GH Update Tuesday 5/3/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Jason and Sam are alone in the park, they are being spied upon by an unknown and unseen person. She can instantly hear something and wonders what is up. He then realizes he left his phone in the car and goes to get it. He suddenly finds Franco hiding in the bushes. Franco argues that he is not watching them although Jason tells him he knows otherwise. She tells him she and Jason also know that someone was spying and stalking them the previous night when they were in the barn. Franco continues to protest it was not himself. Jason asks if that is true, what is he doing hiding in the bushes? Sam brings him Franco's backpack and he shows them his sketch pad with a bird and squirrel he was drawing, informing them that's his little hideaway where he goes to draw wildlife. It's therapeutic for him, he explains, like what he does for Jake. In response to that, Jason angrily tells Franco he will never have any further contact with his son. They get into a struggle where Jason grabs Franco's drawing tablet and observes a clear drawing of Nina that has “negative nuances”. Sam and Jason both remark that it's a “creepy and disturbing” drawing. Yet he protests it's none of their business, has nothing to do with them and assures them he no longer could care less about Jason. They protest they bet he's willing and able to “hurt” Nina, to which he firmly tells them he would never hurt his ex girlfriend, adding at least not in the “way they are thinking” anyway. Sam wants to know more about that however. Franco concludes he will not explain that since it's none of her business. Yet she tells him she believes that any woman has the right to know if her ex boyfriend is drawing really creepy pictures of her. Yet he concludes that neither of them have any right to judge or assume anything about his personal life. He leaves them alone to talk and Jason concludes he can see that Franco is ready to “spin off balance” and, he affirms, he does not want Franco anywhere near his son when that happens.

Alexis discovers the eye witness passed out or ready to die in his car when she enters the parking garage. He has a needle in his arm. She calls for help and Nathan appears. He asks her if she knows this man. They attempt to call and ambulance before it's too late yet Nathan warns Alexis it may be pointless because he doubts the guy is going to make it.

Julian gets off his phone and contently declares that “it's done'. Shortly thereafter, Nina enters his office and he tells her he needs to know what is going on with her. He knows she has something on her mind that is completely unrelated to the magazine. She admits he's right. She and Franco have separated due to irreconcilable differences. Hearing that, he tells her he is very sorry and sounds sensitive although she questions if he's sincere since she knows he hates her former boyfriend. They both decide not to have further conversation about this. At that point, she asks him if they may talk about him and specifically just whom he was talking to and about what when she entered his office. He indicates that he may be interested in talking to her about Franco yet she tells him there is nothing to say because their relationship is over. Yet she admits to Julian, she realizes and admits that she loves Franco yet maybe she never knew him. Julian seems to agree with her assessment and she concludes to him that he is so lucky to have a quality relationship with Alexis.

Alexis goes with Nathan to the hospital and the staff put the unconscious guy in the ER. He tells her maybe Mrs. Garrett could answer some of their questions if and when he recovers. He then encourages Alexis to wait and get some coffee. As soon as she is alone, she hurriedly sends Julian a text, informing him she had a sudden and “important” need to get to the ER at GH. While with Nina, Julian instantly notices and reads the text and tells Nina he has to go somewhere. At the hospital, Nathan returns to Alexis and asks if she's ever met or spoken to Mr. Garrett. She admits she met him a few hours ago, to which Nathan tells her he needs to know the specific circumstances from which she met this man. He gets a call that he takes out of earshot. Julian enters, finds Alexis and asks if she’s ok. Unaware (or not revealing her suspicions) that her husband had anything to do with what happened to Garrett, she explains the whole thing, involving the needle in his arm and the likelihood that he's still alive.

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere with Hayden/Rachel and asks if she can explain the diamonds he so conveniently found in her makeup case and if she can explain how or why she conceals them in her car. She is not afraid, however, telling him if they are there, he must have planted them and she informs him that he will not be able to tie them to her father nor incriminate her with that. He tells her it's common knowledge what her parents owned and sold including some very expensive jewelry. He tells her he knows there is an inventory kept online of things like that, concluding he can easily tell that she was trying to hide evidence to a very important investigation. She is not afraid of anything although he tells her he knows how the items can be traced back to her father, her mother and herself., However, if she is not convinced, he can call the Feds and let them decide, he tells her. At that point, she appears to be afraid for the first time. She asks what that now means, to which he concludes maybe the two of them can declares a “detente” realizing each has incriminating leverage they can use against the other and so neither needs to further threaten or harm the other. Maybe the best thing to do now is walk away, she concludes, sounding very content until he tells her he knows if a way to prevent her from walking out with one dime of his money. At that point, she is not content and “emotionally” protests that with the money he has, $5 million is very little to him. Yet he tells her if it were one cent, he would not give it to her. Yet she protests he shot her in the head. He counters that he has just as much if not more dirt on her than she has on him. She protests she needs that money and when she can see he does not care about her, she informs him she can call the authorities with the evidence to get him put in prison., adding that even if it means consequences for her and the fact that Spencer will grow up without his father, she can live with that since maybe his son has the right to know what kind of a man his father is. At that point, she tells him he needs to make that call that he's threatening to make now. He hesitates. She then concludes that maybe the only thing for them to do at this point is to stay married. She then tells him that if she remains his wife, she is entitled to certain rights and privileges. He assumes she means sex and he undresses yet that may not be what she has in mind. He concludes that if they are married, they each have their own earnings, until he remembers and smugly reminds her she has no earnings since the Quartermaines threw her out on her ear without a cent. He knows she's dependent on him for money and he states he no longer has any feelings for her. He further reminds her that the diamonds and her whole history is catching up to her and her quest is over. He goes out the door and she coldly responds to that commend declaring it is not over.

