GH Update Wednesday 5/4/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie goes to the hospital looking for her fiancÚ. She sees a new nurse who appears nosy and not very courteous to her. Yet she informs Maxie that Nathan is in the locker room changing his shirt after it got soiled from bringing in the deceased junkie. Inside the locker room, Nathan notices a very significant scar that Griffin has and tells him he knows where it came from, being a cop. Griffin clearly got shot, Nathan tells him. Yet Griffin evades the question and appears cold and very uneasy around Nathan and that question. Yet Nathan expresses he finds it odd that a doctor would not report or want to “remember” the circumstances involving getting shot. However, he realizes and admits to Griffin that maybe he should not “judge” someone for not wanting to reveal details from their past.

Maxie finds them both in the locker room. As soon as Griffin sees her, he appears stunned, affirms that Nathan is a lucky man and rushes out. Maxie asks her fiancÚ if there's any reason why Griffin would leave so quickly, Nathan replies to her that he finds it very odd and noteworthy of when he noticed Griffin's scar, he was afraid of the question for how he got it when he knows it came from the bullet of a very sophisticated gun. He admits to Maxie he finds something “shady about that guy”.

Not far away at the hospital Sam assesses to Jason that it's clear to see her father has not changed. He wants to be with her but she tells him it's not necessary and reminds him he has to go and “talk to Elizabeth” about his concerns over Franco being around Jake. When Sam is alone, Maxie finds her to ask if she's made any progress on the “case”, to which Sam informs her she may have come up with a lead on Nathan's ex. Her maiden name was Claudette Beaulieu and she worked at Hale's Kitchen in NYC, Sam's “pretty certain”. Sam gets called away to pick up Danny and leaves on the elevator. Maxie is very encouraged and excited however, wanting to believe she's gotten the lead she needs to unravel the mystery about Claudette.

Anna is demanding that Dante and the cops investigate the very likely possibility that Alexis murdered or had someone murder Garrett, in order to “help” Julian beat a murder charge. She protests that Alexis was last seen with the witness before he died and discovered him dead in his vehicle and so it's relevant and necessary that Alexis be questioned and possibly held accountable for his very “convenient” death of the man who saw Carlos murder Duke and who agreed to testify. Inside the interrogation room, Julian is worried and suggests, to Alexis, that they call Diane. She tells him she does not need a lawyer but he reminds her of the saying that a lawyer who represents themselves is making a big mistake. He tells her she know that Anna is on the warpath for whoever got the witness to the murder of Duke killed. Outside the room, Anna persuades Dante to question Alexis while she listens in. She and Dante wants Julian out of the room but he reminds them Alexis is his wife and he's not going anywhere. Hearing that, Anna coldly tells him she knows that Julian and Alexis are a “team”. Dante asks Alexis the circumstances of her meeting and speaking with the deceased. She answers that she recognized and spoke to him at The Floating Rib. He asks why, to which Alexis replies she wanted to find out what he may know about Carlos' trial. They did not speak long because the guy got agitated and fled. Shortly thereafter, she discovered him in his car, in the parking garage, passed out or dead with a needle in his arm. She immediately called for help and Detective West assisted her in getting the man to the hospital yet they discovered it was too late because he was already dead. She asks Dante if that has sufficiently answered his questions, to which Anna coldly tells her not by a long shot. In response to that, Alexis asks Dante if Anna is not facing criminal charges. Should she be allowed to be part of this interrogation? Much less asking Alexis questions? Dante replies that Anna is the special investigator for the DA's office and has every right to be there and ask questions. Alexis then agrees and encourages Anna to “have at it”. Anna reminds her that everyone knows that Garrett's testimony could have ruined Carlos' case as well as gotten anyone who may have put him up to murdering Duke, put away for murder. Dante gets called away and Anna takes over interrogating Alexis. Julian chimes in and demands to know why she would imply that his wife would murder a witness. She replies she believes the motive Alexis would have for doing that is to protect Julian. She reminds Alexis that this would not be the first time she's gone to great lengths in order to protect someone she loves. Anna reminds Alexis about the time when she murdered Lorenzo Alcazar's brother many years ago, to which Alexis protests she had “diminished capacity” and was acquitted from those charges. Anna then reminds her there was also the time when she “accidentally” hit and killed her daughter’s boyfriend in her car. Alexis protests that this kid brutally assaulted her daughter and his rich lawyer father pulled strings for him to get away with it. She rushed to get her daughter to the hospital in her car. It was dark. The boyfriend ran into the street and it was an accident Anna reminds Alexis that whatever excuses, alibis and justifications she can come up with for the 2 previous murders , this would be strike three for her and could get her a life sentence in Pentonville. Hearing that, Julian stands up and demands Anna shuts up and leaves his wife alone telling her he knows, with certainty that Alexis did not kill this guy. Hearing that, Anna asks Julian how he would know with certainty about who did or did not kill Garrett. She goes into the other room and urges Dante to let her have a few minutes alone talking to Alexis. Yet he informs her that forensics has no evidence to tie her to what happened to Garrett, and he declares to her she has to let Alexis and Julian leave. When they go outside the door, Anna asks Alexis if she's defending a murderer or murdering for him. Neither Alexis nor Julian respond to that question.

