not remember being “that guy” that Sonny remembers, to which Sonny demands to know why, in that case, is he there? Carly comes inside. Jason declares to her that he cannot be a part of their lives the way they expect as he goes out the door.

Carlos reiterates his concerns to Paul that Sonny and his men (as well as Julian's) are ready to kill him. He reminds the DA that he bets many people would be very interested in hearing the circumstances surrounding Kyle Sloane's death. Hearing that, Paul tells him he could possibly arrange to send Carlos to a facility where Sonny won't be able to find him although Carlos is not confident that Sonny won't have all the resources needed to find and kill him. He asks Paul if he thinks he's supposed to trust and be ok with his offer where he has to hope and pray to God that Sonny and his people don't find him. Yet Paul tells him although it's “not perfect”, Carlos should see it as adequate.

Jordan goes to the station and Paul informs her that Carlos Rivera is not safe where he is. She tells him she knows he has other reasons to have Mr. Rivera taken elsewhere. Also, they do not have the time that is needed to take him elsewhere nor anyone to transport him. However, Nathan stands up and informs them he can take Carlos where he needs to go and make certain nothing happens to him, knowing that both the DA and police commissioner rely on his testimony in court.

Maxie goes to see Lulu at the apartment after Dante has gone to the station and talks all about her up and coming wedding to Nathan as well as the encouraging news about Lulu and Dante getting back together. She admits that Nathan is the man of her dreams and she wants her best friend there for her. She wants Lulu to be her maid of honor. Lulu happily agrees. They brainstorm about all the ideas with what they each wear. Maxie declares she intends to go to New York City, revealing to Lulu that finding a dress is not the only reason she has for visiting NYC. Lulu asks what else she’d be doing there, to which Maxie admits she intends to find out about the first Mrs. Nathan West.

When Dante arrives at the station, Nathan informs him that the DA has declared that Carlos does not feel safe where he is and wants him moved to another facility where he's less “noticeable”. Dante asks if he can accompany them. The two detectives find Carlos and escort him while he's still in cuffs. When he sees Dante, Carlos angrily asks why he should trust this guy not to kill him right then and there, since he's the son of a known criminal. At that point, both detectives “reiterate” what Carlos has already heard form Paul that he will “just have to trust them”.

André goes to the hospital and introduces himself to Finn. He tells him he has heard about the sudden death of the patient in question. He tells Finn he's examined this man's case before and never heard there was anything that could cause his death. Hearing that, Finn coldly assesses that patients die all the time and it cannot be avoided. IN response to that, André demands to know exactly what he means by saying that. Finn states that sometimes death is a spiritual release for a person. Yet André admits he finds it very odd that a doctor would make a statement like that and remarks that Finn looks pretty pale. He asks if he is ok, to which Finn replies he's “as good as he's going to be” and would prefer to be alone. As soon as Finn goes into a private room, he sits on the floor, looking like he's going to pass out, as he grabs his drug and is ready to inject himself, again, with the needle.

Alone with Sonny, Carly appears concerned as he admits that he realizes he has to let go of the old Jason but sometimes things get to him. Especially after this hideous thing happened that prevents them from getting justice for Duke. He knows that Julian had the guy killed and he can't let him get away with what he’s done. He also has concerns about Alexis' involvement in this and how it appears she's sold her soul for Julian. He tells her the much bigger problem he faces than that is the likelihood that Carlos will go free and there's nothing they can do about it.

Carlos rides in the van with Dante and Nathan. He argues with them while they are distracted to what he's doing. He breaks out of his restraints and attacks the driver.

Carly is with Sonny urging him to have faith in the justice system instead of taking matters into his own hands. And also, she wants him to be ok with Jason the way he is now. She urges him not to put himself in danger anymore with all the loss they've already suffered.

The prison van stalls and appears to be in a ditch after an accident. It looks like Jason is on his motorcycle and has been injured while he's lying unconscious on the road.

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