GH Update Thursday 5/5/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina goes to her dad's office while getting ready for her date with Aaron. She tells him she’s just there to pick up some paperwork. Alone in the office, he looks around. Sonny enters and notices the strange boy in his office. Aaron turns around and can clearly see this is Sonny Corinthos. He is unaware that Sonny is Kristina's dad although he reveals he's a fan of Corinthos Coffee. Kristina comes out to observe them talking. Aaron continues to talk all about his love for Sonny's top selling brands and informs Sonny he’s in Culinary School. He asks Sonny if it would be alright for him to inspect the plant and warehouse of such excellent products. Sonny tells Aaron he may go and look around. Alone with Kristina, her dad tells her that it appears this guy has honorable goals and good values. Realizing she had an “entanglement with a professor”, Sonny assesses to his daughter that it's nice to see she's seeing boys her own age. Hearing that, Kristin admits maybe she needs to discuss something regarding that. He privately admits to his daughter he realizes that in time, if she were to see more of Aaron, he might find out that her dad trades more than just coffee, to which he graciously assures her he only wants what is best for her. Sonny seems to trust the two of them alone in the office. He goes into the other room and gets a call from Max who is updating Sonny on Carlos Rivera.

Alone with Kristina, Aaron talks to her about how he wants to work and market food and coffee and possibly obtain a truck. He can see, however, that Kristina has something on her mind and possibly reservations. She admits there is a lot he does not know about her and maybe they should not be going out at all. He then tells her that he wants to find out more about her. She replies that she recently got suspended from school for an issue with a professor. He does not seem scared off by that. She then informs him she was once married and has had many issues for which she's gotten therapy. He affirms he really likes her and is not judging. She tells him her family has a lot of issues involving a brother who is bipolar. He tells her he wants to go off with her to have dinner and share some more “horror stories”, remarking to her that he thinks it's really cool how honest she is being with him.

Carly goes to the hospital and notices Dr. Finn talking to a patient who indicates he's been to hospitals several times for the same symptoms, for which they've run tests, none of which have come back with any findings or concerns. She follows him into the hallway and tells him she is really impressed with how he is with his patients. This guy was clearly lonely and Finn knew what to say and do. And that, she declares, is what makes him such a good doctor. He tells her he's sure she has a good reason to be there eavesdropping on his conversation, to which she tells him she could clearly see this guy was elderly and needed a doctor to listen and respect his concerns., reflecting to him that many doctors do not have that quality. She reminds him her son Michael told her how good he was to his Aunt Tracy and all. Obrecht finds Finn and tells him he has to stop wasting time and a hospital bed other patients need for a man who's a hypochondriac with no insurance to pay them. He then demands to know if she has anything to do besides harassing doctors. She leaves. Finn then tells Carly he needs to know the real reason why she needs to see him. She admits the reason is to discuss her daughter Josslyn's kidney. She continues to protest and persist the importance of learning the origin for her daughter's health and life in the event of any medical emergency or anything happening down the road. When he raises objections about helping her, she reminds him that she is “helping” him by accommodating his needs to have a lizard in his hotel room and, offering him the shipments of distilled water he needs and everything. At that point, he agrees to help and reveals a lead they could pursue, asking her the exact day of the transplant which she remembers. She reminds him of the serious and realistic concerns regarding the fact that it appears Helena Cassadine had something to do with the transplant. At that point, he takes her to the place where they can find out about transplants, down in the hospital basement and it appears Obrecht is in charge of this department. She firmly informs Finn that this department is a waste of her talents and it's all his fault since it would not have happened had he not gotten in her way. He reminds her that had he not taken the action against her, Tracy Quartermaine could have died. Carly reminds Obrecht all the money she and her husband have donated to this hospital. She further explains to Obrecht that she needs to find out the answer to the unsolved mystery of her daughter's kidney since it's very odd that there's no answer and as a mother, it's her right to get those answers. Hearing that, Obrecht asks if she is implying that it had something to do with anything illegal and makes it clear she does not trust the two of them together or what they are attempting to do. (or maybe she has something to hide). They leave and Carly makes it clear that she cannot give up and needs to take drastic action if it involves court orders and she cannot wait. Finn then asks Carly to wait while he tends to a patient. As soon as she is alone, she gets a sudden “idea' and suddenly rushes into the elevator to take action in order to find out about her daughter's kidney. She sneaks down into the basement and waits until an attendant leaves the office and the computer unattended. She then goes in to look up confidential information on the computer.