After Griffin leaves the locker room (and Nathan's questions) he goes out looking for Anna. Yet the “new nurse” informs him she disappeared as soon as she noticed a patient being brought in who just died. This was the witness who could prove he saw the murder of her fiancÚ. It sounded like this guy was going to testify against the murderer and obviously somebody had to prevent that from happening. As soon as he was wheeled in, (the nurse excitedly explains) she saw a lawyer and a detective right behind him. Only minutes later, an obvious mobster joined the lawyer and revealed he was her husband. It's obvious they are both responsible for the death of the witness to the murder, she tells Griffin (unaware of who he is). . Sam overhears the conversation and demands the new nurse keep her opinions and gossip to herself since she does not know what she is talking about in bashing Sam's parents. The nurse leaves Sam alone to talk to Griffin. Overhearing the conversation, he comments to Sam he knows all too well what it's like to her “innuendo” about one's parents. She clarifies, for the record, she knows her mother is not a killer although she does not have the same assurance about her father. Hearing that, he tells Sam she need not “feel bad” because his father “was” a criminal who got into similar trouble.. They realize they have never met although she remarks he looks familiar. He replies he has been told by many people that he bears a striking resemblance to his deceased father. Sam may know him, he tells her. His name was Duke Lavery. Sam is surprised to hear that, remarks she never knew Duke had kids, hears it was not discovered until recently and Duke died before having a chance to meet his son. She tells him what a wonderful person his father was. She then reveals that Julian is her father. That obviously causes awkwardness between them.

Franco goes to Wyndemere to find Elizabeth. She wonders how he got there and why he's there. He tells her he needs to talk to her about an urgent matter before Jason “gets to her”. He explains that the puppy Jake saw him with and demanded his parents let him keep was not Franco's intent to give to Jake against his parents' wishes. It was an accident that it happened that way. He intended to give the puppy to Nina but she refused. Elizabeth at first does not seem to care about Franco's explanation although he informs her that he and Nina broke up because, due in part to his futile attempt to connect to her with the puppy, she concluded that he cannot give her what she needs in her life. Elizabeth does not appear sounding like Franco's “friend” although she does not sound like his enemy. She seems sensitive and concerned that his relationship has ended and makes “some effort” to convince him not to give up or feel bad about himself, his art or his capacity to contribute to others, as she admits he's done a lot for her son. He further explains to Elizabeth that after Nina told him they are over forever, he was upset and went to the park and drew a “kind of negative” picture of her face in the park. He asks Elizabeth if she might understand how he was feeling, after having lost a relationship where he believed he was loved and valued. She seems like she might as she encourages him to pursue his art and know that he can help people, especially Jake. Jason enters. Jason walks in to overhear their conversation and tells Elizabeth she needs to realize this guy is dangerous and he will not go near Jason's son. Yet Franco is not afraid to confront Jason for his incorrect assumption about him and about his son. He walks out the door. Alone with Jason, Elizabeth demands to know what the hell is going on. Jason coldly tells her that guy is losing it. He knows there is something wrong with him which they cannot afford to risk happening around their son. Yet Elizabeth clearly disagrees and protests that Jake has made more progress with Franco than she could ever imagine. He informs her that Franco is manipulating his son, at the very least, knowing he's told Jake about his dad's life of crime. He protests to Elizabeth that he hopes she respects his right, as a father, not to let this man be having these conversations with his son. He tells her even if she has good reason to believe he's helped Jake, do they want to risk what could happen, given Franco's track record? He tells her they can find someone else for art therapy although she is clearly not happy with this decision as they both know neither will Jake.

Molly and Kristina are at home realizing that their mom is making choices that nobody approves of that give them cause for concern, including representing Carlos for Julian. Kristina reminds her sister if she knows anything about the legal system and jurisprudence, she should know that all human beings have the right to legal defense. Molly responds she knows that but he does not deserve their mom, reminding Kristina that Carlos help TJ hostage and got Kristina’s dad shot.. They both wonder why Alexis would sacrifice so much for Julian. Is he that good in bed, they both wonder? Molly clarifies her point is their mom is not in love with Julian. She's in love with the idea that he is in love with her. Kristina tells Molly that she is not about to get involved in their mom's business. Molly asks Kristina what is more important than saving their mom from herself. Kristina replies she is getting ready tor a date. She later comes out dressed and ready for her date and Molly wants to know the details, assuming that Kristina is going out with a female when she hears the name Aaron (whom she assumes is spelled Erin). Yet she notices Aaron, the guy whom Kristina met when she want to visit Morgan, at the door ready to pick up Kristina and Molly is clearly surprised. Kristina introduces Aaron to her sister. Molly shakes his hand and happily encourages him to come inside and tells her sister she's glad she's seeing “such a handsome fellow”. However, Kristina can see that her sister may have “suspicions” about Kristina's new male friend. Although they have just met, they both want to get to know more about each other.

Anna returns home and stares at Duke's picture, wondering if she will ever get justice for him. Griffin appears at her door.

Franco goes to the nurses' station and the new nurse remarks she's really sorry that Elizabeth is discontinuing her son's art therapy with him. However, she tells him, he can look in the bright side because he will now have more time with his girlfriend.

Sam goes to the PCPD and asks Dante the outcome of the investigation. He informs her currently the cops have nothing on either of her parents for the death of Garrett. He also assures her he does not believe that her mother killed this witness or is a part of this. However, he admits to her, he cannot say the same about her father.

Alexis returns home with Julian and demands that he tells her the truth. Did he order that witness killed? Is he responsible for that man's death?

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