At Anna's home, she informs Griffin that it's likely his father's killer will go to prison and stay there because an eye witness just came forward who saw and reported the whole things. She warns him however, that currently Carlos has a very good lawyer named Alexis Davis. Griffin recalls noticing Alexis talking to a guy at The Floating Rib not long ago and they both remark how it seemed “odd” that she rushed out of there and seemed worried as did the witness. She concludes to Griffin that if she can get justice for Duke, she will live with whatever the outcome is. She admits to him that throughout the last year, since Duke died, she's focused her energy on grief, anger and getting revenge. But now, she declares to Griffin, she wants to celebrate his father's life as she knows he would like to do. She reminisces about all the memories she's had throughout their history together, when they first met and danced together and all. He can see that the day she and Duke met and danced that was when they first connected and the rest is history. She admits they knew they were matched and dancing was a major part of their relationship. With Duke, she tells him, she felt like she was walking on air. Griffin then admits to Anna that he has two left feet but if she’d be willing, he'd like to learn to tango, possibly as a tribute to his father. They put on some music and dance together. He wants to grab dinner and she is happy to be with him. He spills something on his shirt, concludes he cannot go out in public like this and needs to go to GH to find another shirt, on the way. She agrees to go with him. They arrive at GH and she waits while he goes to the locker room. Alone, she calls Jordan and leaves a message, about hopefully getting together to talk about the witness who saw Carlos murder Duke.

Franco goes to find Nina at The Crimson office. He wants to talk although she tells him she does not think they need to say any more. He tells her he agrees. She asks why he's there, to which he informs her he just encountered two people who said they “saw something”. Knowing how “self-righteous these idiots are”, he tells her, he knows he needs to realize what they are capable of. And, he concludes to her, before she hears it from them, he wants her to “see it”. She asks what he needs her to see. In response to that, he pulls out the drawing he made of her. He informs her that Sam and Jason implied and suspected that he may be a danger to her yet he assures her she needs to know that he could never hurt her. She does not suspect that but wonders why he clearly sees something so ugly and horrible to have drawn her that way. He asks her if she does not remember the beautiful thing that happened to them when they were both in jail after Silas was killed. They could both sense all the love between them and that they’d never forget about each other. He asks if that bond will never be there again, to which she replies it's beyond repair. He tells her that what he sees between them is broken and un-fixable. He concludes to her she is an incredible woman and he wishes her every happiness that life can hold. He admits he doubts that happiness is in the cards for him however. Yet, it's ok, he declares to her, because he's beginning to realize that he maybe should accept who he is. She asks who that would be, to which he replies it's a guy who would “draw something like that”.

Julian rushes to the hospital and needs Nathan and the cops and medical staff to tell him the status of what happened to this patient It appears he is dead yet they are thoroughly investigating the circumstances and causes of death. Alexis does not admit any suspicion of her husband. Sam and Jason appear and need to find out the latest involving what happened. Julian informs them “some junky” apparently OD'd in the parking garage and died. Yet Alexis grimly clarifies that this man was “not just some junky”. Hearing that, Sam asks if somebody would like to tell her just what happened here, noticing both of her parents silent and sullen to that question. Nathan informs them he has to go off. Sam still wants to know what her parents may know. Jason asks, if this guy is “not a random stranger”, then who is he? Julian answers that Alexis needs to go home with him and not answer their questions. Yet she declares that the man in the parking garage who just died, she met this afternoon. Jason asks who he was, to which she answers his name was Kale Garrett and he was about to testify against Carlos for the murder of Duke. Anna overhears and demands to know what she just heard. She knows that Julian does not want her to know the answer to that and the very obvious reason why Garrett is now dead. Alexis admits to Anna she found Garrett unconscious in the garage with a needle in his arm. Hearing that, Anna furiously tells Julian she knows she killed Garrett in order so that he and Carlos can get away with murdering Duke.

Nathan walks into the locker room, notices Griffin has a scar and coldly tells him he knows exactly where he got it from.

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