When Carlos is in the jail cell, Paul comes by and tells him he has “news” about the witness who came forward to testify against him. Realizing Carlos has not heard and hasn't a clue about the most recent development, Paul tells him he doubts he'll be in this jail cell much longer since the witness who previously threatened Carlos' case is dead. He instructs Carlos not to tell anyone that he was there and warns him the less the authorities know about this whole thing, the better. Alone, Carlos smiles from ear to ear reveling in his "victory."

Griffin goes to talk to Anna at her house. After finding out the key witness who can bring the murderers of Duke toe justice has been killed, they know this profoundly affects their lives. He wants to know her thoughts and feelings as well as what happened regarding the sudden death of the guy and the fact that the lawyer who was going to represent Carlos, who also happens to be the wife of Julian, suddenly finds him dead, right after she's spoken to the witness. He asks if she believes that Alexis Davis killed the guy, to which Anna tells him she odes not although she suspects Julian. She admits to Griffin she realizes that Alexis is not the first woman who has compromised herself for a criminal and further reflects that it appears Alexis is not unlike herself with her denial of the situation. The only difference is Alexis is sacrificing her life for a person who is trash. She assures him his father was an honorable man who was worth loving and making sacrifices for. Griffin continues to sound content about having no way to prosecute his father's killer, yet she is not. She admits she cannot accept Carlos or Julian going free, as she reflects to him that she can see that he believes God is smiling down on him about this but she does not. She tells him she does not know about his spiritual beliefs but sees he has a very strong connection. However, she asks if he has never believed that perhaps God has failed him, to which he replies he does not believe that although he believes he has failed God.

Alexis returns home with Julian and coldly tells him she needs a straight answer. She demands to know if he did or did not murder that witness. He does not answer but tells his wife the thing Anna refuses to accept is that he defends himself from his enemies. He has killed and he admits he believes that what happened to Duke was brought upon himself. She reminds him, however, that he did not answer her question, to which he affirms he did not kill the witness. Why would he do that? How could he possibly arrange for the guy to be murdered? She tells him she knows he has many ways to do it. He could possibly have his sister arrange it, to which Julian tells her he swears on his kids' lives that he did not have Ava or anyone else involved in it, adding he did not even know the guy's name nor where to find him. However, Alexis then recalls and reminds him that she remembers leaving her briefcase on the coffee table when she went to check on baby Leo, right after she got done talking to the guy. She knows it had the information Julian needed to find him. When she returned and came down the stairs, she heard Julian on the phone to a “secret” contact. She then demands to know if he looked inside her briefcase to find the information on how to locate the witness. He asks her why she thinks he'd do something like that to which, Alexis admits she really does not know the answer to that or anything anymore regarding the man she has married. He assures her he has complete faith in her ability as a lawyer and so why would he go out and kill a witness when he knows she can find a way to do what he needs? He protests he believes in her and thought she believed in him yet he concludes he can now see she does not. She cries and asks if he can honestly tell her that he loves her, to which he confirms he does. At that point, she rushes to him and they kiss, affirming their love.

Sonny goes to see Carlos in the jail cell and appears threatening and ready to put the fear of God into him. Carlos furiously demands the guard get there and hides his “satisfaction” about the most recent news to Sonny. Sonny tells him he knows how the death of the witness is a great thing for Carlos, enabling him to get away with murder and so Sonny needs to do something. Carlos continues to furiously yell for the guard to come and “save” him from Sonny. Sonny affirms to him that even if he's gotta away with it and won this round, he life is officially over. Carlos is a dead man walking, Sonny tells him

Alexis and Julian continue to “go at it”, affirming that they love each other.

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